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  • I love ECW, but it needs alot of work before it gets back to how it use to be.

    The best thing about ECW was because it low budget. ECW is not supposed to be dramatic and full of entertainment. It is supposed to focus more on wrestling and violence. This ECW is the WWE's version of ECW. Vince McMchon should leave full control to Paul Heyman and keep his writers away. This may change ECW and return it to it's original glory.
  • Not quite like the original ECW, but an entertaining and useful part of WWE.

    When WWE bought out the old ECW federation, most fans were salivating at the prospect of hardcore extreme wrestling matches featured on TV every week. But as the weeks and months have gone by, many have labelled ECW as the C-brand of the business.
    Admittedly, the recent editions of ECW have been less than extreme, but the show has been a decent breeding ground for new superstars to find their feet in the business. Wrestlers like Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger have become stars on this brand, whereas if they had been brought to Smackdown! or RAW, they wouldn't have had anywhere near the exposure they've had to this point.
    With arguably the best commentator in the business right now in Matt Striker, and some great talent coming through such as Jack Swagger and Tyson Kidd, the show will start to get some more respect, especially after Wrestlemania 25 when they will (hopefully) stop using half an episode each week to promote the other 2 brands and become a great entity in itself.
  • Not so extreme,but an ok show

    ECW on Sci-fi is not ECW at all. They should change the name of the brand to something else. The least they could do if have the World title matches be extreme rules. I don't watch it every week just because I am not a big fan of the show and only catch it when I am home. They should bring back the Hardcore title for this brand. To me it is the worst of the three brands. It is still a have way decent wrestling show. If WWE was to get rid of any of their shows I'd say this or Superstars because there is way to much WWE on TV. Its on everyday but Wednesday and Saturdays and their are rumors of a possible Wednesday show.
  • It started off okay, tried to do the job. Took away a Velocity show that I never ever watched. But how far has it come?

    I would assume that the WWE could hold this down rather well. But sadly things went from good, okay, bad, better, then terrible. What is the point in having an ECW World Heavyweight Champion if he isn't going to even be on ECW? And what is the point in cross branding ECW? It just makes it an even weaker brand.

    When they started, they had the Big Show, who just seemed too big for ECW. Then Test came and went, shamefully something went wrong right near the beginning of ECWs return. Even Khali looked way out of place here!

    When Lashley came and won the title, things looked a little better, but instead he had to be this dominant former army Sargent. There hasn't been any decent competition since the start, sadly there still isn't. The only good thing is CM Punk and one or two others who can wrestle. But this isn't enough. No where near enough to support me and my hunger to actually see the sport.

    Now to make things worse Vince came into ECW to take the title, screwing things around and releasing Sabu who is ECW through and through. Now all that is left is RVD and CM Punk who at this moment in time look like they will never have a "chance in hell" to get that title.

    That is what is wrong with ECW, no other titles, just a single title in the wrong hands in the wrong place and frankly on a different show. And to quote Jerry (The King) Lawler, "Extremely Crappy Wrestling".
  • A wrestling series on Sci-Fi Channel!? It's just a plain act!!!

    I have two words to say: Pretty sad! I mean why put a wrestling series on Sci-fi. Who ever thought of this anyway? I think that Sci-fi Channel airs ECW every Tuesday night just to get a lot more ratings. I've been a big fan of Sci-Fi Channel from shows like "Farscape", the new "Battlestar Galactica", and "The Twilight Zone". But this show doesn't even fit in to Sci-Fi because it has nothing to do with science fiction or fantasy. ECW is just a plain sports acting series. I can tell that this is so fake because whenever any fighter gets hurt there's no bruses or blood. They should take it off that station and air it on SPIKE or USA Network.

    I think ECW gets better every season and is catching up with big shows like smackdown and raw whilst smackdown and raw are running out of ideas ECW are making them it was exciting at wrestlemania when Kane became the ECW champion I love the extreme ECW and think it's underappriatceted (soz if didn't spell right lol)anyway I would love ECW to get more pvp slots than smackdown and raw I was shocked when WWE bought ECW they have made it (beep) WWE are keeping ECW from becoming big there holding them down so come on ECW you can beat WWE
  • ECW's heavyweight division is booming and will be getting better once it's away from WWE superstars.

    Too many people underappreciate ECW. If you think about it...They have had some good matches. Kurt Angle vs. Justin Credible was pretty cool. Gangrel will be debuting in a few months...That's really cool. Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Justin Credible, and The Sandman are all great talents. Sabu is too. ECW will grow in the future. With a heavyweight division that will soon be Big Show, Gangrel, Kurt Angle, RVD, Sabu, Test, and the Boogeyman the show will get better by the episode. Sure Vince McMahon isn't writing some of the matches the right way, but ECW is planned to still be ran by Vince, but won't be feuding with WWE anymore. And that would be really cool. We could see pay-per-views with Sabu vs. Kurt Angle...or Big Show vs. Test...or Rob Van Dam vs. the Boogeyman or Kurt Angle or Sabu. This show will grow in the future. I can see it coming.
  • ECW is a great show to wacth with lots of action.

    ECW is a action show that is 1 hour long with Bobby Lashley, CM Punk, RVD, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and much more. Also it is exciting to wacth because you don't know if someone will interfear in your macth to a person winning a macth by cheating like Finaly on Smackdown. If your not having fun wacthing ECW wacth Raw on smackdown on Monday for Raw 8-10 midwest time and Friday for Smackdown 7-9 midwest time or your bored then you just don't have a good choice of action and drama, back stabing in the back, cheating, steel, fighting and lots more things that happen every Tuesday, Monday, and Friday. That is it for now.
  • Ecw is back with a vengence

    this kicks ass i get to write the first review
    ecw fn rocks ur mom hard all night long
    you have the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, death defying maniac- sabu
    the innovator of violence- tommy dreamer
    the man with the record for bar fights- the sandman
    the voice of ecw- joey styles
    the human suplex machine- taz
    and of course sci fi has to throw in their gay little phenomenon crap
    but it was great to see the sandman hit \"the zombie\" 12 times with a kendo stick plus nailing the white russian legsweep 4 the win in 19 seconds
    vampires suck
  • Needs something explosive

    ECW on Sci Fi is a show that may not draw a bunch of attention, but It does have its highs and of course its lows. Now since it came out people have been just critising its lows and not complimenting its highs, now I think it has something going for it. With stars like the Big Show, RVD, Sabu, Cm Punk Kevin Thorn and other such likes I think it can contenede to Raw and Smackdown. Now I know thats a huge project that has to be done if its considered there, but if they can do well I think they can be one.
  • The revived ECW is horribly underaprreciated.

    Ah, another wrestling show. That's great! ECW is a one-hour phenomonon that just keeps on giving. Every week, you see amazing Superstars, such as ECW World Champion Big Show, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, new wrestlers, and even ECW originals from when ECW first had a run in the 90's. Though some consider this WWE's A Show, it is underappreciated by fans. Some people gave it one night and decided they hated it. I'll admit, the first few episodes were lackluster, featuring some goofy Sci-Fi channel ideas (a zombie, Macho Libre, etc.), but it has definetely improved from their.

    But of course, there are the cons. For one thing, the title is defended almost every week agaisnt non-ECW wrestlers (though, this hasn't been the case the past few weeks). Also, the originals are put back by the new guys.

    But, overall, ECW is an enjoyable show that picks up lots of good ratings.
  • ECW: Whats so Extreme about it

    The New ECW is no where as good as the original one was. It is decent but not as good since they added Smackdown guys on it. THe lack of hardcore matches really has me asking why call it ECW at all. They should at least either have the main event be hardcore or the world title match should be under "extreme rules" I don't see anything Extreme about it. I still enjoy the show, but it could use some major changes. I just want them to stop giving the belt to guys who come over from smackdown. ECW has many guys who deserve the belt Benjamin, Burke, Morrison,dreamer, and others. Like I said its decent but deserves an upgrade.
  • ECW is back...with vampires, witches, and zombies oh my!

    ECW on Sci-Fi was a two-segment show, if you watched the opening ECW title segment with RVD, Edge and Cena and watched the "Extreme" Battle Royal to finish the show you didn't miss anything. The rest of the show was crap, even Kelli, I mean if you say you're going to take ALL your clothes off then do it and stop wasting time. The poor girl couldn't even unhook her bra. The matches sucked hard, The Zombie VS. The Sandman...why? Justin Credible VS. Kurt Angle, this match had promise. It had potential to be the best match of the night until they turned Credible into a jobber who couldn't even get an attack on Angle edgewise.

    ECW One Night Stand was a classic, ECW on Sci-Fi's debut was crap-tastic with nothing in the extreme taking place outside of the last match (not going to mention The Zombie). It was weak, but hopefully it will improve because stuff like that isn't going to bring in "true" ECW fans it's just going to turn them away. Plus the whole ECW VS. WWE RAW angle was interesting but now it's time for the brands to go their own way and be faithful to their fan bases. If this ECW VS. WWE stuff continues beyond Vengeance then it's going to get really old and people are going to get sick of it. If ECW on Sci-Fi continues like this its success will be fiction.
  • This is most definitely NOT extreme, but it still is a halfway entertaining wrestling show.

    Even when I started watching wrestling as a kid, i was always interested in the "hardcore" matches, and their unorthodox use of weapons. I eventually heard that there was an entire promotion based around it (Extreme Championship Wrestling), shortly before Vince bought it and WCW out and the Invasion arc began. after seeing RVD and Tommy Dreamer on WWF TV, i immediately went out and bought a couple ECW tapes, and love them to this day.

    almost 7 years later, ECW is back on TV....or is it? After watching a few shows, i can understand why people call this new brand "WWECW" or "FakECW". Where is Paul Heyman? Why's this show only one hour long? Where are the ECW originals, like RVD, Sabu, Dreamer, Sandman, etc.? and most importantly? where is the *EXTREME* that the name implies? As long as i've been watching this ECW, I havent seen one weapon pulled out, and I've seen matches end in DQ and count-out. how is THAT extreme!? this is not ECW, it feels more like Heat with a title to give it more credibility.

    that being said, after I stopped expecting my bloodlust to be fufilled, I started enjoying nu-ECW a little. there are some good wrestlers, like CM Punk, John Morrison, Elijah Burke, etc. and Tazz and Joey Styles deliver good commentary.

    Overall, I refuse to call this ECW by its full name until i see a hardcore match, but I'll still be watching from week to week with good matches to tide me over until it happens.
  • ECW\'s Debut was also a decent show yet a bad show!

    So ECW kicked off with Heyman in the ring bringing out RVD. RVD comes out grabs the ECW Title, Edge spears RVD. Cena attacks Edge befoe cheap shoting Heyman. RAW vs. ECW continues!

    So in it\'s debut show we had a vampire, a zombie and even a girl who teased a strip just like in WWE!

    Zombie vs. Sandman was a quick match.

    Credible vs. Angle was boring as Angle got all the shots. All he does it grab people, throw them to the floor for the whole match...

    Then we had a 10-man battle royal where weapons were legal. You could tell Sabu was hurting from ONS2 but Show dominated missing a few spots! Sabu won!

    ECW didn\'t have the same atmosphere as sharing with WWE Smackdown as they asked the fans not to chant profanities as young children were there...

    It got a 7/10 on my debut review but it\'ll have to work harder to impress!

  • ECW-Where Is The Extreme?

    ECW, the most exciting, extreme wrestling show around!!! Yeah, right. Maybe that's what it was years ago. When it was a totally seperate promotion. The chairs, the violence, the great moments. Ahhh... The good old days. Today, it just isn't great. Every week, they put up a mediocre shows. Solid matches but nothing extrodianary. Vince really shouldn't have ruined what ECW used to be. He should have just made a normal fourth WWE show. But ECW just isn't extreme. Maybe it was slightly cool at its new debut but now it just isn't. There are no chairs, ladders, or chairs. So what makes this different from Raw, or Smackdown? Grey Ropes. That's it. There really isn't much to say. It is okay but not worth watching compared to other shows like TNA Wrestling. It's not bad. It just isn't worth my time. It doesn't grab my attention like a wrestling show should. And don't even think about comparing it to the original ECW. I mean, remember Vince holding the title? WTF was he thinking?!!!! And the things they have the female wrestlers do is immoral. This show is better than Smackdown, about the same as Raw, but still just not a good wrestling show.
  • It was Better at first.

    It was better at first whe it had almost all extreme rules and wrestlers and now it has a sorry excuse for a line up and a lame set of divas. I mean it has its moments at times but other then that you see the same wrestlers have matches every week and most of the wrestlers on the roster hardly wreslte at all. I mean it has about 20 to 30 wrestlers and more then half of them don't wrestle and what's with the new breed vs. the ecw originals i mean they are probably going to end it with CM Punk trading to the origanls. My final thoughts are that it could improve on the EXTREME!!! part of the wrestling but sometimes makes good match but they are just repeatative.
  • If this show is going to want to succeed, do NOT make it a 3rd rate show of WWE, let ECW be ECW, not WWECW. I laugh at anybody who said this was going to surpass TNA, because this is just no competition for them.

    This show used to be great and extreme. Now that its off of hiatus and Vince McMahon is bringing it back, its a matter of is it going to be great this new breed hes pulling out? Well the first two weeks of watching, its a matter of time before it dies. Vince doesen\'t realize, if you want the ratings, then let ECW be ECW. Instead, hes putting WWE wrestlers that had no chance in the WWE into this \"new\" breed of wrestling. And to make it all worse, he puts Kurt Angle in it which was confusing to me. Angle was supposed to change ECW how...by being a failure? And with Rob Van Dam and Sabu out, that just nails the coffin of its final rest.
  • "A great wrestling show as well"

    Although it's called ECW and had nothing whatsoever to do with it, it's still a great overall show. I hope one day they will change the name and it can be given a new type of direction, because I think if they continue their ways, they will bring in viewers. Now if they can establish a 2 hour timeslot like the others they could be a lot more succesful. We would get more quality great matches. And then we could see how it stacks up against Raw and Smackdown. Tune into ECW if you want to see good wrestling, it is a great show.
  • Can be a better show than Raw and Smackdown at times.

    ECW on Sci Fi is a show that may not draw a bunch of attention, but It does have its highs and of course its lows. Now since it came out people have been just criticizing its lows and not complimenting its highs, At times it will have a lot better wrestling than Raw, and sometime even Smackdown, I find ECW very fun to watch, and look forward to seeing it on Tuesdays, I hope it gets better as the years go on, and can become a top WWE show for years to come.
  • I enjoy certain things about the NEW ECW, but personally they NEED to make all matches with Extreme Rules yet again, then there will be alot more attraction to the Brand once again

    I enjoy certain things about the NEW ECW, but personally they NEED to make all matches with Extreme Rules yet again, then there will be alot more attraction to the Brand once again. I am enjoying the NEW Look, and hope it gets as BIg as RAW and Smackdown Soon, but doubt it will make it because personally right now it is no different than Velocity, McMahon is Just scared of the potential much like he is scared of the future of TNA!
  • Extremly Entertaning!!!!!

    i love ECW that is what i wanted to see chars flying.blood dripping.barged wire on the ropes on the talbles that is some thing they hav something.because ecw got the top rating in sci-fi.tat is how good it is i love ECW.but you no whats wird paul said he was pertecting rvd because he was puting the the title up every day will so is big show.ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!ECW!
  • "extreme championship wrestling"

    this league before it merged with owner vince mcmahon and wwe. it started out in a small bingo parlor in my hometown of south philadelphia. the parlor is not to far from my house just about 2 miles.but it didn't look too extreme when u watch it on tv. but when u see it live it defanitely fits the name 'extreme'
  • ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling, which this ECW really isn't that however i do believe it has it's fine points. It just needs fine tuning. If it were a two-hour show for starters and if it wasn't on Sci Fi.

    Personally i like a lot of the ECW wrestlers. All of the Originals, The New Breed, Mike Knox, Snitsky, Holly, and all of the others. I just think maybe it would be more successful if it wasn't called ECW. Because people associate that with the old ECW which was Barbed Wire, Thumbtacks, and flaming tables. Which the new ECW can't do all the time. Also i don't think Lashley should be the head of ECW. And i'm a lashley fan. Also i think WWE bringing in more ROH talent would help the brand like newly signed Ace Steel & Colt Cabana. I would also put Super Crazy in ECW, and resign Tajiri as well. I think ECW could work, if they made a few minor adjustments. A Two hour show, better storylines, and good matches. What else could a fan ask for. I believe a lot of fans don't like ECW because the only real big name is Rob Van Dam.
  • Not a ptach on the original ECW but better than Smackdown.

    When WWE decided to bring back ECW due to the success of the One Night Stand PPV alot of fans knew it would be different. As i write this it's now over a year since they brought it back and it's nothing like the original ECW, however, that doesn't mean it's bad. Weekly i find ECW more entertaining than Smackdown, they've got a decent roster on ECW, what limited divas they have on the show are pretty good, kelly kelly shows a marked improvement every week. If WWE use ECW like a middle ground between developmental territories and Raw/Smackdown it'll work out well. They're kind of doing this already with guys like Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, Elijah Burke etc it could also prove useful for guys who are stuck in a rut to get a fresh start (Shelton benjamin).
    Any semblance of the chaos of the original ECW is gone but the style is definatley different that Raw/Smackdown, it's harder hitting and rawer, but some of that could be down to the inexperience of the guys on the roster.
    Overall if you're looking for an easy hours entertainment with the feel of a 2 hour wrestling show you can't go wrong with the new ECW.
  • The C show of the WWE. Only an hour long, with about 3-4 matches throughout the night.

    The thing I love most about ECW is that it's live. I love the energy of the crowd. I went to an ECW event, when they brought out the ladders the crowd went wild. It was amazing but the best part was the dark match after the show. It was right before Wrestlmania 23 and Cena and HBK made a quick apperence. The thing that sucks is the show is only an hour long, once the exciments builds the show ends. They should definely make the show longer and add more superstars to the roster. They should also have the Divas actually participate in matches rather then dress up as a bunch of skanks. The name of the show does not make sense anymore now that Vince bought out the show but it is definely a decent show.
  • As much as it kills me that it is called ECW on Sci Fi, it is still a decent wrestling product that is better then Monday Night Raw these days.

    As much as it kills me that it is called ECW on Sci Fi, it is still a decent wrestling product that is better then Monday Night Raw these days. It features alot of the younger guys in the WWE, such as guys like Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, and Marcus Cor Von.
  • I know that ECW is not hardcore,but it still is pretty good.

    While some may think that ECW is lame, it is not lame at all. It just is not as exciting as the other brands. The first good thing about ECW is that it has only one championship, the ECW championship. It makes it a good shows to watch for the organized fan. The next good thing is that it has teamed up with Smackdown, making it a little better show to watch. It now features Kane, a extreme superstar. The worst thing is that it does not feature its legends, like Bubba Ray, or anyone else. The other brands do feature legends. ECW is an okay show that will be as good as any other wrestling show.Maybe watch this show, as it has lots of action.
  • ECW not Hardcore? Perhaps not, but it's still good.

    Extreme Championship Wrestling as become just a name as anyone who watched the old ECW or watches some old ECW matches on the internet knows...despite that ECW as been getting better over the last year, if you don't agree then just compare the talent that it as compared with the other two brands. On ECW we have great wrestling talent like CM Punk, John Morrison, Elijah Burke and much more, if you look at it ECW as the best wrestling matches compared to RAW or SmackDown! Unfortunately it's sad to see that ECW is considered the C show because it as great potential the wwe just does not know how to use it quite frankly, just look at the Punk vs Big Daddy V at No Mercy if you don't believe me.
    It appears now there will be a fusion between ECW and SmackDown! on my opinion it's a bad move, simply because knowing the wwe writters don't give ECW superstars much credit it means that they will probably become jobbers to guys like Batista and the Great Khali, and that is simply wrong.
    I suppose the only thing we can do now is wait and speculate what will happen next.

    Thanks for reading!
  • ECW is where wrestlers take their game to the extreme and hardcore rules.

    ECW is somewhat good at times. I think it needs to be two hours instead of one hour. That way, there are more fueds and ECW can become just as good as Smackdown and Raw. There should also be ECW PPV's only, but that's only when they decide to put it as a 2 hour show. I think divas dancing isn't a good idea and instead of that, it should be replaced with divas matches. There are some classic wrestlers like Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Hardcore Holly. What I think needs to be changed is the main event. It's almost always for the World Title, if not the champion is still involved in the match and ends up winning most of the time. ECW is still good to watch when there is nothing good on at the moment.
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