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TV.com Survivor Series Roundtable build up thread

Whatever happened to ALLPR0?

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    Hell In A Cell saw the epic conclusion of the Majin/Crulex feud, with the elemental demon finally wrenching the world title from the Ortonism leader's grasp! Lord Frieza achieved the biggest victory of his career when he toppled the general manager Hurricane to become King Of The Ring, and now these two are on a collision course for the world championship! Also, what repercussions will GM JandSman's Armageddon Hell In A Cell victory have on the TWF in the coming months, who's title will he chase?


    TWF World Championship: Crulex1369 (c) vs Frieza4226

    Team TWF vs Team WOTU: Randyspeeps, SkinsFan2189, TwistOfFate14, JakeFrato & Deadnight-Majin vs Killerband55, ThePlayer, FullMetalWWant, TheNewEraIcon & Spideynerd3

    United States Championship - Last Man Standing: JLe1223 vs JandSman

    TwistOfFate14 vs Goldenagenick55

    Feel free to PM me any matches that need adding.

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    A generic newspaper wrote:

    The end draws near for GWF?

    To say fans were upset at Hell in a Cell would be an understatement. For weeks fans were anticpating brutal, intense matches from the GWF's best and brightest. From the first Wargame match since 1996, to a 3 stages of hell match and two Hell in a Cell matches. One that would determine who would be King of the Ring and that is not only for the GWF Title but to put an end to a fued that is possibly one of the best fueds in GWF's deep history. With this match card tickets have been selling out like crazy, pay per view were being sold out, the anticipation for this event has never been this high, since Summerslam 2010 which advertised two hall of famers: Randyspeeps and Envervator duke it out for the last time.

    The results of the Pay per view was dissappointing. Instead of five epic matches, fans were treated to three matches. Obiviously made up at the last minute. While the people saw the outcome of the two Hell in Cell, they were disappointed that they didn't get to see the War games or the 3 stages of Hell match play out. Instead they were treated to impromtua Armageddon 6 man Hell in a Cell match featuring the will I or won't I retire guy: Spydeynerd as the special guest referee. The matchwasn't stellar to put it lightly. Throughout the Pay per view, fans booed and threw thrash in the ring in rage. By the time GWF Hell in a Cell match came along about a third of the crowd left.It turns out that the wrestlers competing did a no show at the pay per view in fact this is the fewest matches in the history of GWF, naturally it led many to wonder: have we seen the end of the GWF. 2012 has not been kind to this prestigious wrestling comapany, many wrestlers either have retired (some on again off again) or just too injured to compete.

    We have not seen the likes of popular wrestlers such as Allpro, Minzi, WrightTime and even Slick who was one of the wrestlers who no showed at Hell in a Cell. Those wrestlers who are remaining some are dealing with some major injuries of their own, to name a few: JLe with a possbly broken ankle, Randyspeeps with a torn MCL and JandSman dealing with major neck issues. It has been called, what the newly crowned GWF champion Crulex said the Great Meltdown. Where there is not enough wrestlers to compete. An estimate of fourteen wrestlers competed last night the lowest since GWF's inception, one of the general managers Hurricane del oro when pressed with this statement replied: "Who gives a rats trasero?! The less wrestlers there are, the more I shine!!!!! Ja ja ja ja!" Throughout the years, GWF has overcome many obstabcles, through political turmoil, from the great stable wars of 2008-2009. However with the amount of wrestlers walking out of the company and the amount of wreslters (which is none) walking in. The GWF faces a dark future that it may not overcome as Survivor Series comes in three weeks will the GWF have any wrestlers to compete for the traditional Survivor Series match. Will the GWF have any wrestlers left by the end of the year?"This is the best wrestling comapny in the world" replied United States Champion JLe "We'll overcome this crisis."

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    OOC: All though I am still inactive, I will have an update on my condition this coming Friday on Smackdown

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    Frieza4226 wrote:
    Crulex1369 wrote:

    Edit: And Frieza won as well, huh? You best get ready, Frieza, cause that little feud you've been wanting since I got you to sign up? Well, you're about to get it.

    You're joking. You must be. Oh......I can not wait for the build up thread, because I have been waiting quite a while for this. You thought Majin beat you bad? Just you wait, buddy.
    Dang it Frieza, my dream of becoming a repeat King of the Ring has been ruined.... You win Frieza

    Percentages up soon!
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    The poster is also coming soon, I just need to verify some stuff with the BOD.
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    *As Monday Night Raw hits the airwaves, the fans are shown a replay of Hell in the Cell in photograph highlights, and the last photo shows Crulex holding the TWF World Heavyweight Championship high Undertaker-style in a darkened light. As the show's pyro show ends, a loud gong tolls and the lights go out, dimming into a dark blue hue. "Audit" by Tramatosis plays and Crulex walks to the ring with the TWF Title around his waist and his signature baseball bat in his hands. As he walks up the steel steps, the crowd gives him the mixed reaction he seems to thrive on.*

    JR: And there he is, our NEW TWF Champion of the World. What a hellacious battle he and Majin went through last night!

    Cole: Some say that it's up there in the top ten biggest rivalry ending matches in TWF history, and in the end, Majin and Crulex took each other to limits I don't think either man knew they had.

    JR: You've got to wonder what condition the champion is in tonight. He may have the title, but the beating he suffered at Darkside's hand was hard to watch.

    Cole: I agree. Crulex may have the win in the books, but I don't think either man won that match in spirit.

    *Crulex takes a mic and steadies himself with a hand on his taped up ribs. Crulex bears a few stitches from his war and with the mic, he slowly lets a grin form as he address the crowd.*

    Crulex: Last night was one of the most brutal nights of my career. To say that Darkside Majin gave me the biggest hits and hardest blows of my life is an understatement. The fight I faced from him these last few months were even tougher than the war I went through with Slick last year. And while I will never forgive Darkside for some of the damage he has caused, I must say that anyone who doesn't respect his ability inside this squared circle is a fool. The leader of Ortonism is not a joke, and I believe Randyspeeps chose the right man for the job.

    *The crowd boos a little harder from the praise, but Crulex marches forward and holds up a finger.*

    Crulex: But in the end, when you push the Demon too far, no one is safe. And last night, even Darkside learned what fear was. Yes, last night at Hell in the Cell was a changing point, but the TWF is as strong as ever and the upward climb is about to commence. And the challengers I face as Champion have never been stiffer. Once Majin has revived, I'm sure he'll want his title back. Randyspeeps holds the Money in the Bank, so anytime he wants this belt, he could very well come get it. JandSman won the right to challenge for any title in the next two PPV's, so he just might come after me. But the first match of the new era of the TWF and my first challenger.......is with the very man I brought to the TWF two years ago. That's right, Lord Frieza became King Frieza.......and now he wants his shot at me. *The fans pop at the titantron showing the graphic of Frieza vs. Crulex at Survivor Series and Crulex lets how a crazed laugh.*

    Crulex: Oh, I feel so good about this match, I can hardly contain my excitement. Frieza has run through just about everyone he has faced and made even the biggest stars in the TWF suffer. He has even consistantly performed at a level that I have not in several years. But to say that he is unbeatable.......well, no one is unbeatable. Frieza has been defeated. Frieza can bleed. And Frieza will not take this Championship from me. Frieza, the general feeling from the boys in the back is that you are the future. If you are, then you'll have to face the measuring stick of this company, The Elemental Demon Crulex!

    *Crulex pulls out a roll of measuring tape and stretches it out for emphasis.*

    Crulex: I don't say I'm the measuring stick because I'm the best. I say I'm the measuring stick because I determine your fate. Those who have beaten me more often than not rise to World Title level. Those who don't, never seem to last too long. Frieza, you've beaten a lot of top stars, but you have not beaten me. If you want me to acknowledge you as the future and give you the immortality you've been looking for, then in three weeks, you better give me the best you have, because the Deadman is back, and this time........NO SOUL ESCAPES!

    *Crulex crosses his throat with a slashing taunt and rolls his eyes in the back of his head as he prepares to utter his famous last words.*

    Crulex: King Frieza, are you ready.....FOR YOUR FUNERAL!?!

    *Crulex goes to leave, but then......*

    OOC: And you are up whenever you're ready, man.*
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    OOC: Your World Heavywieght Championship, your new name is Batista?

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    This takes place in a resturant around the morning

    (JLe and R-Truth are sitting across from each other. JLe is drinking his cofee while reading the newspaper, while R-Truth gorges on his ham and eggs. Truth's constant noises, knife clanging on to the plate trying to cut his ham and smacking his lips annoy the people sitting behind but JLe seems to be unaffected by Truth's pig like actions as he takes a sip from his coffee as he continues to read the Newspaper. After about 30 seconds JLe puts the newspaper down and rubs his temples in irratation.)

    JLe: The Roundtable is going through some tough times.

    (Truth speaks albeit with some food in his mouth.)

    Truth: You said that we're to be all right.

    JLe(shrugs): Not sure, that coward efc dissapeared, not that I'm suprised it just proves that he was unworthy of being a champion. If that's not proof, then I don't what is.

    Truth: So abo'-

    JLe: If it's about WrightTime she dissappeared too..... and I'm in no mood to ram your skull on this table, drag your unconsious to the kitchen and dump your head grease.

    Truth(flecks of food flying out): Um no of course not! What I'm sayin is what about your next opponent?

    (JLe sighs.)

    JLe: We're experiencing a meltdown Truth, Surivior Series is in what? Less than three weeks away? You are aware that we may not enough bodies to compete in the traditional Survivor Series match, let alone full card. Besides I'm still a champion and I need to find an opponent.

    Truth: Why? You could just compete in the Survivor Series match.

    JLe: It would be nice, but I can't, the consitution states that if I don't defend the title on the day of the pay per view, then I MUST defend in the next pay per view and besides, didn't I mention the shortage of wrestlers we have lately?

    Truth: What about Ortonism?

    JLe: What about them?

    Truth: They're right there.

    (JLe, turns around and sees Randyspeeps at the entrance, he is dressed in the typical Ortonism suit and approaches the the waitress. She directs them in JLe line of sight. Randyspeeps turns around and recognizes JLe, who gives a smirk.)

    JLe: We'll what do you know.

    (R-Truth expression turns into one you might expect a fangirl to react if she sees Justin Biebier without a shirt.)

    Truth: YOU'RE RANDYSPEEPS!!!!!

    (The people at the resturant turn to R-Truth, JLe shakes head in embarassment, while Randyspeeps laughs.)

    Speeps: The one and only.

    (Truth and JLe goes closer to Randyspeeps as the crowd returns to their meals trying ignore them.)

    Truth: So is it true Speeps that you have the longest hose in wrestling history?

    Speeps: Of course I do did you see me naked.

    Truth: What am I talking about of course I did!!!! I saw and measured it!!! It was amazing.

    JLe(almost bored tone.): Funny what I've heard about your big johnny, it was the opposite.

    (Randyspeeps chuckles, but inside his deranged head he wants to RKO JLe so badly.)

    Speeps: You're a funny guy Jaleee

    JLe: That's JLe the United States Champion.

    Speeps: Oh that's right, the man who was crippled by my partner Enervator, last year. Tell me how did it feel to experience the raw power of Enervator.

    JLe: Maybe if he didn't blind sighted me, I woud've crippled his roid injecting behind.

    Speeps: Let tell you something JLe, you may the United States Champion, but that means nothing, I held that title for the longest out of anyone. I created Ortonism, I created the Roundtable!!!!!

    Truth: Wasn't it Q who created the Roundtable?!

    (Randyspeeps RKOs Truth who is knocked out instantly, the people gasp in fear, one fat lady screams loudly then faints. Randyspeeps seething, stands over Truth's body.)


    (JLe looks at Randyspeeps smiling. Randyspeeps glares at him.)

    Speeps: You think you're the best? Do you JLe?! You're not the best! I am! You are below me, you couldn't beat Enervator how can you beat a God?!!!

    JLe: Are you done yet? Or you're just bore some more?

    Speeps: What did you say?

    JLe: You heard what I said. Ortonism may be the only going for the Roundtable, but just like person you modeled yourselves after, you have a gift of lulling people to sleep. I don't think I can beat you, I KNOW I can.

    (Speeps laughs hysterically.)

    Speeps: I don't have time for this! I don't why I'm here!! I'm outta here!!!

    JLe: Oh so you won't take my challenge, are afraid of me? is the God feeling...... human?

    Speeps: You don't want to mess with Ortonism JLe! Many did and paid an unfortunate price, you know your place.

    JLe: I know my place is at the top, and you're just a stepping stone to get me closer to it.

    (Randyspeeps, snorts and leaves the resturant, leaving JLe to tend to R-Truth.)
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    JLe1223 wrote:

    OOC: Your World Heavywieght Championship, your new name is Batista?

    I just took a random picture from google. I didn't even notice the name until it got resized. But it does make me chuckle, so I think I'll keep it.
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    Crulex1369 wrote:
    *Crulex goes to leave, but then......* OOC: And you are up whenever you're ready, man.*

    *Just then an organ riff playing the second movement of "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" and an unearthly voice is heard calling out while the titantron shows a haunted castle surrounded by wispy spirits.*

    Voice: "Darkness falls across the land! The midnight hour is close at hand! Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize y'alls neighborhood! And whosoever should be found, without the soul for getting down, must stand and face the hounds of hell, and rot inside a corpse's shell! The demons squeal in sheer delight! It's you they spy, so plump, so right! For though the groove is hard to beat, still you stand with frozen feet! You'll try to run, and try to scream, but no more sun you'll ever see! For evil reaches from the crypt, to crush you in it's icy grip! The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty thousand years, and grisly ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom! And though you'll fight to say alive, you're body starts to shiver....for no mere moral can resist....the evil of the thriller!

    *A Vincent Price-like laugh cuts into the arena while the choral chant of "Only A Chilling Elegy" plays. The music cuts to "Thriller", which plays from the speakers while King Frieza moonwalks out onto the stage and twirls a royal red and white-trimmed robe. Frieza chucks his crown at the audience, hitting someone in the head, before spinning the Fedora hat to the top of his purple domed bald head. Frieza grooves to the beat, strolling down the ramp. Frieza stops and pulls a mic out of the pocket of his robe, proudly standing straight as he backs up to the stage.*

    Frieza: How is that for Halloween spirit? I do believe that song is the perfect representation for the weeks to come, Crulex. You paint the picture that you are some kind of undead creature out to take the lives of those who oppose you. But you now stand against a King. I may not be the King of Pop, but I am the King of the Ring. Another legend is about to fall to me, and I can not wait. Once you fall, Crulex, I will be the champion that I was always destined to be. Not some lowly second-tier Light Heavyweight Champion, but the World Heavyweight Champion! My time is here at last.....

    Cole: I don't know how you could discredit anything Frieza is saying. He's been on a roll the last few PPV's!

    JR: It is hard to say what the future will hold, Cole, but if Frieza's past is any indication; Crulex may want to pay attention.

    Frieza: I'm glad to hear that so many people think that the day has come for the torch to be pasted to me. I do find it fitting that you, my friend, were the one who brought me here, and now you will be the one that suffers for that mistake. You said that Slick embarrassed you....and I handled him with ease. Hurricane and JandSman gave you issues....and I sent them to their doom. In fact, when was the last time anyone really compared us as equals? Crulex, I have beaten you in almost every fashion except actual competition, and that will change come Survivor Series.

    Crulex: Frieza, I want you to understand something right now. What you've said is the nail on the head. It doesn't matter what you do on any other PPV. It's what you do when you actually get inside this ring with me.

    Frieza: MY ring, to be exact. Which reminds me, what are YOU doing in it? You should know better than to trespass on my territory.

    Crulex: Your territory…….or MY yard?

    Frieza: Funny, but all the jokes and mind games you think you can throw at me mean nothing. Just look at the difference between us. You've struggled to beat single opponents, while I've slain enemies one by one, sometimes even more. You've lost countless matches, whereas in my two and a half year long career, I've only suffered defeat six times not counting the Royal Rumble matches, and two of those you can blame on my tag partner coming up short. Simply put, it takes a combination of luck and skill to even come close to defeating me, and you simply do not have luck. As for skill, well, we know who has the better grasp on that area.

    Crulex: For all your high and mighty talk Frieza, you would think that you've heard the phrase "the pride comes before the fall". I faced my own personal hell to get this championship back. You think I'm just going to let you take it from me that easily?

    Frieza: Nothing is easy when it comes to you, Crulex. But I take entire planets as a hobby. In two days I've survived both Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane 1123. What difference would taking a scrap of gold from a broken-down old legend like you make? You are at the end of your rope, and I am one last step from realize my own dream, and the dream of the Young Gunners. I will eradicate from the TWF the last hope of the old dying breed of wrestler, and usher in a new dawn! I will rule this place as its rightful king and champion. There will be no funeral at Survivor Series Crulex, because there will be nothing left of your physical being when I send you to another dimension just like a pathetic, weak Sayian monkey! Because I am King Frieza….and I'm…..IMMORTAL!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Cole: Two men who know each other so well, and now they will clash for the first time with the biggest prize in sports-entertainment on the line!

    JR: I have to say Cole that I'm intrigued. Crulex is experienced and by no means a pushover, but the Enforcer of the Young Gunners is not a man to make light of and anyone who does usually becomes a stain on the highway!

    Cole: It's three weeks until Survivor Series, but from the electricity I feel right now, I'm confident in saying that this will get personal very soon.

    *Frieza laughs his high, shrill laugh while "Only a Chilling Elegy" plays. Crulex stares down with the alien tyrant and rolls his eyes back into his head, continuing to try to intimidate Frieza, who stops laughing. Frieza nods his hat at Crulex before ghost belting and leaves for the back while Raw goes to another segment.*

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    *This happens on RAW*

    "2.0 Boys" hits and Twister comes to the ring

    Twister: Last night, I lost at Hell in a Cell. I could've complained about how the match was changed Sunday morning, or about how I wasn't actually pinned, but that wouldn't accomplish anything. Over the last few weeks I've been talking about this slump I've been in and I've been vowing to change everything, but, as you all saw, that still didn't accomplish anything. So, I've been dealing with the decision on whether or not this is a good use of my time and my life. I've been sitting around and doing nothing, not proving anything to anyone and not proving anything to myself. How am I going to get to the top when I'm stuck at the bottom. This all leads me to what I'm about to say. In a few weeks, we are holding Survivor Series. Now, I obviously don't know what I'm going to do for that, so, I'm going to do what I do best. I am challenging anyone out of the back to come and face me at Survivor Series. But, so that I can motivate myself to win, I am throwing a little challenge in for myself.

    At Survivor Series, my quest to gain the TWF Championship begins. I am going to will myself to win every match I can until I am the champion. I've been in this company for over 2 years now, and the TWF Championship is the one I have yet to win. I lit up the tag team division with Lakmisdra, I won the Light Heavyweight Title, and I dominated the U.S. Title.

    So, you all are wondering, what happens if I lose on my quest to become champion? The answer is very simple.

    I will leave.

    If I lose before capturing the TWF Championship, I will leave and I will not know when or if I'm coming back. I wish that you all can help me on my journey, and it begins with whoever wants a piece of the River City Cripplah at Survivor Series! OH MY BROTHER, TWISTIFY!

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    *"Miseria Cantare" plays. Darkside Majin enters, carrying both the world championship and his trademark bottle of wine.*

    Cole: Here he comes!

    JR: Ladies and gentlemen this is one disturbed individual.

    JBL: Disturbed individual? This is our champion JR! And he's going to take Cruel Leonard to hell and back!

    *Darkside strolls around the cell, gazing up at the roof. He stops next to the announce desk.*

    JR: What does he want?

    Cole: Hopefully nothing to do with us!

    *Darkside drops the title and places his wine bottle on the ground. He picks up a chair.*

    JR: What the -

    *He throws the chair on top of the cell.*

    JR: He's, no he can't be...

    *Darkside follows the chair to the top.*

    Cole: Oh my!

    JBL: If you don't say it I will JR!

    JR: Well, ladies and gentlemen I believe business may about to pick up!

    *Darkside makes it to the top of the cell, then"Audit" beginns to play. Crulex makes his entrance to a massive ovation.*

    JR: Listen to that ovation for the challenger!

    *Crulex slowly approaches the cell through all the smoke, and gazes up at the champion.*

    Cole: Do you think he's crazy enough to follow him up there?

    JBL: I think we're about to find out!

    *Crulex begins his ascent, and the crowd go crazy.*

    Cole: Oh my!

    JR: This is going to get very physical very quickly!

    JBL: This is gonna be a hell of a fight!

    *Crulex reaches the top, then charges at Darkside, booting him in the face. Darkside stays standing and throws strikes back at Crulex. They trade vicious blows until Darkside is dangerously close to the edge of the cell.*

    Cole: He's gonna fall!

    *Crulex goes for a boot, but Darkside ducks it and tries to seize him by the throat. Crulex evades and sweeps Majin up onto his back.*

    Cole: Crulex is going for Chaos Theory!

    JBL: This could be the shortest hell in a cell in history!

    *Darkside drops out of it and lifts Crulex high in the air. He brings him crashing back down to the steel.*

    Cole: The last ride!

    JR: What a manoeuvre!

    JBL: Trust, I've taken that move several times and it is one of the most painful it is, I can't even imagine what it feels like on top of the cell!

    Cole: Look at the panel, Crulex landed on, it's damaged, it's going to give way!

    *Darkside approaches Crulex and motions to pick him. Crulex seizes him and whirls him round.*

    JR: How is Crulex even standing, let alone -

    *He drops Majin headfirst.*

    Cole: Tombstone! Tombstone piledriver!

    JR: Bah gawd!

    JBL: They're gonna kill each other up there, and I love it!

    *Crulex drags Majin to his feet, then wraps his hand round his throat.*

    Cole: Oh my, this could be lights out for Majin!

    *Crulex lifts him into the air. Majin comes back down with a - *

    Cole: RKO! RKO!

    JR: What a counter!

    JBL: That was amazing!

    JR: I can't believe the cell is still holding, they need to move to other side so they don't plummet to the ring!

    *The crowd are losing their minds. Darkside slowly gets back to his feet. He picks up the chair.*

    JR: The champion has some cruel intentions.

    JBL: Finish it Darkside finish it!

    *Crulex begins to stir and gets to his knees. Darkside strikes him in the face with the chair.*

    Cole: Oh!

    JBL: Absolutely brutal!

    *Crulex again tries to get up, only to receive another chairshot.*

    JR: This is getting hard to watch folks.

    *Crulex rises once more, Darkside smashes the chair over his head.*

    Cole: That sick sound of splintering steel!

    JBL: That has to be it!

    JR: I agree, I think that's all she wrote folks.

    *Crulex lifts his head, staring wildly at Majin, with blood in his eyes and half of the chair still wrapped round his neck. He gets to his feet.*

    Cole: He's standing! Crulex is standing!

    JBL: How is he even conscious?

    JR: The intestinal fortitude of this young man is incredible!

    * Darkside swings the chair again but Crulex boots it out of his grasp. They go back to trading strikes. A Darkside elbow leaves Crulex doubled over. He grabs the challenger. *

    JBL: He's going for the last ride again!

    Cole: This is insane, the cell is going to collapse!

    *Darkside lifts Crulex up.*

    JR: No!

    *Crulex drops out of it and captures Majin in the reverse tombstone position.*

    Cole: He countered it, he -

    *Crulex jumps. The cell gives way as he brings Majin back down to the steel with Chaos Theory. They fall through the cell.*

    Cole: Oh my god!

    *They dint the ring as they land, Majin headfirst and Crulex on his back. The crowd are in awe, with "holy s***" and "oh my god" chants ringing through the arena.*

    JR: They, they may be broken in half!

    Cole: I can't believe it!

    JBL: In all my years in this business I have never seen anything like that!

    *Crulex uses his last ounce of strength to throw an arm over Darkside.*

    Crowd: One! Two! Three!

    *The crowd go ballistic.*

    Lilian Garcia: And you winner, the new TWF world heavyweight champion….Cruuuulex!!!!

    *Crulex struggles slowly to his feet. The referee tries to help him stand, but he simply tears the title belt from his hands. He raises it in the air with one hand as he collapses again.*

    Cole: He did it! Crulex did it!

    JR: Yes but at what cost?

    JBL: It's the world title JR, no price is too much! These men proved tonight that they would willingly give their lives for that belt!

    *The camera switches from the bloody Crulex clutching his title, to Darkside Majin, still immobile in the broken part of the ring. Crulex manages to sit up, staring at his belt, as the pay per view goes off air.*

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    CpmanFrato Twitter wrote:
    I didnt even bother to show up for Raw tonight. I sent in my notice. I quit the TWF. I quit the Young Gunners. Im a #WOTU guy now. #ByeLosers
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    OOC: Wow another one bites the dust.
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    *Mid-show of RAW you see JandSman getting out of a limo and trailing him is Goldenagenick.*

    JandSman: I can't believe that I'm offering you this, but if you want the position your job is back.

    Goldenagenick: You know, I would think that with all my recent failures I'd be more than willing to just jump back in. Honestly though, I'm ashamed. I've let the company down, I've let the fans down, but most importantly I've let myself and all the guys in the back down. With that said, I can't go out like this. I want to redeem myself. I want gold around my waist again. I want TwistOfFate.

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    *As Smackdown continues, the titantron lights up and shows a swinging chain rattling against the steel beams of Crulex's abandoned factory. The wind through the windows make a high wailing sound as they speed on through, and the rain fall from the disastrous storm the northerners are still going through continues to patter against the walls. Steel and aluminum clatter and shake as the wind picks up, and the ambient light from hundreds of dimly lit candles form demonic shadows that dance across the grating of the factory floor. Half of Crulex's face appears in the shadows as he strokes the walls of his factory.*

    Crulex: It's been so long since I've been home......yes, how I've missed my beloved factory. A haunting reminder of the strength and hard work people used to hold as a high value. But now, hardly anyone is willing to do more than they should. Now, this is what the world represents. Cold, empty and lifeless, save for a few remnants in the distance. It takes trials and tribulations like this to forge a strong person. Living in the lap of luxury, this is something a prince would never understand. When everything is easy for you......when you only get your hands dirty when it suits you......it makes you pompous. Arrogant and weak. That's what I've come to see from you, Frieza.

    *Crulex picks up a skull mask and tosses it away before running his hands over a device that looks torturous. He grins as he thinks deeply.*

    Crulex: It's true Frieza, that you have beaten so many greats. And you have been a monster in every sense of the word. But are you ready for what is about to come? Survivor Series, the birthplace of my idol? Are you ready for the biggest test and match of your career, against the man who gave you the platform on which you now shine no less? You've never been this far before Frieza. You've never been put to the test like this. Never been frightened or scared. You think that makes you a wrestling god? You think that not meeting your match yet makes you the, as you say, "New Legend Killer"? Frieza, trust me when I say, there are two legends you haven't killed, and if I somehow don't put a stop to you........HE will. You know very well who I am talking about. And I bet he would love to meet you.

    *Thunder claps with a flash of lighting and Crulex places a piece of paper on a clipboard, holding it so that only he can see it. The echo of Crulex's steps as he walks can be heard throughout the entire building, creating an eerie ambiance.*

    Crulex: Frieza, I won't mince words. You might beat me. You have the tools, the support of the other wrestlers, and many fans behind you. The only thing stopping you is my best effort. And if you beat me, I will not contest it. I will notdrag out my career, demanding the spotlight. You win, you can claim this TWF championship and declare yourself the best with no retort from me. But I will not allow it. Not yet. Frieza, the places I've been......the amount of mental and physical scarring I've faced from opponents like Randyspeeps, Kreater, Spidey and Majin, has been far too great of an experience just to hand this belt over to your smug little *ss. You may be good. Damn good even. But I won't call you great until you rip this title from me one on one.

    *Attaching the clipboard to the wall, Crulex beams with utter joy as his final plans are shown for all to see. Well, not exactly. The wall marked up with cryptic figures and diagrams, mostly numbers and words such as "4/7", "Create the Game", "Dark Side of Pure Evil", "One Last Shot", "2-4-GSC", "3rd match","Legacy secure" and "41808" are seen. Crulex cackles with glee before turning back to the camera.*

    Crulex: If you wish to know what I plan to do with the rest of my career, go ahead. Look at the wall. It states the two things I have yet to do, and the two things I will do before I hang it up. But even if I don't get the chance, I have fulfilled my destiny. I have become one of the best. King Frieza, I have laid out the ground work for you to follow. If you are ready to accept the target on your back and follow my lead as the best in the world, you will come to Indiana in a little over two weeks, and you will face the wrath of the Elemental Demon Crulex. Survivor Series is so-called because only the best survive. I know you are dying to have what I have. You want everything that I've accomplished, and you are so close to getting it. So tell me, King Frieza, are you the future? Or are you just the ghost of jealousy?

    *Crulex winks at the camera and slips back into the shadows, with the black veil of night covering him. One last lighting strike lights up the room, and the area where Crulex was standing flashes briefly, showing a gleeful, screaming outline of a skeleton before the camera turns off.*

    OOC: Okay, so just for fun, Frieza and I have come up with a running gag for our fued, and in each promo we do, we have to include a certainsomething. Let's see if anyone can pick up on it. As for the "Wall of Secrets", yeah, those all have actual meaning. Take a crack at it if you like puzzles and have nothing better to do.

    Edited on 11/02/2012 11:42am
    Edited 4 total times.
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    OOC: Update on my condition

    Even though I was still techincally unable to participate at the next PPV, I have been given the go ahead for a match at the next PPV, under the condition one more injury to the leg and I am required to have surgery

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    This takes place in a hospital

    (JLe is in a room with Doctor Maria. Infront of them are JLe's results from the latest MRI scan. The results of his are...... not good. JLe frowns at the pictures as doctor maria talks to JLe.)

    Maria: With an ankle that bad..... you can't go on like that.

    JLe: I've been trained to tolerate pain.

    Maria: The more pressure you exert on you ankle, the worst it gets. I highly suggest you do surgery now.

    JLe: I'm afraid surgery will have to wait.

    Maria: Have to wait look at that MRI scan. Your ankle can't take any more abuse. Look your ankle joint is damgaed, I'm amazed you can still walk!

    JLe: Are we done here?

    Maria: Youre just like my patient stubborn.

    JLe: What patient?

    (Doctor Maria, face turn into fear.)

    Maria: R-Randyspeeps.

    JLe: Speeps eh?

    Maria: I was his doctor for 5 years! I've injected illegal things into his body so he can function, I-i thought our relationship could advance to more than just a doctor patient relationship. Instead.

    (JLe listens intently.)

    JLe: Go on.

    Maria: I was abused by him before Hell in a Cell

    JLe: You know Doc, Speeps does't care about you, he should never abuse someone as brilliant and lovely as you.

    (Doctor Maria slowly smiles.)

    JLe: Speeps used you for his gain, he forced to do things that go against your principles as a doctor. Maria: I thought he was a charming man which why I-

    JLe: He's slefish, to him your just another one of his lackeys. Someone he can easily control.

    (Doctor Maria is almost in tears.)

    JLe: Leave him Doc, become my personal doctor.

    Maria: B-but

    JLe: I'm not Speeps, I believe in honor. But I am stubborn.

    (Maria chuckles at that statement.)

    JLe: I'll make sure he'll never touch you, but you got to quit.

    Maria: Of course I'll quit immediately and JLe.

    JLe: Yeah?

    Maria: There is a substance that you can inject that can heal your ankle.

    JLe: Is it illegal?

    Maria: Technically no, but you can't wrestle for a week as a concequence. However your ankle should be fine.

    JLe: That's great.

    Maria: It's my way of saying thank you JLe.

    JLe: You'll great working with me, you won't regret it.

    Maria: I'm sure I won't, follow me I'll show where you can get it.

    (JLe and Doctor Maria leave the room.)
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    *Friday night Smackdown returns from commercial break. "WOOOO...(Ric Flair's Theme Song)" hits as Randyspeeps makes his way to the top of the stage. He's in his typical black suit and gold tie.*

    Randyspeeps: Ladies and Gentlemen. The TWF is dying. We barely have enough talent to fill a PPV card. The talent that we do have, with exception of Ortonism members, are mediocre at best. And our general managers are beyond delusional.

    JR: This is going to be a long night if he's going to continue this.

    Randyspeeps: Some experts in the industry believe Ortonism is the glue that's still holding this place together. I got an email last night saying, "no Slick v. Speeps III and Deadnight Majin loses the TWF championship. TWF officially died." That didn't come from some bum on the street. That came from an investor who sold all his shares in the company Monday morning after Hell in A Cell.

    Cole: I believe it. This place has been like a ghost town. Bad promo's. Horrible feuds. The best thing about this place is my commentary.

    JR: You do know you're a face now due to Lawlers incident.

    Cole: *bleep* that's right. Speeps is a lunatic if he believes this stuff. The TWF is great.

    Randyspeeps: Never fear, Speeps is here.The reason this place sucks is because General Manager Jandsman and Hurricane have no balls. They lack the guts that it takes to stare people in the face and say you suck, no title match. I on the other hand, I have grapefruits. Rare and massive grapefruits. So I am going to do something that's going to shock the world.

    JR: This will not end well.

    Cole: It never does.

    Randyspeeps: A while back, Ortonism invaded the WOTU. We showed up. Raised hell. Nearly burned the place to the ground, but they kicked us out before we were able to put that communist ran company out of business. They are ran by a GM that is even more incompetent than ours.

    JR: This is really not going to be good.

    Cole: Let's here him out.

    Randyspeeps: But he's doing something right. He's building stars. They have PPV's with a full roster, and while their promo's suck, they have participation. What I'm saying is, the WOTU is on the rise and we're on the decline. They are beating the TWF at it's own game, so guess what? Ortonism shall step in to save the day.

    Cole: Another invasion?

    JR: I hope not. Speeps would get whooped like a government mule.

    Randyspeeps: I Randyspeeps, is officially declaring war on the WOTU.

    Cole: Can he do that?

    JR: Even if he couldn't would it stop him?

    Randyspeeps: I propose at Survivor Series WOTU Communist Leader Fidel Ca...I mean Killerband put together 5 of the best that the WOTU has to offer, and I, the greatest Superstar in all of wrestling, will put together 5 of the best Ortonism...I mean TWF members and we have ourselves an old fashion


    Randyspeeps: Survivor Series match. I'm sure someone over in the WOTU is watching this, because after all Ortonism brings ratings, so I'm not worried that their dictator will miss this. Ball is in your court sir. Will the WOTU accept my challenge? Or will you try to censor me out?

    *WOOO...(Ric Flair theme song) hits and Randyspeeps heads to the back.*

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    The following happens on WOTU Friday Night Smackdown:

    *Spidey is shown sitting at his desk watching his flat screen tv that fills up the whole back wall of his office. He is watching TWF Friday Night Smackdown because he loves watching them fail, when the Randyspeeps segment errors. He turns off the tv and turns towards the camera, a huge grin across his face*

    Spidey: Randyspeeps, you want war? You want Killerband and four other superstars from the WOTU at Survivor Series... Well, that sounds perfect to me! Just about everything you said is true, only I'm smarter than the TWF General Managers. I know business, and that's why I'm going to personally sign this match as official on TWF Monday Night Raw this Monday Night! I'll bring Killerband with me, but I'll also be bring someone to keep you and him seperated since I know how much you hate each other. This will bring ratings to both the WOTU and the TWF, and I personally can't wait to see what team the great Randyspeeps can come up with, as well as Killerband. I'm booking the end of WOTU Smackdown for Killerband, so if he wants to share some words, he is more than welcome to... I hope you watch what he has to say Speeps, and not just have someone at Ortonism industries watch it for you and fill you in on the details.
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