WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 13

Circle is Complete

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2007 on USA
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Circle is Complete
Jonathan Coachman in the ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives, Match #1: Ashley, Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle vs Melina, Victoria & Jillian Hall, Match #2: CM Punk vs Kenny Dykstra, The Cutting Edge: Money in the Bank contenders, John Cena interview, Match #3: Bobby Lashley vs Vince McMahon, Match #4: Matt & Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton & Mr. Kennedy, Hall of Fame induction announcement: Jim Ross, Match #5: Ric Flair vs the Great Khali, promo for The Condemned, rundown of the WrestleMania card, Shawn Michaels interview, Match #6: John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker & Batistamoreless

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  • Give me my 2 hours and 8 minutes back please!

    RAW opened with a segment where Coach was talking and Stone Cold came out and interrupted him and started talking bout WM. Then Stone Cold Stunned Coach. It was an interesting opening segment.

    I caught the middle of it and knew how it would end, with a Stunner.

    My sister kept saying, "Tell them to stop saying 'what', its annoying". Lol

    I told her I know, but watch it, here's the stunner.

    Ashley, Torrie, & Candice defeated Victoria, Melina, & Jillian

    I watched it for Victoria, Candice and Jillian.

    This match sucked, And Ashley botched her moves again.

    Did Torrie even wrestle?

    Or was she just there to "look" pretty?

    Anyway, I hated the way it ended.

    I would have liked to see it go longer and have a good back and forth moment.

    Hopefully Jillian will come to RAW so that we can have some decent matches with Victoria, Melina (if she's still around after WM23) and Mickie.

    Speaking of Mickie, where the hell was she?

    CM Punk defeated Kenny...Edge then had every competitor in the Money in the Bank match at WM in the ring and had them as guests on Cutting Edge. Everyone ended up attacking each other. First off, the match was ok.

    It seemed as if Punk was nervous, even though it was his hometown.

    I like that Kenny kicked out of the bulldog.

    The Go 2 Sleep move is very good and I think he actually kneed Kenny in the head.

    As for the Cutting Edge MITB segment, it was good for what is was.

    But please God, do not let The Hardy Boyz talk on the mic EVER again. Listening to Jeff was like watching paint dry.

    I liked how Edge gave history to his wins in the ladder matches.

    The brawl was good, but I was looking forward to a HUGE bump off the ladder like last week.

    And I did like how the 3 faces ran after Edge and the other guys were left outside.

    It was Ric Flair vs. Khali but Carlito came out and tried to help Flair but Khali slammed Carlito. Kane then came out and chased Khali out the arena. Terrible.

    I told my sister that it would be cool if they had a match where you could hang people on a hook after you won.

    I'd love it.

    God I’m morbid.

    Final Inductee of 2007 Hall of Fame: Jim Ross

    While I’m happy Good Ol JR got in, I was rooting for Rude.

    But JR is the best right now.

    He deserves it.

    He's been there and put up with a lot of crap with that company.

    I wish him well.

    Vince McMahon defeated Lashely as Vince hanged out at ringside and had people come out. Lance Cade and Murdoch came out and attacked Lashely. Lashely then threw them out the ring; Chris Masters came out and attacked Lashely. Lashely then threw him out the ring...Finally Umaga came down and Vince low blowed Lashely and Umaga attacked Lashely. I knew as soon as it said it was a No DQ, that he'd cheat to win.

    Seriously this reminded me of a John Cena match a few months ago and also when DX had the titles.

    But still, it was fun to see Lashley get beat up.

    I loved it.

    I was hoping that someone would have a weapon and would have laid him out.

    It was No DQ after all.

    The match was funny and the preview was ok.

    I am angry that the IC title will not be defended at WM23 though. Very angry.

    Randy Orton & Kennedy defeated Hardy Boyz

    This match was just Awful

    Orton looked like he got injured.

    Just Awful.

    That is all.

    Main event: Batista & Undertaker defeated Cena & HBK.....Undertaker threw HBK on Batista and left the ring. HBK then Sweet Chinned Music Cena and Batista pinned Cena. I liked how it went.

    It was interesting how every time Cena kicked or punched Taker, he got booed.

    But he was cheered when he hit Batista.

    I liked the turns and the fact that 1 champ pinned the other.

    Nice back and forth match too.moreless
  • 6 days before WrestleMania and this episode turned out to be great.

    Unlike several episodes of Raw that were God awful, this one made it to 9/10 for me. This would have to be the best Raw of 2007. Let's see how it lasts.

    First off, we have The Coach run his mouth. Boring. Then Austin comes out, HERE WE GO, and embarassed the hell out of Coach. What made this part of Raw better? The Joke, Coach, getting stunned into obvilion. And that wasn't all, folks. When Austin made eye contact with Vince McMahon, he flipped the bird on him. Classic "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

    Next, the 6-women tag team match. I could care less about this match. I mean, come on. They put Jillian Hall and Victoria with Melina? And on the opposite side, we have 3 bimbos for PlayBoy in Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Ashley Massaro. Never cared about this match at all. Next......

    CM Punk Vs Kenny Dykstra. I like the fan reaction for Punk since he was in his hometown of Chicago. Punk got the win and THEN one of the best parts of Raw took place: The Cutting Edge. Edge came to the ring with all of the other Money In The Bank ladder match to conduct several interviews. And they were funny as hell, I couldn't stop laughing during this segment at all. Great piece of work there.

    Bobby Lashley Vs Vince McMahon. Wait, didn't they do something like this last year? Only it was Cena in Lashley's shoes. In any event, I didn't really care about this match either. Although, at the end of the match when Vince McMahon was leaving, we saw Eugene bald. Dear God, don't ever show him on TV again. Just when you thought Eugene couldn't get any uglier, the WWE proves us wrong.

    The Hardy Boys Vs Kennedy and Orton. Funny thing about this whole match is simple: Kennedy and Orton who were the heels got a positive reaction when they came out. Kennedy, I can understand, but Orton? Okay. Overall, this match was pretty good. For some reason, I wanted to hear him shout his name through a microphone like he does on SmackDown....and I don't like it when he does that. Oh well.

    Then, the best part of the night took place: Jim Ross is now the final inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2007. And the crowd reaction afterwards was simply amazing. That moment just shows how loved and appreciated J.R is to the WWE and the fans. Man, Raw will never be the sane without J.R when he goes. Congrats, Jim Ross. You truly are one of the best announcers in the WWE EVER.

    To quote Jerry Lawler, "Talk about a buzzkiller." Khali came out (oh God) and his opponent was Ric Flair (what did Flair do to deserve this). Carlito came out, earning Khali a DQ win......and got planted in the process. Kane came out with those hooks again. I don't know, those hooks make him look more demented than normal. Maybe they should let keep them as part of his monster gimmick. BTW, Kane looks much better on Raw, in my opinion.

    The Main Event: John Cena and Shawn Michaels Vs Batista and The Undertaker. So they decided to redo the main event for No Way Out. The so-called main event that fans will never see again. Why do they say things like that? Anyways, I couldn't help but laugh at this match as well. Whenever Cena attacked the Undertaker, he got booed like crazy. Hell, when Batista attacked Cena, I think he got cheered as well, which is a shame. Well they were in Chicago, the home of WrestleMania 22. No way they're gonna cheer Cena after a year.

    Throughout that whole match, Cena got booed. No matter how hard the fangirls tried to root for their dreamboy Cena, it wasn't enough. Now, Undetaker threw Shawn Michaels right into Batista and walked out on him (Nice). But then, the most hilarious part of the night happened. Michaels and Cena had Batista down and out after a double 5-Knuckle Shuffle......until Cena took his eyes off of HBK. Who told him to do that? Because the second he turned around.......

    WHAM!!!! Sweet Chin Music, right into the jaw of John Cena. And the entire crowd in the AllState Arena went nuts. The average WWE sheep would've booed Shawn Michales for what he did. Not Chicago. You'd swear the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Championship, THAT'S how loud the cheers. And to end the night, HBK standing over John Cena with the WrestleMania logo in the background. And right now, only one thing can be said about that:

    John Cena, you got knocked the hell out, man.

    All in all, this Raw did what it was supposed to do: build a lot of momentum going into WrestleMania and that Sweet Chin Music did just that. Adios.moreless
  • Kill Vince McMahon! Read what I am going to say...

    Someone needs to remove Mr.McMahon or Jonathan Coachman! Why? Jonathan Coachman made Stone Cold Steve Austin real mad, sending him gifts??? Let alone Mr.McMahon should never and I repeat, should never send out Lance Cade ever! Why? Because Bobby Lashley is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy stronger than Lance Cade and it makes me feel sad when Lashley hurts Cade! Cena and Michaels, What's up with you? How could you do this? Let alone Shawn, hurt John Cena, for what, your needs?

    At least he did it in style! But one thing remanes, who would Shawn Michaels should face after Wrestlemania? Only someone knows? How happy is Jim Ross when he is annouced as the last inductee to the Hall of Fame? Very Happy! Congrats to the RAW Annouce Team to be inducted to this year's Hall of Fame! Now it time for my sorrowness for poor Lance Cade for that brutal attack from that ECW Champ, Bobby Lashley!moreless
  • "Loved it from top to bottom"

    First off I would like to say this was one of the best Raw's in a long time. Well Coach is in the ring and Austin comes out and they talk and Coach makes some dumb joke, and Austin stuns him. First match we have all the playboy cover girls against Jillian,Melina, and Victoria, most boring match of the night. A good match here between Cm Punk and Kenny was back and forth until Cm Punk got the pin. Then we had the cutting Edge a segment where all the MITB participants talked about the match at mania, it ended up being a fight out of all. next match was McMahon vs Lashley. Was great seeing Lashley lose to McMahon. The best match of the night was Orton and Kennedy vs Hardyz, with Orton picking up the win. Jim Ross has been inducted into the hall of fame. Then the final match of the night, Cena and HBK vs Batista and Undertaker. Well it lasted good for a little while Undertaker picked up Cena for a gorilla press but threw him onto Batista and left Batista there by himself. But just when you thought HBK and Cena were going to win BAM!!! Sweet Chin music out of nowhere classic HBK, I was laughing my ass of seeing Cena fall on his back. 4 out of 5.moreless

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