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  • I watch old ecw back in 1998.

    Oh, old day back then!

    Now, they are back, better than ever! I'm so thrilled that they're back and nothing that will shut them down!

    With new breed around, it's getting better, the best, the way better!

    I hope that ECW will be still around for very, very long time!

    Let the bodies hit on the floor! My favourite quotes from the past to the present!

    Ecw rules!
  • what is so extreme about it?

    This ECW is no longer what you call "extreme".I don't see any thing extreme about.They don't have much good superstars.They waste their time with stripper dancing and the divas don't even fight.Before ECW went out of business it was a great show but now I think this might be the brand with lowest brand ratings.The only match good is the main event.The heels are not good wrestlers,the faces are mostly the only one's who can fight.But it is only because they fight weak heels like elijah burke.Or a wannabe vampire.They need to work on the heels gimmicks,they need it alot.
  • ECW is a great show to wacth with lots of action.

    ECW is a action show that is 1 hour long with Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, RVD, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and much more. Also it is exciting to wacth because you don't know if someone will interfear in your macth to a person winning a macth by cheating like Finaly on Smackdown. If your not having fun wacthing ECW wacth Raw on smackdown on Monday for Raw 8-10 midwest time and Friday for Smackdown 7-9 midwest time or your bored then you just don't have a good choice of action and drama, back stabing in the back, cheating, steel, fighting and lots more things that happen every Tuesday, Monday, and Friday. That is it for now.
  • ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling, which this ECW really isn't that however i do believe it has it's fine points. It just needs fine tuning. If it were a two-hour show for starters and if it wasn't on Sci Fi.

    Personally i like a lot of the ECW wrestlers. All of the Originals, The New Breed, Mike Knox, Snitsky, Holly, and all of the others. I just think maybe it would be more successful if it wasn't called ECW. Because people associate that with the old ECW which was Barbed Wire, Thumbtacks, and flaming tables. Which the new ECW can't do all the time. Also i don't think Lashley should be the head of ECW. And i'm a lashley fan. Also i think WWE bringing in more ROH talent would help the brand like newly signed Ace Steel & Colt Cabana. I would also put Super Crazy in ECW, and resign Tajiri as well. I think ECW could work, if they made a few minor adjustments. A Two hour show, better storylines, and good matches. What else could a fan ask for. I believe a lot of fans don't like ECW because the only real big name is Rob Van Dam.
  • Fake strippers, Vampires, Giants, Zombies, WWE jobbers, Vince McMahon oh my!

    This new ECW is boring I don't get its horrible Sandman is being forced to job where's his entrance music also Rob Van Dam a great wrestler who proved himself everywhere is being forced to job also Sabu, Tommy Dreamer have to be treated like crap when will Vince come to his senses.
  • ECW is where wrestlers take their game to the extreme and hardcore rules.

    ECW is somewhat good at times. I think it needs to be two hours instead of one hour. That way, there are more fueds and ECW can become just as good as Smackdown and Raw. There should also be ECW PPV's only, but that's only when they decide to put it as a 2 hour show. I think divas dancing isn't a good idea and instead of that, it should be replaced with divas matches. There are some classic wrestlers like Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Hardcore Holly. What I think needs to be changed is the main event. It's almost always for the World Title, if not the champion is still involved in the match and ends up winning most of the time. ECW is still good to watch when there is nothing good on at the moment.
  • I enjoy certain things about the NEW ECW, but personally they NEED to make all matches with Extreme Rules yet again, then there will be alot more attraction to the Brand once again

    I enjoy certain things about the NEW ECW, but personally they NEED to make all matches with Extreme Rules yet again, then there will be alot more attraction to the Brand once again. I am enjoying the NEW Look, and hope it gets as BIg as RAW and Smackdown Soon, but doubt it will make it because personally right now it is no different than Velocity, McMahon is Just scared of the potential much like he is scared of the future of TNA!
  • doing downhill is a understatement

    I have been a huge WWE forever i wacth RAW on a constant basis and used to watch smackdown every week also, until recently when that has also decline. But ECW is a whole different story. At first i was excited because i enjoyed both ecw one night stand pay per views. Once the show started for the first few weeks i thought it was ok as it showcased a bunch of old ecw talent with some new and up and coming talent. After RVD's drug bust it went down hill as they now only have a few old ecw stars (RVD Sabu Balls FBI Sandman and Dreamer and a few others) which are rarely used. Now they just use old wwe talent they have nothing left to do with one the show. Essentially it is heat with actual storylines, its just annoying
  • The new WWE velocity Craptacular

    I wasnt a fan of ECW back in the day, but after seeing One Night Stand 2005, I got a hold of some old ECW PPVs and show. The stuff was AMAZING! I wished I was into it back then.

    When they decided to resurrect it, I was very excited, and after watching it since the summer I have to say its ECW only in name and only serves to tarnish its former namesake.

    I think its biggest fault is that its called ECW. They should just rename it to something else. All it does is anger old ECW fans and to the new ECW audience, its just a low-class WWE brand.

    ECW is a sub-par WWE brand, period and by calling it ECW, is a smack in the face to what ECW was. If WWE is going to bring in a new brand in an oversaturated market, it NEEDS to be different, and ECW WAS different, but they abandoned what made it different.

    My suprise is that McMahon who has a great reputation for giving fans what they want doesnt see the potental for ECW, but then again, I am no means an expert. The way it looks though is that fans (and talent) are dissappointed on many levels. I suggest giving the old ECW style a try for a few weeks and see how its recieved. If not, change the name because in the near future every remnance of the old ECW will be gone anyway, including the fans.
  • ecw ecw ecw!!!!

    3 of 3 of the only places where i can c wat i luv ppl beatin the crap out of each other!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean who doesnt luv a good fight now & then huh who???????????? i thought so...i luv WWE & ECW alot i mean ALOT!!!!! it never gets old!! y cant there b more like it? thatd b great if there would b more like it!!! but NOOOOOOOO (mockingly) its 2 violent u cant watch it bla bla bla!!(normally) u get the message...just 18 more words...cmon ppl do not disagree cause if u do ur the biggest WIMPS on the planet!!!
  • the new ECW is pretty cool, but it has some bad moments.

    i kind of like the new ECW. but, now Paul Heyman got fired and Big Show might leave so i'm not sure what they are gonna do next. Sabu keeps doing things like falling asleep backstage and leaving the arena, so he's probably gonna get fired. i've also heard that most of the ECW Originals, including RVD, are very upset with the new show and might leave. sometimes it has some good matches, sometimes even a couple outstanding ones, but this new version of extreme championship wrestling better do something quick, or i don't think it will be here much longer.
  • ECW is a great show but nowhere as near as good as it used to be. It is still worth watching though.

    ECW is pretty good considering it only gets an hour to put on a show. It is hard to compare it to the old ECW because the old ECW was all about anti-establishment and all that good stuff but the new ECW is still a good fix for hardcore wrestling fans like myself. The new ECW has its moments where you are right there with the crowd chanting holy sh!+ but other times I am watching it and just fall asleep. Even though I said some negitive things about the new ECW all in all it is still a great show. So if you are a fan of vintige ECW you may find some of it here.
  • Needs something explosive

    ECW on Sci Fi is a show that may not draw a bunch of attention, but It does have its highs and of course its lows. Now since it came out people have been just critising its lows and not complimenting its highs, now I think it has something going for it. With stars like the Big Show, RVD, Sabu, Cm Punk Kevin Thorn and other such likes I think it can contenede to Raw and Smackdown. Now I know thats a huge project that has to be done if its considered there, but if they can do well I think they can be one.
  • What the hell!?

    This new ECW isn't the type of wrestling I was so curious to watch that's not what I saw in the Bloodsport DVD now rhose matches are CLASSICS C-L-A-S-S-I-C-S! The VIOLENCE the BLOOD the CARNAGE.Why can't we see that kind of wrestling on ECW where are the Flaming branding iron the Flaming tables the cheese graters the barb wire The Bingo Hall The Eageale's Nest Where's Terry Funk I heard that he had a contract with them also where are the TV and Tag Team Titles! But don't worry ECW fans I heard that the ECW show for tuesday was already TAPED! And guess who is the NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD! RoB Van DAM!!!Not The Big Show aka Big Pile OF ****
  • Craptastic! It's Extremely Crappy Wrestling, not Extreme Championship Wrestling

    Where\'s the hardcore? Regular Matches?! Hammerstein Ballroom, Bingo Halls, etc. Rowdy Teens chanting ECW, ECW!, ECW! No wonder why Kurt Angle Left.

    Kevin Thorn, The Zombie, Mike Knox? Vince McMahon should pull the plug on ECW. I won't be suprised if he does. That's right I said Vince McMahon not Paul Heyman for you people who don\'t go on wrestling news sites. I can\'t believe SciFi gave ECW a 2nd Season, I hope it gets canceled before then. ECW might me Extreme Championship Wrestling to them, but to me, its Extremely Crappy Wrestling. And so now I'm sticking to WWE
  • While the new ECW is no where near as entertaining as the original: a trimmed down version of ECW is better than no ECW at all.

    I might admit, upon the first two or three weeks of viewing WWE's version of ECW on SciFi, I was very negative towards it. Being from Pennsylvania and living about an hour and half from where the old ECW shows took place, I was always a huge ECW fan. I loved the old product, and I was extremely excited when I heard of WWE's decision to bring it back full-time. I felt the ECW concept had so much potential, and it's great that WWE saw that as well.

    Let's get this out right off the bat, WWE's ECW is no where near, nor will it ever even come close to matching or surpassing the original ECW in anything BUT production values. The fan atmosphere or quality of the shows will never be as good as it once was. Nothing WWE can do with the new ECW is going to convince me that the true ECW is back, because every true ECW fan knows the original, ground-breaking company they loved is no more. But we've accepted that.

    As I said, the first two weeks of WWE's ECW really had me quite angry. We had WWE has-beens going over original ECW stars, horrible storylines and gimmicks making their appearances, and just overall low quality shows. But then, after thinking about it for a bit, I realized that the original ECW fan in me was getting out, and I was letting that bias my opinion on the show.

    After accepting the fact that WWE is in no way trying to pass or match the ECW of old, WWE's ECW really isn't that bad of a product. Considering it's only been on-air for a few months, I see a load of potential in the brand to actually become quite entertaining once it's had a year or so to be developed properly. You have great up and coming stars such as CM Punk and Matt Striker being sent to the brand, along with the Big Show having some of the most entertaining matches he's had in his career, topped off with the original ECW stars still there as well. Let's face it: the original ECW is dead; never to return. As a true ECW fan at heart, I am learning to accept the new ECW as a good alternate to the original product, and it's actually beginning to grow on me more and more each week. Because everyone knows the passionate ECW fan base would rather have a largely trimmed down version of ECW than have no ECW at all.
  • WOW

    wow wow wow wow wow wow what a show .did u see big show he was hurt. man blood every where. sabu through the rules out the window. CM punk he might look funny to peopel but he is sure no joke he has still not lossed and what an impact hardcore holly made. beatup RVD and then he hit that guy RVD was fighting who knows that guys name any RVD whats revange and he wants soon. man man frist macth wow wow sand man toomy and torie beat some other guys but man what a match man. well ECW was a preety good show
  • E, C, F'N W

    Extreme Championship Wrestling in all its glory. ECW is back and better than ever. With all the death defying super stars like Tazz, Terry Funk, Sabu and many more. Also Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle and Big Show have been drafted from Raw and Smackdown! There are hardly any rules in ECW matches which is why it's so awsome. No rules means weapons galore and heaps of surprises. Manager Paul Heymen says the new ECW is the future of hardcore wrestling. People who love violence and crazy moves will love ECW. I wouldn't recommend it to the faint hearted though.
  • The revived ECW is horribly underaprreciated.

    Ah, another wrestling show. That's great! ECW is a one-hour phenomonon that just keeps on giving. Every week, you see amazing Superstars, such as ECW World Champion Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, new wrestlers, and even ECW originals from when ECW first had a run in the 90's. Though some consider this WWE's A Show, it is underappreciated by fans. Some people gave it one night and decided they hated it. I'll admit, the first few episodes were lackluster, featuring some goofy Sci-Fi channel ideas (a zombie, Macho Libre, etc.), but it has definetely improved from their.

    But of course, there are the cons. For one thing, the title is defended almost every week agaisnt non-ECW wrestlers (though, this hasn't been the case the past few weeks). Also, the originals are put back by the new guys.

    But, overall, ECW is an enjoyable show that picks up lots of good ratings.
  • The things they try to pass off as wrestling these days. Three matches in one hour is not a show, it's a waste of time.

    I was optimistic about the return of ECW to TV. I was hoping for a return of a wrestling alternative to the abysmal and often insulting world of professional wrestling that has been turned into sports entertainment (what that actually means, I'll never know). Instead we get squash matches and strippers who can't dance. The ECW originals are eaten alive by roided up WWE rejects (save for CM Punk) and it's sad. We wanted wrestling and got WWE RAW: Light. Management at the E gets tons of complaints of the lackluster product. Do yourself a favor, change the channel.
  • ECW on Sci-Fi is how should we say ....A GREAT BIG JOKE.

    ECW on Sci-Fi is how should we say ....A GREAT BIG JOKE. Wrestling is on my must watch list but as they say competition breeds greatness. The WWE "relaunch" of the ECW was supposed to be an alternative but is nothing more than another WWE production. It's a total farce of what it was and what they were saying it was gonna be. I understand the need to change some things to make it work especially since the original ECW went under but that was because of bad or unwise business decisions. The product itself was good, had a niche and should've been kept intact. It appears to be a launching pad for wrestlers whom WWE wouldve had a problem finding a niche for on it's Smackdown or Raw incarnations and a few "Sci-Fi" jokes (Vampires) thrown in to appease the network. The biggest travesty is that a lot of true ECW talent (Justin Credible, Al Snow) is now being made into setup men for these jokes.
  • Should have been left alone..

    Well I'm sure alot of people had high hopes when it was announced that ECW would be finally coming back. I'm also sure that many people were disappointed and shocked when they saw it. Other than the fact that it's a washed up, cleaned up, gimmicky version of the old ECW minus about 70% of the hardcore, then yeah; it's the same. After seeing just a few episodes, it's very clear it's nothing like the original. And completely under the WWE and Vince McMahon's control now. I've seen the new ECW described as a shell, well I think it's worse then that. It's the same on the surface, with the same familiar faces, same promotions and such.. but inside it's nowhere near the same. The fact that it now only has one hardcore match per night should tell you that it's no longer "extreme". Okay, so now we have, Vampires, exhibitionists, wannabe superheros, and zombies roaming around ECW, how could this be worse? Well.. you take some good ECW wrestlers and turn them into a crappy gimmicked up version of what they used to be. The Sandman is nothing but a cane-wielding psycho who beats up on 'unknown' wrestlers now. Kelly's expose is a disgrace to the show, and even Sabu, RVD, and other extreme ECW long-termers can't do most of what they used to do. They've taken plenty of WWE "superstars" and even some former WWE wrestlers and called them Extremists. I'm sorry.. but this show is hardly worth the time anymore. It's completely WWE-ized. And nothing like what it used to be. If you're looking for real hardcore wrestling, go somewhere else. If you're looking for something like this, watch RAW.
  • ECW's heavyweight division is booming and will be getting better once it's away from WWE superstars.

    Too many people underappreciate ECW. If you think about it...They have had some good matches. Kurt Angle vs. Justin Credible was pretty cool. Gangrel will be debuting in a few months...That's really cool. Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, and The Sandman are all great talents. Sabu is too. ECW will grow in the future. With a heavyweight division that will soon be Big Show, Gangrel, Kurt Angle, RVD, Sabu, Test, and the Boogeyman the show will get better by the episode. Sure Vince McMahon isn't writing some of the matches the right way, but ECW is planned to still be ran by Vince, but won't be feuding with WWE anymore. And that would be really cool. We could see pay-per-views with Sabu vs. Kurt Angle...or Big Show vs. Test...or Rob Van Dam vs. the Boogeyman or Kurt Angle or Sabu. This show will grow in the future. I can see it coming.
  • Extremly Entertaning!!!!!

    i love ECW that is what i wanted to see chars flying.blood dripping.barged wire on the ropes on the talbles that is some thing they hav something.because ecw got the top rating in sci-fi.tat is how good it is i love ECW.but you no whats wird paul said he was pertecting rvd because he was puting the the title up every day will so is big show.ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!
  • It is Ec\"Fn\"W. And it is back!

    It is Ec "Fn"W. The power is back! We see sand-man. That balls dude! More ex things happening! It is to ex for t\"fn\"v. We see the hot woman. The ex dudes. I think that ecw is better than wwe. Way better. On wwe you see all that cool crap. Ecw as all that crazy crap. I\'m 619 so I should know. That is right I\'m 619. Wwe champ. The under dog. I wish I chold go in ecw. But I whant to get on king booker. If he was in ecw I wholud kill his wife and him. But yah any way. Ecw is so back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why is this garbage taking up space on Sci Fi? (And why does the site refuse to allow me to rate a show lower than "1"?)

    Why is this crud on sci fi? Oh, I know. NBC Universal strikes again. Look how they've destroyed USA Network, with end to end repeats of Law and Order on hour after hour after hour every day of the week. How much longer before sci fi is turned into a dumping ground for trash like ECW, whose fan base has the IQ of a glass of water and the purchasing power of the average Ethiopian. What will sci fi advertise during the ECW slot? Used trailer commercials? Manuals on how to stack your chevy on cinder blocks in the front yard? Public Service Messages warning the children of ECW fans not to eat the rubber off their collection of tire swings?

    It's bad enough when low grade TV like Eureka premieres or dippy sub moronic "reality" shows about "superheroes" take up space on the schedule. But for garbage like this to invade sci fi is beyond bearable. Maybe ECW can invite the fans in attendance to come on down some night and engage in a beer swilling contest. It would be as imaginative as anything 'rasslin can produce. And it would contain more suspense.
  • If this show is going to want to succeed, do NOT make it a 3rd rate show of WWE, let ECW be ECW, not WWECW. I laugh at anybody who said this was going to surpass TNA, because this is just no competition for them.

    This show used to be great and extreme. Now that its off of hiatus and Vince McMahon is bringing it back, its a matter of is it going to be great this new breed hes pulling out? Well the first two weeks of watching, its a matter of time before it dies. Vince doesen\'t realize, if you want the ratings, then let ECW be ECW. Instead, hes putting WWE wrestlers that had no chance in the WWE into this \"new\" breed of wrestling. And to make it all worse, he puts Kurt Angle in it which was confusing to me. Angle was supposed to change ECW how...by being a failure? And with Rob Van Dam and Sabu out, that just nails the coffin of its final rest.
  • This was pathetic! I wanted to move my review here.

    Well, so much for ECW on Sci-Fi! The beginning was great, RVD getting the title, Cena and Edge coming in and that cheap shot on Heyman! Ouch! Then came the Zombie, the Sci-Fi of ECW on Sci-Fi. The Sandman came out and kicked his zombie ass! But I wish Vince wasn't so concerned about his semen and Shawn Michaels to get the rights to Enter Sandman for The Sandman and Man in the Box for Tommy Dreamer. Justin Credible vs. Kurt Angle was nothing but a squash match. I mean, Justin's a good wrestler, but has to job for Angle. That Kelly girl stripping was the best! Way to get the nerds on your side! But why did we have to see Taz(yes, that's spelled right, that's ECW's Taz, not WWE Tazz, the name they used so they wouldn't have spend a buck to get the Taz name from Warner Bros.) and The King? Old squash match. That battle Royal was nothing but a WWE "Hardcore" match, nothing looked real. But Sabu won, so I was happy. Overall, it wasn't what I expected from ECW. But wait a minute, this isn't ECW. This is WWE Presents: EC Dub. Smaller Venues, Vince, smaller Venues. This was after Smackdown!, this was a Smackdown! crowd.
    Little Cena Kid fans and the soccer moms. Needs to get a more EXTRRREEEEEEEME Crowd or needs to in smaller venues, or this will fail. Oh well, back to Bingo Halls! Keep going this route, and it will be a flaming sack of crap.
  • ecw is so back.

    I me happy that ecw is back ecw is a lot butter then wwe in a lot of ways. ecw is so Hardcore and ecw has no rules like wwe does. ECW has rvd as the wwe/ecw champ and will beat anyony thats gets in his way. they also have the big bad show in the big show who is going to hurt anyone that suck. ecw will be the best show on tv for now on and i hope ecw stay on tv more the it did in the late 90s. say ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw ecw.
  • Their premiere episode was absolutely horrible.

    Their premiere episode was absolutely horrible. Sandman vs some lame zombie character. I've heard betting grunting from womens tennis matches. Then later on showing a vampire, surprised Gangrel didnt show up as well. This all suppose to get the SciFi crowd excited about wrestling?
    The battle royal was average at best. Everyone tossed middle ropes so they can get weapons. Big Show dominating the entire match until, o what a big surprise, Sabu tosses the Big Show over for the win. Wow, didnt see that coming. So he will face John Cena at the WWE ppv.
    To top it off, the commentators of Tazz and Joey Styles were bad, both are complete morons and bad commentators.
    The show must get better or else it will be another XFL.
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