WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 14 Episode 42

Hollywood Connection

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on USA
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Hollywood Connection
Edge & Randy Orton come to the ring mocking DX, DX confronts them, Match #1: Cryme Tyme Vs Spirit Squad (Johnny & Mikey) Johnny Nitro interview, King Booker & the Coach, Match #2 Fatal Four Way for the Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy vs Super Crazy vs Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters, Booker & the Big Show, Vince McMahon arrives, Nitro & Melina come to the ring along with Kevin Federline, John Cena interrupts them, Big Show then comes to the ring followed by Booker & Vince, Match #3: Carlito vs Rob Conway, Edge talks to Vince, Umaga beats up the Jackass crew, Match #4 Second Chance All or Nothing Bra and Panties Invitational Challenge: Maria vs Candice Michelle vs Victoria vs Torrie Wilson, Match #5: Triple H with HBK vs Randy Orton with Edgemoreless

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  • Raw rocks the City of Angels...again!

    I'd like to take the time to proper start my latest Raw review by quoting the Road Dogg Jesse James. Ahem...Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, not only D-Generation X, but I, Roy Stantz, proudly present to you the latest WWE Raw recap of the WORLD! The place is Los Angeles, Calafornia!

    We start the show with Randy Orton and Edge dressed up respectively as Shawn Michaels and Triple H (Lita is nowhere to be seen throughout this, woulda been nice to see her dressed up as Chyna - but then again, Chyna is more man than Lita), and Edge and Orton really enjoy stating that the whole D-Generation X gimmick is a joke, at least until the real DX come out and show photos of Orton in the shower. This sets the scene for another exciting installment of Orton-HHH tonight. I can hardly wait...

    After we come back from the break, the Spirit Squad, aka the Team Rocket of the WWE (Hmm, would be nice to see Mikey with blue hair, Nicky with long purple hair, and Mitch dressed up like Meowth, but that's just me), ready for an open challenge to any tag-team. That's when the newest tag-team called Cryme Tyme make their WWE debut. They are called Shad Gaspard and JTG, but I can't tell who's who, so I'll refer to them as Big Dude and Little Dude. Mikey and Johnny will wrestle for the Spirit Squad in this non-title match. Cryme Tyme win the match when Big Dude big boots everyone into the middle of next week. After the match, Kenny is not happy with the loss, and quits the Spirit Squad. Wonder what's gonna happen...

    Johnny Nitro and Melina have a surprise for everyone. Bet it's photos exposing Joey Mercury's bare butt.

    After Cryme Tyme steal King Booker's wallet, we are treated to the fatal-four way Intercontinental title match between Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, and Super Crazy. Hopefully Super Crazy will win by running them all over with his lawnmower. But unfortunately, that doesn't happen as Jeff wins the match with the Swanton Bomb and retains the title. I'm looking forward to the Hardy Boyz reunion at Wrestlemania 23 in 6 months time.

    Vince McMahon just haplessly stumbles upon a conversation between King Booker and the Big Show just to tell them about his important announcement.

    Now, Johnny Nitro and Melina Perez, who is one of my two picks to win the vacant Women's title (the other pick is the cutie-pie psycho Mickie James), come out and introduce that goldigger Kevin Federline to the LA crowd. K-Fed bad-mouths the fans until John Cena comes out and raps about how much K-Fed is a butthead. Nitro is offended and tries to sneak-attack Cena, but that's in vain as Cena fights off Nitro easily. Mr. McMahon comes out and announces the choose-the-title-to-be-on-the-line stipulation for Cena-Booker-Show at Cyber Sunday. Oh, and Cena FU's K-Fed BTW.

    We get a squash between Carlito and Rob Conway. I don't need to tell you who won this, I just wanna say the following things about these two gentlemen: Carltio needs to bring back his Cabana, because I miss it so dearly. And Conway's losing streak has lasted for an entire year, and I hope he brings in his own Kentucky referee, who should look and dress like Colonel Sanders (Conway is from Kentucky in case you haven't figured it out).

    Let's just skip the skit between McMahon, Edge, and Lita, and just go straight to This Week In Wrestling History: It was 23 years ago in 1983 when the Superfly Jimmy Snuka did the enormous leap off the steel cage onto the Magnificent Muraco in Madison Square Garden. I think that this is hinting in Spirit Squad leader Mitch facing Snuka. I don't know why I'm thinking of that idea, but I just am.

    Umaga beats up two idiots who I don't care about. NEXT!

    Now we get to a last chance Bra & Panties match between Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, Victoria, and Maria. I grow bored from this match. I do like how Lillian was uneasily reading the card in her hands (made me think that she was gonna compete in the match for fun). Maria wins, but I'm more worried about the direction that Victoria's been going in for the last few years.

    Now for the main event, Randy Orton vs. Triple H. Just think back to Unforgiven 2004 and that's how the match goes. HHH wins, and that's the end of my review.moreless
  • Super funny!

    Some people watch WWE for the fighting, i don't watch it for that, infact i record the episode and skip most of the fights and just watch the conflicts and funny stuff. I loved this episode the most in terms of its humour, DX are just so hilarous. If DX left Raw and went to smackdown i think i'de start watching smackdown, cause right now all i watch is Raw. Its really wierd that shane hasn't come on yet since hell in the cell match, i thought atleast they'de get some footage from him in the hospital insulting DX or something. All in all great episode.moreless
  • I liked this raw episode. I have a lot of favorite parts. Cryme Tyme made their in-ring debut. It was funny when they stole King Bookers wallet. And King Booker told the police. I can`t wait till next week. Jeff Hardy defended his IC championship in a....moreless

    fatal four way against Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, and Super Crazy and he retained. Also, John Cena gave Kevin Federline an FU and he deserved it. The Carlito match against Rob Conway was good. It was funny when Edge and Randy Orton dressed up like DX. I was laughing. After Cryme Tyme beat the spirit squad, Kenny got mad at them and pushed a member of the spirit squad. I think Cryme Tyme will make a good tag team. This is my favorite raw episode.moreless
  • L.A. all the way. All the stars came out to see WWE Raw tonight.

    Chryme Tyme made their long awaited debut against the Spirit Squad. They wrestled pretty well not as exciting as I had hoped though. I expected them to like kick one in the face off the top rope and knock them t othe floor althought he hot part of the match was the move when one held one of the Spirit Sqaud and the other spun and grap his head and hit it right into the mat. Triple H also had a match. He faced Randy Orton and won the match as I expected. Jeff Hardy retained his IC Title in a fatal four-way match. MY favorite part of the show was when John Cena and K-Fed went at it. After Cena started rapping about K-Fed the other champions came in. Mr. McMahon came out and stated that on Cyber Sunday the fans willl get to vote one champion to lose their title if they don't win. After Cena realized that K-Fed was still ringside. He called himin the ring asked him who he was voting for. Kevein Federline then said he would vote John Cena. Cenas then FU'd K-Fed and left.moreless
  • Randy Orton tries to prove himself to the world that DX is a joke waiting to implode.

    After weeks of several lackluster Raw\'s it finally seemed to have gotten good last week on the Family Reunion, however things on Monday Night have returned to their average somewhat repetitive self.

    1. Cryme Tyme vs. Spirit Squad

    JTG and the other Cryme Tyme guy debuted in their first match ever. They have a great gimmick and look to be promising stars, however their athleticism is nothing we haven\'t seen before. 5/10

    2. 4-Way IC Title Match

    A good match, but the second tier title has lost a lot of its meaning in the WWE. Classic feuds were once set up with titles like the Intercontinental or the US but today are just there as a prop. Everybody looks good in the match except for Chris Masters who I say needs to improve in his athleticism. 7/10

    3. Carlito vs. Rob Conway

    A filler one minute match to prove that Conway is just useless garbage taking up space on Raw. 1/10

    4. Bra and Panties Match

    Maria is hot, Torrie is old but still attractive, Candice is ugly hiding behind the excessive makeup and breast implants, while Victoria is just unattractive. As for the match, nothing special, nobody was good enough to arouse you. 3/10

    5. RANDY ORTON vs. Triple H

    As for the Main Event, Randy Orton was good but I\'ve seen a lot better from him, and Rated RKO losing just makes a bad foreshadowing of DX continuing to dominate in the future. 6/10

    This weeks Raw was more about the promos than anything else. Randy Orton pretending to be Shawn Michaels with back problems was hilarious. The gay community being aroused by seeing Randy naked covered up by a towel is uncalled for. K-Fed getting booed, funny, Cena wanting to spear Britney Spears, funnier, John Cena FUing K-Fed, funniest. Steve O getting attacked by Umaga was kind of predicatble since you knew that Steve O was going to do something crazy from his experiences in Jack***. The whole show was average only saved by the promos, but besides that nothing too outstanding.moreless

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