WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 14 Episode 1

Episode #472

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2006 on USA
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Episode #472
Matches Kane defeated Shawn Michaels Maria defeated Victoria Chris Masters defeated Shelton Benjamin First Blood Match: Kurt Angle defeated John Cena

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  • John Cena better lose at the Elimination Chamber, because the only one who deserves the title is Shawn Michaels. Finally Cena gets what's coming towards him.

    We opened up Raw with Vince McMahon stipulating a match between Kane and Shawn Michaels where HBK was not allowed to do a Superkick. The Heart Break Kid lost because of this stipulation and later found out that he was going to be the first entrant in the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution.

    Next, we saw Mario defeat Victoria with a quick pin but later got stripped to her bra and panties by Torrie Wilson and Candice. Vince made it official that Torrie, Candice, Maria, Victoria, and Ashley will be participating in a Bra and Panties elimination match.

    Then we saw Shelton Benjamin keep his perfect losing streak on Raw by getting knocked uncontious by Chris Masters' Master Lock.

    Finally, we saw the best match of the night which was in between Kurt Angle and John Cena in a First Blood Match. John Cena practically gets booed by 95% of the 17 thousand plus fans. Kurt Angle busted the head of Cena wide open making him bleed profusely and lose the match. After this we saw all six participants of the Elimination Chamber in the ring trying to get a pievce of Cena before the pay-per-view. However, Cena crossed the line when he did an FU to Shawn Michaels, which is highly uncalled for. John Cena got massive heat from the crowd and you could tell the fans wanted to kill John and see him suffer a slow and painful death in the Elimination Chamber.moreless
  • With all six men down for the count in the ring, Cena shuddered with blood all over him as he listened to the 18,000 fans booing his title reign ..........

    RAW Recap for 1/2/06 - The First Show of 2006

    Well this year's very first WWE RAW, Smackdown!, or Pay-Per-View kicked off at the sold-out Continental Airlines Arena in New York as the last RAW before this Sunday's highly-anticipated New Year's Revolution exploded on USA Network.

    Throughout the night we were treated to various footage from past Elimination Chambers, including the bloody, career-shortening matches at Survivor Series 2002, Summerslam 2003, and of course last year's New Year's Revolution 2005.

    What we all thought was completely out of left-field and seemingly pointless last week, the end segment on RAW from last Monday Night, in which Mr. McMahon made it a point that he was done "taking crap" from anyone lower than himself (which in this business is pretty much ... no one). Well, he continued it tonight, as he strut down to the ring and announced that from now, he'll be doing thing for HIMSELF.

    He sanctioned the first match, one between two of this Sunday's competitors in the Elimination Chamber at NYR ... Kane and of course, the man who offended McMahon during his recalling of the Montreal Incident last week, HBK Shawn Michaels. McMahon made a nasty little, last-minute stipulation for this match - HBK is prohibited from using his superkick (meaning NO Sweet Chin Music Finisher) or he is automatically disqualified. Then of course McMahon took a ringside seat to see Kane demolish HBK.

    As the match dragged on, it became clear that HBK was looking for an answer for McMahon's actions towards him. Finally, HBK had Kane where he wanted him, and rather than care about how he would be disqualified, he listened to the fans and started "tuning up the band," preparing for Sweet Chin Music. However, McMahon shouted into the microphone that if he dared, not only would he lose the match, but he would also be pulled out of the Elimination Chamber match altogether. As HBK pleaded with McMahon, Kane got up behind him and prepared for a devastating Chokeslam, which of course connected, allowing the Big Red Machine to pick up the win.

    McMahon then strutted back up the ramp, where he whispered something to Todd Grisham, who then promptly ran down to the ring and informed HBK that he would be the #1 entrant in the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday, greatly decreasing his chances of winning!

    Next, we took another look at the WWE Unlimited video from last week, the one where Gregory Helms publically blamed Jerry "The King" Lawler for his lack of success in WWE (or maybe it's cause he just plain sucks?) After Lawler made another hurricane-related joke, Helms made his way to the ring and confronted King face-to-face. Apparently he felt King's comments over the years on Helms when he was the crime-fighting Hurricane were what kept him from succeeding. After fists started flying, King challenged Helms to a match at New Year's Revolution ... okay, WTF is this? Are they so low on feuds and decent superstars to partake in those feuds that they have to bring in Heat jobbers and fat commentators to sell out Pay-Per-Views? I don't really like speaking negatively about what WWE does, but Creative needs to f-ing get off their asses.

    Next we saw McMahon backstage asking Mickie James about that infamous mistletoe kiss from last week. Well, barging in comes Daivari and Angle, who are worried that once again some biased referee (like Chioda from last week) would try to "screw" Angle again this week. They talked about the troops and stuff. I kinda breezed out during this segment.

    Next we saw the "kiss" from last week, and then the commentators made some comments, and then we saw Todd Grisham asking Trish about it. The only thing worth mentioning from this segment was that Trish made it well-known that she was been WWE Women's Champion for nearly a year now (actually she said over a year, but I'm pretty sure she won the title back from Lita at last year's NYR) ... how nice to be reminded that the Women's division hasn't been defended once in the past 10+ WWE PPVs.

    The next segment featured the return of WWE Kiss Cam (which I believe was introduced last week during Unlimited), hosted by Maria of course. After getting a few couples (or two random ppl) in the audience to kiss, she was interrupted by my new favorite stable in WWE, the Ladies in Pink, Victoria, Torrie, and Candice. In a neck brace, Victoria proceeded to insult Maria and blame her for her New Year's injury last week at the hands of Carlito. Afterwards, she had a match with Maria (and of course Torrie and Ashley helped from ringside), but Maria somehow picked up the win. After the match the Ladies in Pink started attacking Maria (and at this point I pretty much knew Ashley was gonna run down and help), and yes, exactly what I called happened, as the 2005 Diva Search winner did indeed run down and help Maria out, as she was in that position not too long ago. So uh, since I'm a genius, I'm predicting some sort of Divas 3-on-2 at New Year's Revolution. Kinda sad I can predict everything like that, isn't it? Or maybe I'm just better now after so much Dubya-Dubya-Eee.

    Actually, McMahon then made his way out here and requested that all of the Divas that were in the ring participate in some sort of Bra-and-panties free-for-all Gauntlet Match or something ... (didn't really pay attention). Then we saw Mickie James interrupting Trish in the SHOWER and apologizing for the kiss last week. Trish was in a towel ... WTF? Who wears a towel while showering?

    Next, Edge and Lita made their way out here (not for the Cutting Edge show though). This right here, this was FURTHER proof that Edge is, always has been, and always will be, DAMN better than Christian ever was. Edge gave his own HILARIOUS rendition of what happened during the Ric Flair "road rage" incident, showing himself in a home video dressed up as the Nature Boy, and confronting some schmo on the road. The performance was AMAZING! Edge was JUST like Naitch, right down to the decrepit movements that he likes to call ... "stylin' and proflin'" The former Four Horseman member will have his work cut out for him at NYR, when Edge, who is still Mr. Money-in-the-bank takes away the Intercontinental Title (just another someone Flair is going to lose .... his wife, his lawsuit, his best friend Trips, and now his "favorite" title, hahahaha! I love it!). Edge is going to DESTROY his tired ass and bring credibility back to the IC Title ... go EDGE!!! Edge pwns Flair!!!

    Next we saw a special segment highlighting Smackdown! Diva Stacy Keibler's new role on ABC's new season of Dancing with the Stars. Obviously her dancing background originally helped her become a Nitro girl back in WCW, and now it seems like she'll be tearing up Thursday nights on ABC on the new season. My question is, WTF is RAW showing this when Stacy is Smackdown! now (albeit she never really did ... ANYTHING since being traded to SD!)?

    The next match featured Shelton Benjamin (who spoke to someone on the phone last week, a mystery person who is SUPPOSED to be here tonight) taking on another competitor in the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution ... none other than the Masterpiece, Chris Masters. The match climaxed into Masters locking in the Masterlock, and of course, Benjamin could not break it and lost consciousness.

    Then they showed some Pittsburgh Steelers guy relishing in WWE tonight. Whoop-dee-doo.


    Next was the BEST segment of the night (and why wouldn't it be? Triple H came out). The Game came out here and cut, as always, an AWESOME promo. He even got claps from the crowd for being so damn good. Trips started out humorous, insulting Big Show and whatnot, but then he very craftily and very effectively become serious, making sure Show understands that if he gets in his way again, he will do more than just break his hand.

    Big Show then came out ... wielding a GIANT cast on his hand! Trips tried to run, but damn! Show caught up to him several times and almost smashed his head in! He knocked out the steel chair from Trips' hand, and when he tried to use the monitor on the announce table, Big Show's cast broke it and it sizzled and fried!!! Then he broke a piece of the steel steps with his hand, with Trips running for his life!

    Looks like Trips has dug himself a hole this time!!! He's given Show his own sledgehammer to use at New Year's Revolution!!!


    Next, we saw the awesome Smackdown! Rebound, once again showing why Smackdown! pwns RAW, as we saw Melina's shocking announcement last week, that the evil slut is suing Batista for sexual harassment, even though it was she who seduced Batista! Then we saw Batista and Rey defending their tag titles later that night and what transpired during that match - when the referee was down, Melina called in M.N.M.'s new ally, the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry! With the World's Strongest Slam he was able to put Batista out, thereby allowing Nitro and Mercury to steal the WWE Tag Team Titles back! Find out how Batista will react this week on Smackdown!

    Next we saw Shelton Benjamin backstage ... and his mysterious friend. It was indeed his momma, and apparently she's mad as hell that he's been losing so much. I guess she's RAW's version of Sharmelle. Too bad I like Booker T but couldn't give two crap about Shelton.

    Next, with a still broken announce table, the three RAW commentators went through the six current matches scheduled for New Year's Revolution, those being the match of Triple H vs. Big Show, Trish vs. Mickie James for the WWE Women's Title, Gregory Helms vs. King, Ric Flair vs. Edge for the Intercontinental Title, the 5-Woman Bra-and-Panties Gauntlet Match (Maria vs. Torrie vs. Candice vs. Victoria vs. Ashley), and of course the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship (Cena vs. Angle vs. Carlito vs. Masters vs. HBK vs. Kane).


    Next, we got started with the FIRST 1st Blood Match on RAW in 5 friggin' years ('bout time). The WWE Champion John Cena made his way to the ring and presented some new rhymes to insults the heels in the Elimination Chamber match, namely Masters, Carlito, and Angle. Some nice rappin' from the hip-hop champ, yet the fans in NY had the nerve to boo him! Pretty funny stuff too (whoever rights it, maybe himself), just like the olden days on Smackdown!, he focused primarily on Master's (alleged) tiny p*nis, Carlito's cr*tch-hair of a head, and Angle's hate for the troops compared to his inability to find his own ... sac.

    Anyway, Angle wouldn't let Cena finish his rhyme off with a "You can't see me" as he and Daivari made their way to the ring to start a long-in-coming First Blood Match.

    The match heated up when Angle started beating Cena repeatedly with his gold medals, breaking his head wide open, with blood running out "profusely." Then, Cena locked in the STFU, his new alt. Finisher, immediately making the Olympic Gold Medalist tap out!!! Unfortunately, the referee saw the blood all over Cena's face (much of it had run down all over Angle as well, so it was pretty hard to tell who was bleeding) and declared Angle the winner.

    Then, Carlito and Masters also made their way down to the ring, obviously wanting a piece of the WWE Champion for themselves, and the four of them (including Daivari) began beating down on him, until Angle went in for the Ankle Lock. Just then, Masters locked in the Masterlock on Angle out of nowhere, and then, total chaos ensued as the Big Red Machine (and don't forget #6 to come out into the Chamber on Sunday) Kane made his way to the ring and delivered three consecutive chokeslams - to Masters, Carlito, and Davari!

    Then, out of nowhere, the man who's starting things off in the Chamber, HBK, delivered to Kane what he couldn't earlier in the night - a superkick!!! He then prepared to deliver another one to the champ, as the still bloody-as-hell Cena made it to his feet! But Cena (still receiving massive heat from the audience) countered it and delivered an F-U to HBK! With all six men down for the count in the ring, Cena shuddered with blood all over him as he listened to the 18,000 fans booing his title reign ..........moreless

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