WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 13 Episode 50

Episode #469

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2005 on USA
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Episode #469
Matches Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match - Kurt Angle defeated Ric Flair Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match - Carlito defeated Shelton Benjamin Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match - Shawn Michaels defeated The Big Show by DQ Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match - Chris Masters defeated Viscera WWE Women's Championship Number One Contender Match - Mickie James defeated Victoria Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match - Kane defeated Triple H You Can’t See Me Match - John Cena defeated Daivarimoreless

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  • Elimination Chamber Qualifying matches, RAW is without a GM, but Vince is still searching.

    Elimination chamber qualifying matches

    Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair/ winner: Angle

    This match was alright because Angle won the

    Chamber Qualifying match and Kurt will be better in the elimination chamber.

    Carlito vs. Shelton/ winner: Carlito

    This match would have been ok if Shelton won

    but they completely ruined the match with letting

    Carlito win the match, Shelton would be match better in the chamber.

    HBK vs. Big Show/ winner: HBK

    I'm very glad HBK won this qualifying match, because if Big Show won the Chamber match would be even worse, since HHH and Shelton will not be in the match.

    Chris Masters vs. Viscera/ winner: Masters

    I did'nt really care who won this match, because I dont really like viscera or Masters, but I would have prefered Viscera winning.

    Women's Championship 1# contender match

    Mickie James vs. Victoria/ winner: Mickie James

    I'm glad Mickie James won, because it will create a better storyline, because Trish is her idol.

    Kane vs. HHH/ winner: Kane

    Big mistake letting Kane win the qualifying match

    because the chamber match will not be nearly as good without HHH or Shelton.

    You can't see me match/ Cena vs. Daivari/ winner:


    Don't really care of course Cena won, because they always let Cena win.

  • RAW Recap for 12/12/05 - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Matches

    RAW Recap for 12/12/05 - Elimination Chamber Qualifying Matches

    Tajiri's final RAW ... from the champ's hometown of Boston, Massachusetts (actually West Newbury would've been more accurate) ... was .... an AWESOME one. Farewell, Japanese Buzzsaw. But damn, RAW was pretty awesome.

    You know, how long does WWE plan on f-ing milking this thing?!! I'm pretty much sick as HELL of Vince McMahon coming out here every week and not doing a damn thing but going "oooh ... I'm gonna take out the trash, I'm gonna fire you .... oh oh oh, I took out that trash last week! Hehehehe! I look and smell like ass****." Seriously ... goddammit.

    All I want to know, and I'm sure all everyone else all around the world wants to know is, WHO the F is the new General Manager of RAW, goddammit??? Interviews? Just give the job to SHANE McMahon, dammit! Jesus! That's who we want, god!

    Anyway, after he finally left we finally got the first of five Elimination Chamber Qualifying Matches tonight to determine the five contestants to face WWE Champion John Cena for the title at New Year's Revolution ..... in the Elimination Chamber!!!

    Kurt Angle (with his suck chants from the audience no longer censored) made his way to the ring to lock up with convicted felon and ugly SOB Ric Flair. Oh wow ... I wonder who's gonna win ... the Olympic GOld Medalist who just happens to be the best in this business or the old, decrepit, cheating little SOB? What a contest ........

    OMFG, I LOVE Kurt Angle and Davari, they RULE!!!!!! After destroying the Nature Boy and securing his place, Angle made an awesome announcement, officially stating that he will NOT be participating in the WWE Christmas from Afghanistan Special airing next week, the third annual Christmas from the Middle East for WWE. His reasoning? The troops that are currently there are not "heroes" at all; they don't deserve for him to go and entertain them because they haven't done CRAP for the country since they've been there. In addition, they joined for their own personal reasons, such as they suck at school or are dirt poor and so they have no choice, NOT because they actually care about "protecting" the nation (and I really don't think claiming oil is the same thing as "fighting terrorism" but this isn't about my political views here). Anyway, Angle had Davari spit all over the nation's so-called "heroes," like Larry Bird and crap. Of course, Cena stepped in and started lecturing Angle .... wah wah wah, Cena. Sometimes he just ain't cool. STuff about respecting what people have died for to win freedom adn crap for this coutnry and all the cliched stuff. Nevertheless, Angle is the first competitor and will face Cean at NYR in the Elimination Chamber!

    Next backstage we saw Edge and Lita taunt Flair over his loss. Lita even tried to get him to hit her, a "girl" no less. So what, are Edge and Flair gonna feud now? Anyway another locker room scene featured HBK being confronted by Shelton Benjamin over what happened last week. Apparently Benjamin thinks HBK couldn't take the "attitude" that he had allegedly wanted to see from Benjamin, and that deep down HBK is just a selfish little b*tch. Umm ... hello? So this is just NOW being thrown out into the open? WTF? HBK has always been a worthless, selfish little b*tch-b*stard. WTF has he been? Shawn Michaels has always been one of the biggest ass***** in WWE history. That hasn't changed, and it never will.

    Well, so Carlito is like what now ..... 5-0 over Shelton Benjamin? Hilarious, because I pretty much knew that Carlito would pick up this win. Shelton Benjamin came into this determined to win and get that Elimination Chamber spot, and after he nearly defeated Carlito, instead of pinning him, his new "attitude" showed a new ... and quite unfortunate cockiness that caused Carlito steal the win by small package followed by possum-playing. Well, well, Shelton ... looks like you f-ed yourself up big time.

    Backstage, we saw Trevor Murdoch (what an idiot indeed) come up to McMahon trying to get him to make him new General Manager of RAW. Anyway, after McMahon pretty much declined and walked into his office, some suggestive music started playing and well, we all knew what was next. Candice, looking as ****ty ... err I mean hot .... as ever, with her wand in hand of course, sexually suggested that SHE should be the new General Manager of RAW ... showing off some of her ..... "assets." Then, barging in comes Angle and Davari, who desperately need to speak to McMahon!

    And holy crap!!!! Triple H is a genious!!!!!!!!! In the third Qualifying Match it was Big Show vs. HBK ... the first time ever these two have met opposite each other! HBK was pretty much a ***** through most of the match, and Big Show almost picked up the win after a nasty chokeslam, but Triple H interfered ... instead of hitting Show with a chair, though, the Cerebral Assassin in his infinite wisdom instead hit HBK with the chair!!! Thereby disqualifying his new rival, Big Show! The fiery Big Show was ****** as hell as Trips sneered and ran off, with the referee announcing HBK as the fourth contestant in the Elimination Chamber!

    Also, back in McMahon's office, a FIERY argument ensued, in which McMahon reminded Angle that he is NOT Bischoff, and that he will NOT speak to him that way. He also stated that he would make the very first "You Can't See Me" Match tonight, in which Angle's right-hand man Daivari will face the champ John Cena ........ a BLINDFOLDED CENA!!! Afterwards, McMahon tried to figure out Candice's "magic wand" .........

    In the next Qualifying Match, it was none other than the demonic love machine Viscera taking on the Masterpiece, Chris Masters. Although Big Vis held his own, Masters of course picked up the win after locking in his UNBREAKABLE MasterLock .... and Viscera's little demon face was HILARIOUS as he struggled to get out of it! Hahaha![/B]


    Next, we saw the Smackdown! Rebound, dedicated entirely to what happened Friday Night in the story of the Undertaker ... and his hauting of Randy Orton's mind. This Sunday Orton and Taker will headline Armageddon as they face off once and for all ...... at Hell in a Cell. Taker may have casted his dark spell on Orton and created illusions to scare the sh*t out of him ... but at Hell in a Cell at Armageddon, it will be Taker who takes the trip to HELL. Believe it.


    Next, an awesome scene backstage between the WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Trish, who had planned on letting her "#1 fan" go down easy, instead got quite a story from MJ, who claimed that her grandfather had taken her to Wrestlemania X-Seven .... just before he died, and that was where she saw Trish .. you know, standing up to Vince, helping Linda, etc., you remember that. Now, Mickie James has a match with Victoria .... for the #1 Contendership ... could this mean .... could we finally get a new Women's Champion at New Year's Revolution?

    Next, Matt Striker came out!!! Apparently WWE couldn't keep his new teaching stint on Heat and off of RAW! He has now officially introduced himself as OUR new TEACHER! What a gimmick! Chalkboard and all (actually, we all use dry-erase boards now), he talked about the lack of "family values" nowadays and told all the "uneducated losers" in the audience and all over the country that he will indeed be educating "us all" now. (Yeah right, I'm educated, unlike all of you)

    Next, the #1 Contender's Match for the Women's Title went underway as Trish commentated as Mickie James and Victoria went at it in the ring. Amazingly, Mickie James was able to pick up the win with a reversal-DDT ... very innovative at that. Now, MJ has a chance to earn the Women's Title at the NYR. Well, you see, now only does this girl have spunk, which is evident, but she has some hella ring talent. She could easily become new Women's Champion.

    Finally, the long-awaited FINAL Qualifying Match went underway, with the Game taking on the Big Red Machine. This match was pretty sweet to say the least, with both competitors giving their all. However, as predicted, in the end it was Big Show who got retribution, as Kane's Tag Team partner arrived to get revenge on Triple H for earlier. WIth the referee down, Big Show and Kane delivered a double chokeslam to Triple H, after getting his sledgehammer from him ... and if you think Trips could've survived that, think again. Kane is the FINAL contestant in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship at the New Year's Revolution. What does this mean for Big Show and Trips? Likely a match at NYR against one another.

    Holy hell! This must've been the FUNNIEST match ever! It's amazing how much abuse and how much crap Cena has taken from WWE since becoming champion. Cena blindfolded, couldn't even hit Davari! Then, Cena got help from his Chain Gang faithful, as the fans helped point him in the right direction to catch Davairi! Even after interference from Angle, Cena was still able to pick up the win and F-U Davari as Angle ran to the back! Now, the six competitors at the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution have been chosen. Who will emerge ... the WWE Champion?moreless
  • The Elimination Chamber is set, and Raw is still without a GM...although Vince is enjoying the search for one.

    Five qualifiers were held for the Elimination Chamber match at "New Year's Revolution," and for the first time, neither Triple H nor Chris Jericho are involved. Triple H will almost certainly face Big Show on the undercard of the event, however. Meanwhile, the Mickie James/Trish Stratus storyline evolved well, and one of them will clearly turn against the other in their match at the pay-per-view. Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff is still fired, so the search for a GM must continue. Mr. McMahon interviewed several candidates throughout the night, starting with Trevor Murdoch, then Candice Michelle (although she might have had other intentions...), and Chris Nowinski. Finally, he saw Dusty Rhodes, and given the interaction between the two, Rhodes seems to be the top prospect to fill the spot. Next week: Raw Is Afghanistan, but Kurt Angle won't be there, allegedly, because he doesn't appreciate what the troops are doing. John Cena will be there, though. Hurrah.moreless

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