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TV.com Roundtable Royal Rumble 2013 build up thread

Who will win the rumble?

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    *The following takes place on LIVE Smackdown!*

    JBL: Hello, hello and welcome to a commercial-free live Smackdown! We saw a lot of the fall out from the great TLC PPV ranging from all sorts of things such as the TWF title match being announced!

    Matthews: And what an amazing match it will be! JandSman has ripped the title off of the deadman Crulex's hand but with Deadnight cashing in his rematch clause who knows what can be in store when these three clash. Deadnight is coming in hot from a victory over Goldenagenick.

    JBL: Speaking of which, what is up with him? His twitter page teased a "uncensored" promo but he didn't even SHOW UP for RAW.

    *Just as JBL finishes Close Your Eyes-"Valleys" hits and the crowd gives a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Nick walks out with a sledgehammer and is in his ring gear. He angrily stomps his way down to the ring. He goes over and swats a microphone from Just Roberts and slides in the ring.*

    Nick: Last night...Last night I was screwed. Seems to be areoccurringtheme in the past 2 months. On Sunday I had to face Deadnight on TWO DAYS NOTICE. How could I possibly be prepared for a match of that caliber? That should be a Wrestlemania main event but instead we are in the mid-card of a B-rate PPV. That was a catastrophe of dumb booking by the incompetent GM, JandSman. Then came Monday...

    *The fans chant "Razzzor Razzzor" to make fun of Nick by calling him a Scott Hall.*

    SHUT THE HELL UP! Now Sunday I was beaten and tired. I fell asleep in my hotel room and woke up to find that my rental car had its tires slashed. Now unless some crazy fan stalked me from the arena it's pretty obvious who the culprit was: JandSman.

    JandS, does it amuse you that I can beat you within an inch of your life but you won't make the match? Your reign is nothing until you finally confront me and I will not stop until you give me my rightful shot...

    *Crowd starts chanting "JandS"*

    Oh, you think he's going to come out and verbally or physically abuse me? You're all sadder than I thought. JandSman would never come to the "B" show because he thinks he's above that. The funny thing is that this Smackdown is live and since he obviously was the one plotting to stop my uncensored promo it seems he still failed because he didn't think I'd catch a plane to todays show. I doubt he's even in the back so the promo will be tonight!

    *The crowd pops at thepossibilityof profanity.*

    So let's begin...

    *Just as Nick is about to start rambling CPman's music hits and he runs into the ring and slides in. He smiles at Nick and grabs a mic.*

    Nick: Who the hell do you think you are interrupting me?!?

    CPMan: I'm the guy who's here to save the fans from your dumb bitching.

    *The crowd gives a huge pop.*

    Nick: Well you seem to forget the odds are not in your favor...

    CPMan: How do you figure.

    *Nick walks over to the corner and picks up the sledgehammer he had. CPMan's smirk quickly fades to a face of terror. CP tries to get out but Nick swings the sledgehammer at CP's ankle and he lets out a blood-curdling scream. Nick drags him back in and continues to assault him with the sledgehammer. Nick rolls out and grabs a table and throws it in the ring. He sets it up and pulls out gasoline that was hidden inside the stuffing of a turnbuckle.*

    Matthews: What the hell! He had to known someone was going to try to stop him.

    JBL: This Nick is one sick pup.

    *He dumps the gasoline over the table and lights it on fire from a match he had. He takes CPMan's knocked out bloody body and puts it up on the turnbuckle. He suplexes him through the table and the crowd begins to chant "holy shit! holy shit!" Nick gets up and starts frantically hitting himself and losing his mind. He grabs a mic and looks right into the camera.*

    Nick: I'm done playing these fucking games. If you step in my path, I will destroy you. Stay away.

    *Nick grabs the camera and throws it across the outskirts of the ring. The camera goes backstage to Crulex who is standing in his office in complete shock. He finally catches himself and darts out of his office.*

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    I am looking for a face partner to team with me as I want a No.1 Contender's match for the Tag Team Titles? So if anyone isinterested, please respond to this or PM me, or if not following me please do and then message

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    Cpman Twitter wrote:
    BULLSHIT! BULLLLSHIT! How dare Nick do this! I have BURNS! Does he not know his role?! I destroyed Hurricane with a Steel Chair! I am a hero! Nick wants to play games? He's got a game alright. Though I always have the wild card in my hand.
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    The following happens on a Special Super Smackdown! Live following Nick's promo:

    *A new camera man runs down to the ring to film Nick's rampage. The camera man looks familiar, but no one can quite tell why since he has a thick beard/mustache combo, and has long hair. This camera man slips into the ring and shoves the camera up into Nick's face, which upsets Nick. Nick starts screaming at the man, when the previous camera man gets into the ring and grabs the camera from the new guy. The new camera man then reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a gold mic! He raises it to his mouth and begins talking*

    New Camera Man: Nick, long time no see man. Last time I was in this place I was trying to keep the manager rule alive after you screwed things up by getting drunk and skipping town. I hate Cpman as much as everyone else here, and I'm certainly not out here to save him, but boy do I have some things to say to you. You see, Sunday marked the one year anniversary of a milestone in the TWF... It marked the day one man became the first and currently only Grand Slam Champion. The next night he left with the title, and at Wrestlemania he was retired. That man, is of course me, Spideynerd.

    *The fans go wild as Spidey pulls off his wig he was wearing, and rips off the fake beard/mustache combo thing he was wearing as well. Spidey has a grin on his face as he longs directly into the camera. He then turns his attention back to Nick, who appears slightly shocked*

    Spidey: Don't worry Nick, I'm not here to come out of retirement and fight you. You aren't worth my time. I'm out here because I was visiting backstage with the Co-GMs when Crulex saw your attack. He ran to find me and told me to get out here and speak my mind. I can say whatever the hell I want to, and no one is going to cut my mic. Nick, you are unreliable, and we both know it. I'm amazed you even found your way to the arena for TLC on Sunday. You no showing Raw doesn't surprise me, because let's face it, your tires weren't slashed, you just felt like the fans don't deserve to see you two days in a row, so you skipped out on Raw. Any sane person would have still showed up even with slashed tires. Have you ever heard of a Taxi? Or maybe calling up a friend and riding with them. Your excuse is poor and so full of holes it is kind of pathetic. But let's be honest here Nick, I once let you down, that was years ago. You letting me down with the whole manager thing, that was pay back... I get it, but now you are letting the fans down, and not only that, but everyone in the back. People are concerned about you Nick. When I saved you several months ago, I had high hopes for you, but then you came crashing down again. I let the people down when I failed you. That's right, I failed you... Because I failed to turn you around completely. I tried to make the manager thing work after our little stint, but the only offer I had didn't pan out. The Royal Rumble begins a new year though, 2013, and I'm going to make it my mission to make 2013 the year of the manager. Who will I manage first? I don't know, but it will not be you. I can't trust you Nick, and I'm sure you can't trust me. These people, the fans, they deserve a promise that can be kept, just like I kept my promise to Crulex and Kreater about retiring and staying retired. I have not once thought about returning to fight in a TWF ring, they never said anything about me being a manager though.

    *The crowd starts a "Manager" chant as Spidey smiles, and then lowers his mic. He rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp and then directly backstage as Smackdown heads to a commercial*

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    Deadnight Majin Twitter wrote:
    Watching #LiveSmackdown #TuesdayNightOrtonism live from the Ortonism hotel suite. I'm waiting for @GMJANDS to respond before I make my next tv appearance

    Deadnight Majin Twitter wrote:
    Since when were our superstars allowed to swear? This is the chaos that ensues when you put @CorporateLeonard in charge

    Edited on 12/18/2012 5:01pm
    Edited 2 total times.
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    This happens around an hour into Smackdown

    (Three six Mafia plays and Mark Henry comes out greeted to major heat from the crowd. He gives off a smug look and walks down the ramp, while JBL and Josh Matthews speak.)

    Mattews: Well here comes the man, who screwed JLe out of the U.S title at TLC.

    JBL: He didn't screw anyone it was no disqualification!

    Matthews: Come on! You know that JLe was cheated! There was no other way around it!

    JBL: OH WAHH WAHH WAHH!!!!! When you're wrestling a match like tables, ladders and chairs you also have to expect things like distractions!!!

    Matthews: Now to make matters, worse the new United States champion Randyspeeps is forcing Maria in a rematch! How ridiculous is that! JBL: This is what happens when you mess with Ortonism! Besides it's only fair! Randyspeeps didn't get a fair fight

    Matthews: How is that fair?! Of all the people Randyspeeps chose, It had to be a non wrestler! Randyspeeps could've chosen R-Truth to make his sta-

    JBL: Let tell you something Josh! Maria said she's not afraid of Randyspeeps! Now she gets the distinct honor of facing him again! This hasn't happened in a long time!

    Mattews: Yeah picking on a woman who has no wrestling experience! Judging how Randyspeeps is avoiding JLe and targeting someone like Maria, you would think that his skills are decling! I mean JLe really pushed Randyspeeps to limits that I'm not sure he knew he had!

    (Mark Henry enters the ring.)

    JBL: Or maybe it's mind games, that's always been Ortonism's calling card! Besides Maria got herself into this mess, she needs step up and prove she's not a liabilty to JLe.

    (The titantron plays You can hate me now plays and crowd explodes in joy as they see JLe come out with an expression that reads: I'm going to kill you fat boy". He wastes little time running to the ring to trade blows with Mark Henry as the bell rings.)

    (Mark Henry gets the upperhand, by hitting JLe with a massive headbutt. JLe gets knocked halfway across the ring, but quickly recovers in order to lay the smackdown on the World's Strongest Man. JLe delivers some hard kicks to Henry's knees and gives him a swinging neckbraker that is then converted into a stunner. Henry is dazed as JLe lifts him up for flashbang and executes it. Sensing that Henry's knocked out cold, JLe then climbs the top rope for the Kamikaze, he hits it and pins Mark Henry. The ref counts to three.)

    Garcia: Here is your winner: JLe!

    (JLe is not satistfied, he climbs the top rope AGAIN and hits the Kamikaze on Mark Henry. He then goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a chair and a mic. He enters the ring drops the mic and uses the chair to whack Henry's thick skull 20 times!)

    JBL: He's angry.

    Matthews: Really? I thought he was very happy at the fact that this man cost him his title!

    JBL: Shut up Josh.

    (JLe then unfolds the chair and fits around Mark Henry's neck. He then goes back to the top rope and performs a leg drop, Mark Henry is then writhing in pain struggling to breathe. The referee checkes on him and forms an "X" with his arms as the paramedics come in and take Henry away. JLe picks up the mic and speaks.)

    JLe: I'm still not satisfied! Speeps I can't stand you! You go around thinking that you can just destroy people's lives because you can! You really believe that you can get rid of me that easily! I admit though you still have some fuel left in that tank, but you were definitly struggling keep up with me! It is interesting that instead of facing me like a man, that you resort to bullying a female! The stipulation said that If I interfered I'm fired, well Speeps I got a propostion for you! Let's make our title match interesting. Put your Money in the bank on the line once again, only this time If I lose, I'm banned from the TWF until wrestlemania, but If I win though, I gain control of Ortonism as long as I remain the champion. What type of match? Let's make it an Street fight match!

    (The crowd roars.)

    JLe: One more thing, Speeps you better not follow through on wreslting Maria, because if you do......

    (JLe points at the titantron and R-Truth appears, in front of him are seinfield and Batista battered, bloodied and bruised and bound gagged.)

    JLe: If you're going to hurt my allies, I'm going to hurt yours! You leave Maria alone and I'll let them go or if not, well let's just say I hope Ortonism has good health insurance!

    (You can hate me now plays and JLe exits to the back as the camera fades.)
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    Deadnight Majin Twitter wrote:
    So @JLe1223 wants @Randyspeeps to put the leadership of Ortonism on the line. Interesting, especially since I'M the leader of Ortonism, MY stable #TuesdayNightOrtonism

    Deadnight Majin Twitter wrote:
    Also, @JLe1223 wants @Randyspeeps to put three things on the line while he puts on one. Hmm. #Lackofnumeracyskills

    Edited on 12/19/2012 7:33am
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    OOC: I keep thinking Randyspeeps is the leader, but looking at old promos It turns out I forgot.
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    *As Super Smackdown live continues, Crulex appears on the titantron from the inside of his office. A few stitches on his head from the TLC match are visible on his face, and he looks a tad indifferent while he manages his pain.*

    Crulex: Of course, I really should have seen this coming. I didn't give JandSman any credit, nor did I take into account what it was like to face a sick man who didn't even know who he was half the time. And for that, I lost the TWF Championship to GM JandSman. His career in his mind is saved, and now Deadnight- Majin has a new enemy on the horizon.

    *Crulex hacks and holds his ribs from the damage he received by going through a table and grimaces at the camera.*

    Crulex: Deadnight, we've had some brutal battles, and it took a brutal battle to remind me that when I'm in the ring, I have to leave the suit and tie in the office and come out swinging with the power that ruined Darkside and Frieza. I have to find a balance for business and personal. So it's a good thing that I have six weeks to do it before I not only crack your skull in for having the audacity to continue referring to me as "Leonard", but worse yet, Corporate Leonard. Do people call Triple H "Corporate Hunter"? NO! They call him the Game, dammit! I may be trying to clean this place up and trying to set a good example for the rest of my superstars, but I will not be mocked and jeered by the likes of you! Have your fun, think what you want, but at the Royal Rumble, you'll see what happens when the Elemental Demon pulls a Ric Flair and pulls off his suit in the ring, ready for a war!

    *Crulex stands up and puts his hands behind his back and clears his throat.*

    Crulex: As for you, JandSman, congratulations. I hope you are happy with your win. Because now you're going to find yourself in the middle of the bloodiest, most personal war that has ever taken place in the TWF. Majin and I almost killed each other. Now we both have our eyes on you. I suggest that pay close attention to the coming weeks, because you may have escaped a Demon, and you may think you can handle the Leader of Ortonism, but I seriously doubt that even in your unbalanced state, you can handle us together. The Royal Rumble is the start of the Road to Wrestlemania. So get ready, cause it just so happens that this Road doesn't just go to Mania.......it goes straight through hell.

    *Crulex picks up a pair of handcuffs and spins them in his hands before looking at the camera with an vicious smile, fighting though the pain to show how evil his intentions are.*

    Crulex: CPman, Kreater, Gamerguy, Majin......so many people misunderstand me. I'm not here to fulfill my wants. I'm here as a matter of duty. I'm a fair GM. I'm not corrupt or power hungry. And I will prove it, even if I have to make each and everyone of you suffer, equally, without prejudice. All I demand is paid-in-full honor, because I certainly don't want order. I love the chaos going on. I applaud the recent actions of anarchy and lawlessness as shown by Nick, CPman, JLe and Speeps. And many more surprises are to come. I can't wait until the bomb falls, because then.......when you see the riot police.....will show you what it's like in my world. In my company. In my future vision of the TWF. Happy Holidays, members of the TWF, because my presents to the superstars.....will be coming very shortly. YAhahahahahahahahahhahaha!

    *The titantron cuts off and the arena buzzes while Super Smackdown continues.*

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    It is I, Randyspeeps

    *Randyspeeps voice echoes throughout the arena. There is no video on the titantron and Randyspeeps is no where to be found. There is a spotlight in the middle of the ring as Speeps continues to speak*

    Randyspeeps: It has come to my attention that JLE has tricks up his sleeves. His latest actions have caught me off guard, but it's nothing I can't over come. JLE is playing a very dangerous game. A game that far too many played, yet the victor always remained the same. Here's a lesson to the young and ambitious JLE: Don't blink.

    Cole: What the -

    JBL: Don't blink?

    Cole: Speeps is playing his mind tricks again.

    Randyspeeps: JLE JLE JLE. You're so hungry, but your hunger has turned into greed. You want me to put up my U.S title on the line. You also want me to put up my MITB briefcase. And it's clear that you've been living under a rock, because I am not the leader of Ortonism. Deadnight Majin is the leader of the greatest stable in the world. Under his leadership, Ortonism has evolved and have risen to newer heights. I advise you to publicly apologize to Deadnight Majin for your clear disrespect.

    *Speeps clears his throat*

    Randyspeeps: JLE, you want me to give all that up, and in return you give up your career until Wrestlemania? HA! Your career means nothing to me. I could careless if you're here or in the WOTU, or living on the street. So let me make this clear. I defeated 5 other men for this briefcase. A briefcase that guarantees me another Tv.com title reign.

    Cole: Just a note, the MITB contract does not guarantee Speeps a title reign.

    JBL: Yes it does.

    Cole: No it doesn't. It guarantees him a title match.

    JBL: In Speeps case, that's the same thing as a title reign.

    Randyspeeps: JLE. You will not get another shot at my MITB contract. You're lucky that I'm still wasting my time with you by giving you another title shot, much less a match. See, I have standards JLE. And you've fallen short of my expectations. I wish you the best of luck at the Royal Rumble when we meet in our street fight.

    Cole: Did Speeps just accept the street fight stipulation?

    JBL: I believe he did Cole.

    *Speeps voice disappears. The lights in the arena re-appear.*

    Cole: That was bizarre.

    JBL: That was vintage!

    Cole: How dare you?

    JBL: Shut up Cole you measly bastard.

    Cole: Yes sir.

    *The lights in the arena go back off. The titan tron flickers on. Speeps is dressed in full black. He is accompanied by a 7 foot man that is dressed in full black and has a ski-mask. Speeps is clearly backstage, because he passes many locker rooms for the superstar. He stops in front of the divas locker room with a sick grin on his face. Speeps opens the locker room and divas start to scream and run.*

    Randyspeeps: Hello ladies. You all look very, actually, like there could be some improvement. Like hit the gym. Eat a salad. Perhaps a cracker.

    Cole: Just sick.

    Randyspeeps: I'm here for the one they call Maria. Where is she?

    *All the divas run out the locker room leaving Maria standing by a locker. She's scared and nervous.*

    Randyspeeps: Are you ready for our match sweetheart?

    Maria: No...please, we don't have to..

    Randyspeeps: But oh, I so want to.

    Maria: Let's rethink this Speeps. I'd do anything, anything.

    Randyspeeps: Maria, you see this man next to me? He's different than Mark Henry. He has no sexual impulses. He has no wants. No desires. No fears. The only thing this man possesses is controlled anger. That's all he has ever known. I tell you this, because I don't want you to try anything funny. This man is my ticket to another Tv.com title reign. When I saw Mark Henry fall for your beauty I realized that he wasn't fit to be my enforcer. Much less, he lost to JLE making my decision to terminate his contract that much easier. This man is from...well, I don't know where he's from. I just know he's mean.

    Maria: Why are you telling me this?

    Speeps: It's a warning to you and everyone else.

    *Speeps moves closer to Maria.*

    Randyspeeps: Let's end it. I don't want to fight with you Maria. I really don't. But I do want to . . .I want to kiss you.

    *gasps can be heard from the TWF universe*

    Maria: I won't. I hate you! You're sick.

    Randyspeeps: Well if I can't get a kiss. I guess I'll just kick your ass.

    *Speeps puts down his title. He raises his hand, but Maria stops him before he can strike her. Maria plants a big kiss on Speeps.*

    Randyspeeps: Thank you!

    *Randyspeeps walks away, but then turns around and RKO's Maria in the locker room. Speeps gets up, brushes off his clothes and looks into the camera.*

    Randyspeeps: I told you JLE, don't blink.

    *Smackdown goes to commercial.*

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    OOC: Nice one Speeps! now let me see if I can match it.

    Immediately after Speeps promo.

    (Randyspeeps is about to leave until feels a Sledgehammer touch his throat. He smiles as he turns to see an enraged JLe brandishing the Sledgehammer. The masked man tries to attack JLe, but Randyspeeps stops him.)

    Speeps: JLe, I've warned you not to underestimate me. JLe: I know, do you honestly believe that you would fine Maria this easily? Speeps: What?!

    JLe: Look again.

    (Randyspeeps looks down and sees not Maria but R-Truth! He smiles at Randyspeeps, who almost throws up in disgust. JLe almost laughs at Speeps but quickly maintains his composure as he continues to point the Sledgehammer at his throat.R-Truth slowly gets up and stares intensely at the man in the Ski mask.)

    JLe: Guy is a master in disguise Speeps. So you don't care what happens to me, fine I see why. I warn you though don't underestimate me. Speeps: This is foolish of you JLe, you've realized you've chosen death. JLe: A little overly dramatic. Speeps: Oh no! JLe, not at all! Believe me from now until the Royal Rumble: You, the beautiful Maria,and (He winces at R-Truth.) Are going down, starting with Maria on RAW!

    JLe: It's always Maria, Maria, Maria. For someone who dumped her, you talk a lot about her. You're better off facing me and me alone from this moment on. Fine I accept the match stipulation, come Royal Rumble I will walk out as United States Champion while you will be in a retirement home drinking meat from a straw! Oh and about Maria.....

    (Speeps turns around and is greeted by a slap in a face by the REAL Maria. The Ski masked man charges but is met head on by R-Truth. Enraged, Randyspeeps tries to after Maria, but she pulls out a taser and stuns him with it. Speeps goes down as JLe is about to raise the hammer to crush Speeps ribs but is hit by the KO'd, broken ribbed R-Truth. Maria is frozen in fear of the Man, but he ignores her and picks up the shocked body of Randyspeeps. Maria helps JLe up and JLe smiles.)

    JLe: Like you said Speeps: Don't blink.

    (The ski maksed man and Randyspeeps exit the Divas lockerroom and Maria checks onR-Truthas the camera fades.)

    Edited on 12/19/2012 11:46pm
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    OOC: Warning long promo!

    This happens in Randyspeeps mansion

    (Randyspeeps is watching his 50 inch flat panel TV, sitting on his big comfortable couch. Next to him, is the 7 ft ski mask wearing man who is holding Speeps United States Championship. Randyspeeps gets up, stretches and kisses his United States title that rests on the masked man's shoulder.)

    Speeps (Irritation in his voice): Has my doctor got the results yet?

    Man: Here he comes now.

    (Randyspeeps replacement doctor, Doctor Mike arrives in Randyspeeps spacious living room. He has a worried look on his as has the results in his hands. Speeps, taking the United States title from the masked man's hand, urges the Doctor to hurry up, Doctor Mike obeys and practically runs to Randyspeeps.)

    Speeps: Can you be any slower?!

    Mike: I'm sorry Mr Randyspeeps, but your living room is the size of a football field.

    Speeps: Quit whining! What are the results of my tests?

    Mike: Mr Randyspeeps, you don't have the gay virus.

    Speeps: How can you be so sure?! I feel it in my very veins. Ever since I got kissed by that cretin known as R-Truth, I felt all sorts of wrong, I had problems concentrating, walking, seeing straight. In fact I'm actually developing a liking towards men! MEN! For crying out loud! I've been hit hard with the gay disease.

    Man: He can't continue on like this doctor, he has a championship to restore prestige to.

    Mike: But this "gay virus" you talk of is ridiculous. Its pure fiction conjured by republicans in order to keep the people scared of homosexuals.

    Speeps: IT'S REAL!!!!! DANG IT!!!!

    Mike: No it's not! Mr Randyspeeps, in fact the results I hold in my hand well you need to sit down.

    Speeps: Don't tell me what to do! I can stand when I want to!

    Mike: Okay fine then, I'll be brief, your body has been through abuse for years. You still have a partially torn MCL, you lost 35 percent vision in both eyes, you have four bulging discs in your back and you have partially torn rotator cuff. This only the a third of the problems that you have! I'm sorry, but I have to advise that you retire.

    Speeps: What did you say?!

    (Randyspeeps looks like he intends to kill someone preferably Doctor Mike. Doctor Mike feels a wet spot forming in his pants as he wipes his forehead which is drenched with sweat.)

    Mike: I-it's for your own good Mr Randyspeeps your body can't take anymore abuse!

    Speeps(as though he is lost in thought): That is what Maria told me

    Mike: Well in any case she's right; you can't wrestle anymore please reti-

    (Just then Doctor Mike is hit with an thunderous RKO by Randyspeeps, Mike's skull bounces off the marble floor, possibly cracking his skull and causing internal bleeding within his brain. Speeps leans closer to Doctor Mike.)

    Speeps: I decide when I get to retire you got that?

    (The unconscious body of Mike does not respond, not that Speeps cares.)

    Speeps: And by the way you're fired!

    (Speeps spits on Doctor Mike and calls his guards. They arrive, take the body and leaves. Randyspeeps clutches the United States title close and rubs his temples, while the Man in black watches him.)

    Speeps: My body is fine!

    Man: Of course it is! Speeps: I beat no annihilated! A young up and comer who's thinks that he's better than me! Well I taught in knowing his place!

    Man: Sir?

    Speeps: You see the TWF is like a food chain, there are the main eventers, the people like me who are on top of the food chain, the mid carders, the jobbers and then at the very bottom there's a level JLe is on! The lowest end of the chain! The one that many forget because he is insignificant; In that level people like JLe like to draw attention to themselves by thinking that they're the best wrestlers around parading with your former doctor and a deranged lunatic. It's only then alpha males like me, have to beat him real nice in order to make them see, that they are nobody! Just common thrash!

    Man: That is a great speech sir!

    Speeps: Of course it is! Now let's resume watching television, The Walking Dead is on-

    (All of a sudden the power in Randyspeeps mansion shuts down. Randyspeeps and the Mask man look around frantically.)

    Speeps: Guards! Guards! What's going on here?!

    (Just then Randyspeeps' television flickers and then JLe and R-Truth appear standing in front of what looks like another house that is dedicated to Randy Orton. JLe and Truth are grinning ear to ear.)

    JLe: What's up Speeps?!

    (Randyspeeps looks like he wants to murder JLe.)

    Speeps: JLe?! What are doing THERE?!! And how did yo-

    JLe: I can't hear you, if you're yelling at the TV. In fact I hope that you're listening right now. If you're wandering how cut your power I had help from the….. conspiracy theory network.

    Truth: That's me!!!!!

    JLe: Be quiet Truth!

    Truth: I'm sorry!

    JLe: Well anyway, you've really pushed me to the limit! Your boy err what's his face, has taken out R-Truth.

    Truth: Yeah and my ribs are still hurtin! Badly!

    JLe: Anyway Speeps yeah Maria got herself involved, I told her not to, but she was stubborn and insisted that she join us in messing you up. Besides It was pretty funny seeing the look on your face when she slapped and tazed you!

    (Randyspeeps grits his teeth while the masked man cracks his knuckles in preparation of a fight.)

    JLe: You recognize the place we're standing behind, you have a reputation of playing mind games with your opponent before destroying them right? You find their breaking point and you take advantage of it until your victim has no choice but to surrender to your might. But one thing that your opponents in the past have done is find YOUR breaking point. Many tried and failed to find what makes crack, where's the chink in the impenetrable armor. I thought I found your breaking point, but it turns out it was another dead end, and guess what I paid the price for that. So after my defeat, I decided to really look hard into you, what is true weakness. Then it hit me, I mean the answer hasn't been so obvious I mean it was staring me in the face all along.

    Speeps: No…..

    JLe: Your worship of Randy Orton, I mean he's man that you idolized! A man who you modeled your wrestling style after! In fact you named your "religion" Ortonism after Orton himself. You speak highly of the guy; you speak of him as a god! So the question I asked myself is where this man collects his items of Randy Orton, after some searching in the conspiracy theory network I found that you practically built a Mansion dedicated to the guy.

    (JLe moves out of the camera's way and Randyspeeps in his horror sees the Randy Orton tribute mansion.)

    JLe: It is magnificent isn't, I mean this place has everything!

    (R-Truth comes and takes out various Randy Orton items.)

    JLe: Randy Orton t-shirts, DVD's, shoes, underwear, novelty condoms and in the mansion there's a painting of the creation of Adam by Michelangelo like painting of Randy Orton! It must've taken years to get that dine along with your tribute mansion, it's a shame all those years building an entire tribute mansion in order to prove to the man that you were his biggest fan, go up flames. Speeps: NO!!!!!! JLe: Too late grab the earmuffs Truth!!!!!

    (Truth hands JLe his earmuffs, while Truth puts on his. A spilt second later the entire mansion explodes! The entire mansion is consumed by fire, Randyspeeps is overwhelmed with shock. JLe takes off his earmuffs observes the burning mansion with satisfaction and turns to the camera.)

    JLe: I hope you're still watching because there's a visitor in your house right now!

    (A sound of a scuffle is heard and Randyspeeps turns around and sees Randy Orton standing over 10 knocked out guardswearing his butler suit since he's serving Hurricane del Oro. He has a look of disappointment in his face.)

    Orton: You're my biggest fan?! Pathetic, look at you reduced nothing more than a little crybaby, a bitter old crybaby that's who you are?! I would give you an RKO right now but it turns out that you're not worthy of being hit by one! You were never my biggest fan! My biggest fan is Deadnight Majin! My fans would never be reduced to crying like a little girl YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!!

    (Randy Orton turns on his heel and walks away.)

    JLe: Yes and as we speak, I'm recording your reaction! So I can watch it and look at it and witness your tears your tears of unfathomable sadness. Maybe I'll send this to the internet and what will the TWF do when they see the Apex predator reduced to tears!

    Truth: We got spies Speeps!!! They're informing us of your reactions!

    JLe: This is war Randyspeeps and the only way to take down a great powerful wrestler is by shooting first!

    (The TV turns off and the power comes back on. Randyspeeps is stunned, the masked man touches Randyspeeps shoulder.)

    Man: Are you alright?!

    Randyspeeps: I-I don't believe it!

    Speeps: All of my hard work in collecting Randy Orton memorabilia: GONE! I mean I started collection when I was a little boy!

    Man: You can strike back!

    Speeps: How?!

    Man: You strike the most vulnerable part! Take revenge unleash the power of the Viper!!!!

    (Randyspeeps, gives a look of intensity.)

    Speeps: I-I must get revenge this is WAR!!!!!

    Man: Yes you may be down, but you're definitely not out! Attack JLe most vulnerable point you know who I'm talking to!

    Speeps: Maria? But the one I attacked is a fake! It was that nut-job in disguiseand the way she humiliated me-

    Man: Then on RAW we'll attack every Diva until we find Maria! The girl obiviously wants a piece of you! We'll then drag her to that ring and have a little "fun" with her! Enough for the message to sink in to JLe that you have messed with the wrong wreslter!

    Speeps: No more playing around! I will beat the good Doctor to a pulp. She wants to mess the big dog of the TWF, she thinks she can attack my dignity and get away with it?! With Maria, there'll be no more games, no more asking for kisses! It's going to be a battle!!!!! I'll treat her like I treatall of my opponents. I'll make her suffer slowly and painfully.

    Man: Then we'll go after R-Truth andmake him shove the conspiracy up his butt, then finally JLe himself we can deal with last when he's appalled, broken in what he's done to his allies.

    Speeps: Yes….. JLe you've unleashed the Viper! No mercy! Next week on RAW you'll be riding the highway to hell!!!!

    (Speeps gives a look of determination as the masked man looks on satisfied.)

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    Roundtable News wrote:

    The Tv.com Roundtable has reported that Randyspeeps second mansion a Randy Orton museum, has been destroyed in an explosion yesterday afternoon after Smackdown. Though Randyspeeps refuses to talk answer any questions, It was clear that he was emotionally disturbed by these turn of events. He did say after RKOing a reporter who asked too many questions, that the man responsible for the explosion : the former United States champion JLe will pay dearly for this moment and that his plan is to "make him suffer" starting by forcing Doctor Maria in a no disqualification, threatening that he will beat up every single diva until he is sure that he finds the real Maria and drag her to the ring.

    We'll have more on this story as this develops.

    OOC: Yeah, I'll leave the rest to you Randyspeeps. Post whatever pleases you and I'll just roll with it.

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    OOC: Apologizes for not being active this past week. Moving to a new apartment after final exams is not a fun thing to do.

    Taking place on a special WWE on Youtube backstage pass video:

    *King Frieza starts off the video walking down the hallway in the back, looking for a particular door, when he is stopped by Josh Matthews, who has a mic in his hands.*

    Josh: King Frieza, last Sunday you were set to face Sonic in his return match at TLC, but he was not able to make it to the PPV and you instead faced another returning superstar, Dude, after his opponent didn't make it. What are your plans after having been victorious in that match?

    Frieza: I am rather pleased by my TLC performance. I scared Sonic away from even showing up to our match and had myself a fun experience with Dude. But I am disappointed that the last moment of 2012 in Frieza's career is to win an impromptu match-up. Is this a joke? Have I become the third-ring in the three ring circus of CPman and Nick, Randyspeeps and JLe, and JandSman, Deadnight Majin and Crulex? No, Josh, my year may have ended on a luke-warm note, but 2013 promises to be much more satisfying. I have my eye on two prizes, and come this time next year, I will send waves of anguish and ruin across this land. One hiccup is not enough to stop me from reaching my full potential. So at the Royal Rumble, the first PPV of the year and my second year anniversary of my debut to the TWF, I will not only dominate against any superstar that I come across in the Rumble, but I will take the first step to creating what I feel may become the 2013 feud of the year.

    Josh: And who would that be against?

    Frieza: All in due time, Josh. All in due time. I will say, however, that if things continue on as they have.........it will be war that will dwarf all others, and nothing will be the same again.........now excuse me, I have an appointment.

    *Frieza leaves and walks down the hall, stopping only when he sees the door marked "General Manager Crulex" and walks through it while the video ends.*

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    I always assumed you lived in your spaceship rather than an apartment Frieza. Now I think about it though, didn't your ship blow up with Namek?

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    Start of Monday Night Raw

    The lights go out then fireworks go off across the top of the ramp, *Change* hits then Co-GM JandSman comes out with the TWF Championship to a huge ovation.

    Co-GM JandSman high fiving many fans hands as he's going up down and the ramp, then JandSman comes into the ring and jumps onto the middle rope of a corner and raises the TWF Championship as fireworks go off from the stage shooting upward. JandSman jumps off the ropes and is handed a Mic.

    JandS: …

    (The crowd begins to chant "JandS, JandS, JandS")

    THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The crowd goes crazy).

    That's right folks, I'm the NEW TWF WORLD CHAMPION!!!!! After a very long two year drought from holding this title. I've finally reclaimed it, by defeating one of the greatest champions and one of my greatest rivals of all time, Crulex!

    And now I've proven after defeating him 3 times, once in a Ladder match, once in a Hell in a Cell match, and now once in a TLC match, that I'm the better man. And if you don't believe me, just look at the name on the title.

    But I won't take away from Crulex, he is one heck of a competitor, and he put up a great fight, and he has defeated me before, but I did it!!!!

    And, you know what that means right?

    I fulfilled my promise, I won the TWF Championship, and now I won't have to retire (The crowd gets up and gives JandSman a standing ovation for this news)!!!!!!!

    But now you're all probably wondering, why I haven't been acting like one of my multiple personalities, well good news everyone, it looks like my disorder has been cured. It appears it was being enhanced by the stress that I put on myself to win the TWF Championship. But now that I've done that, and I'm relaxed, I can go back to being, good, old JandSman without a problem in the world as the new TWF World Cham….

    Goldenagenick comes out with a Mic.

    Nick: NOOO!!!! THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!

    You shouldn't be Champion right now, in fact, I should have gotten the title shot, not you, you didn't deserve it!

    But because you're in a position of power, you gave yourself a Title shot, well I say that's not fair, and I demand you be stripped of the title, and have it erased from the record books.

    And I demand that I be in next in line for a Championship match, because I deserve it!

    *My Time* hits and Deadnight-Majin comes out with a Mic.

    Deadnight: Now Nick and I are far from being friends, that much is true. And he probably doesn't deserve to get a Championship match, but he's right about one thing.

    You don't deserve that TWF Championship, you're not on my or even Crulex's level. So I think Nick is right, you should be stripped of that TWF Championship, and it should be taken from the record books forever!

    JandS: You guys talk a lot, but the facts are I'M the TWF CHAMPION! And until someone beats me, then I will remain the champion!

    Nick: Unless we do something about it…

    Deadnight: Yeah I like the way, you're thinking, what if say Nick and I took you out right now, leaving you battered and bruised, and leaving the title up for grabs.

    JandS: If you want to fight, we can fight!!!!

    *JandSman throws down his mic then Deadnight and Nick throw down their mics and begin to circle around JandSman. JandS punches Nick, but Deadnight punches JandSman in the back, JandS turns around and exchange numerous punches with Deadnight. But then Nick kicks JandS in the back of the leg, Nick and Deadnight then punch JandSman repeatedly and he begins to fall down.*

    *But then the lights go out then come back on and Crulex is in the ring. Crulex comes into the ring and gives Deadnight numerous uppercuts, JandSman then gets up and then punches Nick in the face repeatedly. JandSman then kicks Nick in the gut then throws him over the top rope. As Crulex is getting the advantage over Deadnight then clotheslines him over the top rope.*

    *Crulex and JandSman then turn around and are staring at each other. JandSman picks up the TWF Championship, then points to it then back to Crulex. JandSman then offers to shake Crulex's hand, he accepts but then Crulex gives JandS a Chokeslam.*

    *The lights go out then come back on and Crulex is gone. JandSman slowly starts to get up, then some referees run out to check on him. But JandSman begins to kick the ropes, then start to tear a turnbuckle apart. The referees try to stop JandS but JandS shoves them down. Then one referee gets up and JandS gives the referee a JAS. JandSman then gets up and gets out of the ring.*


    *Monster J screams as he storms up the ramp as the camera fades away.*

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    Main Eventers 50% -Up

    JandSman 192/311 62%
    Spideynerd 190/311 61%
    Hurricane 187/311 60%
    Crulex 186/311 60%
    Randyspeeps 183/311 59%
    Slick 181/311 58%
    Frieza 180/311 58%
    TheKreater 178/311 57%
    JakeCPFrato 169/311 54%
    TwistofFate14 159/311 51%
    Deadnight-Majin 159/311 51%
    Gamerguy 159/311 51%

    Mid Carders 30% to 50%

    JLe 150/311 48%
    TheDude 139/311 45%
    AllPR0 136/311 44%
    Skinsfan 129/311 41%
    Qfrodri 125/311 40%
    Lakmisdra 123/311 40%
    Efc 118/311 38%
    GoldenageNick 112/311 36%
    Enervator 102/311 33%
    Big_Evil 99/311 32%
    Hockeydude 92/311 30%

    Jobbers 30% and lower

    Numb3rsfan/Minzi 78/311 25%
    Dilla 64/311 21%
    Hornswaggle 57/311 18%
    Jebus/Sonic 56/311 18%
    IamLegend 28/311 9%
    Killerband 23/311 7%
    Wrighttime 21/311 7%
    Nickylucas 16/311 5%
    FullMetalWWant 13/311 4%
    ThePlayer 13/311 4%
    Gamewiz 12/311 4%
    TheNewEraIcon 12/311 4%
    DCSchark 10/311 3%
    Yooperchild 9/311 3%
    Texbreaksnecks 7/311 2%




    Hall of Famers

    SSJordan ( Class of 2008 )

    SylentAssassin ( Class of 2009 )

    Enervator/ReneTavor ( Class of 2010 )

    Randyspeeps ( Class of 2010 )

    Ballin ( Class of 2011 )

    Hurricane ( Class of 2011 )

    Slick ( Class of 2012 )

    Ortonism ( Class of 2012 )

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    JLe Facebook wrote:

    I'm sure Randyspeeps is enjoying my early Christmas gift! XD Merry Christmas everyone!

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    OOC: I'm still not a main eventer yet? Got to keep trying....
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