WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 26

Animal Kingdom

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 29, 2009 on USA

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  • Very Good episode.

    I was in shock, when Vince McMahon announced that he was taking Donald Trump's idea of hosting, and I was hoping that it would be a WWE Legend or Hall of Famer. But, Vince announced it was Batista! I was full of shockness and happiness. It was a few weeks since the last time I saw him and boy was he hot! I know that a lot of people would disagree, but, hey, I am a young woman who likes hot men! I did like what he did for Randy, although Evan Bourne tried his best, Jack Swagger really sucks, and Mark Henry, did good by beating up Orton. After the match, Mark Henry smile as Batista came out and Henry clapping. The fans were happy for someone beat the crap out of Randy Orton.

    Some other things that Batista did was created a small tournament to see who is going to face against Randy Orton at Night of Champions. Also Batista warned Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, and Cody Rhodes that he could fired them if they did something stupid. That was very good. I really love having the chance to see Batista again. Really, I do.

    *happy smile*
  • Another Tournament of Champions

    It could have been a special night but most of all the matches you could have phoned home making it an average show.

    Night of Champions Semi Finals Match : MVP vs HHH MVP dominated the match and as we all know HHH no sells and doesn't put anybody over when he wants to hog the main event and title scene like the garbage that he is. Carlito & Primo Colon vs Edge & Chris Jericho Edge and Jericho are veterans so even though I'd knew they win, they'd make it interesting.

    John Cena vs The Miz A tad similar to the terrible MVP match. Miz actually looks strong only to be thwarted by the typical Cena squash moves at the end.

    Kelly Kelly vs Mickie James vs Rosa Mendes vs Beth Phoenix No matter how disappointed I get with the terrible direction and pushes RAW has again lowered itself to the Divas always make me always.

    Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show Another match that didn't deliver and just as obvious to call as the rest. The WWE has never been serious about pushing Big Show. Gauntlet match: Randy Orton vs. Three mystery opponents.

    An actual main event that's unpredictable. Orton faces off against Bourne, Swagger, and Henry.

    This was a smart way of showing of the newly acquired talent from ECW. They probably won't go anywhere on RAW with HHH hogging the main event scene. However, still last match was decent.

    An average show nonetheless.
  • Mark Henry?

    For those of you who read my reviews you know how disgruntled I get when week after week WWE buries their Champion Randy Orton by having him get destroyed. We should just call it the "Who Beats Up The Champ?" program instead of Monday Night Raw. Tonight the lucky man was Mark Henry. Mark Henry, I guy whose record over the last few years is significantly below .500 just pinned your Champion in minutes. That'll sell PPVs!

    It's not like they are pushing Henry either. I expect this to be like the Shelton Benjamin vs. Triple H "feud" from a few years ago. Benjamin gets a fluke win over Triple H on Raw, only for it to go absolutely nowhere and for Benjamin to be back in the mid-card in no time.

    But in a non-Henry related complaint, why is Vince McMahon keeping the one week GM thing going? Donald Trump doesn't own Raw, he can't still enforce that rule. But heck, I'll give Ted DiBiase a shot next week.
  • Batista IS RAW!!! (Result's of Trump's recent 15 person trade is inside review)

    SEGMENT 1- Batista is guest host for the night as appointed by McMahon 7/10

    Batista comes out to announce a tournament for the WWE title match at Night of Champions. All of Legacy interrupts just to get shut up'ed by the Animal saying he can fire any one of them in a heartbeat if he wanted to. He then announces the main event involving Randy in a Gauntlet match vs. 3 out of 5 superstars that Trump traded in a 15 person trade.


    Night of Champions Semi Finals Match #1: MVP vs Triple H 6.5/10

    Solid opener with MVP working on the injured leg until HHH hits a pedigree out of no where for the 1-2-3


    Match #2: for the Unified Tag Team Championship: Carlito & Primo Colon vs Edge & Chris Jericho 8/10

    This match gave me new hope for the tag division. Lots of fast paced action looking as if The Colons were going to regain their gold only to be upseted by an Edge spear once again.

    Night of Champions Semi Finals Match #3: John Cena vs The Miz 6.25/10

    Much better than their horrid bout at The Bash. Miz got a lot of offense just to be stopped with STF for Cena to win...yet again. Well at least this bout made Miz look like an actual threat to Cena... for a few minutes


    Match #4: Fatal Four Way for the #1 Contender: Kelly Kelly vs Mickie James vs Rosa Mendes vs Beth Phoenix 7/10

    Like the tag bout, this too gave me new hope in the Woman's division. There was a nice spot was when every diva applied a sleeperhold to one another making a 4-way chain of submissions at once. Beth managed to escape the hold to spear the other 3 divas (while still in the chain of submissions). Mickie won with a Tornado DDT on Rosa to get the right to face Maryse at Night of Champions.


    Match #5: Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show 1/10

    Slow paced match that Big Show matches usually are. A horrible match that didn't have any better of an ending.... double count out. This pretty much garantees Night of Champions to have at least one horrible match.


    Match #6: Gauntlet: Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger & Mark Henry vs Randy Orton 6/10

    The only part of the main event that was worth watching was watching who every opponent was, since they are a result of a recent trade when Trump was the owner of RAW for a week.

    Round 1/3 vs Bourne

    Below average bout. As Bourne was going for his SSP, Orton retaliates with a Super RKO.

    Round 2/3 vs Swagger

    Swagger merely makes his way in the ring just to walk outside the ring for a 10 ring count. Swagger explains that he has "always respected Orton" and wants to make an "impact" on his 1st night on RAW. They shake hands before Swagger leaves the ring.

    Round 3/3 vs Mark Henry

    Henry says the same thing Swagger says and even leaves the ring like Swagger.

    Before the ref can count to 7, he grabs his hand to stop the count with a huge grin on his face (to my suprise). Orton goes for a RKO just to be rebounded off the ropes to meet Henry's World Strongest Slam to pin the WWE champion his 1st night on RAW.


    Overall 7.5/10

    A night full of average bouts. The matches that sticked out were the tag title bout and fatal 4 way diva bout. Hopefully WWE will raise the status of both these divisions in the weeks leading up to Night of Champions.

    It's nice to see Henry get a slight push his 1st night... why couldn't Miz?

    Moving to the Raw roster:
    Gail Kim
    Alicia Fox
    Jack Swagger
    Evan Bourne
    Mark Henry Moving to the SmackDown roster:
    Matt Hardy
    The Hart Dynasty - David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd & Natalya

    Moving to the ECW roster:
    Shelton Benjamin
    William Regal
    Brie & Nikki Bella

    Next Week- Ted DiBiase Sr. is the Host of RAW