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  • ECW is ok from time to time just now there is no Hardcore so this show is no longer Extreme

    ECW was run by former owner Paul Heyman after him losing the company back in 2001 Vince McMahon bought ECW and all of its footage. In 2005 we would see ECW wrestlers come back for One Night Stand. In 2006 ECW would be back again for One Night Stand again but this time it would start to run a weekly show on the Sci Fi channel. WWE had a lot of the ECW greats on the show Sabu who was released so was Sandman and RVD would leave after not wanting to stay Big Show would leave about just the start of 2007. The show is ok only is on for about 1 hour if you will add the adverts put in to it you get 45 mins. ECW has some good wrestlers on the show such as CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn who are the rising stars of WWE. Also now adding Shelton Benjamim one of the best moves i have see now he will get better from been on ECW. The show lacks with some of the wrestlers such as The Miz, John Morrison, Matt Striker, Big Daddy V who are just boring to see.

    There is Joey Styles to give you great commentary while watching the show to make it interesting. The there is Tazz he is a good wrestler just his commentary is boring. ECW is good and bad the worst thing about the show it is only a 1 hour, should be more wrestlers, and theres no Paul Heyman.