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  • the new ECW is pretty cool, but it has some bad moments.

    i kind of like the new ECW. but, now Paul Heyman got fired and Big Show might leave so i'm not sure what they are gonna do next. Sabu keeps doing things like falling asleep backstage and leaving the arena, so he's probably gonna get fired. i've also heard that most of the ECW Originals, including RVD, are very upset with the new show and might leave. sometimes it has some good matches, sometimes even a couple outstanding ones, but this new version of extreme championship wrestling better do something quick, or i don't think it will be here much longer.
  • ECW is back...with vampires, witches, and zombies oh my!

    ECW on Sci-Fi was a two-segment show, if you watched the opening ECW title segment with RVD, Edge and Cena and watched the "Extreme" Battle Royal to finish the show you didn't miss anything. The rest of the show was crap, even Kelli, I mean if you say you're going to take ALL your clothes off then do it and stop wasting time. The poor girl couldn't even unhook her bra. The matches sucked hard, The Zombie VS. The Sandman...why? Justin Credible VS. Kurt Angle, this match had promise. It had potential to be the best match of the night until they turned Credible into a jobber who couldn't even get an attack on Angle edgewise.

    ECW One Night Stand was a classic, ECW on Sci-Fi's debut was crap-tastic with nothing in the extreme taking place outside of the last match (not going to mention The Zombie). It was weak, but hopefully it will improve because stuff like that isn't going to bring in "true" ECW fans it's just going to turn them away. Plus the whole ECW VS. WWE RAW angle was interesting but now it's time for the brands to go their own way and be faithful to their fan bases. If this ECW VS. WWE stuff continues beyond Vengeance then it's going to get really old and people are going to get sick of it. If ECW on Sci-Fi continues like this its success will be fiction.
  • This is most definitely NOT extreme, but it still is a halfway entertaining wrestling show.

    Even when I started watching wrestling as a kid, i was always interested in the "hardcore" matches, and their unorthodox use of weapons. I eventually heard that there was an entire promotion based around it (Extreme Championship Wrestling), shortly before Vince bought it and WCW out and the Invasion arc began. after seeing RVD and Tommy Dreamer on WWF TV, i immediately went out and bought a couple ECW tapes, and love them to this day.

    almost 7 years later, ECW is back on TV....or is it? After watching a few shows, i can understand why people call this new brand "WWECW" or "FakECW". Where is Paul Heyman? Why's this show only one hour long? Where are the ECW originals, like RVD, Sabu, Dreamer, Sandman, etc.? and most importantly? where is the *EXTREME* that the name implies? As long as i've been watching this ECW, I havent seen one weapon pulled out, and I've seen matches end in DQ and count-out. how is THAT extreme!? this is not ECW, it feels more like Heat with a title to give it more credibility.

    that being said, after I stopped expecting my bloodlust to be fufilled, I started enjoying nu-ECW a little. there are some good wrestlers, like CM Punk, John Morrison, Elijah Burke, etc. and Tazz and Joey Styles deliver good commentary.

    Overall, I refuse to call this ECW by its full name until i see a hardcore match, but I'll still be watching from week to week with good matches to tide me over until it happens.
  • ECW is a great show but nowhere as near as good as it used to be. It is still worth watching though.

    ECW is pretty good considering it only gets an hour to put on a show. It is hard to compare it to the old ECW because the old ECW was all about anti-establishment and all that good stuff but the new ECW is still a good fix for hardcore wrestling fans like myself. The new ECW has its moments where you are right there with the crowd chanting holy sh!+ but other times I am watching it and just fall asleep. Even though I said some negitive things about the new ECW all in all it is still a great show. So if you are a fan of vintige ECW you may find some of it here.
  • What the hell!?

    This new ECW isn't the type of wrestling I was so curious to watch that's not what I saw in the Bloodsport DVD now rhose matches are CLASSICS C-L-A-S-S-I-C-S! The VIOLENCE the BLOOD the CARNAGE.Why can't we see that kind of wrestling on ECW where are the Flaming branding iron the Flaming tables the cheese graters the barb wire The Bingo Hall The Eageale's Nest Where's Terry Funk I heard that he had a contract with them also where are the TV and Tag Team Titles! But don't worry ECW fans I heard that the ECW show for tuesday was already TAPED! And guess who is the NEW ECW Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD! RoB Van DAM!!!Not The Big Show aka Big Pile OF ****
  • I love ECW, but it needs alot of work before it gets back to how it use to be.

    The best thing about ECW was because it low budget. ECW is not supposed to be dramatic and full of entertainment. It is supposed to focus more on wrestling and violence. This ECW is the WWE's version of ECW. Vince McMchon should leave full control to Paul Heyman and keep his writers away. This may change ECW and return it to it's original glory.
  • ECW\'s Debut was also a decent show yet a bad show!

    So ECW kicked off with Heyman in the ring bringing out RVD. RVD comes out grabs the ECW Title, Edge spears RVD. Cena attacks Edge befoe cheap shoting Heyman. RAW vs. ECW continues!

    So in it\'s debut show we had a vampire, a zombie and even a girl who teased a strip just like in WWE!

    Zombie vs. Sandman was a quick match.

    Credible vs. Angle was boring as Angle got all the shots. All he does it grab people, throw them to the floor for the whole match...

    Then we had a 10-man battle royal where weapons were legal. You could tell Sabu was hurting from ONS2 but Show dominated missing a few spots! Sabu won!

    ECW didn\'t have the same atmosphere as sharing with WWE Smackdown as they asked the fans not to chant profanities as young children were there...

    It got a 7/10 on my debut review but it\'ll have to work harder to impress!

  • Development on TV

    ECW has now been on the air for now one year and alot has changed. Kurt Angle, Big Show, RVD, Sabu, Paul Heyman and Sandman have now gone from the WWE. The show is still a hour and it still isn't Extreme.

    The way I see ECW now is more development these days and not a third brand that the WWE sees it. Tommy Dreamer seems that he become the new Terry Funk of ECW by passing down this skills to a new ECW.

    People like Big Daddy V, Morrison and Stevie are all great wrestlers but there are alot of waste in there to like CM Punk and Knox who just stink up the lace.

    The show is getting better
  • Should have been left alone..

    Well I'm sure alot of people had high hopes when it was announced that ECW would be finally coming back. I'm also sure that many people were disappointed and shocked when they saw it. Other than the fact that it's a washed up, cleaned up, gimmicky version of the old ECW minus about 70% of the hardcore, then yeah; it's the same. After seeing just a few episodes, it's very clear it's nothing like the original. And completely under the WWE and Vince McMahon's control now. I've seen the new ECW described as a shell, well I think it's worse then that. It's the same on the surface, with the same familiar faces, same promotions and such.. but inside it's nowhere near the same. The fact that it now only has one hardcore match per night should tell you that it's no longer "extreme". Okay, so now we have, Vampires, exhibitionists, wannabe superheros, and zombies roaming around ECW, how could this be worse? Well.. you take some good ECW wrestlers and turn them into a crappy gimmicked up version of what they used to be. The Sandman is nothing but a cane-wielding psycho who beats up on 'unknown' wrestlers now. Kelly's expose is a disgrace to the show, and even Sabu, RVD, and other extreme ECW long-termers can't do most of what they used to do. They've taken plenty of WWE "superstars" and even some former WWE wrestlers and called them Extremists. I'm sorry.. but this show is hardly worth the time anymore. It's completely WWE-ized. And nothing like what it used to be. If you're looking for real hardcore wrestling, go somewhere else. If you're looking for something like this, watch RAW.
  • ECW-Where Is The Extreme?

    ECW, the most exciting, extreme wrestling show around!!! Yeah, right. Maybe that's what it was years ago. When it was a totally seperate promotion. The chairs, the violence, the great moments. Ahhh... The good old days. Today, it just isn't great. Every week, they put up a mediocre shows. Solid matches but nothing extrodianary. Vince really shouldn't have ruined what ECW used to be. He should have just made a normal fourth WWE show. But ECW just isn't extreme. Maybe it was slightly cool at its new debut but now it just isn't. There are no chairs, ladders, or chairs. So what makes this different from Raw, or Smackdown? Grey Ropes. That's it. There really isn't much to say. It is okay but not worth watching compared to other shows like TNA Wrestling. It's not bad. It just isn't worth my time. It doesn't grab my attention like a wrestling show should. And don't even think about comparing it to the original ECW. I mean, remember Vince holding the title? WTF was he thinking?!!!! And the things they have the female wrestlers do is immoral. This show is better than Smackdown, about the same as Raw, but still just not a good wrestling show.
  • ECW on Sci-Fi is how should we say ....A GREAT BIG JOKE.

    ECW on Sci-Fi is how should we say ....A GREAT BIG JOKE. Wrestling is on my must watch list but as they say competition breeds greatness. The WWE "relaunch" of the ECW was supposed to be an alternative but is nothing more than another WWE production. It's a total farce of what it was and what they were saying it was gonna be. I understand the need to change some things to make it work especially since the original ECW went under but that was because of bad or unwise business decisions. The product itself was good, had a niche and should've been kept intact. It appears to be a launching pad for wrestlers whom WWE wouldve had a problem finding a niche for on it's Smackdown or Raw incarnations and a few "Sci-Fi" jokes (Vampires) thrown in to appease the network. The biggest travesty is that a lot of true ECW talent (Justin Credible, Al Snow) is now being made into setup men for these jokes.
  • This is a review on this weeks ECW. The Main Event: Swagga vs. Matt Hardy Good Show

    This show is remember for 2 things: Tommy Dreamer retirement speech, and Hardy/Swagger match, and the rest of show was all right.

    Match 1: Paul Burchill/Katie "Sexy" Leavs. Dj "That 70's guy" Gabriel/Alicia "I was remembered for Wedding Planner" Fox: This was an okay match showing off the girls mostly. *1/2

    Match 2: Boogeyman vs. Jobber: The only cool thing is Boogeyman. But why keep destroying jobbers instead of giving him people that are at least known.

    Dreamer Speech: This was a fantastic promo, and delivered great and emotional, and I felt like crying when Dreamer was. But give him a shot or run with title, because he's been working hard for being only ECW Original wrestler left. Dreamer is Ecw!!!!

    Main Event: Matt "I'll never die, but knees are" Hardy vs. Jack "Young Buck" Swagga: This was a solid match, and as good or little better than Swagga's match last week against Finlay, and they had good chemistry, but my opinion on Swagga's title win, is I'm torn, because he's a great talent, but Hardy still had some good time left has champ, but Congrats Swagga!!!!
  • doing downhill is a understatement

    I have been a huge WWE forever i wacth RAW on a constant basis and used to watch smackdown every week also, until recently when that has also decline. But ECW is a whole different story. At first i was excited because i enjoyed both ecw one night stand pay per views. Once the show started for the first few weeks i thought it was ok as it showcased a bunch of old ecw talent with some new and up and coming talent. After RVD's drug bust it went down hill as they now only have a few old ecw stars (RVD Sabu Balls FBI Sandman and Dreamer and a few others) which are rarely used. Now they just use old wwe talent they have nothing left to do with one the show. Essentially it is heat with actual storylines, its just annoying
  • What's the point? It's basically WWE with a very little bit of extreme.

    It's like a little WWE. Out of Raw, Smackdown, and ECW, ECW has the lowest ratings. It's not even good. It's basically a bunch on young punks saying that they're ECW material. The only good people are the originals and Bobby Lashley. I'm only 12, so I didn't see the original ECW, but my dad told me it was way better. They had really good extreme matches. Why did they bring this back. If they got some real competitors, then it'll be better. Vince McMahon is taking over. Normally every year, I watch ECW One Night Stand. But I'm not watching it this year for two reasons.
    1. No real competition
    2. It's not at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NY.
    Needs to improve if the show wants to stay on.
  • ECW is ok from time to time just now there is no Hardcore so this show is no longer Extreme

    ECW was run by former owner Paul Heyman after him losing the company back in 2001 Vince McMahon bought ECW and all of its footage. In 2005 we would see ECW wrestlers come back for One Night Stand. In 2006 ECW would be back again for One Night Stand again but this time it would start to run a weekly show on the Sci Fi channel. WWE had a lot of the ECW greats on the show Sabu who was released so was Sandman and RVD would leave after not wanting to stay Big Show would leave about just the start of 2007. The show is ok only is on for about 1 hour if you will add the adverts put in to it you get 45 mins. ECW has some good wrestlers on the show such as CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn who are the rising stars of WWE. Also now adding Shelton Benjamim one of the best moves i have see now he will get better from been on ECW. The show lacks with some of the wrestlers such as The Miz, John Morrison, Matt Striker, Big Daddy V who are just boring to see.

    There is Joey Styles to give you great commentary while watching the show to make it interesting. The there is Tazz he is a good wrestler just his commentary is boring. ECW is good and bad the worst thing about the show it is only a 1 hour, should be more wrestlers, and theres no Paul Heyman.
  • It started off okay, tried to do the job. Took away a Velocity show that I never ever watched. But how far has it come?

    I would assume that the WWE could hold this down rather well. But sadly things went from good, okay, bad, better, then terrible. What is the point in having an ECW World Heavyweight Champion if he isn't going to even be on ECW? And what is the point in cross branding ECW? It just makes it an even weaker brand.

    When they started, they had the Big Show, who just seemed too big for ECW. Then Test came and went, shamefully something went wrong right near the beginning of ECWs return. Even Khali looked way out of place here!

    When Lashley came and won the title, things looked a little better, but instead he had to be this dominant former army Sargent. There hasn't been any decent competition since the start, sadly there still isn't. The only good thing is CM Punk and one or two others who can wrestle. But this isn't enough. No where near enough to support me and my hunger to actually see the sport.

    Now to make things worse Vince came into ECW to take the title, screwing things around and releasing Sabu who is ECW through and through. Now all that is left is RVD and CM Punk who at this moment in time look like they will never have a "chance in hell" to get that title.

    That is what is wrong with ECW, no other titles, just a single title in the wrong hands in the wrong place and frankly on a different show. And to quote Jerry (The King) Lawler, "Extremely Crappy Wrestling".
  • Not so extreme,but an ok show

    ECW on Sci-fi is not ECW at all. They should change the name of the brand to something else. The least they could do if have the World title matches be extreme rules. I don't watch it every week just because I am not a big fan of the show and only catch it when I am home. They should bring back the Hardcore title for this brand. To me it is the worst of the three brands. It is still a have way decent wrestling show. If WWE was to get rid of any of their shows I'd say this or Superstars because there is way to much WWE on TV. Its on everyday but Wednesday and Saturdays and their are rumors of a possible Wednesday show.
  • It was Better at first.

    It was better at first whe it had almost all extreme rules and wrestlers and now it has a sorry excuse for a line up and a lame set of divas. I mean it has its moments at times but other then that you see the same wrestlers have matches every week and most of the wrestlers on the roster hardly wreslte at all. I mean it has about 20 to 30 wrestlers and more then half of them don't wrestle and what's with the new breed vs. the ecw originals i mean they are probably going to end it with CM Punk trading to the origanls. My final thoughts are that it could improve on the EXTREME!!! part of the wrestling but sometimes makes good match but they are just repeatative.
  • Extreme Crappy Wrestling.... oooooh yeah!

    I have to confess: I haven't seen anything of the old ECW, but the new one is just full of crap.

    I recently saw the 2006 "One Night Stand", awesome show. And than I thought about the actual ECW show on Sci-Fi.

    What the hell are they thinking? Such a low value show!

    It looks like the WWE puts everything in the ECW they don't want to do in their two main brands.

    Crappy wrestlers, crappy matches. Only once in a while a quite good match, but they are very rare.

    And what about the extreme rules? I thought this was "extreme"?! So few matches, most of them are not even as good as what they show on Heat.

    ECW died for me right before Wrestle Mania 23... when they had the huge push for the Umaga-Lashley match and nearly the whole 45 minutes of show were just stupid bla-bla-bla... and what... 9 minutes or so of actual wrestling... in 2 matches... I haven't seen it since and I will refuse to watch it again. It's just a waste of time.
  • Fake strippers, Vampires, Giants, Zombies, WWE jobbers, Vince McMahon oh my!

    This new ECW is boring I don't get its horrible Sandman is being forced to job where's his entrance music also Rob Van Dam a great wrestler who proved himself everywhere is being forced to job also Sabu, Tommy Dreamer have to be treated like crap when will Vince come to his senses.
  • If this show is going to want to succeed, do NOT make it a 3rd rate show of WWE, let ECW be ECW, not WWECW. I laugh at anybody who said this was going to surpass TNA, because this is just no competition for them.

    This show used to be great and extreme. Now that its off of hiatus and Vince McMahon is bringing it back, its a matter of is it going to be great this new breed hes pulling out? Well the first two weeks of watching, its a matter of time before it dies. Vince doesen\'t realize, if you want the ratings, then let ECW be ECW. Instead, hes putting WWE wrestlers that had no chance in the WWE into this \"new\" breed of wrestling. And to make it all worse, he puts Kurt Angle in it which was confusing to me. Angle was supposed to change ECW how...by being a failure? And with Rob Van Dam and Sabu out, that just nails the coffin of its final rest.
  • This was pathetic! I wanted to move my review here.

    Well, so much for ECW on Sci-Fi! The beginning was great, RVD getting the title, Cena and Edge coming in and that cheap shot on Heyman! Ouch! Then came the Zombie, the Sci-Fi of ECW on Sci-Fi. The Sandman came out and kicked his zombie ass! But I wish Vince wasn't so concerned about his semen and Shawn Michaels to get the rights to Enter Sandman for The Sandman and Man in the Box for Tommy Dreamer. Justin Credible vs. Kurt Angle was nothing but a squash match. I mean, Justin's a good wrestler, but has to job for Angle. That Kelly girl stripping was the best! Way to get the nerds on your side! But why did we have to see Taz(yes, that's spelled right, that's ECW's Taz, not WWE Tazz, the name they used so they wouldn't have spend a buck to get the Taz name from Warner Bros.) and The King? Old squash match. That battle Royal was nothing but a WWE "Hardcore" match, nothing looked real. But Sabu won, so I was happy. Overall, it wasn't what I expected from ECW. But wait a minute, this isn't ECW. This is WWE Presents: EC Dub. Smaller Venues, Vince, smaller Venues. This was after Smackdown!, this was a Smackdown! crowd.
    Little Cena Kid fans and the soccer moms. Needs to get a more EXTRRREEEEEEEME Crowd or needs to in smaller venues, or this will fail. Oh well, back to Bingo Halls! Keep going this route, and it will be a flaming sack of crap.
  • what is so extreme about it?

    This ECW is no longer what you call "extreme".I don't see any thing extreme about.They don't have much good superstars.They waste their time with stripper dancing and the divas don't even fight.Before ECW went out of business it was a great show but now I think this might be the brand with lowest brand ratings.The only match good is the main event.The heels are not good wrestlers,the faces are mostly the only one's who can fight.But it is only because they fight weak heels like elijah burke.Or a wannabe vampire.They need to work on the heels gimmicks,they need it alot.
  • Bad

    Really disappointing!!!! Lacked any creativity what so ever! Maybe it was just this one episode, I don't know but this week was bad. Boring, and just plain dull. Now I know they only have an hour on air, but comeone guys! You can do better than that. We want to see Extreme Wrestling. That's why its called ECW. Extreme Championship Wrestling. You guys have an hour, make a better effort. Surprise your viewers, bring in I don't know Stone Cold Steve Austin or someone. Just for an appearance. Just make a better show. PLEASE!!!! I'm ready to just shut it off altogether.
  • WOW!!!!This is not even extreme......

    I remember when this was extreme and that was from 1993- 2001 and kind of June 2006- November 2006. Now, I dont even bother watching this show because its bad. How is it called "EXREME championship Wrestling" when the last time they had a extreme rules matches was months ago. During the draft of 2008, they took out the best superstars from from ecw. THere are only like 2 origanals left. All I have to say is why bother watching this show when its not extreme and there are not any good superstars. When Mark Henry,Matt Hardy leave........ Thats it for Extremly Crappy Wrestling. Now, somehow I agree with jerry lawler about ecw. Overall: 4/10
  • Their premiere episode was absolutely horrible.

    Their premiere episode was absolutely horrible. Sandman vs some lame zombie character. I've heard betting grunting from womens tennis matches. Then later on showing a vampire, surprised Gangrel didnt show up as well. This all suppose to get the SciFi crowd excited about wrestling?
    The battle royal was average at best. Everyone tossed middle ropes so they can get weapons. Big Show dominating the entire match until, o what a big surprise, Sabu tosses the Big Show over for the win. Wow, didnt see that coming. So he will face John Cena at the WWE ppv.
    To top it off, the commentators of Tazz and Joey Styles were bad, both are complete morons and bad commentators.
    The show must get better or else it will be another XFL.
  • A wrestling series on Sci-Fi Channel!? It's just a plain act!!!

    I have two words to say: Pretty sad! I mean why put a wrestling series on Sci-fi. Who ever thought of this anyway? I think that Sci-fi Channel airs ECW every Tuesday night just to get a lot more ratings. I've been a big fan of Sci-Fi Channel from shows like "Farscape", the new "Battlestar Galactica", and "The Twilight Zone". But this show doesn't even fit in to Sci-Fi because it has nothing to do with science fiction or fantasy. ECW is just a plain sports acting series. I can tell that this is so fake because whenever any fighter gets hurt there's no bruses or blood. They should take it off that station and air it on SPIKE or USA Network.
  • The things they try to pass off as wrestling these days. Three matches in one hour is not a show, it's a waste of time.

    I was optimistic about the return of ECW to TV. I was hoping for a return of a wrestling alternative to the abysmal and often insulting world of professional wrestling that has been turned into sports entertainment (what that actually means, I'll never know). Instead we get squash matches and strippers who can't dance. The ECW originals are eaten alive by roided up WWE rejects (save for CM Punk) and it's sad. We wanted wrestling and got WWE RAW: Light. Management at the E gets tons of complaints of the lackluster product. Do yourself a favor, change the channel.
  • I'm serious! What moron thought that putting a wrestling show on Sci-Fi would be a good idea?!

    Yes, I know the wrestling brings in a lot of money. However, have you seen the crap they buy with that money?! Billy Baldwin as a washed up cop who works security and gets transported back in time to fight harpies. Seriously?! This is what they replaced Farscape and SG-1 with?! Ya, using 2 to 3 hours of sci-fi time is really worth that. It just makes me sick at times to see a great channel like Sci-Fi use to be to play this "show" that has absolutely nothing to do with anything even closely related to science fiction. Come on Sci-Fi...learn from G4 when it changed all the great programs it had when it acquired TechTV!
  • One of the most pointless shows on Sci-Fi

    Who came up with the idea of putting wrestling on science fiction channel? I can understand (more or less) if it was something along the lines of battle bots, but this is plain rediculous. The programming people on Sci-Fi seem to be canning decent shows like Dresden Files and insert this kind of stuff. Pretty soon the BSG runs out and they indert Razor instead, DF is dead, Flash Gordon is a joke, Painkiller is killed, Eureka is not much of a show - and I'm not even going to mention the B movie craze they have -- this is getting to the point that the Sci-Fi channel devolves to just another sawdust filled pointless thing that most ppl will ignore.
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