Season 3 Episode 16

Vengeful champion?

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2008 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and again hyping the "match of champions." Taker & Kane vs. Morrison & Miz. Tazz mentions the good news and bad news. Joey Styles is leaving ECW, but he's taking over WWE.com. Joey promised he'd bring the fans what they want at WWE.com. Joey introduces Mike Adamle as the new announcer for ECW. Mike says he's looking forward to the opportunity. Adamle asks Joey what happens if you take Tazz's sunglasses off? He's got jokes!

CM Punk & Kofi Kingston & Moore & Yang defeated Deuce & Domino (No Cherry) & Elijah Burke & Shelton Benjamin. Kofi hit the buzzsaw kick on Deuce I believe for the win.

Kane & Undertaker Promo

Diva Dance off! Kelly Kelly won. The other divas were Layla, Lena, Eve and Maryse. Taz danced twice, it was pretty hilarious.

Tommy Dreamer was set to face Mike Knox but Armando came out and ordered Colin to face Knox. Colin was killed in about 1 minute.

Main event was Undertaker and Kane defeating Morrison and Miz. It was a fun match live.

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