Season 1 Episode 4

South Philly Screwjob

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2006 on Syfy
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South Philly Screwjob
Big Show Vs. RVD (Title Match) Mike Knox Vs. Little Guido Test Vs. Al Snow

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  • The Big Show....ECW Champion?

    This show was everything that the old "ECW" wasn't:

    1. ECW wasn't about body-building stiffs like Test, Joey Styles proclaimed this weeks ago and behold Test is now an ECW "extremist".

    2. Extreme Rules matches, WTF!! In the classic ECW every match had no limitation and with last night's episode there was the birth of extreme rules match-ups, which will probably occur one per episode.

    3. The Big Show, this guy is the source of talentless losers. The Big Show has title runs because he's big, he can't really wrestle or cut a good promo or even be a good heel. The Big Show sucks and having him as the ECW champion sucks.

    Now back to the show, it was awful and who knew that such a word could be used to describe a ECW show in Philly. If it wasn't for the crowd and RVD this show would've received a zero. Mike Knox, Test, The Big Show, all these squash matches, Kelly's Expose', Sandman doing the same thing every week, and that damn vampire is all contributing to the downfall of the new "ECW". The ECW show on Sci-Fi has been the same thing for the last month with nothing really new and the show is only getting worse. ECW is done and the trash in the ring at the end of the show that was directed towards Show and Heyman is a sign that fans are sick of this and sick of Vince McMahon, the man running ECW into the ground the same way he did the nWo, the WCW, and is currently doing DX. At least WWE did a service by having two One Night Stands. If anyone wants to see what an authentic ECW show looks like watch ECW's One Night Stand and you'll realize why watching this garbage being passed off as "ECW" is so sad.moreless
  • ECW on SciFi just keeps getting better each week. The Highlight of WWE television each week, granted that doesn't require much.

    Great show. Everything except for Nunzio doing the job to Mike Knox and Test being his old self and not a new ECW version.

    I was glad to finally see the first CM Punk promo even if it took 4 weeks. They should have had him wrestle on TV though instead of Test. This crowd was/is the ROH faceful that brought him to the game and would have gotten him over huge.

    There is a specific reason why Sabu had Bill Alfonso in ECW. He Can't Talk. He makes Meng look like an ESL teacher. Then again he makes Jeff Hardy look like a Wrestler.

    The Main Event was actually an amazing match for WWE not to mention free WWE television. Big Show is showing that when motivated he can actually have a great match. Everyone knew going in that RVD was dropping the belt but the match made both men look equal and it took the "South Philly Screwjob" to take the belt off RVD. Overall they got the belts off RVD without hurting him, actually maybe even helping his image, so well done.

    Doesn't it feel like 10 years between TNA Slammiversary and ECW on SciFi both having Bash at the Beach flashbacks?moreless
  • RVD takes on Big Show for ECW Title. Test makes his debut. Guido takes on Mike Knox.

    An ok overall. Some people hated it, well it was watchable is the best compliment I can give it. Everyone knows the story RVD was arrested for being in possession of weed with Sabu. The WWE made him drop the title last night on RAW to Edge. Obviously this would continue tonight as RVD was going to be suspended.

    Heyman gives a really corny promo that sets the tone for thigns to come. Big Show comes in demanding a title shot.

    Heyman and RVD argue and RVD says he will defend the title.

    One thing I'll credit for RVD as Heyman says for performing like a true champion on two shows week after week on RAW and ECW.

    "Kelly" came out and starting dancing celebrating the holiday.

    Guido (Nunzio) took on Mike Know in a mini squash.

    Test made his debut and CM Punk delivered a promo.

    The Main Event was RVD and Big Show and it wasn't as terrible as expected to be honest. They made it an Extreme Rules match so a lot of unexpected things happen. Big Show hit a suplex. He destroyed the referee. RVD stayed out by using the chair. He almost pulled it out and then like One NIght Stand Heyman came out to make the count.

    However instead of counting Big Show he delayed. RVD was livid but Show caught him and eventually won the title. Now RVD after suspension can try to get his act together.

    An ok show on this holiday.


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    • From Philadelphia, PA

    • The squash match that was Al Snow vs. Test was supposed to be a back and forth contest. But it was decided at the last minute that more time was needed for the main event, Big Show vs. RVD, so Test beat Al Snow in under 5 minutes.

    • The "man of the cloth" who was ripping ECW to shreds on the mic is actually a former ECW wrestler, Tony DeVito. Who also played Macho Libre in episode 2.

    • This was the first ECW on Sci-Fi live show separate of Smackdown, and the first ECW on Sci-Fi show in Philly as well. It showed as the fans got really steamed at the end of the night when The Big Show won the ECW championship as the fans littered the ring with trash.

    • Following his ECW title match, it was announced on ECW.com that Rob Van Dam was suspended for 30 days. This is the result of his drug bust in Ohio days earlier. This is the reason he lost both his WWE & ECW titles on consecutive nights.

    • CM Punk made his ECW on Sci-Fi debut during this episode.

    • Rob Van Dam was immediately suspended for 30 days by the WWE after this show due to him and Sabu being arresting for drug possession (among other things) on Sunday July 2nd, 2006.

    • Big Show won his 3rd promotion championship. He now has won the WCW, WWE, and the ECW championships. He is the only man in wrestling history to do so.

    • During Test's first match against Al Snow fans could be heard yelling "you took steroids".