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Season 2 Episode 5

Show 32

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Feb 08, 2003 on Spike TV
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Show 32
This week on Confidential we look at the TE3 controversy involving Bob Holly. We also learn why Steve Austin joining Raw IS NOT a foregone conclusion and Arn Anderson tours his hometown or something like that. First though, Freddie Blassie celebrates his 85th birthday. Blassie started wrestling in 1935. His only regret is getting old because he wishes he could relive the past. Freddie's mother always considered wrestling to be nothing more than foolishness. After making $1 and getting the shit beat out of him in his professional match, Freddie began to believe his mother, but still never conceded. He was without a doubt the most hated man in wrestling. He incited many minor riots. Blassie had been cut and stabbed 21 times. The first time was in Georgia while he was taunting the fans. The guy was fined all of $120 for stabbing Freddie. Another time someone threw acid on him. In Boston, two mongrels threw a hard-boiled egg at his eye. "I enjoyed agitating those bastards." While living in Southern California, Freddie met Burt Reynolds, who went as far as to kissing his hand. Blassie was never a drinker, but was invited to all the parties based on his reputation. Blassie ever had a role on the Dick Van Dyke Show. "You could spend all the money in the world and you wouldn't have had as much fun as I had." Not listening to his mother was the best move he made in his life. See that kids, sometimes rebelling against your parents does pay off. Freddie is a class act (HAHA "Classy" and "class act… nevermind). I just wish the WWE would utilize him better when they decide to use him on TV. Having Steph and Shane wish death upon the guy isn't really what he deserves. Segment 1: 1/1 Gene relates a story of a 15 year old girl at a Bob Holly autograph signing. The girl was so mad at Holly for the way he treated Matt on Tough Enough; she refused to even talk to him. OK, I have two problems with that scenario. 1. Why would someone want a Hardcore Holly autograph? 2. Specifically a 15 year old girl? Clips of Bob Holly beating up Matt on TE3. Maybe Scott Keith doesn't frequent this site, but it sure seems like the Confidential crew does considering I spoke at great lengths about this situation. Big wanted Holly to beat Matt's ass in order to see if he really was "tough enough". Holly says that someone should have prepared him. Big didn't see why he would have needed to. Holly says that if he kicked Matt as hard as he could, he would have had broken ribs. Supposedly he does the same exact things in all his matches. Bob was there to teach him what the WWE was really all about. Holly adds that Matt has no heart for thinking about quitting. "I'm not an asshole, people may think I am. They could kiss my ass." Al was angry over how Holly treated Matt. Holly calls Al too much of a "mother-figure". Looking back it, Matt believes that getting beat up by Holly is what motivated him to keep going. Holly concludes with, if Matt decided NOT to shake Holly's hand, he would really get his ass handed to him if they ever squared off. Those of you who read last week's review may recall all of the negative things I had to say about Bob. Well, I think that now I will elaborate. Hardcore Holly has been involved in this business for over a decade. Not once has he ever been pushed past the mid-card. Even his time in the mid-card was all of a few months. Obviously, based on his career, he would have good reason to pissed off that these 20 year old punks go on some TV show and automatically become more famous than he is and higher on the card than he is. Thus, I can understand why he would want to rough up the TE competitors, but I highly doubt he ALWAYS uses the amount of force he used on Matt. Gimme a break. Does he expect anyone to believe that he actually stiffs guys like Bradshaw, Faarooq, Saturn, etc. on a regular basis? What it comes down to is that the guy is a jealous, asshole. As for Big, I don't see the point in having Hardcore Holly completely annihilate one of the TE guys in order to see how tough they are because I would like to think that will never receive a malicious beating like that in the WWE. This segment was nothing more than the WWE covering its ass. By naming Matt as a Champion, they covered that end of the situation. Yet, they still had to clear it up with the fans and the press, so that's what this segment was all about. Segment 2: 1.5/2 One way or another, McMahon seems to have decided that Bischoff's job comes down to whether or not he can sign Austin tonight. At least that's what Gene says. March 8, 1997 Newsport- Austin tells the story of how he was fired from WCW. He has nothing good to say about Bischoff mainly because he was fired by phone and not in person. Arn Anderson goes into how no one in WCW knew how to market Steve Austin. Eric states that when Hogan came aboard Steve asked to team with him. But since Hogan already agreed on a feud with Flair, Bischoff turned Austin down. Austin began to act less than enthusiastically afterwards. He missed many TV tapings/house shows without giving any notice. Eric fired him for lack of guts, confidence, and the courtesy to call in ahead of time. "When Steve wasn't getting what he wanted, he became very difficult to work with." Eric's reasons for firing Steve were valid IMO, but Austin also had good reason to walk out. It's not like any of the fans would be disappointed, seeing how Austin was relegated to dark matches and TV squashes. The Austin Desire Video airs YET AGAIN. Segment 3: 2.5/3 WWE Rewind>> The King lays out William Regal The King takes us on a tour of Memphis in order to promote his book. First stop is the FOX Studio, which used to host Memphis wrestling. The Men's Room was their dressing room. He does an interview with Good Morning Memphis, where he discusses the break up with Stacy. Next up is a radio station. On the radio they talk about the feud with Kaufman. Let's stroll down Beale Street BABY. Final destination (not the movie) is WAL*MART. He does a book signing. Everyone there is the "biggest Lawler fan EVER". Segment 4: 3/4 It's about damn time they give us the promised Arn Anderson segment. Arn grew up in Rome, Georgia. He shows us the house he grew up in. He lived with his grandparents for 22 years. He also takes us to his grandfather's barbershop. Arn never really understood at the time why his grandfather would give very poor kids free haircuts. He used to think that he would be without things because of those kids. Arn never met his father. His mother was married and divorced five times, they never had a relationship. Arn introduces us to his childhood friend Bob Moss. They were practically brothers. Their high school had a helluva football team. Arn got hooked on that roar from the crowd. He used to love Georgia Championship Wrestling. Arn used to fight all of his friends. He lived for GCW on Saturday nights at 6:00 PM. He decided to leave town because "reputation always follow you". Arn met a local wrestler, who trained him and broke him into the business. Arn never believed that normal people could be wrestling stars, but he himself proved that theory wrong. Very nice feel good segment. Segment 5: 4/5 What Would You be if You Weren't a WWE Superstar? Gene: Hugh Hefner beat me to the punch. Brock: Training for the Olympics or playing in the NFL. Hurricane: Trying to become a WWE Superstar. How witty that Shane Helms is. He is also interested in computers. Bob Holly: Welding and racing at home. Trish: Med School, fitness model. RVD: Comic book industry, although sadly he cannot draw. Nunzio: Working for his father in the beer and soda industry. Red Dogg: Coaching football. Matt Hardy: Engineer Charlie Haas: Working on Wall Street. Booker T: A regular laid person. Christian: Wizardry. Best. Response. Ever Lita: A roadie. D-Von: He used to be a postman. Spike: He was a 3rd grade teacher. Next Week: RERUN BABY!!! Segment 6: 4/6moreless

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