WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 31

Live Hard, Fall Hard

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2009 on USA

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  • Average.

    I am glad that WWE is going back to having a wrestler host the broadcast with Sgt. Slaughter taking control next week. While these celebrities bring mainstream attention to WWE's product, it also embarrasses it. Having Jeremy Piven call SummerSlam "Summer Fest" was unintentionally hilarious, but it makes the promotion look like a joke.

    That poll with 82% of people saying Shaq would win a fight with The Big Show is just ridiculous and makes the former World Champion look like a fool.

    Piven did seem to try in the backstage segments and at the end, but he just isn't knowledgable enough to partake in hosting. They need somebody who is a true wrestling fan to actually work. I did like the fact that Ken Jeung may have actually gotten hurt by the bump at the end when he landed on his head. One can only hope he did as he is the least funny "comedian" in the business right now.
  • Jeremy Piven guest hosts this week on RAW.

    An average RAW for the most part. Good if not great shows are hard to top. Last week's Shaq's spot was memorable. Piven and the show had to be at the same level as last week's but for the most part it wasn't.

    Nothing over the top here. A large bulk of the matches were squashes or semi-squashes. The main event was pretty laughable including a comical finish.

    Overall although the show had a couple of high lights I don't feel it was that great.

    Match #1: Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger

    Swagger pretty much dominated Bourne and then after the match gave him a couple of extra licks in for measure.

    Match #2: Mickie James & Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall

    The return of Jillian Hall. Overall an ok match. I would have liked to seen Kelly Kelly here.

    Match #3: Handicap: Triple H vs Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

    A remarkably entertaining match and the finish was decent. After the match, you'll see something you almost never see on RAW, HHH feeling sorry for himself. LMAO What a highlight. He hints about HBK coming back.

    Match #4: Primo vs Carlito

    Despite the upside that Primo has, Carlito goes over here.

    Match #5: Mark Henry vs Chavo Guerrero

    Jeremy said Chavo would be wrestling Hornswoggle's cousin "Marks Squaggle". It doesn't take any brains to see who Chavo's opponent would be. This was a squash. Add insult to Chavo, Hornswoggle comes out to splash him.

    Match #6: for the U.S. Championship: Kofi Kingston vs The Big Show

    Another squash with brief offense by Kofi. Highlight would be Jericho doing commentary but still this is just a squash.

    Match #7: Lumberjack: John Cena vs The Miz. Not a bad beginning and middle but the end was pure nonsense. Cena gets the hell beat out of him on the outside and it looks like the Miz might get the upset.

    Out of nowhere though Cena decides to no sell to Miz, put up an FU, squash him and pick up the win. WTF? LMAO. Jesus and Cena wonder why people hate him so much.

    After the match, Piven does an unexpected heel turn trying a high cross body on Cena. Piven as a guest hosts aside from this silly stunt was nothing special. Then again the rest of the show wasn't special either. There were a couple of decent matches but way too many squashes to make this a decent RAW.