Season 2 Episode 14

WrestleMania Backlash to the Extreme

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2007 on Syfy

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  • I love Elijah Burke.

    -Lashely's promo...I don't like the guy but it was a good promo. I was just tired of hearing abou tMcMahon's bald head. It's over, let's move on please.

    -Match #1 -- CM Punk vs Stevie Richards
    "Dancin" Stevie Richards wearing those tribute tights was in a solid match with Punk. Richards can hold it down with the best and worst of them. Although short and very predictable, Punk sold his hurting ribs better than a certain champion on another brand and ended the match with the GTS. I liked the match.
    4/5 for me.

    -Extreme Expose time.
    This meant BRB for me. They are AWFUL. Just AWFUL! But I guess if you're a someone who likes bland fake naked people then it's for you.

    -Match #2 -- Holly vs Snitsky
    It was basically a squash match, but I liked it. Snitsky or as I like to call him Snotsky did a very good job working over Bob and just kicking his butt. If he had the goatee and a better finisher, i'd like him more.
    The aftermath was the icing on the cake. The steel steps on Holly's arm with the chair smashing it as an added dramatic was nice.
    It was a great way to make Snotsky, my bad Snitsky more of a monster.
    3/5 for me.

    -Match #3 -- ECW Orginals vs ECW New Breed w/Ariel -- Extreme Rules match All I have to say is the end with Sabu's head going through the table and Burke screaming after his EBE in pain was just excellent.
    The match brought back memories of old school ECW, but too bad it might not last.
    It did keep me wanting more though.

    Without all the crappy filler stuff, the last match could have been atleast 10 minutes longer. I thought this was a very good edition of the NewECW.