Season 4 Episode 14

six on sci fi

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on Syfy



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    • Jack Swagger: There is one thing you need to learn very quickly. There is one set of rules when it comes to dealing with everyone else and there is another set of rules when dealing with me, your ECW Champion.
      Tiffany: Well thank you, thank you for the advice, Jack. But the only rule I plan on abiding by is giving the WWE Universe what they want.

    • Josh Matthews: The Miz and John Morrison told WWE.com right after that match that they accepted defeat for about a minute and then they blamed General Manager Theodore Long and all of the Lumberjacks.

    • Matt Striker: Natalya did very well for herself in the Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal. Of course that was won by Raw's answer to Hilary Clinton, Santina. I know that you have an affinity for women of that nature.
      Josh Matthews: I have an affinity and I also like them.

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