WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 46

Fighting for Survival

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Show opens with a Veterans Day tribute.

Batista comes to the ring. He says he was invited by William Regal to take on some Raw competition. He talks about getting himself ready for Hell in the Cell with the Undertaker. Then the Undertaker comes out. Before the two can start fighting, William Regal comes out and says they're going to fight Cade & Murdoch

Match #1: Undertaker & Batista vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Undertaker pins Cade following a Tombstone Piledriver. After the match, Batista hits the Batista Bomb on Murdoch.

Match #2: Maria vs Beth Phoenix. Phoenix pins Maria following a fisherman's suplex. After the match, Santino Marella comes down and complains about being attacked by Stone Cold Steve Austin last week. Since Austin isn't there, Santino demands an apology from Jim Ross instead. Jerry Lawler stands up to Santino instead. Lawler knocks Santino down with one punch.

In the back, Santino challenges Jerry Lawler for a match tonight. Then it's a recap of the last five weeks between Shawn Michaels & Randy Orton. Then it's "exclusive" footage from WWE mobile and Randy Orton's deal with William Regal.

Match #3: Jeff & Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs Mr. Kennedy, MVP & Finlay. Jeff Hardy pins MVP following a Swanton Bomb (and 619 from Rey)

Time for the face off between Shawn Michaels & Randy Orton with Vince McMahon as the moderator.

Match #4: Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly vs Melina, Layla & Jillian Hall. Mickie pins Layla following a kick to the head.

Snitsky promo.

Match #5: Jerry Lawler vs Santino Marella. Lawler wins

Footage of William Regal & Jonathan Coachman training Hornswoggle.

Triple H interview

Match #6: Lumberjack: Triple H vs Umaga. Triple H wins via DQ after Finlay attacks him.