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WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 46

Garden of Beating

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on USA
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Garden of Beating
Match #1: For the United States Championship: MVP vs The Miz Match #2: Santino Marella vs Chavo Guerrero Match #3: for the Diva's Championship: Melina vs Alicia Fox Match #4: Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger Match #5: DX vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show vs John Cena & The Undertakermoreless

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      • The Miz: I haven't said one word yet and you people have already chosen to hate me! Don't you understand that I am the United States Champion? I thought you people loved champions. I mean, you love your World Series Champions, the New York Yankees. You people really think they're champions? Really? They're champions, really? Newsflash, they didn't earn their World Series title, they bought it! That's why everyone all over the world hates you New Yorkers and your sports franchises.

      • Shawn Michaels: I want to get onto one small piece of business and that is one member of the leprechaun community.
        Triple H: So, Hornswoggle, we saw you out here, we know you're here, we know you're under this ring. We also know you refuse to listen to logic, we've made threats but yet you perpetually come out here wearing DX merchandise, pretending to be a member of DX, merchandise which I might add he did not pay for. But this is America and even little people can live their dream. So Hornswoggle if you come out here right now, Shawn and I are gonna consider letting you be a member of DX.

      • Alicia Fox: Announce me as the next Divas Champion.
        Judah Friedlander: Sorry, babe, can't do that, 'cause I only came here for two reasons. One, to watch Melina's entrance, which by the way, very nice, very nice. And, two, to make an announcement that this Diva's Championship match will now be a Divas Championship lumberjill match!

      • Roddy Piper: (to cameraman) You gonna stand in my face like that all night? I'll kick you in the slats!

      • Roddy Piper: (to Vince McMahon) I am not sane. I've been electrocuted, I've gone down in an airplane, I've had cancer. I beat that, I can beat you, buddy!

      • John Cena: New York, home of the world's most famous arena. Once again be the place that makes WWE history because tonight in the same match, Chris Jericho and the Big Show aka Jeri-Show aka Napoleon and the overweight NWO Telly Savalas aka the Unified Tag Team Champions will face DX. D-Generation X, friends for life, break the rules, rewrite the laws, and always have something to sell you! And they'll face John Cena and the Undertaker, who seems like such an awesome choice for a partner until you realise that he's very difficult to talk to. I'm starting to believe that he's actually dead.

      • John Cena: At Survivor Series, it's not a handicap match, John Cena versus DX. It's a triple threat match; Shawn Michaels versus John Cena versus Triple H. And that means there'll be no Frisbee golf tournament for the DVX DVDs, there'll be no glowstick party and a DX celebration. But if Triple H, Shawn Michaels, want to ask me the question 'are you ready?' my answer is yes! It's time to face facts, the ring has four corners, the Ghostbusters once saved this city from a giant marshmallow man, and you two are just fooling yourselves! At Survivor Series, I know what I'm up against, it is you who will have to make a choice. Know what? I hope you guys stay friends, because the Monday after Survivor Series you're going to need it. You're going to need that shoulder to lean on, when you realise the champ is here!

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