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  • It started off okay, tried to do the job. Took away a Velocity show that I never ever watched. But how far has it come?

    I would assume that the WWE could hold this down rather well. But sadly things went from good, okay, bad, better, then terrible. What is the point in having an ECW World Heavyweight Champion if he isn't going to even be on ECW? And what is the point in cross branding ECW? It just makes it an even weaker brand.

    When they started, they had the Big Show, who just seemed too big for ECW. Then Test came and went, shamefully something went wrong right near the beginning of ECWs return. Even Khali looked way out of place here!

    When Lashley came and won the title, things looked a little better, but instead he had to be this dominant former army Sargent. There hasn't been any decent competition since the start, sadly there still isn't. The only good thing is CM Punk and one or two others who can wrestle. But this isn't enough. No where near enough to support me and my hunger to actually see the sport.

    Now to make things worse Vince came into ECW to take the title, screwing things around and releasing Sabu who is ECW through and through. Now all that is left is RVD and CM Punk who at this moment in time look like they will never have a "chance in hell" to get that title.

    That is what is wrong with ECW, no other titles, just a single title in the wrong hands in the wrong place and frankly on a different show. And to quote Jerry (The King) Lawler, "Extremely Crappy Wrestling".