Season 5 Episode 1

test of strength

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 05, 2010 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Christian is coming out to the ramp with the title belt over his left shoulder. He says "How fitting is it that we're here in Louisville, Kentucky - cause right now we're heading down the home stretch, the final week of qualifying for the ECW Homecoming. Superstars of the past against those of the present with the winner facing me at the Royal Rumble. And with that being said..." CM Punk music hit and out comes Punk and Gallows. Punk hands off his Slammy Award to Gallows and kneels down on the entrance ramp. He stands up and says "I'm positive whatever you had to say was extremely important but nobody in this building can say anything more important than what I have to say right now. This whole ECW Homecom... wait, wait wait wait. Exactly what's so funny already? You sit there with a big grin on your face, I haven't even said anything yet, what do you find so funny Christian?" Christian says "Last night I saw something I thought I'd never see - Shawn Michaels hugged it out with Bret 'The Hitman' Hart. At the opposite end of that spectrum something I never wanted to see - CM Punk back on ECW." Punk replies "You'd better get used to it. That title on your shoulder you covet is exactly why I'm here. It's all about former stars coming back for the title, and I intend to beat you for that title at the Royal Rumble. Ladies and gentlemen, get used to it. This is just the first of many titles I intend to collect to prove that straightedge means I'M BETTER THAN YOU. I, am a savior. I am YOUR savior. I am a natural born leader! And Christian, make all the wisecracks you want, because ECW will be home to the youngest newest and brightest stars and I will give them a leader they can believe in and a role model they can look up to. I will show them, the straightedge way." Christian then says "Does the straightedge way also mean looking like a shower you haven't taken in two weeks? Look you're getting ahead of yourself. Many guys have already qualified, like Kane, like my boy Yoshi Tatsu, and coming up next Shelton Benjamin is facing Chavo Guerrero, and one of them will qualify.. and who are you taking on again tonight?" Punk says Mark Henry. Christian: "So you show up tonight, run your mouth, and you're gonna get squashed by The World's Strongest Man. So let me recap for my peeps in Louisville - you won't smoke, you won't drink, and you won't be facing me for the title at the Royal Rumble."

Shelton Benjamin vs Chavo Guerrero (ECW Homecoming Qualifier)

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Zack Ryder and Rosa come out to the ramp and cut a promo. He says "Enough of that fat loser blubbering. It's 2010. Forget about the past. He's buried. Tommy Dreamer is dead and gone. Last week I did something bigger than win ECW Homecoming or the ECW Championship - I stopped the heart of ECW. I destroyed the soul of ECW. I forever changed the course of this show. As far as I'm concerned, ECW is now all about one man - Zack Ryder!"

Ezekiel Jackson w/ Regal vs Vladimir Kozlov

Winner:Ezekiel Jackson

Backstage, Tony Atlas reminds Mark Henry of all the good times they had in the past on the road and offers to be in his corner tonight. Henry turns him down and walks away, leaving Atlas there laughing.

CM Punk vs Mark Henry (ECW Homecoming Qualifier)

Winner: CM Punk

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