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  • Sometimes I wonder why people don't appreciate ECW right now.

    Okay, I can never understand why the hell people love to crap all over the ECW show that's currently airing on Sci-Fi. Why? Because it's not the original ECW? It's not hardcore? It's not extreme? They do the hardcore spots and bumps back in the day?


    Nothing can be like the original ECW. They can't do the same hardcore, extreme spots and bumps like they did because of the WORK SCHEDULE that the WWE has. Try working a 320-day schedule with matches in various states, autograph signings and special guest appearances in various TV shows, while having little if any time to heal from your injuries or whatever fatigue you have. THEN try to do the same stuff they did back in the original ECW. Half of you wouldn't even last 3 seconds before your bodies give out.

    Anyways, anyone thinks that the original ECW was about hardcore wrestling is a hardcore idiot at their best. The original ECW had some of the best wrestling and wrestlers at their time, hell, they didn't need the hardcore stuff such as tables, tacks, flames, sexual conduct with little regret to tone it down, to get over with the Eastern United States crowd.

    This ECW is only around to help bring up some new talent for the big scenes on the Raw and SmackDown rosters. Also, quit whining about the letters please. Those letters sell a lot more on the mainstream market than what Velocity and Heat could do. After all the WWE is a BUSINESS, why should they change the name when they're making money off of it? If it ain't broke, why fix it?

    Still, despite being an hour long, their show is a lot better than Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. End of story.