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    slick14805 wrote:
    ooc: Oops I didn't see what you posted before me my bad AllPro.
    No it's all good, doesn't ruin what should be an excellent main event for Smackdown at all. In fact you gave me a very good base to build off of so I should be thanking you

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    RealMinzi wrote:
    @ALLPR0 is still hanging in there. Just wished he would just wake up. Hopefully he'll wake up soon. In the meantime, need to shift my focus to Monday. More info later on in the weekend.
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    Part One of Smackdown

    *This takes place before Smackdown*

    A camera is foucsed in on the Destabalzied locker room with Legend, Gamerguy, Minzi, and JLe all sitting around a table discussing something in a heated manner when all of a sudden JLe begins shouting.

    JLe: You're all idiots! With ALLPR0 out this is our chance to finally take control of this stable and make it the force it should be!

    Legend: Shut up you arrogant b*$*rd! ALLPR0 has already mostly recovered from his surgery and will be back in no time. In the meantime though we have to keep up what Destabalized has always stood for, honor, courage, and doing the right thing.

    JLe: Exactly! The right thing is brining the fight to Jands right now! He thinks we're at our weakest now that Slick's turned to the darkside or whatever, we have to show him that when you corner us is when we're at our most dangerous!

    Minzi: Sorry but I have to agree with Legend on this one, even if ALLPR0 wasn't coming back for a while I don't want to be a part of an orginization that acts the way you're suggesting JLe.

    Gamerguy: We haven't made as much headway against the corporate big boys like Jands as I would have liked lately, but that doesn't mean that going around and terrorizing people is the right way to go about it either.

    JLe: Okay fine! I call a for a vote in this democracy. All for staying as a democracy and being after thoughts in everyone's mind say I!

    Legend: I!

    Minzi: I!

    Gamerguy: We! I mean I!

    JLe looks at all of them with a disgusted look and flips over the table while storming out of the lockeroom while the other three largely ignore him and continoue talking.

    *Happens after Slick and Hocky's promos*

    In a back hallway Legend is shown turning a corner and then heading into a room labeled trainer's room. Gamerguy is shown with many painful looking cuts and bruises on his body while he writhes in pain as the doctor attempts to treat his wounds. Minzi is standing next to him holding a bucket for him to spit blood into and then giving him a water bottle to drink from.

    Legend: Hey man sorry for what went down out there, before I even realized what was happenign Tums or whoever the heck they are where out of there.

    Gamerguy: It's okay man, I'm one tough sob. Give me the weekend and I'll be ready to go again on Monday.

    Legend: Good because I fully intend on having a mini stable vs. stable showdown with three of Tums wrestlers against us three.

    Minzi: If Gamer is up to it I'm down for some payback. I believe they're called Tempest though, Tums is the anti-heart burn medication.

    Legend: Hmmm, really? The only anti-heart burn medicine I use is more beer! Hasn't failed me yet.

    Doctor: I wouldn't exactly advise the consumption of alchohol to reducie acid reflux.

    Legend: What do you know!?

    Doctor: I'm a doctor so...

    Legend: Yeah well I'm the most interesting man in the world! Have you ever stitched your own finger back with a piece of hair while drunk out of your mind!?

    Doctor: Ummm no.....

    Legend: Exactly! I'm out, Gamer don't be afraid to give me a holler if you need anything.

    Gamerguy: Okay see ya later man.

    Legend heads out back into the hallway where he turns a corner and crashes into none other than JLe. After throwing away Legend's hand in an attempt to help him back up JLe dusts himself off and after a cold stare begins to walk away with his LHC on his shoulder.

    Legend: Hey man did you hear?

    JLe: Hear what exactly?

    Legend: About you're match tonight!

    JLe: Are you drunk? Or are you hungover from the last time you were drunk?

    Legend: Probably a little of both actually, anyways you've got a match tonight with ALLPR0 against Slick and Jerhico.

    JLe: WHAT!?!?!?!?!? ALLPR0 isn't even here right now and if he was he'd be in no shape to compete!

    Legend: I think that's kind of the point. Jands said if AP doesn't show up for the match that it will be turned into a 2 on 1 handicap match against you.

    JLe doesn't even wait to hear the rest of what Legend was saying and sprints towards Jands' office with the camera man following him all the way there. JLe kicks in the door and walks straight up to Jands' desk and lays down the LHC on it.

    Jands: Uhhh that was open....

    JLe: Shut up! I've had enough of your games! Do you know what this is? (point to LHC) This is what's currently making your company money! Me being the LHC is what the people pay to see night in and night out!

    Jands: Ha that's funny, I doubt half the fans even know who you are. Your just a jobber who beat a popular jobber for a jobber belt, what the fans really pay to see is me! Especially now that it's my time! It's not my fault you aligned yourself with a loser stable like Destabalzied, I just made a match I know fans would like to see.

    JLe: BS! You want me out of the picture just like you wanted ALLPR0 out of the picture! Then with both of us gone and forgotten you can finally take back this company the way you're planning on doing! Well guess what, that's not going to happen!

    JLe picks up his title and his about to whack Jands across the face with it when Jands begins waving his finger.

    Jands: Now now JLe. I know you don't care about AP getting dq'd from his match at TLC, but I'm now issuing a new order. If anyone in Destabalized lays a finger on me not only will ALLPR0 be dq'd, but the LHC will be vacated and be dealt with at a later point in time!

    Two security guards come in now and drag JLe out as he begins to turn red in the face from screaming obscenitites at a chuckling Jands who looks back down to what he was working on.

    *Part Two coming soon*

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    From: Randyspeeps

    To: TWF

    CC: Unknown; Unknown; Uknown

    Sent: December 11, 11 12:35 PM

    Subject: Resurgentium

    Original Message:

    Coming Soon...

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    *Smackdown returns from commercial to see Sonic in the ring, and he is pumped, getting ready for his match. "Save me" by Burn Halo hits and Jake Frato comes out from the back. He enters the ring, and hands over his tag team title to the ref. The ref rings the bell, and we are underway!*

    Jake Frato vs. Sonic - Falls Count Anywhere Match

    Jake and Sonic lock-up, and Jake throws Sonic right down to the mat! Sonic gets up quickly, and aims to take out Jake with a clothesline, but Jake gets underneath it, and when Sonic turns around, he kicks him in the gut, and that doubles Sonic over. Jake then runs at the ropes, and delivers a running knee to the head of Sonic, knocking him to the ground! Jake then pins Sonic, but only for a two count! Jake then grabs Sonic by the head and gets him up, but Sonic quickly punches him in the gut, and delivers a vicious clothesline that knocks Jake down to the mat! Sonic then slides out of the ring, and grabs a chair. He re-enters the ring with the chair, and he quickly smacks it down onto Jake's ankle. That causes Jake to begin to scream. Sonic continues to smack the chair into Jake's ankle. All of a sudden, a masked man comes running down from the back with a steel chair as well. The masked man enters the ring, and joins Sonic in attacking the left ankle of Jake. Suddenly, some fans can hear a crack. The ref looks on in horror as Jake appears to have passed out from the pain. Sonic then hits Jake in the head, multiple times. Frieza and Telvis quickly dash down the ramp and into the ring, but both are met with crushing chair shots to their heads. Sonic then puts Jake's left ankle into the chair, and he stomps down on it multiple times. Blood is now starting to come out of Jake's mouth. Sonic puts the chair on Jake's throat, and pushes it down as hard as he can. The masked man smacks his chair one final town on the head of Jake, and Sonic gets down and pins Jake for the easy win.

    Winner: Sonic

    *A bunch of doctors coming running down to the ring to check on Jake. JandSman comes running out to the ring, and he checks in on the situation. A doctor examines Jake then speaks with JandS, who gets an aggravated look on his face. JandSman then calls over Lillian Garcia. JandS speaks with her for a few moments, and then she gets on the microphone.*

    Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, JandSman has just informed me that Jake Frato has been STRIPED of his half of the GWF Tag Team Ttitles due to a shattered ankle and broken neck. Therefore, JandSman has set for a 10 man over-the-top rope battle royal for Jake's half of the titles!

    Micheal Cole: Oh boy! That match is going to happen, well, when we get back!

    *SD! goes to commercial*

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    *Smackdown returns just as the bell is wrung, and we underway!*

    Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for on half of the tag team titles:
    Telvis vs. Frieza vs. The Masked Man vs. Dilla vs. Texbreaksnecks vs. Red Eagle vs. Gamerguy vs. JBL vs. William Regal vs. Finlay

    Red Eagle qucikly charges at JBL, who is over by the ropes. He runs at him, and JBL moves and pushes Red Eagle out

    1st Elimination: Red Eagle

    JBL laughs, but with his back turned he is quickly eliminated by William Regal!

    2nd Elimination: JBL

    William Regal quickly recieves the same fate as JBL, by the hands of Telvis!

    3rd Elimination: William Regal

    Gamerguy and Tex go to eliminate Telvis, but Dilla pops out of no where and eliminates all three fighters!

    4th, 5th, and 6th Eliminations: Telvis, Tex, Gamer

    Dilla is quickly ambushed from behind by Finlay, who tosses him out!

    7th Elimination: Dilla

    The Masked Man quickly runs up to Finlay, and tosses him out!

    8th Elimination: Finlay

    Frieza quickly runs over to The Masked Man, and he attempts to eliminate him, but The Masked Man counters and kicks him in the gut, and follows with a DDT! The Masked Man grabs his new tag team partner, and checks him out of the match!

    Winner and new Tag Team Champion: The Masked Man!

    *The Masked Man chuckles as he gets his new title and the fans boo like crazy. He then puts his hand to his mask and he begins to remove it!*

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    *The mask is slowly removed, and a roar of boos is rained upon the man!*

    Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, you new tag team champions, Frieza and........CPMAN!

    *"Viva la Vida" by Coldplay hits and Cpman holds his new tag team title into the sky. He looks down at Frieza, who is looking up at him from the arena floor, and he points to his new tag team title. He leaves the ring, and heads to the back as the fans boo very, very heavily!*

    OOC: There will be a lot more posted about this on Gamespot, just letting you all know!

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    *This is the Mainevent of Smackdown*

    Cole: I've been wating for this match all night!

    King: You would be you sick freak! I don't like JLe much but no one deserves to be put into a match against the new sick Slick and Jerhico!

    Break the walls down begins to play as Chris Jerhico comes out to a chorus of boos as he smiles at the fans waving to them sarcastically as he grabs a mic and stands in the center of the ring.

    Booker: Come on man! Can we just get this match started already!

    Jerhico: All of you parasites should be thankful that you're being allowed to see me for the second time in one night! (more boos) Tonight Slick and I will prove to everyone why the good guys finish last! Without further adu let me introduce to you my partner, the super cold super man!!!! SLICK!!!!!!!

    Super Cold raak remix begins to play as Slick comes down in his wrestling tights and new shirt to a thunderous amount of boos. He's also wielding the same sledghammer he used less than a week ago to cause ALLPR0 to have twenty stitches used to hold a gash together in his head. Slick is laughing manically as he jokingly swings the sledgehammer around and places it on the steel steps as he gets into the ring and stands next to Jerhico and takes the mic.

    Slick: Thanks for that intro Chris! Now let's all watch why tonight will be a 2 on 1 match and not a 2 on 2 match!

    The titantron lights up showing the last segment of Raw as ALLPR0 begins punching Jerhico to defend Slick only for Slick to hit him over the head with the sledghammer followed up by Slick tossing him head first into the jeri-tron and then hitting him with a Special Delivery to finish things off.

    King: What a grusome beating, it never gets any better the more I watch it.

    Cole: Ha King you're such a wimp, can everyone tweet us using the hasthag #king's a wimp

    Before Slick can get another word out This fire Burns begins to play as an enraged JLe sprints towards the ring holding the LHC as the fans actually begin cheering JLe in comparision to his opponents for the night. JLe tosses his title to ring side and yells at the ref to the ring the bell who does so immediatly. Slick and Jerhico look at each other for a second before Jerhico starts the match off.

    King: Looks like someone's in a hurry to get this match underway.

    Cole: Ha yeah he's just making his own destruction come sooner! #ironic!

    Booker: Please don't tell me you're planning on speaking in twitter lingo now.

    Cole: #no

    Jerhico immediatly goes for a dropkick which JLe quickly swipes awayand counters with a dropkick of his own knocking Jerhico to the ground! JLe stands up screaming as the fans are defintly behind him as he charges at Jerhico and lands a big clothesline turning him inside out. Jerhico has no idea what's hit him and uses the turnbuckle to help himself up only to be taken back down by JLe hitting a corner dropkick right to Jerhico's chin!

    Booker: Awwww man! JLe's come out here on a mission!

    King: I like this side of JLe, no funny business or showing off, just a straight up powerhouse!

    After Jerhico kicks out at two JLe notices that he's slow to get up and believes that this is chance to end the match with a shooting star! He begins to climb the turnbuckle where Slick is standing which ends up being a huge mistake as Slick shoves JLe off of the turnbuckle causing the fans too begins to boo Slick like no other. With the opening given to him by Slick Jerhico tags him in as JLe is still recovering from the fall. Slick wastes no time in going for a pin but only gets a one count.

    King: What a cheap and dastardly move by Slick! The old Slick would have never done that!

    Cole: I like the new Slick! This is the cut throat mentality that has made the GWF what it is today!

    Booker: Then why did Slick never win the world title when he used to act like this all the time?

    Cole: #irrelevant

    Slick doesn't even give JLe a chance to stand up as he relentlessly grounds and pounds JLe dropping fist after fist as the ref finally pulls Slick off of JLe warning him about disqualification. Slick acts innocent and notices that JLe is standing back up and attempts a clothesline which JLe ducks underneath of and then bounces off the ropes going for a big boot on Slick! Slick side steps it though and bounces off the ropes himself and hits after building up a ton of momentum spears the daylights out of JLe! Slick taunts to the fans receiving a massive amount of heat and follows up into a lacadasical cover which JLe kicks out of at two to a huge roar from the fans!

    King: Wow! I'm surprised by that kickout, that was one heck of a Spear by Slick earliar!

    Booker: New Slick just surpassed old Slick in ma fave five!

    Cole: But they're the same person Book.

    Booker: Not in my book man, and that's the only book that matters!

    Slick begins to laugh as JLe gets up with a very serious look on his face, Slick throws a punch which JLe blocks and then lands a punch of his own, followed up by three more punches the fans are going insane now as JLe builds momentum! Slick attempts to stop the assault by bouncing off the ropes and going for a clothesline but JLe counters it into a ring shaking spine buster! Slick is writhing in pain as JLe doesn't even attempt to go for a cover but instead repays the favor to Slick by straddling him and dropping rights and lefts at a break neck pace! He then tears Slick's super cold super man t-shirt off and begins to deliver body punches to Slick followed up by vicious elbow strikes to his face! The ref is trying to force JLe off but can't manage to move him until Jerhico comes in and hits an enziguiri on the preoccupied JLe.

    Cole: Yes Jerhico with the save!

    Booker: That was kind of a cheap shot but the ref was trying to get JLe off for well over a five count.

    Slick stands up now with his left eye clearly forming a bruise around itself as he begins laughing manically to the crowd playfully kicking JLe around the ring as they rain boos down on him. When Slick's back is shown to the main camera a strange looking tattoo is seen in the center of his back, most fans don't notice but a few do and are confused knowing for certain that they've never seen the tattoo before.

    King: Wait a second, what's that on Slick's back? I've never seen a single tattoo on the guy in my life and now he has that thing on his back? Maybe he really has changed...

    Cole: I like it! It makes him look like even more of a bamf! Everyone tweet us at #slick's tattoo to say whether you like it or not!

    Booker: This has gone a little too far, Cole.

    Booker grabs Cole's i-pad (laptopb) and throws it into the crowd as Cole looks devestaded and doesn't know what to do with himself. Jerhico yells at Slick for a tag wanting to finish off JLe himself. Slick shrugs and tags Jerhico who immediatly puts JLe into the Wall of Jerhico! JLe having spent too much of his energy already has no choice but to tap out as the ref rings the bell and the fans once again begin to boo.

    Winners by submission: Slick and Jerhico

    King: Even though he lost I must say, JLe put up one heck of a fight tonight being down a man especially!

    Booker: Oh no King, look at that evil look in Slick's eyes, what does he have planned.

    As Jerhico continoues to wrench back on the Wall of Jerhico as the ref begs him to stop Slick grabs his sledgehammer he left on the steel steps and makes his way into the ring, the ref begs Slick to stop but Slick lands a painful sledgehammer shot to the ref's chest knocking the wind out of him and leaving him on the mat in pain. Slick begins to taunt the crowd with the sledgehammer and then points at the still semi-conciouss JLe and begins to laugh.

    King: No, not this!

    Cole: Yes do it Slick! Do it! Embrace your evil side!

    Slick raises the sledgehammer above his head and aims it at the completly defnseless JLe who's still being subjected to the walls of jerhico as Jerhico laughs like a mad man. Slick brings the sledghammer crashing down to JLe's right temple as the fans begin throwing their left over food into the ring as Slick and Jerhico laugh like crazy and are about to leave the ring when all of a sudden Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva begins to play! The fans erupt into an arena rattling applause as ALLPR0 steps out onto the ramp, he looks different than normal though...

    King: Is that, is that AP?

    Cole: Who else would it be King?

    Booker: Well Cole you can't even see the guy's face so you can't be 100% sure.

    ALLPR0 is wearing his regular wrestling gear except he is also wearing a blue mask with a black outline around the eye, nose, and mouth holes in the mask. The rest of his face and head is completly hidden by the mask as Slick and Jerhico's jaws drop in surprise only for them to try and hide their surprise by nervously laughing. Ladies and Gentlemen then fuses into Justice by Rev Theory as Minzi and Legend step out on either side of ALLPR0 as the three of them stare down Slick and Jerhico.

    King: Okay there's no doubt that's AP now!

    Booker: Awwww man! Sh!t just got real!

    Cole: I'm still not convinced that's AP.... what does the twitterverse think!?

    ALLPR0, Minzi, and Legend all charge down to the ring at break neck pace as Slick realizes that he's now disadvantage and drops the sledgehammer in fear and books it out of the ring and jumps the barricade behind the announce desk. Meanwhile Jerhico is still frozen in place from the surprise return.

    Cole: Oh my gosh! I just touched Slick everyone! There's never been anything more worry for me to tweet about!

    Jerhico finally breaks out of his trance once Destabalized slides into the ring, but at that point it's too late. He attempts to defend himself by landing a punch on Minzi and then knocking Legend back with a dropkick only for AP to finally take him down with a big pele kick. ALLPR0 then takes the dazed Jerhico down with an Endgame to the enormous delight of the fans!

    Cole: Oh come on what is that? Jerhico doesn't deserve this kind of treatment!

    King: He had a hand in having AP be attacked with a sledgehammer, thrown through the jeri-tron, and hit with a Special Delivery.

    Cole: That can't even compare to this tragic assault!

    With Jerhico now down and out Legend attempts the half coherent JLe up who's still feeling the effects of the post match assault from the hands of Slick and Jerhico. Once on one knee Legend offers his hand which JLe uses to help himself get up and then immediatly slaps Legend across the face leaving Legend with a look of surprise on his face. Legend's mood immediatly turns to a blind rage as he throws a punch at JLe who side steps it and is promptly chased to the back by an enraged Legend.

    Cole: Ha! What kind of a team is this? They're fighting more with each other than they are their enemies!

    While the spat between Legend and JLe occurs ALLPR0 never breaks the lengthy stare down he's sharing with Slick who's still behind the barricade behind the announce table when all of a sudden ALLPR0's face begins to form a massive grin on it as he looks from Slick, to the sledgehammer, to the still downed Jerhico. ALLPR0 picks up the weapon and tosses it up in the air catching it on its fall back to earth as the fans go nuts egging him on.

    King: Oh man I don't know if I like this new side of AP!

    Booker: How can you not like it King? All he's doing his repaying the favor to Jerhico for what was done Monday night.

    Cole: I agree Booker ALLPR0's new persona tonight is certainly one I can get behind!

    King: I wouldn't get too excited Cole.

    ALLPR0 raises the hammer high above his head while maintaning the gigantic grin on his face and finally breaks the stare with Slick only to focus all of his attention on Jerhico. With the fans increasing in volume hoping for the climax to come ALLPR0 begins to drop the hammer when all of a sudden Minzi yells and AP looks in her direction stopping his assault.

    Minzi: STOP!!!!!!!! ALLPR0 I know you and you would never do something that would allowe you to stoop down to Jerhico and Slick's level! Think about what you're doing here because I know you'll regret it later.

    King: Thank goodness for Minzi talking some sense into AP!

    AP: Minzi....... thank you....... but you're wrong!!!!!!!

    ALLPR0 looks right back into Slick's eyes while raising the sledgehammer high above his head one more time and brings it crashing down onto the cheeck and jaw of Jerhico causing an immediate cut to form as Jerhico's jaw was almost certainly broken by the cold steel. ALLPR0 then climbs the turnbuckle holding the sledgehammer raising it above his head as the fans are absolutly losing their minds at what they just saw.

    Cole: Ha King! I knew ALLPR0 would do it!

    Booker: Just business King, a sick type of business but business none the less.

    King: I just, just can't condone those types of actions no matter the circumstance, I don't know what's gotten into AP, but whatever it is I hope he got it all out right there.

    ALLPR0 then jumps down from the turnbuckle and tosses the sledgehammer in Slick's direction as Slick picks up the weapon and walks slowly back through the crowd which jeers him the whole walk out of the arena. The camera finally focuses in on Minzi's face which is very concerned and confused as she almost looks scared of AP as she gives him a scared and worried hug as she leaves the ring trying not to cry. The camera finally focuses in on ALLPR0's face which has no discernable emotion on it underneath the mask as the camera fades to black.

    *Smackdown goes off air*

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    Great promo ALLPRO!
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    slick14805 wrote:
    Great promo ALLPRO!
    Thanks Slick glad you liked it! Although I'm sure TLC won't be the last we face off I'm glad it's turning into a big time feud!

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    *Raw comes back from commercial break and cuts right into a video package. The video begins with Skinsfan standing in the shadows.It flashes highlights of Skinsfan's career and is accompanied by this voiceover.*

    Really Randyspeeps?


    You list all of Ortonism's past champions, and you don't evenmention me?

    You don't mention a 3-Time Heavyweight Champion, 2-Time United States Champion, and 1-Time Tag Team Champion?

    And you even go onto deem CRULEX as the greatest Ortonism member of all time?


    This Sunday, at TLC, I don't care about the King of the Ring.

    I don't care about championships.

    I care about beating you in the 1st round of this King in the Ring tournament.

    Not only beating you... but destroying you.

    I haven't been on Raw.

    I haven't been on Smackdown.

    Hell, I wasn't even at Survivor Series.

    I'm a busy man, what can I say?

    But this Sunday... I return.

    This Sunday, it's personal.

    A few months ago, you wanted me to help you bring back Ortonism.

    Well, where'd you go Speeps?

    You LEFT.

    Left me to look like a fool.

    I don't know who you got in this Version 173 of Ortonism, and frankly I don't really care.

    You're gonna learn not to disrespect me Randyspeeps.

    And you're gonna learn the hard way.

    *Video fades to black and Raw resumes*

    Edited on 12/12/2011 7:12pm
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    OOC: I did not mean to leave you out. Adding you would make us look better! I wasn't around for your title reigns! That's 6 World Champions in Ortonism! boo-ya!
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    *This takes place after Skinsfan's promo and I guess it's the final segment of RAW*

    "Super Cold (raak remix)" hits as Slick and Chris Jericho come out to some incredible heat from the crowd. Chris Jericho is wearing a chin guard after what happened last Friday on Smackdown.

    King: Hahahaha! Jericho looks ridiculous wearing that chin guard! For those that didn't see Smackdown and are wondering why Jericho is wearing a chin guard here is what happened!

    Footage is shown of ALLPRO coming to JLE's aide wearing a mask and then bashing Jericho's chin with a sledgehammer as Slick looks on from a safe distance. They show ALLPRO's friends Minzi trembling in fear from what ALLPRO just did.

    Cole: What cowardly act by ALLPRO last Friday night! Jericho didn't deserve that! I heard he was going to wrestle at TLC against Ballin' and now he can't compete anymore! Jericho's GWF career has been put on hold for the time being!

    King: Cowardly act?! What about last week on RAW when Slick hit ALLPRO from behind? You were all over that!

    Cole: Slick didn't mean to do that and he apologized for that! ALLPRO actually did mean to do what he did on poor Chris!ALLPRO should be arrested for what he did!

    Slick and Jericho are in the middle of the ring as they are getting booed like crazy. Some cheers can be heard from older male fans. You can even see some 'Super Cold' signs and people wearing Slick's new shirt near the front row. Jericho doesn't look very happy, but Slick is all smiles and just loving the reaction.

    Jericho: AWPRO you wi pay fo wha you did to me! My chi was brok an....

    Slick: It's okay Chris. I'll take over from here.

    King: Thank goodness I didn't understand a word he was saying!

    Cole: What a great guy Slick is! I'm going to post on twitter right now and say that # Slick = Great

    Slick: Wow ALLPRO what you did last Friday night to Chris was pretty cold. In fact, it was super cold. (Fans cheer) I see that you finally understand what it's going to take for you to even stand a chnce of beating me this Sunday. You can't be your usual nice self. Oh and I love that goofy little mask of yours. But before I have my first ever match on RAW since coming back I want to quickly address some people.

    Cole: Oh man Slick is going to have his first singles match since coming back! I can't wait!

    King: He's only been gone for two weeks! Isn't that what you tole me last week?

    Cole: It seems like an eternity!

    Slick: Crulex I really hope you retain your belt this Sunday because when I win the KOTR tournament I'm getting back what should rightfully still be mine. I ain't done with you Crulex. Oh and I don't care who I face in the second round of the KOTR tournament. Skinsfan and Randyspeeps better be extremely worried about facing me. Knowing Speeps he'll probably just lose to Skinsfan to avoid facing me. He's always been afraid to face me. Oh and yes I heard that Ortonism is back. You can recruit as many people as you want Speeps, but it won't make any difference. As long as I'm around Ortonism will never be on top. (fans cheer while others boo) I'll get to you guys in due time. 2012 will be one exciting year for me. So many people to detsroy. But first I have ALLPRO to take care of. (Fans go nuts and start chanting for ALLPRO) Oh you all love him don't you?

    Cole: How can these fans love a guy like that?!

    Slick: You know everywhere I go people ask me why I came back. They ask me why I'm so excited to face ALLPRO. All will be revealed at TLC. I have big plans for you ALLPRO.

    Slick takes off his shirt and the tattoo on his back has gotten bigger!

    Cole: Whoa! Slick's tattoo looks even cooler than it did on Smackdown! Everyone tweet to me how awesome Slick's tattoo is!

    King: Man that is one strange looking tattoo! It's been two days since we last saw Slick and normally we should be seeing some sort of redness surrounding his ever expanding tattoo, but instead it's as if he's had it for a while now.

    Slick: Now I without further ado let me face my opponent. I have never faced this person before and I'm quite excited. JandSman said that ALLPRO and his other little friends are banned from ringside during this match. (fans boo like crazy) He said that if anyone interfered ALLPRO would automatically lose to me at TLC so please don't interfere ALLPRO because I really want to face you.

    Minzi's music hits as she comes out trembling in fear. JandSman is right behind her forcing her to get in the ring.

    JandSman: Minzi if you don't do your job and compete tonight then I will have no choice but to fire you. Have fun! Oh and this match is a No Disqualification match! (Fans boo like crazy)

    Cole: Yes!! What a great opponent for Slick to face! Minzi is getting the opportunity of a lifetime by facing someone like Slick!

    King: Are you serious?! Minzi is a female! No matter how great she is in the ring there is now way she can beat Slick! Especially in a No Disqualification match where Destabalized is banned from interfering!

    Minzi is now in the ring begging Slick to not hurt her. The referee rings the bell as this match is underway.

    Slick VS. Minzi in a No Disqualification match

    Minzi: Please... don't!

    Slick just smiles as the fans start throwing garbage in the ring. He clotheslines Minzi and then forces her to stand up as he slaps her hard in the face.

    King: My goodness this is so hard to watch. I can't let this go on!

    Cole: Sit down King! Slick isn't being discriminating towards women and is actually treating Minzi like she is an equal! He's being a Star just like our bullying campaign! By the way Slick and Minzi are trending right now on twitter! See?! Minzi has never trended before! Slick is already doing wonders for her career!

    King: Oh shut up Cole! This isn't right!

    Cole: Isn't she facing Frieza and Cpman this Sunday? I forget. That tag team division has really gone down the drain as of late and quite frankly I don't care, but if she can't take a few hits from Slick then she might as well quit her job.

    King: No it's Red Eagle and Texasbreaknecks I think that are facing them.

    Slick asks Jericho for his sledgehammer as Jericho gladly gets in the ring and gives it to him. Jericho does a Code Breaker on Minzi before she can flee. Minzi is out cold as Slick surrounds her with his sledgehammer as he takes some practice swings.

    King can't take it anymore and decides to get involved! The fans go nuts for King as he gets in the ring and yells at Slick to stop.

    Cole: Wow once again King wants to steal the spotlight! Get him Slick! He's trying to ruin your higly anticipated return match on RAW!

    Jericho tries to attack King, but he is punched right in the chin as Jericho screams in pain. Slick charges at King and whacks him right in the head with his sledgehammer. King is bleeding as he applies pressure to his forehead. Slick hits King on his back with the sledgehammer as he starts to laugh maniacally again. Minzi has recovered from the Code Breaker and screams in horror as Slick turns his attention towards her.

    Cole: Get her too Slick!

    Slick plays around with her hair and then his face is real close to hers now as she trembles like crazy. Slick actually kisses her in her mouth as the fans go nuts. He kicks her in her stomach and hits the Special Delivery on her.

    Cole: What?! Slick kissed Minzi! She is the luckiest woman on Earth! Oh she will be trending all week now!

    Slick stares at Minzi and then gets his sledgehammer. He is about to hit her when King gets up and gets in the way of the blow. King is out cold. Slick and Jericho laugh at King for actually taking the hit. Slick playfully hits Minzi all over her body with his sledgehammer as the fans boo like crazy. Some fans are shown in tears especially little kids. Slick then raises his sledgehammer high in the air as he is about to hit her right on the back of the head when "Ladies and gentlemen" hits and the fans go absolutely insane.

    Cole: What is this idiot thinking?! If he interferes he'll lose his match against Slick!

    ALLPRO has a sledgehammer of his own as Slick and Jericho flee into the crowd. He's still wearing the mask. JandSman comes out all angry.

    JandSman: You idiot! You just got yourself DQ'ed! Slick automatically advances to the semi-finals!

    Cole: Ha! Serves that idiot right!

    Slick: No!! The reason I came back was to face ALLPRO. Instead I want our match to be a Ladder match at TLC. But it won't be just any regular match. A sledgehammer will be suspended high above the ring and whomever gets the sledgehammer will only be able to use that sledgehammer! How about it ALLPRO? Seeing as how you are now falling in love with the sledgehammer as well?

    ALLPRO: I accept! (fans go nuts) Oh and if you ever touch Minzi again I'll make sure you are crippled for the rest of your life! Why do you keep running away from me you coward?! Come back here!

    Slick: Hahahaha! I already said I will only face you at TLC ALLPRO and besides your mask is scary. Hmm Minzi has good taste in lipstick. I see she loves cherri flavored lipstick. Hahahaha!

    ALLPRO: Come back here!!

    Slick and Jericho continue to laugh like crazy as ALLPRO checks on Minzi.

    Cole: Wow! What a great guy Slick is! He just saved ALLPRO from getting DQ'ed and their match will now be a Ladder Sledgehammer match, but only one person can use it if they manage to climb a ladder and obtain it! Brilliant idea!

    "Super Cold (raak remix)" hits as Slick and Jericho stare at ALLPRO as he continues to check on Minzi.
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    Great promo Slick! Also good to see Skins return to action with a nice promo also

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    Skinsfan Twitter wrote:
    Ha! Speeps tried to make it seem like it was a mistake he left me out. Too late old man. You're going down this Sunday.
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    This happens during the middle of Raw

    (Todd Grisham is backstage interviewing JLe who is wearing a big band-aid on his fore head, and the Light Heavyweight Championship rested on his Christian Dior Suit. Behind JLe is Kevin Nash brandishing a Sledgehammer.)

    Grisham: JLe I assumed you saw what Allpro did last Friday Night?

    JLe: I was knocked out, but I was able to watch the tape. I say good that Allpro became bloodthirsty, he's been too soft he needed a kick in the butt to toughen him up or in his case a Sledgehammer to the face. He needed to have something calamitous happen to him like what happened to me a month ago.

    Grisham: You are not cleared to compete tonight. Are you going to be ready for TLC this Sunday?

    JLe: I'm a well conditioned athlete; I'll be ready for my match. On Smackdown I will call out that imbecilic drunk Legend. Grisham: And what are you going to say?

    (At this moment, Kevin Nash whispers something into JLe's ear. JLe nods.)

    JLe: You'll find out on Friday, I need to go.

    Grisham: Where are you-

    (Before Grisham can continue, JLe and Nash leave.)
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