Season 3 Episode 41

An Extreme No Mercy aftermath

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2008 on Syfy

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  • 8 Man Tag Main Event

    ECW returned again last night with a plethora of guest stars including RAW's Jamie Noble, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston. It really shows the lack of depth of the roster when they need to bring guys over to complete a 3 match card. That being said, ECW did have most of its talent picked off in the draft.

    The eight man tag was the only really good match of the evening. We got to see the future of WWE showcased here and all eight men worked hard here. Evan Bourne continues his meteoric rise to the top and CM Punk proved here that he deserves to be a legitimate main eventer and not just the mid-card wrestler he is now.

    Mark Henry vs. Jamie Noble was okay, but it just came off as space filler. The Henry/Hardy feud is pretty much dead as they killed the World's Strongest Man's presence by having him cleanly lose to Hardy. Jack Swagger/Mike Knox vs. Finlay and Tommy Dreamer had some flashes of excitement, but Dreamer and Knox really need to go. I'd love to see some singles matches between Finlay and Swagger, an old-school vs. new-school sort of feud, but their partners should not be employed by WWE anymore.