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Season 2 Episode 41

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Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Nov 01, 2003 on Spike TV
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Show 66
WWE Confidential Report - 11/1/03 Tonight on Confidential... - A tribute to a wrestling icon; Stu Hart - And what is the Stone Cold Truth? It is on a sad note that we begin the show tonight. Stu Hart, the father of Bret and the late Owen Hart passed away a couple weeks ago from complications due to his diabetes and pneumonia. He was 88 years old. Stu lived a full life and is remembered in wrestling circles for his contributions to this business. Wrestling was a family affair for the Harts and two of Stu's children, Bret and Owen became premiere Superstars of the WWF in their day. While Stu became famous because of his offspring, his contributions to wrestling extend much further. He trained many of today's current WWE Superstars such as Lance Storm, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. And tonight, those Superstars along with others who knew him well sat down and talked about the man, Stu Hart. As said by Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, the Brooklyn Brawler, Howard Finkel, Bruce Pritchard and many others... What Stu Hart meant to the wrestling industry is almost in explainable; you can't put it in words. Stu Hart was unquestionably a true Icon in the industry. He's obviously a legendary character in the business and there are a lot of legends in wrestling, but Stu stands above all of them. As a performer in the ring, he was a great wrestler and he was a shooter. He knew a lot of submission holds and when Stu passed away, a lot of holds passed away that people don't know anymore. Stu came up in the day where everything was brutal, strength and about wrestling holds and knowledge. He was very respected. He was a pioneer in the wrestling profession and he will be remembered as one of the greatest trainers of all time. When you think of all the names that have passed through there, the opportunities that Stu Hart gave to all of those individuals speaks for itself. Through Stampede Wrestling, he accelerated the evolution of the business. He brought a lot of athletes from Japan to Calgary and that brought the Japanese style. It was quicker and less on the crazy cartoon gimmicks, more emphasis on wrestling, which is the precursor for the style they wrestle today. If you had to describe Stu Hart to someone who never met him, there's a lot of avenues you can take. You could talk about how he would talk to you. In the wrestling business, everyone has a rendition of Stu Hart's voice. With that, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm and Chris Benoit gave their impressions of Stu. The Brooklyn Brawler said that he'd never let Stu show him a hold because he'd probably get hurt. Chris Jericho noted that if you got put in a hold by Stu, you'd pay the price. While in a hold by Stu Hart, he'd show you how to put your opponent in even more pain. Stu would always keep a straight face and tell you how many more ways he could make you scream in complete agony. Stu will most be remembered for his contributions as a promoter, performer, trainer and as a character. Everybody in this business has a Stu Hart story. Everyone knows about his cats, his cooking and everything. Rumor or truth, does it really matter? You go on about how good a person he was. Chris Benoit started at 17 years old at the Hart house and he didn't know a thing about pro wrestling but Stu believed in him. He was a great teacher and there was so much to learn just by listening to his stories. Just after he died, Bret wrote an article in the Calgary Sun about how when he and Stu would watch wrestling, they were big fans of Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. To know that Stu Hart appreciated what Jericho did and enjoyed his work is the ultimate pat on the back. Stu Hart is this living entity that will live on in death. He's just Stu and you can't even explain it. Stu Hart: In loving memory - 1915 - 2003 The Survivor Series Commercial: The WWE always tries to put twist into their pay per view promos. With Survivor Series just around the corner, the WWE tried to take advantage of the fact that they're currently in the middle of football season and if you remember correctly, the WWE does have experience with football. A number of WWE Superstars were there for the shoot. The premise is that the football players weren't having a lot of success and the coach wants to make them tougher by having them face WWE Superstars. In came the WWE wrecking crew and they laid the smack down on them. When football meets wrestling, you get a big mess on the football field, including table spots and a lot of slamming. Kurt said they showed their physicality on the football players and if they did too much, they wouldn't be living too long. Many of the wrestlers who were in the commercial have played football before, so they do have experience when it comes to football. At the end, Mr. McMahon is looking out of his limo observing the carnage and he gets this idea; the WWE and football, Nah. That's a little wink to the XFL and their football endeavor. The message to the WWE fans is simple; after seeing this promo, realize that they're real athletes. What they're doing out there is real and they're real athletes. They're privileged to be a part of the WWE and they don't forget where they come from. The Stone Cold Truth: Stone Cold Steve Austin is a very private person, so what you see is what you get. But what is there about Stone Cold that you don't know? The answers can be found in his new book entitled the Stone Cold Truth. Austin reveals his feelings about a lot of various subjects including his very controversial walk out in June of 2002. Even though he's been back for quite some time now, the buzz for his book has generated even bigger demand for this Superstar. With that, they showed us footage of Stone Cold Steve Austin on a publicity tour for his book, including appearances in Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Wayne Brady Show, the Fox News Channel and book signings. From the Vault: As said by the Hurricane: One of his all time favorite classic matches is from Wrestlemania X, Bret "The Hitman" Hart against Yokozuna. Bret had already wrestled against Owen and now in the main event for the Championship. The odds are stacked against him and the Hitman would need a super human effort. Wrestlemania X - Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs. Yokozuna for the WWF Heavyweight Championship. On that night, Bret Hart walked out as the new Champion, regaining the belt from Yokozuna after he lost it to him the previous year at Wrestlemania IX. Outside the Ropes: Josh Matthews sat down with Smackdown! Superstar Spanky for this week's Outside the Ropes. 1). How does one get the nickname Spanky? Spanky: It's a masturbation reference. He likes to masturbate a lot. 2). It's Halloween weekend. Does he have any good stories of mischief and vandalism? Spanky: No. He stole pumpkins, that's it. Kinda nerdy. Nothing too exciting. He trick or treated, but that's it. 3). Tell us about one of his more interesting Halloween costumes. Spanky: He was the Ultimate Warrior once. In the 6th grade, he got the muscle suit and face paint. 4). Candy corn, tasty treat or worst candy ever? Spanky: It's not the worst candy ever. It's a tasty treat. 5). What's the coolest part about being trained by Shawn Michaels? Spanky: Getting to say that you were trained by Shawn Michaels. It's a nice feather in your cap; trained by the best. 6). After the way Brock Lesnar has brutally attacked him, would it be safe to say that Spanky is the equivalent to South Park's Kenny? Spanky: That's fair to say, but he's also like Forgetful Jones because he's going to let bygones be bygones. 7). The night he streaked on Smackdown!, was it cold in the arena? Spanky: No. He has small genitals. A small penis, that's all. 8). What is he going to be for Halloween this year? Spanky: What it is, you take Charlie Chaplain and Adolf Hitler and they're time machined together and something went horribly wrong like the Fly and they came out as Adolf Chaplain. He'd keep the mustache because they both have it. He'd have a top hat, a cane, wear like the fatigues but instead of a swastika, he'd have a smiley face. Adolf Chaplain is what he's going to be. 9). Final question, Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen? Spanky: Hilary Duff. Josh agreed and Spanky said that they're both going to prison. The Rock at the GQ Awards: The Rock's movie, The Rundown did what his previous two movies did, it hit number one at the box office. Although he's still building his film career from the ground floor up, people in the know have taken notice of something WWE fans have knew long ago; he is the great one. Last week, Spike TV hosted the GQ Awards and anyone who was on their cover was invited and eligible for an award and the People's Champ managed to walk away with Action Hero of the Year, which was presented to him by P. Diddy. On that note, they showed footage from the GQ Awards where P. Diddy presented The Rock with the Action Hero of the Year Award. Our congratulations to The Rock. Next week: We will pay tribute to Road Warrior Hawk, Michael Hegstrand and talk candidly to his friend and tag team partner, Road Warrior Animal.moreless

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