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Tv.com Presents: Hell in the Cell Roundtable 2012

What will be the outcome tonight?

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    This was the main event of Hell In a Cell.

    *"Miseria Cantare" plays. Darkside Majin enters, carrying both the world championship and his trademark bottle of wine.*

    Cole: Here he comes!

    JR: Ladies and gentlemen this is one disturbed individual.

    JBL: Disturbed individual? This is our champion JR! And he's going to take Cruel Leonard to hell and back!

    *Darkside strolls around the cell, gazing up at the roof. He stops next to the announce desk.*

    JR: What does he want?

    Cole: Hopefully nothing to do with us!

    *Darkside drops the title and places his wine bottle on the ground. He picks up a chair.*

    JR: What the -

    *He throws the chair on top of the cell.*

    JR: He's, no he can't be...

    *Darkside follows the chair to the top.*

    Cole: Oh my!

    JBL: If you don't say it I will JR!

    JR: Well, ladies and gentlemen I believe business may about to pick up!

    *Darkside makes it to the top of the cell, then"Audit" beginns to play. Crulex makes his entrance to a massive ovation.*

    JR: Listen to that ovation for the challenger!

    *Crulex slowly approaches the cell through all the smoke, and gazes up at the champion.*

    Cole: Do you think he's crazy enough to follow him up there?

    JBL: I think we're about to find out!

    *Crulex begins his ascent, and the crowd go crazy.*

    Cole: Oh my!

    JR: This is going to get very physical very quickly!

    JBL: This is gonna be a hell of a fight!

    *Crulex reaches the top, then charges at Darkside, booting him in the face. Darkside stays standing and throws strikes back at Crulex. They trade vicious blows until Darkside is dangerously close to the edge of the cell.*

    Cole: He's gonna fall!

    *Crulex goes for a boot, but Darkside ducks it and tries to seize him by the throat. Crulex evades and sweeps Majin up onto his back.*

    Cole: Crulex is going for Chaos Theory!

    JBL: This could be the shortest hell in a cell in history!

    *Darkside drops out of it and lifts Crulex high in the air. He brings him crashing back down to the steel.*

    Cole: The last ride!

    JR: What a manoeuvre!

    JBL: Trust, I've taken that move several times and it is one of the most painful it is, I can't even imagine what it feels like on top of the cell!

    Cole: Look at the panel, Crulex landed on, it's damaged, it's going to give way!

    *Darkside approaches Crulex and motions to pick him. Crulex seizes him and whirls him round.*

    JR: How is Crulex even standing, let alone -

    *He drops Majin headfirst.*

    Cole: Tombstone! Tombstone piledriver!

    JR: Bah gawd!

    JBL: They're gonna kill each other up there, and I love it!

    *Crulex drags Majin to his feet, then wraps his hand round his throat.*

    Cole: Oh my, this could be lights out for Majin!

    *Crulex lifts him into the air. Majin comes back down with a - *

    Cole: RKO! RKO!

    JR: What a counter!

    JBL: That was amazing!

    JR: I can't believe the cell is still holding, they need to move to other side so they don't plummet to the ring!

    *The crowd are losing their minds. Darkside slowly gets back to his feet. He picks up the chair.*

    JR: The champion has some cruel intentions.

    JBL: Finish it Darkside finish it!

    *Crulex begins to stir and gets to his knees. Darkside strikes him in the face with the chair.*

    Cole: Oh!

    JBL: Absolutely brutal!

    *Crulex again tries to get up, only to receive another chairshot.*

    JR: This is getting hard to watch folks.

    *Crulex rises once more, Darkside smashes the chair over his head.*

    Cole: That sick sound of splintering steel!

    JBL: That has to be it!

    JR: I agree, I think that's all she wrote folks.

    *Crulex lifts his head, staring wildly at Majin, with blood in his eyes and half of the chair still wrapped round his neck. He gets to his feet.*

    Cole: He's standing! Crulex is standing!

    JBL: How is he even conscious?

    JR: The intestinal fortitude of this young man is incredible!

    * Darkside swings the chair again but Crulex boots it out of his grasp. They go back to trading strikes. A Darkside elbow leaves Crulex doubled over. He grabs the challenger. *

    JBL: He's going for the last ride again!

    Cole: This is insane, the cell is going to collapse!

    *Darkside lifts Crulex up.*

    JR: No!

    *Crulex drops out of it and captures Majin in the reverse tombstone position.*

    Cole: He countered it, he -

    *Crulex jumps. The cell gives way as he brings Majin back down to the steel with Chaos Theory. They fall through the cell.*

    Cole: Oh my god!

    *They dint the ring as they land, Majin headfirst and Crulex on his back. The crowd are in awe, with "holy s***" and "oh my god" chants ringing through the arena.*

    JR: They, they may be broken in half!

    Cole: I can't believe it!

    JBL: In all my years in this business I have never seen anything like that!

    *Crulex uses his last ounce of strength to throw an arm over Darkside.*

    Crowd: One! Two! Three!

    *The crowd go ballistic.*

    Lilian Garcia: And you winner, the new TWF world heavyweight champion….Cruuuulex!!!!

    *Crulex struggles slowly to his feet. The referee tries to help him stand, but he simply tears the title belt from his hands. He raises it in the air with one hand as he collapses again.*

    Cole: He did it! Crulex did it!

    JR: Yes but at what cost?

    JBL: It's the world title JR, no price is too much! These men proved tonight that they would willingly give their lives for that belt!

    *The camera switches from the bloody Crulex clutching his title, to Darkside Majin, still immobile in the broken part of the ring. Crulex manages to sit up, staring at his belt, as the pay per view goes off air.*

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