WWE Confidential

Spike TV (ended 2004)


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  • i loved the show

    It is awful that this show was discontinued and it was so fun and interesting also entertaining i might add. The show took
    you behind the scenes which was what wrestling fans wanted to
    see. But unfortunately like a lot of good things this show had to be canceled. I really do miss the show and it was nice to see Mean Gene hosting a show. He fitted being the host very well, also i think the show should be brought back just because it is that good and entertaining. But unfortunately we have to deal with the fact that the show has been canceled, but it will always be remembered.
  • This is what a wrestling based show should be like.

    I enjoyed watching this show during 2002-2003 when it was much more popular after Velocity went off air. The host was able to allow viewers to understand second hand how life being a wrestler is like, and also the many adventures and experiences wrestlers go through. Sure, there is an increasing popularity of the internet, but this show was far better to get your latest information and trivia about wrestlers and behind the scene details and also information.

    I just think the show should still be making new episodes and also have questions and answers section fot eh show or something that could make it more memorable and not another documentary type thing.
  • WWE Confidential was a great show becuze it was showing you alot of behind the scenes footage.

    Wow alot of good memories of wwe confidential from the Before they were superstars, visiting the house of the wrestlers, storylines, behind the scenes, exclusives videos and interviews, recap of the week all the great stuff. It is just too bad it stopped i guess it just need 100 shows but i get they could switch gene okerlund to someone else to do the job. now its WWE Experience that i dont even watch becuze it is just a recap show. :(