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    ALLPR0 Twitter wrote:
    Tonight will be my first match since the Elimination Chamber. Last time we faced off Hurricane you pulled out the win by the skin of your teeth, don't expect that opportunity this time. Oh yeah and Jands if you even show your face on the jumbo tron tonight I will find you and make you wish that you wouldn't have resigned me.

    OOC: If Jands or Hurricane would like to write this up go for it, otherwise I'll probably have it done sometime on Sunday.

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    OOC: A little late but hopefully better late than never with this one. Also it looks like no one else took the main event, so here's the main event of the last Raw before Wrestlemania!

    *This is the Main event of Raw as it comes back on air around 10:40 e.t.*

    The camera comes back into focus in a locker room where ALLPR0 is seen in his famous white suit with black undershirt and metallic blue tie. He picks up a platinum lined brief case as the fans erupt as they see him head out of the room and start heading towards the ring.

    King: There he is, the genius of the round table!

    Cole: He really isn't that impressive. I mean has anyone actually even checked tested his I.Q. to back up his claims of being a genius or not.

    King: I'm not sure, but one thing we do all know is that he is one heck of a wrestler as we saw last Friday on Smackdown!

    The camera cuts to a video clip which shows ALLPR0 shrugging Hurricane's attempted RKO off and then connecting with a pele kick to the surprised veteran. It then cuts to Hurricane countering Endgame with a snap ddt followed up by him taunting for a second RKO attempt. The last clip shows CP man jumping up onto the apron and distracting Hurricane as ALLPR0 gets the surprise three count on him with a roll up! Hurricane gets up incredibly angry and chases CP Man through the crowd as Jands sneaks into the ring and starts trading punches with ALLPR0! Once AP gets the upper hand though Jands slides out of the ring and grabs a mic and speaks.

    Jands: ALLPR0, your time is running out, and it will be up very soon, at Wrestlemania 28. Where I will knock you out and there will be no chance of you making a comeback in the match or in your career.

    As the crowd is now pumped up from the highlights Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva plays as ALLPR0 comes out with the same metal brief case he was seen with earlier and in the attire he had on in the back also. Every fan on the ramp and around the ring extend their hands for a high five from the usually happy and energetic ALLPR0, but this time he doesn't take any extra time from getting into the ring and grabbing a mic.

    AP: Atlanta, Georgia. (crowd pops big for hearing their city mentioned.) The perfect place for me to be heard, the perfect place for my fans and enemies to see what I have become in the past year. Last year in this very arena in front of you very people, I was a different man at Wrestlemania 27. I was a member of IX, although a reluctant one, I was in a match for the LHC which I would win two ppvs later and hold for the longest time in the companies history, and I also lost that night in Atlanta.

    A video clip is shown with Deadnight-Majin hitting a Ki-Krusher on ALLPR0 stacking him on tip of the already knocked out Twist as Majin climbs the turnbuckle and hits a warriors way on both men pinning both of them in the process. The fans pop for this clip as AP begins speaking again.

    AP: I lost to two men who gave it there all that night, just like I also gave everything I had. It was also that night that I realized that sometimes even when you give it your best shot, you won't always turn out successful in the end. That brings me to last Friday on Smackdown, good old Jands once again used his powers as GM against me forcing me into a match with his co-gm and my ex-IX leader Hurricane. Jands thought he could get the upper hand on me by wearing me down in a tough match and then coming in at the end to finish met off and weaken me for the big night. As you all saw of course he was very mistaken in understanding me and paid the price while issuing a threat of his own.

    Cole: I think what Jands did was very intelligent, who wouldn't use their power as GM to gain the upper hand? I mean if you got it, use it!

    King: This is why everyone hated when you were the computer GM Cole.

    Cole: King, all I did was read the emails, I was actually the GM.

    King: Oh yeah of course, how could I forget that detail...

    AP: Jands threat was an interesting one, not only did he threaten to humiliate me in the match at WM, but he also threatened to end my career. Now this threat might have carried some weight with me and maybe even frightened me at this time last year in this building, but not anymore. After all of the pain and agony Jands has put me through in the past year of my life I would expect nothing less but his best, just like he should expect nothing less than mine. As I mentionedearliersometimes even when you give something your best shot you aren't even successful, but that won't be true this Sunday, I may come out broken, bloody, and possibly have career or even lifethreatening injuries, but one thing I will be without any doubt in my mind, is the LAST MAN STANDING!!!!!!!!

    Cole: Pretty cocky statement from AP right there, he knows that Jands is as dangerous in the board room as he is in the ring right?

    King: I don't know Cole, if you fire up a competitor as tough as ALLPR0 this much, you have to expect some fire works to fly!

    AP: You might be laughing at me right now Jands if you're even watching, taking my threat as lightly as I took your's. Well I can give you proof of why I know I will win at any cost. You see as much as you want to end my career in the Last Man standing match I want to do as much if not more to you. For the first time in my career it isn't about winning, championships, or even proving how great of a wrestler I am. For the first time in my life this match will be about one thing and one thing only, doing as much damage to you as is humanly possible. I will not hold anything back, and I mean anything, but I'll get to that later. For now I'd like to explain why I feel so strongly about this while using some of the other stars in this business as examples.

    King: What does he mean?

    Cole: He'll probably go on some stupidmonologueno one cares about.

    King: Well I care, and so do the fans!

    Cole: Like I said, no one will care about it.

    The titantron lights up again but this time instead of showing highlights of past matches it's showing the pictures of JLe and Frieza next to each other as the fans let out a pop for two of their favorite up and coming stars.

    AP: Let's take a look at this match and how it came about. JLe and Frieza have been battling over the LHC ever since JLe relieved me of it back at Survivor Series (crowd boos.) Thank you, but as much as these two don't like each other the only reason they feel any need to have a match is to capture the gold they both desire. Now let's take a look at the next match.

    Twist and Lak show up on the screen as the fans have a mixed reaction for this one with there being no true face in this match up.

    AP: Now this match is a little more interesting with a little more depth. These two both want the U.S. title naturally, but they also used to be best friends while they were in IX and while in Uprising. Then the tragic death of Nicki also caused these two friends relationship to spiral out of control, now they are going head to head to try and reach the other one and show them that they are in the wrong. Now things get a little more interesting in our third match.

    Hurricane and CP Man pop up on the tron as the fans cheer for the CP Man and start chanting his name while a small pocket of fans chant Hurricane.

    AP: This match finds its roots in very basic reasoning and logic. CP Man for months now has felt disrespected by his fellow GWF peers and by the higher ups in the company. After going ppv after ppv without a meaningful match Hurricane who was one of the higher ups CP Man believes is against him, takes him on in a match on the grandest stage of them all. Hurricane's reasoning for taking the match is much simpler though, he simply hates jobbers and attention seekers and he intends on taking his built up frustration for all of them on one man. Now we get to the bigger matches as we look at a match which wants to be the main event in Sonic and Randyspeeps.

    There pictures show up on the tron as the fans pop huge for this potential match up and break out into duel chants of Speeps and Sonic.

    AP: This match is probably the most interesting on the entire card, it has been building up for over 4 long years for one simple reason, respect. Sonic has respect for Speeps as much as he hates him, but Speeps doesn't share the same respect that Sonic does. After trying for years and years Sonic has finally gotten his match and his one chance at obtaining respect from the man who has avoided him for years, but has now given into a match with him for one simple reason, money.

    The crowd boos at that thought when all of a sudden three images appear on the titantron this time. Crulex, Spidey, and Kreater'ssilhouettes all appear on the gigantic screen as the fans give what is possibly the biggest pop for any match shown so far.

    AP: Now this match is a doozy. Three men all going after the biggest prize in the GWF on the biggest stage in the industry. One man's career is on the line and another man will lose his chance at a rematch if he loses, the third man is a man who has finally broken through the glass ceiling after years of trying and has finally made it to the big time. What makes this match interesting though is the mutual respect the competitors all share for each other, even Kreater has some respect for his veteran opponenents who have helped define this company as what it is today. Now the three of them square off in what will be sure to be an all time classic match.

    King: He brings up great points and history on all of these matches, but what's he getting at? What's his end point?

    Cole: History was always my least favorite subject, except for the industrial revolution when people where always mining coal, coal is awesome.

    King: You know they weren't talking about you right?

    Cole: Ha yeah right King! You must have dropped out of high school or something!

    AP: Now here's the point of going over everything which I just did. My whole career I've been focused on many of the things these matches are based off of, whether it be championships, respect, attention, proving that you're the best and even trying to help a lost friend or in my case brother. Since I've come full circle this past year I haven't been able to focus any of those things as one man has stood in my way. Many people in my situation would be looking at the match I have lined up for Wrestlemania and would be excited to use it as a chance to break through the glass ceiling and maybe even use it as a spring board for a future GWF championship match. Not me though, even while I was defending the LHC and helping my team sin at Survivor Series I only had one thing on my mind and that one thing is what my match at Wrestlemania is based off of, not respect, or winning, or championships, but hatred. Pure unadulterated, grimy, gritty hatred which has manifested itself into a deep seated desire for revenge.

    King: What in the world!? He's starting to scare me.

    AP: That is why I will be able to end Jands' career without a second thought, that is why I know will win this match, that is why I know my best shot will not gounnoticed, and that is why I will be the LAST MAN STANDING!!!!

    The crowd is going nuts now as ALLPR0 is pacing back and forth in the ring when all of a sudden he stops and looks to the back.

    AP: But if you think all I've been doing in preparation for this match is dwelling on how much I hate you Jands you would be sorely mistaken. I would now like to invite a good friend of mine and a man you know very well down to the ring to show you exactly what I've been doing over this past month.

    Rain by Kid Cudi hits now as the fans goabsolutelycrazy for a man they haven't seen in a long while. Slick comes out form the back with a huge smile on his face as he high fives a bunch of fans and signs a few autographs for some kids who are all chanting his name and wearing his newest t-shirt.

    ALLPR0 shakes his hand and gives him a half hug as he enters the ring and gets up on two of the turnbuckles to the delight of the fans and finally comes back to thecenterof the ring where he is given a mic and is still smiling with all of his teeth showing.

    AP: Glad of you to join me tonight Slick, shall we roll the footage?

    Slick: Let's do it!

    The titantron lights up for the final time and shows two men in a dimly lit room which appears to b esome sort of training room with punching bags and weights surrounding a ring with most of the lights on directly above it, there's a date in the bottom right corner which reads February 1, 2012. The two men are now seen to be ALLPR0 and Slick as the video's sound kicks in.

    Slick: Okay ALLPR0 I know we talked over the phone but you said you wanted to explain most what you had to say in person.

    AP: Yeah thanks for coming down here, you realize who I'm facing at WM this year right?

    Slick: Yeah everyone knows you're facing Jands most likely, how does that involve me though?

    AP: Wel assuming I do get my match with him I figure who better to help train me for our match then one o the people who knows him best, and the man who came within an inch of defeating him at last years Wrestlemania.

    Slick: I like your thinking, but if you really want to do this you're going to have to work your a$$ of more than you've ever had to do in the past Mr. Natural Talent. After all you're not only going to hae to train as hard as I did last year for WM, you're going to have to train harder if you actually want to beat him.

    AP: I'm willing to do whatever it takes to take him down.

    Slick: Okay good, let's begin.

    The next few clips come on the days all the way through February 10th as ALLPR0 is shown lifting weights and running both on a treadmill and outside as Slick is near him all the time always yellingencouragementand advice. Then a clip from February 25th is shown as Slick explains that he's found the man he sparred with last year to train for Jands. John Cena steps out from the locker room in the dimly lit guy now as he steps in the ring and starts exchanging holds with AP. ALLPR0 finally gets the upper hand with a vertical suplex which he then uses to lock in Checkmate on Cena who taps out as Slick nods in approval. More clips are shown of ALLPR0 working out and taking on Cena when the final clip is shown on March 23rd where Slick steps into the ring with ALLPR0 this time as the two have five minutes of good back and forth grappling when ALLPR0 once again gets the upper hand with a drop toe hold followed up with a bunch of elbows to his back, and finally ends it with a big time spine buster as he slams Slick back down into the mat. Slick grimaces but nods in approval as says that ALLPR0 is now ready to take on Jands.

    Slick: Wow what great prodcution, I mean I know I'm aHollywoodmovie star but that might have been my best film yet!

    AP: Thanks again for all of the hard work you put in to making me a better wrestler. Now I'm ready to take down that jack a$$ Jands and finally ends his tyrannous reign in this company.

    Slick: I agree, but remember there is one more test you must past to prove that you are finally ready to do everything that is necessary to win.

    AP: I don't know if I can do it.....

    Slick: Of course you can, just trust your skills and don't let your rage let you get sloppy.

    ALLPR0 nods as he picks up theplatinumplated brief case and punches a code into it as it props open to reveal an AK-47. More specefically it's ALLPR0's famous AK-47 Sheila!!! The crowd pops huge for the nostaligia which this induces in the crowd as ALLPR0 takes the weapon and after spinning it a few times in his hand points it at Slick! Slick doesn't move though as he outstretches his arms as if he's ready to be shot!

    King: What in the world is going on! These two are friends and ALLPR0 want to shoot Slick and he's just going to stand there and take it!

    Cole: I shot one of my best friends once, he cheered against the Miz so I had no choice.

    King: Remind me to never go to your house.

    ALLPR0 looks at the crowd which is silent in shock and pulls the trigger as the bullets delve into Slick's midsection. After a minute or two of standing still Slick rips off his shirt to reveal a bullet proof vest underneath his shirt. ALLPR0 and the crowd both look stunned as they break into cheers.

    Slick: Now I know for sure you will do whatever it takes to beat Jands and avenge both of us in the process.

    AP: I, I have no idea what to say. Other than you're lucky that I didn't go for a head shot!

    Slick: Hmmmmm, guess I never really thought of that one.....

    AP: I still have one last message for Jands. I will be holding the final episode of the Think Tank before Wrestlemania this Friday on Smackdown, and whether you want to show up or not it will be very revealing time for everyone.

    Slick and ALLPR0 look at each other now and jump up on the turnbuckle as Slick throws his bullet proof vest into the crowd and ALLPR0 taunts with Sheila as Ladies and Gentlemen and Raw goes off air.

    *Monday Night Raw Ends*

    OOC: If you see this Jands can you repost it to GS?

    OOC: If you see this Jands if you couldre postit on GS I'd appreciate it!

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    OOC: One last promo before our match Jands. Good luck and I'm glad we could take one heck of a ride down the road to Wrestlemania together!

    *This takes place on Friday Night Smackdown*

    Smackdown comes back from commercial showing the ring decked out in its usual setup for the think tank! The fans are cheering as ALLPR0 is already in the ring and holding a microphone as he begins to speak once the crowd dies down.

    AP: Welcome everyone, to the think tank! I'm your host ALLPR0 and without any further adu I'd like to invite my first guest down to the ring!

    Here to Show the World hits as Jands comes down to the ring to a thunderous amount of boos. He'sin his usual jean shorts and rise above hate shirt as he enters the ring.

    Jands: I'm going to make this very very simple and quick for all of you idiot in the stand and the one in the ring standing across from me. As you pointed out this Monday ALLPR0 we don't like each other, but there's nothing wrong with that, I mean half the members of the GWF hate each other's guts. With those people though there is a mutual respect shown, one of brotherhood for all of the wars we've been through together and the damage we've inflicted on each other. Now that's the problem I have with you, I don't have that same respect for you and I honestly never will (fans begin booing like crazy.) Shut up all of you! Let me explain why....

    AP: Hey you.....

    Jands: Let me finish you little punk! (more boos rain down from the rafters.) You came into this company just like all of us have, as a little pathetic jobber who no one cared about. All of the veterans including myself gave you and the rest of the jobbers a ton of crap, I mean you didn't even come in with a group of other newbies like some of us did so you got even more crap thrown at you with no one else to take any. That's when you seperated yourself from the group though, unlike almost any jobber who came before you something crazy happened, you actually started winning right away. You not only won the LHC after only being in the company for about six months, but then you held that stupid title for another six whole months! Nothing like that had ever been done before you came here! Most people would have been happy with the success they had achieved and waited for their name to be called for another push but not you, oh no you just couldn't wait! You came right after the big dogs, mainly myself right after I had my power brought into question and almost taken away by that other ingrate and disrespectful punk Deadnight Majin. You wanted to make a name for yourself just like Majin did before you at my expense, unlike him though you didn't know when to give up! You just kept coming back for more like an annoying insect I just couldn't squash! Then when I didend up firing you what did you do!? You nearly blew up my house and killed me in the process instead of simply giving up! Now we find ourselves at a crossroads at Wrestlemania, you can either defeat me and go onto heights you never thought were possible, or you can finally get squashed like the insect you are and fade away into everyone's memories like you should have a long time ago.

    AP: Are you finished now?

    Jands: No actually I....

    AP: Nevermind, I don't care! I never knew Jands, I never knew that the reason you hated me and tried to hold me back so much was because of my immediate success, because I didn't pay some stupid unwritten dues which everyone else who's ever done anything in this company had to pay. You might think that I've never paid any dues or waited my turn in line but guess what? Because of you and what I've been through in these past six months I've gone through more crap than half the people in this company. You're wrong about the cross roads also, we aren't just going to silently pick which direction we'd like to take while standing next to each other at a fork in the road, no not for people like you and me. We're two cars going opposite ways down a one way street which seems like it's never going to end until finally we meet each other in the middle right at the point of collision and one car drives away while the other one lays in a wreck. This Sunday will not be the begining of a new journey, it will be the violent and catclysmic ending to a journey which should have ended a long time ago, but now will end when there is finally only one man left standing!

    Jands: Hmmm deep words, but before we go our seperate ways and meet back up at Wrestlemania I'd like to inform you on one more little piece of info. You decided a long time ago to take on the man, take down the machine, whatever you want to call it. You even formed a little group of friends who felt the same way you did and were willing to die for the cause. Let's say by some freak accident you do beat me this Sunday and you do end my career. It's not like your problems are going to stop, it's not like all of the corruption in this company or this world will go away simply because of our match, you see the quest you're on ALLPR0 has no ending and it never will. That's why this Sunday I'm going to give you the beating of your life and hopefully open your eyes in the process and see that the fight you've been on for the past six months will never end.

    AP: Well all of that may be true, but at least I know one thing for sure, and that is if there is no ending to the road I'm on, then I won't be stopping either!

    Jands looks at ALLPR0 with rage in his eyes and throws a punch now which connects with ALLPR0 who throws one back and connects with Jands! Both men are swining for the fences now as the arena erupts into cheers!

    Cole: Oh my goodness! These two haven't actually layed hands on each other since their failed attempt at the tag titles back at the Royal Rumble!

    Booker: Awwww man! This has been brewing for a long time and has finally hit it's climax!

    As both men are swining wildly Jands gets the upper hand by lifting his knee up into ALLPR0's torso who doubles over in pain. Jands now lifts him over his shoulders and is about to hit an Attitude Adjustment when all of a sudden Rain by Kid Cudi hits as Slick charges down to the ring!

    Booker: Yeah Slick! The man who's been training ALLPR0 for weeks now is about to come to his aid!

    Cole: No he should stay out of it! This doesn't involve him!

    Booker: Jands involved him when he started going after ALLPR0!

    Jands sees Slick coming and quickly lets go of ALLPR0 and rushes out of the ring. He climbs over the barricade and through the fans who are booing him throwing merchandies as he yells at all of them for being incredibly stupid. He makes it to the top of the ramp as he looks back down at the ring now where Slick is helping ALLPR0 to his feet as Saliva by Ladies and Gentlemen plays and Jands looks ALLPR0 in the eyes and does a you can't see me taunt as Smackdown goes to commercial.

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    OOC: Here's the write up for me vs. Jands at Wrestlemania if anyone would like to post it to GS. I'm sure we'll meet again some day Jands

    *WM comes back from a backstage segment involving Game Wiz and Yoopers Child*

    King: Oh man that Game Wiz always up to something.

    Booker: Honestly I'm scared, but not as scared as I am about to be for the next match because these two men don't just want blood, they want each other's careers.

    Cole: That's right Booker these two have been going at it for over six months now as there rivalry will finally end in a Last Man Standing match up.

    A video package is shown now dating all the way back to Summer Slam when Jands defeated Majin and the night after where Majin retired and ALLPR0 stood up to Jands, clips are then shown of Destabalized's epic battles with Uprising and finally the fall of Uprising with JLe and ALLPR0 standing tall. Next up is Survivor Series where team Spidey-PR0 defeated team veterans who Jands was apart of. The Royal Rumble is next where Legend is shown to be very badly beaten which forces Jands and ALLPR0 to team up as Jands leaves ALLPR0 to be destroyed at the hands of Ortonism in the match. Elimination chamber is then looked at as Jands' body guards are shown tazing ALLPR0 through the structure as he is then pinned by Kreater. Finally clips of Legend reavealing that Jans was his attacker, Slick training ALLPR0, Jands firing ALLPR0, and then the two of them agreeing to the Last Man Standing Match as they stand face to face in the center of the ring.

    All of a sudden a spotlight is shown as the band Saliva is on the corner of the entrance stage as they begin to play Ladies and Gentlemen as the fan goesabsolutelyinsane for the live performance and for ALLPR0 as he steps out from the back in an all white jacket (much like Cody Rhodes) as he stops to listen to Saliva for a minute high fiving the band members and then sprints down to the ring to the fans delight. He throws his jacket into the stands as he soaks in the crowds cheers and then sits atop a turnbuckle as he waits his opponent's entrance.

    Saliva now pauses for a second and then blasts into Here to Show the World as Jands comes out in his usual Rise Above Hate attire and jean shorts paying no attention to either the crowd or the Saliva as he enters the ring and stares down ALLPR0 who hops off the turnbuckle and returns Jands' stare. The ref now comes between the two men and makes sure that they're both ready as the bell is rung and the two enemies begin circling each other.

    Cole: Here we go!

    King: I know! I can't believe you're excited for this though Cole.

    Cole: I'm excited to see ALLPR0 get beat down!

    Jands strikes first by charging at AP and taking out his legs with a low tackle. He goes for an elbow drop on the downed ALLPR0 who sees it coming and rolls out of the way getting back up to his feet quickly as he goes for a head kick on Jands who ducks it and grabs ALLPR0 from behind and hits a back suplex. Jands goes for another elbow drop but ALLPR0 once again evades it standing up quickly but with his back to Jands as he goes for a pele kick. Jands knows ALLPR0 through and through also though and runs underneath ALLPR0 as he's in mid air and comes back off the ropes going for a Cena style shoulder block which ALLPR0 slides underneath of and then catches Jands on the rebound from the ropes with an arm drag which Jands quickly gets up from allowing ALLPR0 to hit another arm drag which leaves Jands down as ALLPR0 lets out a roar to the crowd as they start chanting his name.

    King: Oh my goodness I've been waiting for this for so long and it's notdisappointingat all!

    Booker: They know each other so well boi! Someone's going to have to hit a big move to take advantage of this thing!

    Cole: Personally I amdisappointed, mainly that ALLPR0 isn't dead yet.

    Jands is now back on his feet and is positioned to charge at ALLPR0 who has his back turned to him. As he turns around Jands charged at ALLPR0 going for a clothesline but ALLPR0 counters by getting underneath him and using leverage to hit a back body drop on Jands sending him over the top rope and tumbling to the outside. ALLPR0 looks at the downed Jands and then signals to the crowd as he bounces off the ropes and attempts a suicide dive on a now standing but dazed Jands who notices the attack in progress just in time and actually catches ALLPR0 in mid air allowing him to hit a gutwrench suplex sending ALLPR0 crashing into the outside barrier.

    Cole: Yeah what a great move by Jands! What a fan favorite!

    King: Can you not hear the boos?

    Booker: Looks like it's going to be my man ALLPR0's speed and savvy vs. Jands strength andexperiencein this one. So far it's so even I have no clue boiiii!

    Having time now Jands looks under the ring and finds what he's looking for in a steel chair. The crowd boos even harder now knowing that Jands has something up his sleeve with the weapon as he swings it at ALLPR0 connecting hard with his back crumpling ALLPR0 back onto the hard outside floor. Jands then connects a few more times with ALLPR0's back and opens the chair just enough to slide it around ALLPR0's now limp body which he picks up instead of letting the ref count and throws ALLPR0 with the chair wrapped around his torso into the steel ring post which doesn't give at all steel collides with steel and ALLPR0 takes the worst of it falling back to the floor again. Jands demands for the ref to begin counting and he reaches a count of four when ALLPR0 stumbles back to his feet with the chair still around his body as Jands looks pissed that he's still putting up a fight. Jands goes to toss ALLPR0 back into the ring post again but ALLPR0 counters this time around with a very risky drop toe hold which works as Jands goes headfirst into the ring post himself! ALLPR0 is also down though with the crash to the ground with the chair still around him taking a lot out of him both men are down now as the ref begins his count.

    King: There you go ALLPR0 now get up!

    Cole: Good job using your head Jands! Lol! That's twitter worthy!

    King: Aren't you cheering for Jands?

    Cole: Yes, but my twitter account always wins.

    Jands gets up first this time at three and begins looking for another weapon underneath the ring when he finds what he's looking for and pulls out a table! The crowd starts chanting table now as Jands slides the object into the ring but ALLPR0 cuts him off from using it as he tosses Jands up and over the barricade this time as the crowd starts buzzing once again. ALLPR0 now picks up the steel chair used against him earliar and stands it up as if he were going to sit in it, instead he takes a few steps back and then runs at the chair using it as a stepping stone as he hurtles himself at Jands and connects with a huge mid air clothesline as both men are over the barricade now and inside the crowd. The ref doesn't get a chance to start counting this time as he had to fight his way through people and because both competitors are on their knees now exchanging blows. Jands headbutts ALLPR0 after one of his punches is blocked sending ALLPR0 tilting backwards as Jands makes it to his feet but instead of staying to fight he starts climbing the stairs to the back of the arena!

    King: Where could he be going at a time like this!

    Booker: Anywhere ALLPR0 isn't man! I don't think he was expecting this much of a fight!

    ALLPR0 is now up and in pursuit of Jands as he finally catches him near the top of the stairs. The two duke it out throwing punches with a few kicks mixed in when all of a sudden the unthinkable happens as Jands catches ALLPR0 in a vertical suplex position as he is going to suplex him down the stairs! ALLPR0 saves himself though by kneeing Jands in the head and landing on his feet. Jands is prepared though and low blows ALLPR0 with a kick collapsing him to his knees in pain. Jands then digs around in his shorts pockets and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles! The crowd is letting Jands have it as he ignores them and connects with a heavy punch to the side of ALLPR0's skull with the brass knuckles on which basically knocks ALLPR0 out as Jands rolls hisunconsciousbody all the way down the stairs! The ref finally catches up to ALLPR0's now motionless body which ended up going down two flights of stairs and then got caught on a railing fixture in the middle of the walkway. The ref begins counting now as everyone is anticipating the end.

    King: NO! That's it! I'm sorry but there's no way he's coming back from that!

    Cole: Nice one Jands! I'll have to remember that move for my next match!

    The ref reaches a count of 6 now as the crowd won't stop booing Jands who is doing the you can't see me taunt as the ref reaches 7 ALLPR0 actually starts stirring! He gets up on one knee at 8 and at 9 is on two feet again! An enraged Jands charges down the stairs now where a game ALLPR0 is waiting for him. After Jands goes to throw a punch ALLPR0 counters with a big body kick followed up by another body kick which sends Jands reeling backwards. ALLPR0 goes for and connects with a head kick this time around which dazes Jands enough for ALLPR0 to throw him back over the barricade and back to ring side. There now ALLPR0 looks underneath the ring himself and finds exactly what he placed there earliar, a barbed wire post! The crowd erupts in joy at the site of the familiar weapon used throughout the years but ALLPR0 doesn't get a chance to use it as Jands uses a drop toe hold himself this time and then puts the STF on ALLPR0! After having it on for a few seconds Jands reaches out and grabs the steel chair which is close by and this time wraps the chair around ALLPR0's face while wrenching back on it in STF fashion! The crowd starts grimacing as they can tell the pain ALLPR0's in after nearly thirty seconds of being in themaneuver!

    Booker: ALLPR0's come back before this point! He can do it again! He's in my fave five for a reason dawg!

    King: I don't know how he can get out of this though!

    Cole: Easy, he can't!

    As ALLPR0 is about to pass out for good he finds just enough strength to drag Jands and the chair about a foot towards the barbed wire weapon which ALLPR0 reaches and then swings wildly backwards clubbing Jands in the head with it busting him open! Jands immidietly let's go of the hold and the chair as he rolls over in pain as both men are spilling blood all over the place. ALLPR0 stands up with the help of the club though and shoves Jands into the ring andfollowshim in with the club! ALLPR0 does something unexpected though and removes the wire from the club and wraps it around his hand, he then locks in the Checkmate submission hold (scorpion crossface) on Jands with the barbed wire tight around his face! Jands is getting cut all over the place as he struggles to get out of the hold when he finally grabs onto the table he had thrown into the ring earliar. After being in the hold for about as long as AP was in the STF he takes the table and thrusts it backwards over his head connecting with ALLPR0's already injured torso knocking him back and off of Jands who uses the ropes to help himself stand up as he sets up the table. ALLPR0 also slowly makes it to his feet but falls right into the clutches of Jands who sets him up for an Attitude Adjustment through the table! ALLPR0 begins squirming though and connects with a few elbows to Jands head which causes him to stumble backwards and allows ALLPR0 to get off of him by sitting on the turnbuckle. Once there ALLPR0 attempts to grab Jands for a tornado ddt but Jands swings and connects with the brass knuckles he was still wearing which knock ALLPR0 out as he's still sitting atop the turnbuckle. Jands gets an evil grin on his face now as he climbs the turnbuckle and puts ALLPR0 in the position for a top ropeAttitudeAdjustment as he's also eyeing up the table!

    King: Oh no! No this! Please not this!

    Cole: End him!

    Just before Jands tosses ALLPR0 he looks to his other side and sees the Spanish announce table is very close by, he smiles even bigger now as he makes up his mind and actually tosses ALLPR0 in what would normally be the opposite direction of the AA but sends ALLPR0 hurtling through the air and through the Spanish announce table, Jands himself fell of the turnbuckle and landed awkwardly on the floor below below as he might of twisted his ankle or knee. The ref begins counting for both men now as he reaches 7 Jands just mustered up enough energy to grab a hold of the ring post near him and help pull himself up. ALLPR0 on the other hand doesn't start moving until the count of 8 and somehow to the world's surprise stands up at 9!!!!

    King: There's no way!

    ALLPR0 looks Jands straight in the eye from about five feet away and does the you can't see me taunt as he can't help but pass out once again and this time for good as the ref reaches a ten count. Jands has his hand raised by the ref as Saliva plays Here to Show the World as Jands hobbles to the back to the jeers of the fans as a medical cart comes out to take ALLPR0's nearly lifeless body to the back as Saliva plays Ladies and Gentlemen in honor of him as the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

    *Next segment begins*

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    Updated the link and reposted your write-up, ALLPRO.
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    Crulex1369 wrote:
    Updated the link and reposted your write-up, ALLPRO.
    Thank you very much sir. I look forward to you vs. Speeps

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    Just checking that you got my messages Jands.

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    *Takes place on Monday Night Raw*

    The crowd is already on fire as they are chanting various GWF stars names and catchphrases when all of a sudden Here to Show the World by Saliva hits as Jands comes down to the ring in his new green t-shirt and hat and as always is wearing his fashionable jean shorts. He's given a mic as he steps into the ring as the fans are still cheering other stars rather than booing Jands.

    Jands: Shut up! I'm in this ring now and I demand your undivided attention!

    The fans now begin to boo Jands as he flashes them all a smile as he turns around to look at everyone in attendance sarcastically smiling at all.

    Jands: Thanks you! Now onto business, as you all should already know my Wrestlemania rival who I defeated with ease is now my personal assistant!

    Crowd boos while also chanting ALLPR0.

    Jands: I can understand why you'd all be upset, seeing one of your biggestheroesdiminishedto nothing more than a lowly personal assistant. Even some of my peers such as Hurricane think it's quiteunnecessaryfor me to have a personal assistant. I would normally agree with them because honestly I don't need help very often, but then I realized, all of those jobs I hate doing, and all of the times I've just wanted to yell at someone else to do it, well now I can!

    Crowd boos more as Jands smiles larger.

    Jands: When I saw how desperate ALLPR0 was to get his job back I knew that this was the perfect opportunity, not only could I rehire a big money maker who will make me richer as all of you idiots buy his merchandise (fans boo even louder) but now that my schedules opened up with his help you can see even more of me doing what I do best, winning!

    Cole: I love it! What a generous man Jands is giving ALLPR0 his job back after all of the horrible things ALLPR0 has done to him in the past.

    King: Are you even listening to yourself right now!?

    Jands: I'll start my winning streak off the right way, by winning a championship! Of course it will only be the pathetic tag championships, but once I find a worthy partner we can bring the titles back to the prominence they once had before Ortonism took over the tag division (fans aren't sure whether to cheer or boo this so they do neither.) Of course my future plans are all very well known by this point, so I'd now like to reveal the plans I have laid for my personal assistant ALLPR0!

    Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva plays now as the fans let out a big pop until they see ALLPR0 come out from the back with a wet rag in one hand with big rubber gloves and rubber overall covering his clothing along with a plastic face shield which is covered in what seems to be blood. As he awkwardly makes his way into the ring Jands finally stops laughing and begins speaking once again.

    Jands: Hahaha!!!! Look at you! What are you wearing! Better yet why are you wearing it!?

    AP: Well I'm sure you remember about 20 minutes ago when you told me to clean up the blood on your wall where it looked like Lak killed some sort of animal in a satanic ritual?

    Jands: I really would appreciate it he didn't use my office for that........

    The fans burst out laughing as ALLPR0 begins to speak again.

    AP: Well I talked to the janitors and because it's a bio hazard they made me put on the suit.

    Jands: That's classic! Oh someone take a picture! This is going straight up on the website! As I was saying though, since I'm bound to be a champion by the end of Extreme Rules I can't expect any less from those people who work under me and represent me. That's why this Friday night on Smackdown you ALLPR0, will be competing in a number onecontendermatch against the one and only Qfordi for a United States Championship match at Extreme Rules!

    The fans let out a roar of approval as they start chanting AP again.

    Cole: I told you King! Look at Jands giving ALLPR0 a shot at a title! Even after he lost at Wrestlemania!

    King: Yeah that was awfully generous of him, I wonder what he's getting out of it?

    Cole: Why does he have to get anything out of it? Can't he just be a nice person?

    King: He's Jands, enough said.

    AP: Hmm, sorry I'm not quite as enthused as you are about this Jands, but what's the catch?

    Jands: Catch!? ALLPR0, there is no catch! I've decided to look past all of our past problems now that you officially work for me, why can't you do the same?

    AP: Well I am a genius, and my brains still telling me that you're just as under handed as you've always been.

    Jands: Please ALLPR0 give me a chance! After our battle at Wrestlemania I now see you in a different light, a more respectful light, and you've given me enough reason to give you a shot at a title which I believe you deserve. Let's just consider this even for me taking away your GWF championship shot back at Survivor Series. Plus you'd be doing me a huge favor if you won! I mean you're second to maybe only Slick in your ability to push merchandise, and that no name champ Twist is doingabsolutelynothing good for business right now! I mean most people don't even remember his match at Wrestlemania even happening!

    As the fans are just about at their breaking point 40oz by D12 hits and the usual mixed reaction Twist gets is forgotten as the fans give a huge pop for him finally shutting Jands up as he charges down to the ring with his U.S. championship in one hand and a mic in the other.

    Twist: Jands I've had enough of...... What the heck are you wearing!?

    AP: It's a really long story with blood and dead animalsacrificesand......

    Twist: Nevermind! I'm a damn good champ Jands, I won this sucker back at Elimination chamber where I had to outlast 5 other men to do so, you being one of them ALLPR0. Then I went on and defeated my old friend turned arch enemy Lak at Wrestlemania in a no holds barred match, and you think I'm a poor champion!

    Jands: I'm not going to argue with your success Twist because clearly you've proved that you have the ability to win big matches. I just don't think you have the "it" factor, the thing that puts fans in the seats and money in our wallets, trust me it's not like ALLPR0 has more of an it factor than your'struly, I just think that him winning is better for the company and not to mention that when someone works for me people expect greatness from them. I mean I can't go revive the tag division when people associate a loser as my own personalassistant, I mean look at David Otunga and John Laurinitis!He would be a very well respected man if it wasn't for that idiot always following him around!

    AP: Well I'm not going to lie and say that I don't want a title match because I do, but I have to agree with Twist. He outlasted me and four others to win the title at EC and then retained his title on the biggest stage of them all while I fell short. I'd understand if you don't think I'm worthy of the shot at this moment Twist, but then I think I should remind you ofVengeance this past fall where I defeated you on my way to ending Uprising, and I think I should also remind you of when I won the LHC from Majin as you were sidelined with an injury I gave you at Wrestlemania that year. In the end I might not be on a hot streak as of this moment, but Idefinitelyhave your number.

    Jands: Yeah! Now that's what I like to hear! What a great choice I made for my personalassistant!

    As the fans boo ALLPR0 and Jands Twist is visibly shaking with rage while looking ALLPR0 in the eyes.

    King: What was all of that about!? Has Jands brain washed ALLPR0 or something?

    Cole: I don't know but I like everything ALLPR0 was saying! Especially because he sounded like a bad a$$ while saying it!

    As Jands raises the microphone to his lips and is about to speak again Twist nods at ALLPR0 who nods back inacknowledgement as Twist charges at ALLPR0 who stands between him and Jands.

    Jands: Get him ALLPR0! Stop him!

    ALLPR0 throws an incredibly powerful punch but aims about six inches over Twist's head allowing Twist to duck underneath it and tackle Jands all in one smooth motion. As Twist starts landing hammer punches on Jands giving him a bloody nose ALLPR0 turns around and pretends to trip while going to save Jands. Twist now locks on his crippler cross face on Jands while ALLPR0 gets up and begins cleaning up the blood coming from Jands' nose with the already blood soaked rag he's holding in his hand. After about fifteen seconds of Jands verbally attacking both Twist and ALLPR0 they finally make their move as AP throws a kick which misses Twist by a foot as Twist pretends to get hit and roll out of the ring while grabbing his title and running to the back to the cheers of the fans.

    Cole: What was that! I mean I know this is fake but those punches and kicks from ALLPR0 missed by a mile!

    King: You idiot Cole! Those were supposed to miss!

    Cole: You're saying they faked it on purpose....

    King: Yes!

    Cole: So I just revealed that wrestling was fake to the whole world.....

    King: Yeah.... but everyone already knew that.

    Cole: Really!?

    Jands is now the angry one as he yellsincomparablewords at ALLPR0. He then forces ALLPR0 to lay down on his stomach as Jands then locks on the STF! He lets go in about the same amount of time he was in the cross face and as he lets go he kicks ALLPR0 in the head and leaves the ring as Here to Show the World plays again and the fans rain down boos on him.

    *Raw goes to commercial*

    OOC: Repost if possible

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    Damn, I was too late. I had a promo on Gamespot announcing the match but I couldn't repost it here.
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    TwistofFate14 wrote:
    Damn, I was too late. I had a promo on Gamespot announcing the match but I couldn't repost it here.
    All good I'll pm you and Jands what I have planned for SD.

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    Sorry I took a small hiatus everyone but I'm back now! Good match at Extreme Rules Twist, you whipped me pretty badly

    Also JLe check your messages here, I have some ideas brewing.

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    Updated the link on the first page.
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    OOC: Sorry this took awhile JLe but if you could re-post it that'd be awesome, thanks and enjoy!

    *Raw comes back from commercial after the opening segment at 9:20 p.m. eastern time*

    King: What a great way to start off what should be an amazing Raw!

    Cole: With the annual survival of the fittest tournament happening at Over the Limit in a few weeks ever show is bound to have a few surprises!

    King: Hey Cole remember last year when Speeps and Vator came back from the dead.... for the first time.... just to compete in this tournament!?

    Cole: Who could forget that crazy time King!? They waged war on the entire GWF!

    King: Speaking of surprises I just got word that a star who hasn't been on Raw in awhile will be making hisreappearanceright now on Raw!

    Justin Roberts: Will everyone please welcome back the one, the only, the genius of the round table........ ALLLLLLLLLLPRRRRR00000000!!!!!!

    The fans pop huge as Ladies and Gentlemen and ALLPR0 comes jogging out from the back doing his signature genius taunt as the fans are eating it up!

    King: He's back!

    Cole: Wait who is this guy? Are we sure that this isn't a debuting rookie instead of a returning star?

    King: Are you an idiot Cole!?

    ALLPR0 steps into the ring and is handed a microphone as he adjusts his metallic blue tie and his white pin striped suit. He turns around a few times looking at the crowd with a huge smile on his face as a, "Let's go Pro!" Chants start. As ALLPR0 is about to speak he begins to frown as a sad look comes over his face.

    AP: I'm glad to see that you all love me still, because honestly I'm not even a big fan of myself right now.

    The crowd becomes silent now waiting for ALLPR0 to explain.

    Cole: How can they be fans of a rookie who they don't even know yet?

    King: Seriously!?

    AP: I don't know what's wrong with me, ever since I lost the LHC and then helped my team win at Survivor Series...... I haven't even won a match.......

    The crowd let's out a collective gasp as they realize what AP's saying is true.

    Cole: Why in the world was this newbie at Survivor Series!?

    King: He was a co-captain of his team Cole!

    AP: I could of course blame all of my losses on thetraumatizing experiences Jands put me through, I mean ever since he denied my shot at the GWF title I haven't done anything, I could even blame my losing streak on JLe for undermining me and causing the collapse of Destabalized. (OOC: For the record Destabalized was officially disbanded on the Raw after the Elimination Chamber)I of course won't be blaming my losses on any of those things because in the end I was still the one in the ring, staring down my opponents man to man and I lost straight up to Jands at Wrestlemania, and now to Twist at Extreme Rules.

    Cole: Hahaha! This dude sucks! No wonder I don't remember him!

    King: Just to let you know Cole Twitter is exploding in anger at you right now.

    Cole: Yes! I'm the number two trending topic worldwide right now! I'm right behind some dude named ALLPR0.

    King: Are you mentally stable Cole?

    AP: Whatever magic I caught while holding the LHC is gone now, and with it leaving I've wondered recently if I should do the same thing (Crowd starts chanting, "Please don't go pro!" I appreciate all of your concerns but with guys like Spidey, Sonic, even Slick leaving or thinking about leaving the company these past few months I just wonder if it is time for me to hang up my boots, it's been a short but fun ride with everyone and........

    ALLPR0 gets cut off to the surprise of every one when I am Perfection by Down Strait begins to play. The fans are incredibly confused now and don't even know how to react as JLe steps out from the back with mic in hand as he's in his wrestling gear and approaches the ring staring ALLPR0 down the entire way.

    JLe: SHUT UP!!!!!!

    Cole: Finally JLe is putting an end to this mess!

    King: You realize the man in the ring you don't know at all is the guy JLe beat for the LHC title right?

    Cole: Oh yeah that rings a bell now..... his name is Jake Frato right?

    King face palms as JLe steps in the ring and puts his face about three inches away from ALLPR0's as he stares him in the eyes and begins his rant.

    JLe: So you've had a little bit of bad luck lately, who gives a crap!?!?!? You've been in this industry for only a year and a half and you're thinking of quitting because you're on your first losing streak? Are you kidding me!? Everyone even the greats of this company Crulex, Slick, Speeps, Vator, Hurricane and everyone else loses, sometimes they lose a few times in a row even. Do you ever see them thinking of quitting though? Of course not! That's what makes them great d@mm!t!!!! As much as it pains me to say it, I feel like right now being your arch enemy and opposite in most ways also makes me your best friend who is obligated to tell you this. ALLPR0, if you do stick around and keep working as hard as I know you'recapableof, you'll get your mind set back, and with that the wins won't stop coming just like they used to for you. For now though you just have to get through your low period so that you can come out of this stronger than ever before!!!!!!!!

    AP: I.... I don't know what to say......

    JLe: You don't need to say anything, in fact all you do have to say is yes, then after that shut up and get your head back on right!

    AP: Say yes to what exactly?

    JLe: Well you see I know we've obviously had our differences in the past, in fact I think at one point we were on the brink of murdering each other, but I need a tag partner for this Survival of the Fittest tournament I plan on winning, and from the looks of it you need someone to whip you back into shape. How does teaming up sound to you?

    AP: Well it sounds better than quitting! Let's win this tournament!

    JLe and ALLPR0 shake hands and then each jump up on a turnbuckle and begin taunting to the fans as they are in full cheer mode again. All of a sudden Jands appears on the titantron though as the place becomes silent.

    AP: What are you doing out there!? Just because you made your television re-appearance doesn't mean you're free of being my assistant! Now get back here and start making me my coffee!

    The music cuts off also as ALLPR0 and JLe share a stare down with Jands as Raw goes to commerical.

    OOC: JLe and I are now officially a team for the Survival of the Fittest tournament!

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    Updated for No Way Out.
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    Promo coming today or tomorrow.

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    OOC: If someone could post this on GS that'd be awesome!

    *Takes place on Friday Night Smackdown after Nick and Jands are attacked by Frieza*

    Smackdown comes back from commercial after Speeps promo showing Jands in the back in his office looking over some paper work while holding an ice pack to his head. He lets out a painful sounding groan as ALLPR0 opens the door and comes in holding asandwichand a glass of water on a silver tray which he places on Jands desk.

    Jands: What did I say about knocking!? You idiot! Where's the lemon in my water and the toothpick in my sandwich?

    AP: I guess I forgot.

    Jands: I can't deal with this type of incompetency! Especially when I have to deal with outlaws like Nick and Frieza! Now go find me Dude, I must speak to him.

    AP: Yes sir.

    ALLPR0 now quickly opens the door and steps out into the hallway as he quickly moves down the hallway and takes a sharp turn left and then another quick turn right where JLe is waiting in a shadowy and empty hallway.

    JLe: Did you place it?

    AP: I put it under the desk when I placed his tray down.

    JLe: Good, now we just wait and listen in on his plans and stay one step ahead of him, by the way that was a geniusmaneuver by you to make the back up plan of becoming Jands assistant if you lost at Mania to him. Now we have an inside man whenever we need one.

    AP: Well I am the genius of the round table for a reason, can I ask you though where in the world you got a CIA audio bug to use?

    JLe: Let's just say I have connections....

    AP: Truth?

    JLe: Yep, now let's go talk to our second guest of the evening.

    JLe and ALLPR0 now quickly turn the corner back into the better lit hallway and continue down it until they turn another corner and run straight into Dude.

    Dude: Hey AP where's Jands office again? He texted me saying he wanted to talk.

    AP: How the heck am I supposed to know!?

    JLe and AP now find the room marked trainers room and step in seeing a trainer bandaging Goldenage Nick's mid section while he is also holding an ice pack to his head while drinking some water. ALLPR0 and JLe signal for the trainer to leave as he looks like he wants to say something but doesn't.

    Nick: What the heck are you two doing here? If you can't tell I was kind of beat up and don't really want any distractions.

    JLe: We've noticed you're actions over these past few months and would like to talk to you about them.

    Nick: What actions?

    AP: We thought that after Destabalized was unceremoniously dispatched of (takes quick glance at JLe) that we'd be the only two who were still willing to fight Jands' tyranny, but you've showed us that we were wrong and that you are still willing to take the fight to him.

    Nick: I was not only under the impression that Destabalized was destroyed, but that the whole reason that it was destroyed was because you two couldn't get along because of some power struggle. Now you both show up here when I may be at my weakest offering me assistance? Why does this seem just too good to be true?

    JLe: I see why you hesitate to believe us, and it's those instincts that we need to use against Jands in a combined effort. You see after Destabalized broke up and AP and I were at each other's throats we came to a sort of understanding a few weeks ago which enlightened both of us greatly.

    AP: You see the initial power struggle between JLe and I back when Destabalized was first created was very real and almost tore us and Destabalized apart for good. When Legend was viciously attacked at the Royal Rumble nearly six months ago we finally woke up and realized that if we didn't start working together that other people might suffer the same fate Legend did.

    JLe: That's when it hit us, not only did we have to start working together, but we need some serious overhaul for the direction of our plans. We were attempting to take Jands down with a full frontal assault with nothing but brute force and a lot of man power. We decided that to finally take Jands down we'd have to make a sacrafice ourselves and blow up Destabalized.

    AP: We didn't tell you or the other members what we were doing because we didn't want what happened to Legend to happen to any of you. JLe and I finally realized that there was no way we could match all of Jands' resources and strength as GM with a straight forward game plan, so welessenedour numbers which not only made us moreversatile, but also made it much easier to communicate and act with just the two of us. Plus we had the added benefit of not having to put other's at risk because we never wanted another Legend situation on our hands.

    JLe: So we pretended to fight once again and broke up Destabalized in it's physical form, but the idea behind Destabalized lived on. With ALLPR0's intellect, and my expertise in military style strategy, we eventually came up with a plan which put us right under Jands' nose without him having any idea.

    Nick: You mean you becoming his personal assistant was all a part of this plan?

    AP: Yes, now we know all of of Jands' moves before he makes them which in turn makes it much easier for us to make our own move. Then we teamed up for the tag tournament at Over the Limit so that other wrestles wouldn't question why two hated enemies were all of a sudden talking all the time. The reason neither of us have been on screen much these past few months was because of the plan we've been putting in place to pull the carpet out form under Jands.

    JLe: This plan took another step forward today when we planted a bug in Jands office allowing us to hear what he's saying even when AP isn't in there. This is where you come in, if you can continue to distract Jands with your actions and threats the likelihood of him noticing us while he's dealing with you is even less than it already was. All that we ask of you is to keep doing what you're doing, and to help us when we need you.

    Nick: I think I can do that, even though I don'tcompletely trust either of you, especially you ALLPR0....

    AP: Well we did have that whole incident where I shot you......

    Dude opens the door now as he steps in.

    Dude: This isn't Jands office!?

    JLe slams the door in his face as he turns to leave through the back door.

    JLe: We'll keep in touch.

    Dude: I think you broke my nose!

    ALLPR0 steps out the front door now and apologizes to Dude for JLe. He then goes into an adjacent room marked, "Hurricane's Office" as ALLPR0 opens the door and walks in Hurricane looks up checking his reflection in his gold bars in a disgruntled manner and looks ALLPR0 in the eyes.

    Hurricane: What do you want?

    AP: So about that United States Championship match.....

    * ALLPR0 closes the door as Smackdown goes to Commercial*

    OOC: I'd like to put my name in the running the U.S. Fatal Four waymatch up.

    Edited on 05/26/2012 1:20pm
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    Won the U.S. championship...... expect a big return promo soon!

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    JLe Facebook:

    I DEMAND a match from the man who destroyed Destablized Allpro RIGHT NOW!!!!!
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