WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 18 Episode 43

Grin and Barrett

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2010 on USA

Episode Recap

Nexus comes to the ring, Barrett introduces them and then run clips of Bragging Rights and their attack on the Undertaker. And they did it because they can. Then he yells at Cena for costing him the match against Randy Orton and Cena handing Orton the title. E-mail! The Master Control Program says Since Barrett won the match, he gets a rematch, but this time there has to be a guest ref, and the ref will be chosen by the winner of Randy Orton vs and member of Nexus. Barrett says it will be Cena. Otunga gripes that Cena ignored him in the Tag match and then attack him after the match, and he wants Barrett to punish Cena. Barrett says that they can't exist together so he makes them defend the belts now….agaisnt Slater & Gabriel.

Match #1: Tag Team Championship: John Cena & David Otunga vs Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. Barrett stops it and says the Nexus doesn't fight amongst themselves and makes Otunga lie down in the ring. Otunga is pissed, but does it anyway. Slater pins Otunga.

Super Porky and Some Chick come out whining about Dolph Ziggler getting his ass handed to him last night.

Match #2: Dolph Ziggler w/Super Porky & Some Chick vs Daniel Bryan. CM Punk came to ringside for commentary. Bryan wins via submission.

The useless twins….Bella Twins hang out with Toby Keith. Then Santino comes in for his usual schtick. Sheamus yells at Santino.

Barrett yells at Cena.

Match #3: Layla & Michelle McUndertaker vs Gail Kim & Melina. Michelle pins Layla.

Hey, Connecticut, remember to vote (for Linda McMahon) next Tuesday. Just don't wear a WWE t-shirt.

The Miz & his goon come down to talk about how great he is and whine about the team losing at Bragging Rights. Eve… Eve?....comes down to tell him to shut up. Truth comes down….blah blah blah. Shut up and fight!!!!! E-Mail!: Shut up and fight.

Match #4: The Miz w/Alex Riley vs R-Truth w/Eve.

Toby Keith comes down to be ring announcer for the next match.

Match #5: Sheamus vs Santino Marella. Sign of the Apocalypse: Santino pins Sheamus.

Waaa, everyone hates us.

Otunga wants to talk to Barrett alone. Otunga starts to rebel, but Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty come in as new Nexus members. Barrett wants to know if Otunga is with them, and of course he is.

Dear God no, Pee Wee Herman will be next week's guest host/star, whatever.

Match #6: John Cena w/Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton. Cena wins via DQ when Wade Barrett attacks him. So apparently now your partner can attack you and it gets you disqualified. Nexus then jumps Orton. Barrett tells them to leave the ring and makes his offer: Cena will be the ref at Survivor Series. If Barrett doesn't win the title, Cena is fired. If Barrett wins the title, Cena will be released from Nexus.