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  • I love ECW, but it needs alot of work before it gets back to how it use to be.

    The best thing about ECW was because it low budget. ECW is not supposed to be dramatic and full of entertainment. It is supposed to focus more on wrestling and violence. This ECW is the WWE's version of ECW. Vince McMchon should leave full control to Paul Heyman and keep his writers away. This may change ECW and return it to it's original glory.
  • ECW\'s Debut was also a decent show yet a bad show!

    So ECW kicked off with Heyman in the ring bringing out RVD. RVD comes out grabs the ECW Title, Edge spears RVD. Cena attacks Edge befoe cheap shoting Heyman. RAW vs. ECW continues!

    So in it\'s debut show we had a vampire, a zombie and even a girl who teased a strip just like in WWE!

    Zombie vs. Sandman was a quick match.

    Credible vs. Angle was boring as Angle got all the shots. All he does it grab people, throw them to the floor for the whole match...

    Then we had a 10-man battle royal where weapons were legal. You could tell Sabu was hurting from ONS2 but Show dominated missing a few spots! Sabu won!

    ECW didn\'t have the same atmosphere as sharing with WWE Smackdown as they asked the fans not to chant profanities as young children were there...

    It got a 7/10 on my debut review but it\'ll have to work harder to impress!

  • ECW is back...with vampires, witches, and zombies oh my!

    ECW on Sci-Fi was a two-segment show, if you watched the opening ECW title segment with RVD, Edge and Cena and watched the "Extreme" Battle Royal to finish the show you didn't miss anything. The rest of the show was crap, even Kelli, I mean if you say you're going to take ALL your clothes off then do it and stop wasting time. The poor girl couldn't even unhook her bra. The matches sucked hard, The Zombie VS. The Sandman...why? Justin Credible VS. Kurt Angle, this match had promise. It had potential to be the best match of the night until they turned Credible into a jobber who couldn't even get an attack on Angle edgewise.

    ECW One Night Stand was a classic, ECW on Sci-Fi's debut was crap-tastic with nothing in the extreme taking place outside of the last match (not going to mention The Zombie). It was weak, but hopefully it will improve because stuff like that isn't going to bring in "true" ECW fans it's just going to turn them away. Plus the whole ECW VS. WWE RAW angle was interesting but now it's time for the brands to go their own way and be faithful to their fan bases. If this ECW VS. WWE stuff continues beyond Vengeance then it's going to get really old and people are going to get sick of it. If ECW on Sci-Fi continues like this its success will be fiction.
  • Ecw is back with a vengence

    this kicks ass i get to write the first review
    ecw fn rocks ur mom hard all night long
    you have the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, death defying maniac- sabu
    the innovator of violence- tommy dreamer
    the man with the record for bar fights- the sandman
    the voice of ecw- joey styles
    the human suplex machine- taz
    and of course sci fi has to throw in their gay little phenomenon crap
    but it was great to see the sandman hit \"the zombie\" 12 times with a kendo stick plus nailing the white russian legsweep 4 the win in 19 seconds
    vampires suck
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