WWE Jakked

(ended 2002)




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WWE Jakked

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WWE Jakked was a syndicated program that was a mixture of lower-level talent wrestling jobbers and recaps of events of RAW and SmackDown!. In some markets the show was named WWE Metal. Prior to brand extension in 2002, it was taped before Raw on Mondays, while Sunday Night Heat was taped on Tuesdays before SmackDown!. After the brand extension, it became the "B" show for the SmackDown! brand and was now taped before SmackDown! on Tuesdays, while Heat became the "B" show for the Raw brand and is now taped before Raw on Mondays. Jakked ended in May 2002 after WWE retooled their secondary shows and made WWE Velocity the new "B" show for the SmackDown! brand on Spike TV. Jakked's syndicated timeslots went to a new show recapping the SmackDown! brand called WWE After Burn, while the syndicated timeslots for Metal went to a new show recapping the Raw brand called WWE The Bottom Line. All three replacements have since ceased broadcasts in the USA. In 2005 WWE struck a deal with NBC Universal after their Spike TV contract expired. When this happened, The Bottom Line and After Burn left US syndication, but they are still produced for international televsion. WWE Velocity, as well as WWE Heat, became WWE.com exclusives. In June 2006, Velocity was cancelled since its pre-SmackDown! taping slot on Tuesdays became the taping slot for ECW on SciFi. Heat still exists to this day on WWE.com and on international television.moreless