WWE Confidential

Season 2 Episode 39

Show 64

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Oct 11, 2003 on Spike TV
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Show 64
Eric Bischoff is your "host" for this little field trip. Today, they are in Huntsville, Alabama, and Eric (standing outside the arena), points out a few of the semi-trucks that haul all the equipment from city to city. A total of 17 are needed for every facet of the production (lights, stage pieces, ring, etc.) The trucks usually begin arriving at the arena at about 7AM, but that depends on if the show is coming from the West coast or the East coast. He points out the big production truck, the nerve center of RAW. A graphic tells us that the truck took 6 months to build, costs about $12 million, and has a staff of around 30 people to make sure the show runs smoothly. Eric enters and meets with Marty, who mans the recording/replay area, where the feeds from every camera are recorded onto tape which allows the director to order up replays when he feels they are needed (it is a setup much like Monday Night Football's). In the main production area, there is a wall of monitors, including one for each camera that is in use (a total of 13 cameras are used at a cost of $85,000 a pop, so Cole wasn't too far off). The director uses these monitors to switch to the best possible angles of the action. On the main production panel, there are 1037 buttons. Eric: "How the hell can you keep track of everything on here?" Producer: "A lot of practice." Eric then takes us to the audio portion of the truck, where all the communication between the crew is monitored. In that room, there are 7,780 knobs, lights, and buttons and any one episode of RAW uses 50-60 audio sources (commentator's mikes, ring announcer, music, etc.) Eric makes them cue up his theme over and over. Eric finds out that the production crew uses about 5 MILES of cable to make all of this work. Eric moves into the arena and talks with Eric Robinson, who designed the RAW set. It took his crew about 3 weeks to design the whole thing including a bigger and better Titantron (the new one is 55x25 feet, needs three 18,000 watt projectors to put an image onto it, and weighs about two tons). For the Highlight Reel, the Tremendously, Hideously, Grotesquely Expensive Jeritron 5000 costs $15,000. We take a look at the lighting structure, which looks like a big spider. That weighs 20,000 pounds and needs about five hours to fully set up. It has 400 lights, among which 72 are used to light the ring, 8 spotlights for entrances, and 216 to light up the crowd (except for the upper sections, HHH promos, and shows that are main-evented by Goldberg and Mark Henry.) 6000 watts are needed to power the structure. Next, we see the catering bill, which, among other things, involves 350 chicken breasts, 1000-2000 pounds of coffee, and 1000-1200 bottles of water. Fortunately, with Kevin Nash's new hair and HHH's absence, the costs for conditioner have come down. On the fireworks front, there are about 6000 pyro effects per show. It's getting close to showtime, so Eric bids us farewell.moreless

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