WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 18 Episode 36

Capital Punishment

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 06, 2010 on USA

Episode Recap

Nexus is in the ring and Wade Barrett talks about how they destroyed the Undertaker last week. David Otunga said that despite losing Darren Young and Skip Sheffield they still dominated. Michael Tarver then said they proved how tough they were and Edge & Chris Jericho ran away rather than fight. Heath Slater then says he's the one who pinned Sheamus. Justin Gabriel says that's impressive, but he hit is finisher on the Undertaker and John Cena in the same night. Barrett is back and says he beat Orton last week and will win the WWE Championship at Night of Champions. Then Randy Orton comes out and says that he beat two of them in seconds and he will make sure that he hits the RKO on Barrett at NOC. E-Mail!: Justin Gabriel will face John Cena, Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett, and Nexus is banned from ringside.

Chris Jericho is on his way to the ring for his match when: E-Mail!: He's pissed that Jericho walked out of the match last week, so if Edge & Jericho do not win their matches tonight they will be taken out of the match at Night of Champions.

Match #1: Chris Jericho vs John Morrison. Morrison pins Jericho.

Match #2: Diva's Championship: Melina vs Alicia Fox. Melina pins Alicia.

Miz brags to Josh Matthews.

Edge complains to Zach Ryder about his title shot on the line and Ryder wants to be his opponent tonight. Edge says that's great because he sucks and is and easy win. Edge then talks to the phantom GM and wants him to accept the challenge and if he doesn't get it he will smash the GM's computer.

Maryse & Ted DiBiase…really just waste time.

Match #3: Justin Gabriel vs John Cena. Cena pins Gabriel (Shocking right?)

Yet another promo for Cena's movie.

The Miz comes to the ring and talks and talks and talks and talks and annoys everyone. Good God, he's been here for six years. He thinks he's great because he's on the cover of WWE Magazine. Daniel Bryan finally comes out and says he's the anti-Miz and he can beat Miz for the U.S. Championship. Miz says he doesn't deserve it, but he does agree to the match.

Match #4: Edge vs The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh. Edge wins via count out. E-Mail!: Nope can't win that way. Restart the match as a No DQ, Over the Top Rope Challenge.

Match #4b: No DQ, Over the Top Rope Challenge: Edge vs Great Khali. Edge wins…mostly because Khali is stupid and kept stepping over the top rope.

Josh Matthew interviews Chris Jericho…or at least tries. John Morrison then shows up to make fun of him.

E-Mail: Next week John Cena faces the winner of the next match.

Match #5: Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton: Sheamus, Edge & John Cena come to ringside for commentary. Orton pins Barrett after Darren Young comes down and distracts Barrett. RKO to Young, RKO to Edge & RKO to Sheamus.