Season 1 Episode 13

D-Generation Extreme

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2006 on Syfy

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  • RVD and Sabu take on Mike Knox and Test while DX answers Big Show's challenge for a handicap match.

    Overall not a bad show, the only low point was that Balls Mahoney vs. Richards which basically kinda sucked (except for the Vampire guy coming out with Ariel).

    Rob Van Dam & Sabu Vs. Mike Knox & Test (Extreme Rules Match) Great match. Boring at the beginning because of a lot of stomps by Test and Knox. RVD and Sabu made this exciting with their high flying moves. Sabu takes out everybody with a dive to the outside. RVD goes for a frogsplash but is hit with a chair. Eventually RVD and Sabu pull of the victory with a double leg drop on the table to Knox.

    Stevie Richards Vs.. Balls Mahoney Speaks for itself. Mahoney is boring and Richards well Richards is basically a time filler nowadays.

    Then a hilarious promo for Shannon Moore comes. This promo is idiotic as Moore proclaims himself the Prince of Punk.
    Then CM Punk comes in and basically craps all over him by slapping him. CM Punk is great but why have Shannon do this worthless character anyways.

    D-Generation X Vs. ECW World Champion Big Show (Handicap Match) Actually very entertaining. The only thing I would have done is have Show go over because DX doesn't make this feud interesting by first going over the McMahons and now Show.

    Anyhow, Show takes them out but DX recovers. Heyman calls in his goons to interfere and they beat up on that politician HHH to the outside. Miracously DX recovers, and covers up Show but Hardcore Holly comes in for the disqualification. Everybody beats up DX until HHH gets that sledgehammer.

    Eh the ending could have been better but the WWE was giving the DX marks what they wanted , DX going over (again).

    Still an entertaining show.
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