Season 3 Episode 23

As the dust settles

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 03, 2008 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Moving men are removing Armando Estrada stuff from the office. They say the GM told them to get rid of them and Estrada tells them he's the GM. Teddy Long comes in and tells Estrada the he's the new GM.

Match #1: Fatal Four Way, winner faces Kane later: CM Punk vs Tommy Dreamer vs Chavo Guerrero vs John Morrison. Punk pins Chavo after hitting the GTS.

Teddy is in the office with Armando and he shows him a letter from the Board of Directors proving that Teddy is the new ECW GM. Teddy says that Armando is being paid too much. Estrada wants to work with him, and Teddy makes a match between him and U.S. Champion Matt Hardy.

Match #2: Matt Sydal vs Shelton Benjamin. Kofi Kingston was on commentary. Benjamin wins by countout after powerbombing Sydal onto Kofi. After the match Kofi attacked Shelton.

Match #3: Matt Hardy vs Armando Estrada. Matt pins Armando after hitting the Twist of Fate. After the match Teddy Long comes out. Teddy says he's going to give Armando another match to prove that he's worth his contract and sends out Colin Delaney.

Match #4: Colin Delaney vs Armando Estrada. Delaney pins Estrada with a rollup.

Teddy tells Armando he is no longer a contracted superstar and he's going to have to earn everything the way Armando made Delaney do. Teddy has one more word of wisdom for him. Armando turns around and Ron Simmons is behind him. DAMN!

Footage of the press conference about Vince McMahon's million dollar giveaway.

Match #5: CM Punk vs Kane. Kane pins Punk after hitting the chokeslam. After the match John Morrison & the Miz attack Kane.