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    PWTorch wrote:
    WWE star Rey Mysterio's future in WWE is in question, according to multiple reports on Mysterio's current standing with the company.

    Mysterio tweeted on Monday that he's "on a mission" to rehab his latest knee injury, which he said earlier this month will not require another surgery.

    However, Mysterio's body has been ravaged by injuries in recent years and he has two strikes on WWE's Wellness Policy, making him a "special attraction" star, at best.

    Rey's days as a regularly-featured star seem to be behind him, creating an internal conflict in WWE on whether they should take another chance on Rey's health and get the most out of one of their most-popular stars of the last ten years.

    With the Latin American market drying up in 2012, Rey's status has created a greater sense of urgency to get Alberto Del Rio up and running as a popular, top-line star. However, Del Rio's initial babyface run has not taken off to the level WWE would have hoped, especially feuding against polar-opposite heel Jack Swagger. WWE even kept Swagger on TV following his DUI arrest in February to continue using Swagger as a means to elevate Del Rio.

    The other option is Sin Cara, but Cara has struggled to connect with the audience because of the language barrier and WWE is also hesitant to elevate Cara because of injury issues during his initial run.

    Because Mysterio is a legacy star, is one of the most tenured wrestlers on the roster, has massive merchandising potential, and can still deliver in the ring if he's healthy, it adds up to WWE giving Rey some time to get healthy again for another run.

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    You never hear too much of Mysterio these days.
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