WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 41

Acting the Fool

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

The night kicks off with Mr. McMahon entering the ring.

He talked about how No Mercy was a historic night in the WWE, and how that he gave the people what they want.

He also announced that every superstar on the RAW roster will have to come out and shake hands with Orton at the end of the night to wish him good luck.

He talked about Cyber Sunday the upcoming PPV, and how it is the most interactive PPV ever, and that people will decide the matches and the opponents.

Then Triple H entered the ring, he asked for his rematch against Orton just like Orton did last night.

Mr. McMahon agreed, but with no strings attached? Not the McMahon we know, so just before going backstage he announced that it was going to be a handicap match..Orton with Umaga Vs. The game for the WWE championship.

There was a promo reviewing Beth Phoenix\'s victory over Candice the night before.

Then there was a 6-diva tag team match-up, the team of the new WWE women\'s champion Beth Phoenix, Melina & Jillian Vs. Candice, Mickie & Maria.

Candice picked up the victory for her team.

Then backstage William Regal is with Coachman talking about the redecoration Regal has made to his office, then Mr McMahon came and asked Regal to take care of his son Hornswoggle.

So Regal enjoyed torturing Coachman by assigning this silly job to him.

Then was a promo about previous interactive PPVs to help everyone understand the regulations.

The next match-up was between Santino Morella & Val Venis.

But Santino knew he was no match for Venis, so he claimed he had other plans and brought Snitsky who easily defeated Val Venis.

Then there was a promo about Evander Hollyfield and his next huge match in Russia.

A fast promo about Jericho\'s return.

Then there was the interview with John Cena about his injury.

He said it was a sidelining one, and that he\'ll be out of action from 7 to 12 months.

Then there was the handicap match for the WWE championship, Umaga was disqualified for using a steel chair, but then he had to destroy The Game to satisfy his own ego.

Then Mr. McMahon met Triple H backstage, and he made it clear that he should be the 1st one to congratulate Orton and shake his hands, quote, \"I don\'t care if you gotta come out there on a stretcher\"

Then a tag team match-up between the Highlanders and the team of London & Kendrick. Robbie used the ring to pin Kendrick.

Then there was the Diva search promo, it was a fast preview of the Rapid fire contest.

Then Lillian was in the ring singing her new song, Santino came after she had finished and sang a song of his own, it was mocking \"The Condemned\" as usual.

Then Jeff Hardy take on Kennedy, Jeff Hardy picked the win despite Kennedy\'s better performance.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon is telling regal to make sure everyone is there to congratulate Orton, then Coachman comes to tell Regal he couldn\'t find the leprechaun, but after Mr. McMahon departure they fond him sleeping in a box, and then he hit coachman with his own cane and ran away as usual.

And now the main event, the congratulations party for Orton.

Orton started to praise himself, and talked about the other superstars, and how that they should swallow their emotions and congratulate him.

Mr. McMahon asked Triple H to come shake hands, but he was a no-show.

So he started threatening The Game that Orton will have to come backstage and drag him to the ring if he didn\'t show up.

Orton was on his way to get Triple H when the biggest moment in the night happened,

a familiar \"sexy boy\" song started playing, and O MG the heartbreak kid entered the arena with the crowd\'s excitement growing.

Orton started going back indeed, he\'s the man who put him out of action.

HBK speared Orton and gave him a beating, then sweet chin musiced the hell out of him.

The crowd started cheering as the song went \"I\'m just a sexy boy\"

HBK is back.