Season 4 Episode 25

Tuesday Night Bash

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2009 on Syfy
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Tuesday Night Bash
ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer and Christian vs Jack Swagger & Mark Henry Finlay vs. Zack Ryder Tyson Kidd vs. Evan Bourne

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  • Mark Henry gains momentum heading into The Bash 2009 by being the last man standing.

    Match 1 Kidd w/ rest of Hart Dynasty vs. Bourne 7/10

    Good opener that could have been great if they went at it for a couple more minutes. These guys really need to be fighting for the ECW champ as opposed to Dreamer. The rest of the Hart Dynasty get banned from ringside by the ref after both stood on the ring apron looking as if they were going to do something to Bourne. Bourne ends it with his shooting star press.

    Match 2 Finlay vs. Zack Ryder 4/10

    Sucky match... rarely like Finlay's brawling, technition type wrestling. Finlay wins... no suprise there.

    Match 3 ECW Champion Dreamer and Christian v. Swagger and Henry w/ Tony Atlas 6.5/10

    Solid main event with a good spot where Dreamer lands a rolling cannonball from the ring apron onto Tony Atlas after he distracted the ref from counting the 3 count after Christian hit the Killswitch. Henry ends it when he hit Christian onto the ring port back first. Once he gets in the ring, he is met with the legal man, Swagger, where he is met up with the gutwrench powerbomb for the 1-2-3... suprise win there.

    After the match Mark Henry takes EVERYONE (including Swagger) in the ring with the world's strongest slam. Good ending where the heel attacks the other heel.

    Overall 7/10

    2/3 matches that were actually solid... not bad considering the sucky match was also the shortest.moreless
  • EC Dub! EC Dub! EC Dub!

    I was surprised to see the ECW chants break out throughout this show. But I guess in some ways I'm not as this featured a wide variety of wrestling to appease any fan out there.

    Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd had a great, albeit short, ROH-quality match. I really wish they had more time as these two are capable of a 5 star bout, but this was a good way to kick off the show.

    Finlay needs to turn heel now! He's just too good with too little time left on his career for him to be a happy go lucky fan favorite. He needs to start kicking anus again.

    The Hurricane/Gregory Helms skit really annoyed me. Not because they just did this with Santino Marella and Santina yesterday, but just because it is a stupid concept. Either bring Hurricane back as a wrestler or leave him as the dumb interviewer.

    The main event was decent, but as I have said in past weeks Tommy Dreamer needs to hang up. The spot with him leaping over the steps to attack Tony Atlas was cool, but not enough to make up for his other 5 botched spots.moreless

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    • (about Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd)
      Matt Striker: They're equally matched as far as speed and unique offence goes. I mean, these two guys are like living breathing videogame characters. I feel like if I press triangle and L1 they're gonna do something unbelievable!

    • Finlay: I've got to explain a few things. Ever since last week, people have been asking me what my problem is and why I did what I did to Christian and Dreamer and I'm amazed at how quickly things are forgotten around here. A couple of weeks ago, I broke up a fight in the locker room between Christian and Dreamer, because of that I injured my eye. No one reached out to me. Okay, Christian and Dreamer sent me a text. Didn't call me, sent me a text, saying sorry. I've been sat at home, wondering about my career and whether I was going to be able to come back or not, wondering about how I was gonna provide for my family. See, apologies don't pay the bills. So what I did last week was not a cheap shot, was not a stab in the back. It was an eye for an eye.

    • Josh Matthews: It's what we talk about all the time when we talk about Zack Ryder, the aggressive streak that Ryder possesses.
      Matt Striker: You also like to talk about his haircut.
      Josh Matthews: He's got a nice haircut.
      Matt Striker: Now is not that time.

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