WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 14 Episode 8

Episode #479

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2006 on USA
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Episode #479
Matches Carlito defeated Nick Burke Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin defeated Ric Flair Shawn Michaels defeated the Spirit Squad via DQ Women's Championship No. 1 Contender Battle Royal: Candice wins Kane defeated Chris Masters Edge defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Triple Threat Road to Wrestlemania Final (WWE Championship No.1 Contender): Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam and Big Showmoreless

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  • RAW Recap for 2/20/06 - Road to Wrestlemania Tournament Final / Spirit Squad Decimates HBK ... and An Old Friend Returns / Eddie Revealed As Second Hall of Fame Inductee

    RAW Recap for 2/20/06 - Road to Wrestlemania Tournament Final / Spirit Squad Decimates HBK ... and An Old Friend Returns / Eddie Revealed As Second Hall of Fame Inductee

    The following two things are true:

    1. RAW was just plain awesome tonight. Just plain awesome. Looks a lot like Smackdown!'s streak as being the #1 show may be broken this week.

    2. Between what happened at No Way Out last night and RAW tonight, you can be DAMN sure that this year's Wrestlemania is shaping up to be one that will truly go down in history ... believe that.

    But first just let me say ... hahahaha! Divas Do New York is available tomorrow! Actually, no this is about No Way OUt. I knew Orton would come through last night! Hahahaha! After defeating Rey Mysterio and stealing his hard-earned spot at the main event at Wrestlemania, it will be the Legend Killer who will headline the biggest PPV of the year when he faces still-World Heavyweight Champion Angle (and possibly the returned Batista as well) in the SD! Main Event at Wrestlemania!

    Anyway, RAW kicked off tonight with a recap of what happened last week - when Mick Foley, as the special guest referee, counted the 1-2-3 and awarded the WWE Title to the retaining champion, John Cena, after he survived the onslaught of both the Rated-R superstar and his slutty whore, thereby counting Edge as the loser.

    The first match, surprisingly enough, was a Battle Royale for the #1 Contendership to the WWE Women's Championship (looks like the IC and Women's titles are finally getting some action ... now let's try the tag team division), in which six divas (Torrie, Maria, Ashley, Victoria, Mickie James, and Candice) entered the ring, followed by an appearance from the women's champion Trish, and battled it out to become #1 Contender to Trish's title.

    Torrie, Victoria, and Maria were the first three eliminated, and Candice shocked everyone when she threw both MJ and Ashley over the top rope at the same time! Candice then taunted Trish (with voice just like nails no a chalkboard) but was interrupted by Edge and Lita, who got into the ring and booted Candice out of there.

    Then, Edge once again talked about how he got screwed last week and promised Mick Foley that he would get what was coming to him ... because NOBODY screws Edge over! But of course, Hacksaw Jim Duggan saw it fit to get himself involved, and a match then ensued between Edge and Hacksaw.

    Edge quickly dismantled the retarded caveman that is Duggan ... when Lita had him distracted, Edge connected with a devastating Spear. After the match ended, Edge took his 2 x 4 (or whatever it is) and shoved it up into Duggan's groin area. Then, Edge did something that made us all (or me at least) VERY happy! He officially announced the first non-title match for this year's Wrestlemania ... at Wrestlemania, it will be Edge taking on none other than Mick Foley!!! Hell yeah!

    Next, we saw an intense segment in which Big Show shared his thoughts on winning the tournament and main-eventing Wrestlemania. He mentioned being in the main event at WM2000 and not taking it for granted. He also mentioned that if he is able to defeat both RVD and Triple H tonight, then he fulfills to goals - one to once again headline Wrestlemania ... and the other to keep Trips from going to the main event at WM! Ha! (but we all know who's gonna win)

    The next match-up featured the Big Red Machine Kane taking on the man who eliminated him from Round 1 of the Tournament - the Masterpiece, Chris Masters! Well, the muscleman gave the big demon a run for his money, but it was Kane who emerged victorious in the end! However, when the Big Red Machine was raising his arms preparing to call for the flames of hell, Masters caught him from behind and locked in the Masterlock! And not even Kane could break out of the Masterlock!

    Wow ... next we had the very unpleasant duty of listening to the retarded douche bag piece of crap, Rob Van Dam, make himself sound even gayer and dumber than usual on the mic. Wow ... WWE ... please fire this douche bag soon. Seriously, this guy is worthless as crap and couldn't reinvent himself for sh*t.

    Next, we saw a recap of what happened last week at the "Retirement Party" of HBK, including what Vince revealed about himself and his personal life ... and also what HBK refused to do ... because of his fans.

    Well, after watching this, the pissed-off-as-hell chairman of WWE was glad to see the Spirit Squad .... and he announced something that made us all (or at least me) happy! Hahaha! That douche bag Michaels would be forced to face against 4 out of 5 members of the Spirit Squad tonight ... in a 4-on-1 Handicap Match debut for the SS! Haha, Michaels, you suck!

    Next, Shelton Benjamin got what he earned last week - an Intercontinental Title Match against the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Well, the decrepit Flair came out here "stylin'" and "profilin'" as always (and don't forget constipated and senile), while Shelton Benjamin, alongside his sick mama in a wheelchair (who wanted to be here no matter what), emerged and entered the ring.

    Ric Flair towards the end of the match ended up executing the Figure Four Leglock, but after Shelton reached the ropes, Big Mama decided it was time for her to get involved! What happened next was both awesome and hilarious! Hahaha! Mama walked up from her wheelchair and leaned over against the fans, as if she were about to have some sort of attack! The referee went to tend to her, and while he was gone, Shelton grabbed her oxygen tank and clocked Flair in the head! When the referee returned to the ring, Shelton covered him for the 1-2-3 ... becoming IC Champion once again! Mama magically became better and started dancing! And that means Ric Flair has lost the IC Title ... hahahaha! Hahahaha!

    Next, we saw an extended video highlighting the awesome No Way Out PPV from last night. Pure adrenaline rush, damn straight.

    The next match was the highly-anticipated 4-on-1 Handicap match ... between four of the five members of the Spirit Squad (Kenny, Johnny, Mikey, and Nick ... Mitch stayed outside) vs. the Heart Break Biatch, Shawn Michaels! Well, the five cheerleaders first got into the ring and did a little cheer for HBK ... about how he's going straight to hell! As the match started, HBK was pummeled and pounded on by each of McMahon's four chosen lackeys. They even got out a trampoline at one point and delivered a trampoline-clothesline!!! Well, in the end, HBK was able to deliver Sweet Chin Music to one of them, but after going for the pin, the other four jumped in and stopped the pin, causing a DQ call from the ref! The Spirit Squad continued to beat down Michaels, but out of nowhere, HBK's old tag team partner, former Rocker Marty Jannetty, arrived out of nowhere and helped HBK out! Holy crap, The Rockers sent McMahon's Spirit Squad reeling!


    And I swear!!! WWE just brought the WWE Slam of the Weeks and the WWE Rewinds back last week after I had just mentioned that they had disappeared a long time ago! Tonight, we got the WWE Rewind again!!!!

    Anyway, Carlito came out next and in a fit of rage brutally attacked some jobber. He then cryptically announced his idea for Wrestlemania ... Money in the Bank! Now I'm not sure if it was Jericho or Bischoff that came up with the idea last year, but Carlito seems to want to bring it back, which means we'll have yet another Mr. Money-in-the-Bank!

    Then, in a shocking announcement, the RAW commentators revealed the identity of the second WWE Class of 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee (the first was Bret Hart of course) ... none other than the late Eddie Guerrero! We were taken back to the unforgettable Tribute Show ... and also shown a video highlighting some of Eddie's best moments in his wrestling career ... Latino Heat will be inducted, and deservedly so, into the WWE Hall of Fame the night prior to Wrestlemania 22.

    Next, Mr. McMahon came out here and announced another shocker! It seems he is ready to give Marty Jannetty a WWE contract ... and apparently Jannetty needs it, as he's been in some "hard times" according to McMahon. However, we soon found out the catch - in order to get this job, Jannetty has to KISS McMahon's ass next week!

    Finally, we heard from Triple H, the last man in tonight's Triple Threat Match Tournament Final, regarding his thoughts on Wrestlemania. The Game promised the world ... that the "king of kings" ... would once again take his throne.

    Well, the three men who made it this far in the tournament made their way to the ring, one by one. After Big Show and RVD, Trips made his fabled entrance ... but was interrupted when Show though him into the ring! Let me just say this ... RVD is a piece of garbage. And I don't just mean his overrated ring ability or his atrocious mic skills ... I mean he's just a plain piece of ass crap.

    After hitting Big Show with a chair followed by a Pedigree, Triple H came THIS close to winning! But that little punk RVD broke it up just in time! Then, RVD took advantage and used the Frog Splash on Show! However, Triple kept the referee from counting by grabbing his leg, and then he took advantage by pedigreeing RVD as he got up! Hell yes!!! Triple H picked up the win over his opponents, meaning it will indeed be the Cerebral Assassin who goes on to headline Wrestlemania in RAW's main event title match!

    And for those of you who thought the WWE Champion wasn't going to be in the house today ... well ... you were wrong. John Cena came out to the ring and confronted Trips ... with the WWE title belt in hand ... staring him in the eyes, face to face. The Road to Wrestlemania ... is just heating up.

    ....... so let's recap here, shall we? Think back to the Royal Rumble. My two picks for the rumble match winner were none other than my two favorite WWE superstars, Randy Orton and Triple H. Coincidentally, Trips drew #1 and Orton #30, but both men ended up being the last three men in the rumble match itself .... along with Mysterio, who screwed both over.

    But now, both of these guys who I wanted to and had prophesized to win the rumble match ... will be headlining Wrestlemania in their brand's title matches (and winning the titles, mind you) ... so ... WTF do you all have to say about that? Damn straight.moreless
  • The road continues.

    Carlito defeated Nick Burke

    I would give this match a 3/10, Carlito beatg some guy nobody has heard of, just a filler match.

    Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin defeated Ric Flair

    I would give this match a 5/10, I was a little

    disappointed with the outcome, I thought Flair

    would win, I was hoping he would win. Shelton

    stole it at the last moment.

    Shawn Michaels defeated the Spirit Squad via DQ

    I would give this match a 5/10, it was an okay match. The Spirit Squad sucks, and they are boring, I was'nt surprised by the outcome.

    Women's Championship No. 1 Contender Battle Royal: Candice wins

    I would give this match a 3/10, Candice should not have win.

    Kane defeated Chris Masters

    I would give this match a 7/10, one of the better matches of the night, I'm glad Kane won.

    Edge defeated "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

    Good match, 7.5/10. It was good to see "Hacksaw" again.

    Triple Threat Road to Wrestlemania Final (WWE Championship No.1 Contender): Triple H defeated Rob Van Dam and Big Show

    Best match of the night, 8.5/10. Glad HHH won pretty good main event.


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