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  • This is most definitely NOT extreme, but it still is a halfway entertaining wrestling show.

    Even when I started watching wrestling as a kid, i was always interested in the "hardcore" matches, and their unorthodox use of weapons. I eventually heard that there was an entire promotion based around it (Extreme Championship Wrestling), shortly before Vince bought it and WCW out and the Invasion arc began. after seeing RVD and Tommy Dreamer on WWF TV, i immediately went out and bought a couple ECW tapes, and love them to this day.

    almost 7 years later, ECW is back on TV....or is it? After watching a few shows, i can understand why people call this new brand "WWECW" or "FakECW". Where is Paul Heyman? Why's this show only one hour long? Where are the ECW originals, like RVD, Sabu, Dreamer, Sandman, etc.? and most importantly? where is the *EXTREME* that the name implies? As long as i've been watching this ECW, I havent seen one weapon pulled out, and I've seen matches end in DQ and count-out. how is THAT extreme!? this is not ECW, it feels more like Heat with a title to give it more credibility.

    that being said, after I stopped expecting my bloodlust to be fufilled, I started enjoying nu-ECW a little. there are some good wrestlers, like CM Punk, John Morrison, Elijah Burke, etc. and Tazz and Joey Styles deliver good commentary.

    Overall, I refuse to call this ECW by its full name until i see a hardcore match, but I'll still be watching from week to week with good matches to tide me over until it happens.