WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 7

Bad Dog

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2007 on USA
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Bad Dog
Vince McMahon and Donald Trump waste time, Match #1: Super Crazy & Mickie James vs Johnny Nitro & Melina, Match #2: Eugene vs the Great Khali, Shawn Michaels interview, Ric Flair interview, Match #3: Jeff Hardy vs Chris Masters, Rowdy Roddy Piper comes to the ring, Hall of Fame induction announcement: Dusty Rhodes, Match #4: Carlito vs Ric Flair, MVP & Kennedy in the locker room with Edge & Randy Orton: Match #5: John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Batista & the Undertaker vs Edge, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy & MVPmoreless

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  • spoilers for austin is guest ref for billionare match

    honestly didn't think Donald Trump would show up to Raw. I figured we were in for another actor version of Trump. This is a pretty big match. I mean, honestly, I can't see either guy shaving his head. Trump is known for his hair. Vince is known for being a jackass. It's an interesting deal. Now, the only thing to figure out is which wrestler will they each choose. It's got to be guys that are already feuding or could potentially feud. I'm going with King Booker and Kane on this one. I'm still in shock that Donald Trump actually showed up on Raw.

    The match between Nitro & Melina against Super Crazy & Mickey James was alright. I don't like rumors that Super Crazy is going to be made into a guy from Nacho Libre. This guy can wrestle. They are wasting his time with this. Send him back to Smackdown and let him be in the Cruiserweight division. Did I almost see Mickey James go for a Death Valley Driver in this match? Wow. She keeps impressing me every match.

    Do we have to see the Great Khali? He is the low spot every time he appears on any show. Eugene needs a gimmick change. The mentally challenged thing is over and done with. He accomplished his dream of being a WWE Superstar. He never won a belt. It's time to move on. Nick Dinsmore, who plays Eugene, can actually wrestle pretty good. I just hate to see guys being wasted who can actually wrestle. I guess that's what happens whenever you're in the Wwe.

    I liked the HBK promo. They are showing that he has a resurgence of energy now. I just hope he wins. They could very well keep the belt on Cena. But, I think Vince will realize that Cena's reign has run it's course and it needs to be somebody new. I also hope the belt changes back to the other version of the Wwe Championship. I'm talking about the one Jbl, Eddie Guerrero, Brock Lesnar, etc. had before Cena won it and changed it into the spinner belt. Who knows. Vince could bring out a completely different belt. That's the thing that usually happens after a few years. When Austin first won the old eagle wing belt, he had the circular one the next night at Raw. Then, when Triple H won the Undisputed Championship, they debuted a new one later on Raw. So, we could be seeing a new belt or the old belt.

    I wonder where they are going with the Flair-Carlito angle. What Flair said last week was what management actually thinks about Carlito. Carlito should be challenging for the Ic belt. He is very talented and can wrestle like crazy. The match between these two was pretty good. Anybody that says Flair can't wrestle should be kicked in the face. I would rather see Flair than Hogan any day of the week. Hopefully Carlito learned his lesson and can get an IC Championship push, he certainly deserves it. It was good to see Carlito show Flair respect after the match. I figured there was going to be a heel turn at the end. Carlito's promo from earlier was filled with a lot of passion. Why is Chris Masters in consideration for the IC belt? I've tried to like Masters but he's not cutting the mustard. He needs a big guy to feud against, like Lashley or somebody. Masters could be a pretty good wrestler. He seems like a guy that will be held back for a while. Jeff Hardy can still get the crowd going. I was disappointed to hear the 4-way Ladder match at No Way Out won't be taking place anymore. I guess Vince wants to keep pushing these guys as singles wrestlers. I just hope Matt Hardy gets a legitimate push on Smackdown.

    The segment with Piper in all seriousness brought a tear to my eye. This guy has been through a tremendous amount. Anybody that can overcome cancer should be given the up most respect. I know it's the heels jobs to make us mad, but what Umaga did to Piper really pissed me off. That is not something you do to a cancer survivor. I don't care if he is the Samoan Bulldozer or anything. You do not do that. This isn't like the time Rated Rko beat Flair down. This was much worse. On a side not, I'm glad The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is going into the Hall of Fame. I saw this guy about 4 or 5 years ago in my hometown with his son, Dustin, in a place called Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. It was one of those small indy places. It's cool to see how far he has come. Congrats, Dream!

    I enjoyed the little segment with Ashley. Matt Hardy, you were a very lucky guy. Ashley is pretty much beautiful. The little video package was good. I liked the Ron Simmons deal. This was one of the more funny Damns he's had. The promo between Edge, Orton, Kennedy, and Mvp was pretty good. I figured MVP would be sporting some red and black gear. I wish Mr. Kennedy would have slapped the taste out of Orton's mouth. I'm a big Kennedy fan. Take a long look at the people. That's the legitimate future of the business. Batista didn't get very much of a pop when he came out. I mean, who could blame the fans? This is the guy that could potentially end the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania. Hbk got a nice ovation as usual. I hope he wins the belt at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker is over. He has always been over, whether as a heel or a face. I'm glad Cena came out with both belts. It's not everyday a guy is the Wwe Champion and a tag champion. I got to thinking after I had a "realization" last week with a guy on here named Master Bates. Cena is just like Stone Cold. Stone Cold didn't have very many moves. He basically beat the hell out of you. Cena doesn't have a giant set of moves, but he can beat the hell out of you. They're both tweeners in a way. Cena is getting cheers and boos. Austin, when he first became a main eventer, got cheers and boos. So, from this day forward, I will stop bagging on Cena. I guess Rated Rko is still together. They came out together acting hunky dory. The main event was pretty good. The ending was phenomenal. It keeps with the current match, yet keeps the No Way Out storyline going. Like I said in a previous blog, somebody, maybe even 2 people, are turning heel in this match. I would expect Batista to turn heel on the Undertaker. Nobody wants 'Taker's streak to end. I would also think Hbk will turn heel on Cena, but will end up being the face in the match. I can't really see the crowd booing Hbk. After all, the guy is a member of Dx. They will have to turn somebody heel. Vince doesn't want 2 face vs. face matches at Wrestlemania. That's what I think will happen. What actually happens will be up to the creative team.moreless

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