WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 9

Fresno Fracas

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on USA
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Fresno Fracas
John Cena & Shawn Michaels come to the ring but Edge & Randy Orton show clips of Michaels betraying his past tag partners, Match #1 Money in the Bank qualifying match: Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin, Match #2: Super Crazy vs Johnny Nitro, Match #3: Maria vs Melina, Donald Trump names his representative at Wrestlemania, Masterlock challenge, Kane attack the Great Khali, Hall of Fame induction annoucement: Jerry “The King” Lawler, Match #4: Carlito vs Kenny Dykstra, Match #5 for the World Tag Team Championship: John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Edge & Randy Ortonmoreless

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  • pretty great

    Raw is Blogged - Money in the Bank, Umaga, More

    It was smart to start off Raw with a tease of the World Tag Team Championship match. I know Hbk is a member of Dx, but, he can't come out to his normal music? The crowd popped loud for Cena. It makes me think that there were more ladies there tonight. Usually, it's a 50/50 between boos & pops. I really expected the tag match. The video package recapping the times Michaels turned on his tag partners. I actually watched that one of when he hit X-Pac with the chair and joined The Corporation this past weekend. I was kind of surreal to see it again. The Money in the Bank Qualifying match was a no-brainer. Shelton has been in both matches so far. The rumors were swirling around that Jeff was to be included, along with Mr. Kennedy, in a Mitb figures line. With the emphasis being put on the last two guys to win the Mitb went on to become champion, it got me thinking. Maybe this time, the guy who wins the Mitb won't win the title. They keep reminding people about this. I just think that they will change things up and the guy who cashes it in will be unsuccessful. This was one of the better matches on the night. Shelton is the best pure wrestler in the Wwe right now. It used to be Kurt Angle. Hardy puts everything on the line, which is why he's over with the fans, and he can wrestler as well. Every match that has Benjamin in it should always include a spot where he jumps from the ring to the top rope in it. But, after seeing Benjamin bust his ass, I might change my mind. Yeah, that's what happens when you go high risk. Props to Benjamin for even trying that. He usually hits the move. After the replay, it looks like he just slipped and the rope mighta had something on it. They confirmed the 8-man rumors. JRreven said it was super sized this year.

    I honestly could care less about the different looks Trump could have. Vince, you wasted 2 minutes of my time with that. Ecwdoesn't look half bad with the Cage match. They said it would go extreme, so MAYBE it will be more extreme than the Elimination Chamber I went and watched back in December. This will make people tune into Ecw, rather than Wsx. As usual, I will be flipping back and forth. When's Heyman coming back? He's supposed to lead the Originals, or so it's rumored. Wow, they're defending the Women's Championship in a Falls Count Anywhere match? Thanks for the plug, lol. Nitro finally shows some nuts by telling Melina to shut up. She looked like she was going to cry afterwards. It's amazing, as I said last week, you can be a complete **** backstage, yet, you will still get a title run, i.e. Melina. But, if you speak up about anything, you get buried in the Extreme Elimination Chamber, i.e. Punk. Anyways, we have yet another match with Super Crazy. The RAW writer has just now seen Nacho Libre? Let me get this straight, they promoted it on Smackdown & Ecw when it first came out and that guy has just now seen it? Amazing. Nitro is showing some **** He's finally gotten out of that metrosexual act and he's now a vicious animal. I like it. After the Armageddon 4-way match, and well, every match he had with Jeff Hardy, he gained a lot of respect from me. I was surprised to hear the main event was for the tag belts. I expected Vince to make the Trump decision as the main event. I really didn't care too much for the women's match. The ladies looked great. Maria is absolutely beautiful. CM Punk, if you two are still dating, you're a lucky SOB. Melina impressed me a little with the Tajiri like Tarantula move on the ropes. See, that's what it's about folks. To develop as a wrestler and impress me, you need some new moves every now and then, besides the usual move set you do in a match. In a women's match, I want to see something other than slapping & hair pulling. Now, most of you have seen the Wrestlemania All Grown Up commercial. It's a good commercial. My favorite has to be the little guy dressed as King Booker. Those dreds are great!

    Well, looks like Umaga is still ugly as hell. He's now the Ic champ, so, go figure. Is that new Samoa tattoo real ink or just that painted on stuff like his face? You have to love a pre-taped segment. The way Trump was talking, I expected Kane to walk out. I'm just glad Trump got Lashley's name right. He called him Lindsey over the weekend in some interviews. Damn, Lashley gets double pyro. Vince must really like him. I wish I could be one of those security guys that just runs down and gets in between the two guys. I was waiting on Khali to walk out. This reminded me of when Mike Tyson came out on Raw and he and Stone Cold exchanged a few blows. Why is it every time Umaga gets in a scuffle, there has to be a million security guards? The crowd really responded great to the whole brawl. It took a few weeks for the feud between Cena & Umaga to get that heated. It only took a few minutes for the rivalry between Umaga & Lashley to get even more heated. The whole segment started slow, but ended great. The Master Lock Challenge was interesting. If anybody could legitimately break it, it would be Khali. I half expected Kane to come down to the ring. It's going to be a tough task for Kane in carrying Khali through the match.

    We finally got a confirmation on the guest referee. Now, they just need to say it's Stone Cold. This match reminds me of the Wm 20 match between Goldberg and Lesnar, that ended in stunners for both guys.

    I'm glad The King is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. They need to follow up and induct Jr.

    The match between Carlito & Kenny was great. I have to applaud these two guys for putting on a great match. The crowd was hot for this match, too. Torrie Wilson might have something to do with it. I liked when Flair came out to congratulate Carlito. If you haven't seen the Ric Flair-Carolina Hurricanes video on YouTube, I highly recommend it. It's one of the funniest things I've seen. It's not really Flair, but it's pretty funny. Also, check out the one with Jr rapping about his ass. The teams got their usual reaction. I don't think the pop for Cena was as good as the first of the night. This match was good. I saw the Sweet Chin Music "miss" to Cena coming from a mile a way. You have to love Jr & King's reaction to that. "That was an accident, was it?" Do we always have to have a ref bump? I absolutely hate ref bumps. They've used it so much, it gets old. If it was every 6 or 7 months, it would be fine. But, it's like every 2-3 matches, there's a ref bump. I really didn't expect Edge to walk out on Randy Orton. The little bit where Hbk hit Edge with the tag belt then tossed it to Orton reminded me of Eddie Guerrero. It was well timed and perfect. I guess Rated Rko is broken up. Overall, it was a pretty good RAW. I just hope the people at next week's Raw don't know about Austin being the special ref. I hope they mark out like I probably will be doing.moreless
  • The Trumpster reveals a pick I never would have thought of but stilll a good pick.

    Well RKO tried to get into Shawn Michaels and John Cena's head but it backfired. COMPLETELY!! Micheals hit Edge in the back with the title belt threw it at Orton and steopped aside to watch. Edge left the match and Orton heard a little sweet chin music before John Cena F-U'd him. The Dnal The Trump the billionaire picked a guy to go up against McMahon and I was certain it was going to be Khali and it would become the biggest wrestlemania dud match by he chose lashely. I can't wait to see how this comes out. There was a short brawl between Umaga and Lashely too whih I like because the go at it outside the ring with security everywhere. The other things I liked about the episopde was Nitro telling Melina to shut up and Khali vs. Kane storyline heating up.moreless
  • The Donald reveals to us his wrestlemaina pick and the rift between HBK and John Cena continues.

    I don't know about all of you but to me Raw last night was fair. There was only really two matches I enjoyed that being the Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin match and the main event of course with John Cena and HBK successfully defending the tag team championship against Edge and Randy Orton. I thought the whole Lashley and Umaga thing was kind of over done I think it would have been better if Umaga was still undefeated at this point, but him having the IC title does add a little more to his cause. I was really shocked about the barely any reaction the fans gave the Carlito, Kenny bout. I'm not the biggest fan of Carlito by any means but I think he deserves a little more than what the crowd was giving him last night. Also, Kane was on Raw for a little bit last night that made me happy. :)moreless

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    • Melina: ...I mean all this attention to Ashley's thing about Playboy, she's undeserving it, all the attention should be on me, the new Women's champion, there should be videos of me, not Ashley and then Mick Foley has commercials left and right about his new book! I mean didn't I fired the guy last year? Oh, and get this, to top it off, Mickey James has in her contract that she's allowed to have rematch over choosing, and you know what she chooses? She chooses a falls count anywhere match and it's for next week! Ah… ban, I can't believe this! And the Maria, I've match with her tonight…I can't believe that I've to deal with all this crap!
      Johnny Nitro: Shut up!!! Just shut up!

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