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TV.com Roundtable TLC 2012 Build Up Thread

Match of the year?

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    *On Monday Night Raw, we see Crulex standing in the hallway holding the TWF World Heavyweight Championship, talking to someone in the shadowy corner of the back with a look of amusement spread on his face. As the shadowy person speaks, his voices sounds distorted and low.*

    ????: So, did you see the little show I put on last week?

    Crulex: Oh yes, I did see what youmanaged todoon Monday. I'm impressed. Not many can pull off what you did. So, what are you planning to do now?

    ????: Push buttons. It's what I do. You know that better than anyone.

    Crulex: I do. Just make sure it's worth it. I know what he is like from what I've seen. As good as you are,will be put to the test. But remember, this is a test run. If we are successful, nothing will ever be the same again.

    ????: I understand that.But why are we taking so long with this? After what happened, are you really that concerned? We are the two best wrestlers in the TWF, and we've proven it over and over. They don't stand a chance......especially if we lose control......

    Crulex: Patience is key, especially in such a high risk operation. You have your opponents, and I have mine. Our main targets will get what they deserve in due time. After all, this may be my last shot and your only shot, and I won't take any chances for flukes.

    ????: I'm not a patient man, Crulex. After all these years, you know that. I'll wait as long as I have to, but you better be ready to pull the trigger when I say so.

    Crulex: No agruements with me. Just be sure you are ready when you call me, otherwise this will all be for nothing. You're the boss of this little venture. Always have been, always will be. But this is just as high profile for me as it is for you. Everything we have ever done is on the line for this. Our legacy. Our history. Our last step in being the best, it all boils down to one match. So when you say that it's time, I'll be right beside you. But I want your A game.

    ????: And I expect the same from you.

    Crulex: If the last few months have meant anything, my A game is just as high as yours. So, do we have an understanding?

    ????: You are lucky that I'm in a good mood, because I don't like your tone.

    Crulex: Hey, no disrespect, I just want to make sure we are on the same page.

    ????: Good. Now, if you don't mind, I have a bug to squash.

    Crulex: Go for it. I have my own prey.

    *The shadowy figure slips out through a back door to the stairway as Crulex begins walking the other way down the hall. Crulex gets to the edge of the hallway when he's stopped by Josh Matthews.*

    Josh: Crulex, can we get a comment on who you were justtalking to?

    Crulex: If you want to live, you'll forget about it. In other words, no comment.

    Josh: Does this have anything to do with your match with JandSman at TLC?

    Crulex: Are you deaf or just stupid? I'm not talking about it anymore, so don't ask. But on the topic of JandSman, there is nothing to say. He's always been a thorn that appears when he finds an opportunity to do so, and at one time, I considered him the most likely to beat me. But after putting an end to Darkside and stopping the steamroller known as Frieza, JandSman is not the threat he once was and I will defeat him, just like I did this past summer.

    Josh: But what about the fact that he outranks you, so any form of no contest will lead to you losing the championship unlike the other two fights?

    Crulex: One, I hate that. I really do. I would rather lose than get another roll-up victory (tie). Next time I put someone into the Chaos Theory, I'm aimming to break their neck. That'll keep them on the mat. And two, I'm not worried about that. JandSman is not in his right mind. Running around acting like a monster. Or a superhero. Or an enlighted budda monk of scholarship. I beat JandSman when he had his mind. What can he do to me now that he's lost it? Or at least, that's what he wants us to think. But I don't buy it. I think JandSman's issues are as real as IED. JandSman can try all he wants to get in my head, but in the end, history will repeat itself as it always does. JandSman, you call me a villian. But that is a bit far. Dark, evil, vile, sure, but a villian? No......not yet. Not until TLC. I'll put it in terms you'll understand: At TLC, you'll see what happens when a split personality J meets a monsterous C with a weapon in his hands. I'm going to crack your skull so hard thatif anything really iswrong with your brain, itwill be fixed. See you soon, GM.

    *Crulex smirks at Josh and pushes past him as Raw continues on.*

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    FriezaisthelordTwitter wrote:

    @Sonic, you were pretty quick to escape my clutches last week, but this Friday, you have an open invitation from me to see just how well those legs of yours well serve you. Will you keep running from me, or will you finally run head first into oblivion? Let us find out, shall we?

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    Friday Night Smackdown.

    *On Friday Night Smackdown, the camera catches up with Frieza looking through a thin book, smirking with at each turn of the page. With a long cackle, he looks over the person who brought him the book.*

    Kreater: So, that's what you wanted, isn't it?

    Frieza: Oh yes. You've done quite well, Kreater. I know things have not gone so well for the Young Gunners these past two months, but with his find, not only will our rise come much sooner than expected, the end of the old days will finally come at last.

    Kreater: Perfect. Gamer is going to love hearing that. After Survivor Series, we could use some confidence.

    Frieza: Something that I am never short of, I can assure you. I am, after all, royalty. Crulex's little fluke victory over me will not discourage me. Sonic was one of the first real opponents Crulex had. Once I demolish him and send him back to the scrap brain zone heap he came from, I will be back for my prize. I will not come this far to be eternally denied.

    Kreater: And when we get our hands on Slick and EFC, we'll get right back on the path of having complete control of the tag team titles.

    Frieza: I should hope so. My plans require that we gain some ground. I will not accept any failures at TLC.

    Kreater: Hang on, I'm the leader of the Young Gunners. You're the Enforcer. Aren't I supposed to be the one not accepting failure?

    Frieza: You say tomato, I say potato.

    Kreator: That's not the saying.

    Frieza: I do not care. Just make sure you find Sonic. I want him to understand that next Friday on Smackdown, I will have a surprise for him that will remind him of why his days are numbered and why he should have quit while he was, for once, ahead.

    Kreater: Right. At TLC, we pick up right where we left off: the most powerful stable in the TWF!

    *Kreater heads off to look for Gamerguy as Frieza looks down at the book in his hands. Clutching it like a piece of gold, King Frieza walks away with a proud stride, feeling more confident about his match with Sonic than he did before.

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    The Return of Sonic Renegade Network wrote:

    For our first report since coming back to TV.com, we have reports that while Frieza has plans to demolish Sonic at TLC, Sonic has his own plans up his sleeve. Tails tells us that "Frieza is just one of the many second generation wrestlers that should've never come here. Sonic's been in this business for 4 years and he knows the ins and outs of this company. Frieza challenged the wrong guy. Once Sonic destroys Frieza and makes sure he's dead for good, he's going to challenge the one man he never seemed to beat. After Frieza.....the saga continues".

    Stay tuned for more coverage as it becomes available.

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    A *Gong* hits and the lights go out, then druids come out with torches lit on fire. They line up and down the ramp. Then *Change* hits and Monster J storm down the ramp then starts attacking the druids. The torches fall to the ramp and they make a line of fire up and down the ramp, as Monster J is punching druids then picking one up and throwing him into the barricade. As security and referees run out with fire entigushers. Monster J then storms to the ring then grabs a mic.

    Monster J: CRULEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I WANT.............. THE ........... TWF CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ???: ... Well that's a shame....

    *Out steps Crulex with a Mic.*

    Crulex: Because you will never ever hold the TWF Championship again. Now that I've defeated Darkside and Frieza, you can add that to the list of many of who I've defeated for this title.

    Along with TheKreater, Spideynerd, Hurricane, Slick, Skinsfan, and that's just for this title.

    Oh and did I forgot to mention, you, and heck that wasn't even that long ago, I defeated you at Money in the Bank. In a ladder's match, which is very similar to our upcoming match, a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Where once I again I will defeat you, and I will retain my TWF Championship, once again proving that, this dark part of me that has been unleashed has turned me into the greatest World Champion of all time!

    Monster J: NOOO!!!!!!!!

    *Monster J grabs Crulex by the throat, but Crulex just chuckles, then shoves Monster J away.*

    Crulex: I find it funny, hilarious even… That you think you're in control. Well you're not, you see I know something, something that changes everything, and it's something that puts me in control.

    It doesn't really matter what you do know, because I have power, and you can't stop me!

    *Crulex begins to walk away, when Monster J turns Crulex away, and Monster J tries to punch Crulex, but Crulex ducks and gives Monster J a big uppercut, which sends Monster J down. Crulex walks to the back as the camera fades away.*

    TWFDotCom wrote:
    Co-GM JandSman was seen crying in what appeared to be his Dismal J form. And he seemed to feel lost, could this be the beginning of the end of JandSman's career?

    Edited on 12/02/2012 6:51pm
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    *As Monday Night raw begins, we see Crulex standing inside GMJandSman's office, pacing back and forth, looking at all of the pictures before settling down in JandSman's chair and swiveling it a few times. GM JandSman comes in and glares at Crulex.*

    JandSman: I demand to know what you are doing in my chair, in my office no less.

    Crulex: Oh, lookie what we have here. The man I wanted to see. Just getting a feel for what it's like to be you, sitting in a chair and feeling important. I have to say, I like this chair. *Swivels around again.* So, which of the seven dwarfs am I dealing with today?

    Enlightened J: I will have you know that your behavior will not be tolerated. The mockery that you have bestowed upon me will be turned back on you when I take the TWF World Heavyweight Championship from you at our annual Tables, Ladders and Chairs Pay-Per-View.

    Crulex: Ah, it's brainy. At least it's not the so-called monster and crybaby J.

    Enlightened J: You act so high and mighty for someone who cheap-shotted his fellow competitor and the general manager of this company. Have you no shame, sir?

    Crulex: If I recall, you are the one who put your hands on me first.

    Enlightened J: That does not sound like me. I am a novel warrior and I would not strike another so unfairly.

    Crulex: God, you're getting on my nerves. You think you're going to surprise me with all of your little grab-bag emotions and personalities?

    Enlighteded J: I do not have any knowledge of what you are talking about. I am this way all the time. At least I know who I am, and my intellect will devour your chances in two weeks.

    Crulex: Well, I tried to warn you, but I guess you'll just have to see my special surprise for you later on. I think you'll like it. *Swivels chair*

    Enlighteded J: I would appreciate if you didn't use my chair for that.

    Crulex: No worries mate. *Crulex gets up and picks JandSman's nameplate off of his desk.* You won't have to worry about me messing with your office again. But I can't say that I'm done with you yet.

    *Crulex walks past JandSman after dropping the nameplate back on the desk, but on the way out he laughs and offers one last verbal jab.*

    Crulex: For someone so smart, you still can't see it coming. No one can. And that is what thrills me. Chaos is a friend of mine, and soon everything you hold dear will be in disorder. Good luck with that.

    *Crulex walks out of the office as Jandsman glares at him. The cameras cut offas JandSman's face twitches and it looks as if his thought process turns on a dime.*

    Edited on 12/03/2012 11:07am
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    Crulex1369 wrote:
    Just got done signing some papers for next week with a gentlemen that I think has a vested interest in this match. I do love surprises. I wonder if JandSman does? Maybe I'll ask Bizzaro J later. Or perhaps I'll talk to the hero? Or maybe, dare I ask, a new JandSman who seems relatively sane? It don't matter. I know where I stand now, and next week, it doesn't matter which JandSman shows up to play. Because when I play.....it never ends well for others.
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    GAN24Official wrote:
    Why are ratings down? Why is TLC looking like the worst PPV of the year? JandS is morally corrupt and gives himself title shots a prize for winning a tournament. Too bad he made that surprise AFTER he won the tournament. #conspiracy #FreeNick

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    Friday Night Smackdown

    *Friday Night Smackdown starts its second hour with the chilling chant of "Only a Chilling Elegy" and King Frieza walks out to the ring, a mic in one hand and the book that was given to him by Kreater in the other hand. As Frieza slides into the ring, boos from the fans rain down on him.*

    JBL: And there he is, the man who has accepted the challenge of Sonic Renegade in his return match to the TWF which airs next Sunday, and Josh, I can't wait to see this match-up.

    Josh: I have to wonder where the mindsets of both men are, as Sonic has some pressure on him in his return match and Frieza coming off a loss in the biggest match of his career.

    JBL: It doesn't matter, Josh. If I know one thing, as a wrestling god, it's that the measure of a man his how he handles adversity. And we'll see how these men handle it at TLC.

    Josh: But it looks like Frieza has something to say here tonight.

    Frieza: Friday Night Smackdown, the blue brand. I felt this was the most appropriate place in order for me to do what I am about to do. After all, the color blue represents the blue blur quiet well, does it not? Yes, Sonic Renegade, one of the oldest members of this particular roundtable that is still competing, and I have the honor of sending him to his demise myself. I'm very flattered. But this is merely and final farewell, not a sudden death. You see, Sonic's career has always been on critical life support since the time that he walked through the doors. And I will demonstrate this fact by bringing back a segment favored by hardcore legend Mick Foley in my own little twist. No, Sonic, this is not your life…..this is your career!

    *Balloons and tacky confetti fall from the roof and a picture of Sonic is unrolled from the rafters as Frieza pretends to care.*

    JBL: Look at all the balloons. Paul Heyman would be proud!

    Josh: Frieza certainly went through some trouble to make a point. Is this really necessary?

    Frieza: Let's begin with our dear Sonic's humble beginnings. A young man with a small dream who was joined by other smaller men to form a little stable called "MPR". As I understand it, it was meant to represent Money, Power and Respect. Funny enough, however, that the group was broke, held no power, and could not garner any respect. Yes, yes, they did breed some worthy superstars, but for the most part, the groups most memorable achievement was being a farm to the future. It was better off dead, it so it did. Strike one for poor Sonic.

    Josh: Convenient how Frieza left out that Sonic wasn't allowed in the arena to lead his group, which caused it's end, not Sonic himself.

    JBL: Shut up, Josh! You're ruining a good show!

    Josh: Are you kidding?

    Frieza: Let's move on to later on, when Sonic Renegade finally reached success. When he became a tag team champion by joining Skinsfan in the team known as USSR. Yes, one of the few other teams besides myself and Jake Frato to actually have the creativity to give their team a name. Sonic was a champion, teaming with a proud superstar who had World Championship pedigree……for a grand total of about a month. I'm impressed, hahahahaha!

    Josh: Again, leaving out facts. Frieza is really hitting low here by skewing facts.

    JBL: So what if he's leaving out facts? You don't see that stopping politicians do you?

    Frieza: And so we come to now. A man who finally took part in one of the main events of WrestleMania 28 by taking on Randyspeeps, in a battle that had been brewing for years and left the fans around the world shocked and buzzing for days, weeks even. Yes, Sonic grew up to be a real boy and finally stood on the grandest stage of them all in a fight that people actually cared about. And lost.

    Josh: This is just stupid. Sonic drew with Randyspeeps in a no contest after both men beat the hell out of each other and Randyspeeps managed to snag the win in a brief restart! And Enervator was the referee! You can't--

    JBL: It doesn't matter, Josh, he still lost!

    Frieza: Sonic left soon after giving it all, and while I must say that I am impressed by his heart as a fighter and his long-running tenure as a star, Sonic is no match for me. History proves it. States prove it. And after I truly end Sonic at TLC, he's been so torn up, he'll have to find work elsewhere, and it will look something like this:

    *Frieza points to the titantron where the following picture is shown.*

    Frieza: Sonic, you have been telling us all that you have returned to come back and be just as good as you were at Wrestlemania. I hope so, because I expect nothing less than to beat the Sonic that nearly ended Randyspeeps's Wrestlemania undefeated streak! Once I beat you, I will come for the man who holds what I desire…..and it's something I've never went after……

    *Frieza drops his mic as the booing fans drown out this theme.*

    OOC: And Sonic can reply if he would like. Otherwise, Frieza will just head off to the back.

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    Cpman Twitter wrote:
    I am refusing to appear on TWF television until Hurricane Del Oro agrees to face me in a Chairs match at TLC. I kid you all not.
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    JLe Facebook wrote:

    It seems that Randyspeeps hasn't followed up on his promise in wrestling Doctor Maria and I. Truth and I hid her well! So there is a matter of you accepting the stipulation of our match at TLC. Do you accept Speeps? Or are you afraid that you can't beat me?

    Edited on 12/08/2012 7:11am
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    OOC: Everyone who participants in the Roundtable should read this promo, because something big has happened. Yes, this is real.

    *During the final ten minutes of Monday Night Raw, JandSman stands in the ring wearing a suit and tries to look as important as possible while sticking his nose up at the fans.*

    Bizzaro J: It has been a while since my challenge to Crulex for his TWF Championship was accepted and yet, what have we been given to show for it? Pathetic empty threats and cryptic tweets!? Jajajajaja! It's no wonder that Crulex is just a lowly scrub working for me, while I am the General Manager of Tv.com Wrestling Federation! And to think, that after all this time, I will finally take complete control of my show again by eliminating Crulex at TLC.......it makes for a very enjoyable week! In fact, I may just throw one of my magnificent parties that none of you low-life fans would ever get an invitation to, because you are broke and disgusting, while I, Bizzaro J, am the most important person in this entire company!

    *The fans boo like mad at the verbal insults that the Hurricane-mimicking JandSman is throwing. JandSman looks out at the crowd and starts doing some of Hurricane's mannerisms while everyone looks on.*

    King: This is the one personality of Jandsman I don't like. I'd rather see Super J out here than have Mr. Universe try and tell us how it is.

    Cole: As much as I have to agree with you on not liking Bizzaro J, he does make a point. He's the one trying to run this show and he's being attacked by superstars who haven't pulled their own weight.

    King: Come on, Cole....

    JandSman: In fact, since I'm the General Manager of this brand, I am going to have to address the level of disrespect I've been shown around here. Goldenagenick acts like there is a conspiracy against him by me, and yet he's the one who has not gotten the job done when given a chance. CPman wants Hurricane in a chairs match or won't show up? Who the hell does he think he is, trying to order me around and wanting to face someone almost as cool as me, the so-called coolest person to ever cross coolsville? And Crulex breaking into my office and messing with my personal items like he owns them. That's not a champion. I am a champion, and I will show you all when I--

    *Suddenly, Ricardo Rodriguez steps out from the back and screams into the mic, getting everyone's attention.*

    Ricardo: Regresando de su viaje de negocios importante para soplar su mente, el mejor gerente general de todos los tiempos, el es HURRRIIIICCAAANNNNEEEE.....Del OORRRROOOOOOOO!!!!

    *"Burn in my Light" by Mercy Drive hits and Hurricane Del Oro comes driving out of the back in a 1980 Mercedes-Benz honking the horn over and over, causing the fans to go nuts, seeing someone interrupt Bizzaro J. JandSman sneers as Hurricane throws various amount of money in the air, celebrating his own excellence in the only way he can: overdoing it. Fanning his arms out, a giant shower of golden pyros falls from the roof behind him. Hurricane grabs a mic as he climbs into the ring and looks at JandSman with a "I know something you don't know smile".

    King: It's Hurricane del Oro! He's back!

    Cole: But something seems off. He's not in a suit, nor is he dressed to compete. Why is he out here right now?

    King: I'm not sure, but I have a feeling JandSman is not going to like it.

    Hurricane: JandSman, you really are deluded today, aren't you? You seem to forget that there are TWO General Managers around here.

    Bizzaro JandSman: Lately, it hasn't seemed like it. In fact, where the hell have you been?

    Hurricane: Same place I'm going to be after tonight. Wherever I want to be. That's the way I am and you should know by now that wherever I choose to be is the coolest place on earth. I might even have a party in my solid-gold mansion, and you aren't invited because you are the inferior GM!

    *JandSman stews and cuts to the point, not in the mood for Hurricane's taunts.*

    Bizzaro J: Nothing about tonight concerns you. Unless you're out here to accept CPman's challenge, get out of my ring!

    Hurricane: I'll address CPman on my own time. Right now, I think you need to stand there and shut up cause I have something to say that is not only going to change the TWF, but your match with Crulex this Sunday.

    Bizzaro J: You will not do anything like that! I set this match up, and I'm facing Crulex in a TLC match at TLC. You're not changing it!

    Hurricane: Now, hang on. You're right. I'm not changing the match. You see, things have happened in my life that have kept me from performing at my best. My last match against Frieza let me realize things about myself. You see, I'm better than this. I know I am. And I want to take some time to work on my craft and come back better than ever.

    Bizzaro J: So you're giving up? Typical of someone who isn't as cool as me.

    Hurricane: I see that you have a hard time hearing. I'm not quitting. I'm not leaving. In fact, you may just see more of me than you ever wanted to if you keeping pushing it. But I am serious right now. I understand when things get too hectic. Which is why effective immediately.................................................I have sent in my resignation of General Manager services to offices of TWF in Stanford.

    *The crowd boos as JandSman grins madly.*

    Cole: Oh no....but if Hurricane isn't continuing to be the General Manager along with JandSman, than that means.....

    King: That means JandSman is sole General Manager! This is not good at all! What does this mean if he gets in a bad mood!? What kind of power can he abuse now!?

    Bizzaro J: I knew it! I knew that you could not handle the job! And now you understand that I'm the one who deserves all the power! You all see it! First, Hurricane falls to me, and soon, Crulex will as well! Jajajajaja!

    *Hurricane watches JandSman mock his laugh, but then smirks and joins in the laughing until Bizzaro J notices and stops, questioning him.*

    Bizzaro J: What is so funny!?

    Hurricane: First off, you have nothing to do with me taking some time off. You just happen to be in this ring when I announce this. And two, you have no idea that I'm only halfway done with my announcements. Do you recall the agreement issued by the Board of Directors....the one about how there must be a balance of power? If not, I'll remind you: there must be two General Managers to balance against or work with each other as they see fit. Because I'm leaving the General Manager position, the Board as chosen a replacement, with my invaluable input I must add!

    *The fans cheer and JandSman begins to flip out, pointing a finger at Hurricane.*

    Bizzaro J: NO! I am the General Manager! The only one! I will not allow a replacement!

    Hurricane: You don't have a choice, because he's already here.

    JandSman: Who!? Tell me right now!

    Hurricane: I think it's better if you see for yourself. Ooooooooh, Mr. General Manageeeeeer! Come out here and show this guy who runs the show now!

    King: Who is it!?

    Cole: Oh no......I just had a horrifying thought......he wouldn't!

    King: Who.....WHAT!!?!?!?

    *Suddenly, the lights dim to a blue-purple hue on the stage, flashing red to the guitar riffs of "Anarchy is Awesome" and The Elemental Demon Crulex walks out with a dark blue and silver suit in a power walk manner, as the fans go absolutely insane and shake the security railing. Crulex encourages it by shaking the rails as well as he walks down to the ring, taking a mic from Hurricane as he stands in front of a bewildered JandSman.*

    Crulex: Hello, JandSman. Or is it Bizzaro J today? Either way, I can't call you GM JandSman anymore......maybe co-GM JandSman, I suppose. Guess what, JandS? This Sunday, at Tables, Ladders and Chairs, it's going to be Crulex vs. JandSman in a TLC match for the TWF Championship....and that makes it GM.....vs. GM!!!

    Cole: Vintage GM Crulex!

    King: How is it vintage? He's had the job officially for about two minutes!

    Cole: Whatever, King, keep up.

    Crulex: You see, JandSman, Hurricane and I had ourselves a little discussion, and it turns out that we are the perfect antithesis of each other. I don't require money to be happy, and he's rich. He's a gold man, I prefer silver. He throws wild parties, and I don't need to live it up in public. But one thing we do have in common is that both of us are tired of your grip on the TWF. And so, while Hurricane rests up and prepares to bring a new level of dominance out of himself that we have not seen in a long time, I'm going to stick around and make sure that you are a good little boy, or else I will have to step in.

    JandSman: This is an insult! You are not qualified for this! What gives you the right to call yourself a GM!?

    Crulex: I am qualified for this. It's all in the Board's Discussion if you want to read it. But I'll save you the time and just tell you that if you have any questions or comments, you can take it to my office! And as far as the PPV this Sunday, I'll be making several rulings on Friday Night Smackdown. You can join me or stay in your comfy swivel chair.....*leans in and half-whispers to JandS*.....I'm totally getting a chair like that in my office. This is a new era, a new day, and a new regime. And if you don't like it, don't let the door hit you on the *ss on the way out!

    *The audience applauds as Hurricane takes his mic back for a second.*

    Hurricane: Like I said, I'll talk about CPman on my own time. Now, General Manager Crulex and......well, JandSman, if you need me, I'll be on the Caymen Islands. Keep that title on you, Crulex, cause next time I get a title shot, you are going to pay me back for this little favor. And JandSman, you have no chance in hell! I'm just sayin'!

    *Hurricane exits the ring as a speechless JandSman looks back to Crulex, who gets serious for a second and peers right into JandSman's eyes.*

    Crulex: Like I said, this Friday, things will begin to pick back up, at least on the administrative side. I suggest every superstar in the back put up or shut up, from veteran to newbie, cause I'm done handing out happy meals and whiner wieners. You earn things from me, be it title shots or *ss-whippings. As for you, JandSman, I hope you get a handle on having me as your new partner, cause after Sunday, you'll either come to like it and we get along, or......more likely.......I just might be the devil that you regret making. Play time is over. But the real fun is about to start. So I'll leave everyone in this arena with one last piece of business: I will be fair, but don't think for a moment that you're safe from my brand of chaos. Because Anarchy.....is.......AWESOME!!!!!

    *Crulex laughs as JandSman continues to frown and "Anarchy is Awesome" hits again. Crulex leaves the ring with the same purposeful stride that he came in with. JandSman looks at the ground muttering to himself angerily.*

    King: I can't believe this! Hurricane is out and Crulex is now the co-GM of the TWF!

    Cole: So it will indeed be GM vs. GM for the championship!

    King: I don't think you understand Cole! The inmate who loves Chaos is now literally running the asylum! And with his scewed vision of justice and order in mind, who knows what will happen!

    Cole: Oh my god..........this Sunday is looking to be explosive between these two men.........

    *JandSman finally storms off out of the ring and orders the cameramen out of his way as he walks to the back while the fans chant "GM Crulex" at him. Raw goes off the air as the camera pans up to the titantron, showing Crulex's Undertaker-like symbol in a royal-looking emblem.*

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    *Cpman is shown to be walking about backstage, quite disgruntled. As this is shown on the titantron, the fans can be heard booing him. He walked down a few hallways, and finally, he stopped by Frieza. The two locked eyes for a moment, and then they continued going their separate ways. Cpman then walks by The Great Khali, who is dancing in place, moving his arms around in a windmill like fashion.*

    Cpman: Khali, have you got any idea where I can find Crulex?


    Cpman: Eh...Thanks, Khali.

    *Cpman continues down the hallway, and reaches Crulex's office. He looks like he is about to knock, but he shakes his head and just steps right in. He hustles his way right to Crulex's desk, and Crulex quickly stands up as well, and he and Cpman lock eyes for a few minutes. Then finally, Cpman breaks his silence.*

    Cpman: Esteemed General Manager, and TWF World Champion, Crulex. It's a damn shame that come Royal Rumble, someone will indeed still be referred to as the Esteemed General Manager, and the TWF World Champion. You disgust me, you know that? How dare you. You used to be admirable. A great influence on this locker room, a CHAMPION. Now look at you! Going down the same paths as JandSman and Hurricane, and don't you dare tell me you're different. Don't you tell me you are better, more sane, none of that. Because you aren't. You know full well that there has always been a problem with people holding too much damn power. I remember back in the day. When Speeps and Qforidi were GMs. You, me, Sonic, Telvis, and hell, even Spidey would sit around and talk about how must it has to suck to be a general manager, and then how Qforidi and Speeps made being the GM even more important then being the TWF Champion. I remember that one time back in the day when you did an entire shoot promo backstage on Q after he won the TWF Championship back at Summerslam in 2008. You said it wasridiculousthat a General Manager even get to hold a world title. Now look at you...The World Champion, and you ACCEPT the job? Who the hell do you think you are? Going corporate? You're the most decorated wrestler in the near five years that the TWF has been around, and this is where you are...No better then Spideynerd. Running the show, and calling the shots, as the World Champion. You disgust me. You really do. Have fun with your easy cruise through the rest of your sad, sad career, Mr.Crulex.

    *Seeming satisfied, Cpman turns to leave Crulex's office, and most likely go searching for Hurricane. However, Crulex calls out to him, stopping him in his tracks.*

    Crulex: ...Now is not the time for a conversation like this. Your little outburst just bought you a match here tonight. Cpman, you're gonna be running the gauntlet.

    *The fans can be heard cheering very loudly at Crulex's announcement. Cpman's has grown a large scowl, and is getting very red with anger.*

    Cpman: The gauntlet?! EXCUSE ME?! How dare you! I call abuse! Who the hell am I facing?!

    Crulex: I wont tell you everyone....but your first opponent, is The Great Khali! So get ready, because THAT is the main event tonight, and it's coming up in just a little bit.

    *Cpman stops himself from shouting at Crulex, who now just has a casual smirk. He picks up his TWF Championship belt off of his desk, and holds it, polishing it off a little, while waving as Cpman walks away. Smackdown goes to commercial.*

    OOC: Part 2 will be posted in the next few days!

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    *Monday Night Raw returns from commercial break. "Voices" hits as Randyspeeps steps onto the stage dressed in full tux and gold tie.*

    Cole: Oh MY GOD! It's Randyspeeps

    King: Wow! Where has he been? He disappeared without explanation.

    Cole: Have you seen this place? Everyone has disappeared without explanation. Superstars under contract disappear, GM's gone. The TWF has been abandoned.

    *crowd cheers at the sight of a familiar face.*

    Randyspeeps: It's is I, Randyspeeps.

    *crowd errupts*

    Randyspeeps: I've been gone for so long that you all forgot that I despise you, and you should be wise to do the same with me. None of you will ever come near a fraction of my accomplishments.

    *crowd boo's*

    Cole: How quickly he reminds us of his ego.

    King: We wouldn't have it any other way.

    Randyspeeps: So where have I been? I was vacationing in Argentina with the rest of Ortonism members and I was called because I have a certain obligation to this company. Let me explain. In my contract, I must do at least three days of consecutive live TV in a month, or this company stops paying me.

    *crowd cheers*

    Randyspeeps: Not that I need this paycheck, but an extra cash on the side to support my lady friends never hurts.

    King: I have a few lady friends.

    Cole: Weren't you married to a former diva?

    King: Thanks for bringing that up a**hole.

    Randyspeeps: When I was last here, JLE was disgracing the U.S title that I worked so hard to craft into a prestigious championship in this industry. JLE ran around with Maria and R-Truth as if they have a platonic relationship. We all now they're polygamists and I think that's disgusting.

    King: Didn't Speeps just say he has multiple lady "friends?"

    Cole: You're point?

    King: Polygamy at it's finest.

    Randyspeeps: So now, JLE wants to ruin me by taking the Money in the Bank briefcase that I worked so hard to win. I scratched and clawed my way to the top to get this, and I'll be damned if I lost it to some guy that has ruined the United States division. A division that I created. So JLE, my answer to your request is...it's YES!

    Cole: WOAH!

    King: MITB and the United States Championship are on the line this Sunday.

    Randyspeeps: But, if we're going to do it this way, we're going make it BIG! So this Sunday. Randyspeeps v. JLE at TLC in a ladder match!

    *"Voices" hit as Randyspeeps makes his way to the back*

    Cole: There you have it. Randyspeeps has proposed a ladder match for the MITB briefcase and the United States Championship. Will JLE accept?

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    WOTUGMSN3 Twitter wrote:
    Been busy these past few weeks, but I just wanted to let my Web Heads know that I was backstage at TWF Monday Night Raw this past Monday. Why you ask? To witness the birth of Co-GM Crulex. Crulex is a good friend of mine, always has been from the moment we decided to pin Ramrom at the same time all those years ago. #CongratsLex
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    Congrats to Crulex on becoming the Co-GM of the Roundtable. I'm anticipated to see where we go from here.

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    Congratulations Leonard!

    Apologies for being AWOL since Survivor Series by the way folks, I'm meant to be feuding with Hurricane but planned an opening promo so long that I never actually had time to write it. Hopefully I'll get round to it before the PPV, but if not, fear not, as I have big plans for the Royal Rumble (spoiler alert: I'll be using my world title rematch).

    Edited on 12/13/2012 5:43am
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    OOC: Thanks for the congrats everyone. I'm going to give it my all to aid JandSman and the BOD to keep things running smoothly. And my office door, so to speak, is always open. If you guys get any ideas for feuds or matches or maybe even some RT things not in character, shoot me a PM and I'll look it over.

    CrulexTwitter wrote:
    I may have been a bit harsh with CPman, but respect is something that I value. I hope he learned not to question me without even seeing me act in my position. As your new Co-GM, I stand by my slogan: Everything you get from me is earned, be it a title match or a boot to the arse. Tomorrow, the TLC card will be added to and I sure hope JandSman is ready to join me. Otherwise, I fear we may have a Stone Cold/Eric Bishoff relationship

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    GAN24Twitter wrote:

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    OOC: I just typed out something that took me 3 hours to do, and it was gonna be a review of the year in TWF complete with WWE production themes and everything, but my computer shut off and I lost everything. It was really cool too. Now, I think I am gonna go in the corner of my room and curse a lot while I kick a wall. Sorry guys.

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