WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 33

Missouri Loves Company

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 17, 2009 on USA
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Missouri Loves Company
Match #1: for the U.S. Championship: Kofi Kingston vs Carlito
Match #2: Evan Bourne vs The Miz
Match #3: for the Diva's Championship: Mickie James vs Gail Kim
Match #4: MVP vs Jack Swagger
Match #5:Falls Count Anywhere: Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero
Match #6: Lumberjack: John Cena & Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show

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  • Freddie Prinze Jr. hosts RAW from St. Louis

    I expected this to be a terrible RAW especially with Freddie Prinze Jr. hosting. It's well known that Prinze was part of the creative team that was putting RAW in the toilet, so I had low expectations here.

    It turns out I was pleasantly surprised and best yet Freddie Prinze got the hell beat out him!!!

    He was practically absent the whole night following a devastating neckbreaker by Randy Orton. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

    Match #1: for the U.S. Championship: Kofi Kingston vs Carlito

    Tough match. Lots of guts by both men. Kofi took a lot of hits including a big time knee to the face. It was so hard you could literally hear the pop when Carlito connected. Kofi retains.

    Match #2: Evan Bourne vs The Miz

    Another decent match. We are on a roll here. Bourne puts up a decent match, but the Miz gets win here.

    Match #3: for the Diva’s Championship: Mickie James vs Gail Kim

    Another decent match. Mickie retains.

    Match #4: MVP vs Jack Swagger

    The only match of the night that wasn't a really long match. Match ends in a DQ and nothing is settled here.

    Match #5: Falls Count Anywhere: Hornswoggle vs Chavo Guerrero

    First dud but no big deal. I wasn't expecting anything anyways. Look for the washed up cameo appearence of Macaulay Culkin. Fifteen years ago this might have been a big deal. It's nothing now.

    Match #6: Lumberjack: John Cena & Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show

    A watchable match. Orton pretty much got the hell beat out of him by Show and Jericho. Then he tags in Cena. Cena does his whole squashing gig which is a joke to watch. Total comedy here.

    DX made there return to RAW. Not bad. They played the DX moments we've seen a hundred times, but they are always enjoyable.

    Unlike other DX celebrations, this one is short lived as Legacy comes out for the Pearl Harbor. It was pretty funny actually. I know it won't be like this at Summerslam of course. DX has pretty much squashed any tag team they've went up against (Spirit Squad anyone).

    Anyhow, this was a surprisingly good if not great show. Like I said, Freddie Prinze got the hell beat out of him. I didn't expect Orton to take him out.

    The matches were good, a couple were great.

    A fine RAW. BTW didn't Freddie look old? LMAO Damn he looked fourty years old , but he's only thirty two.moreless
  • Freddie hosts.

    Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. hosted WWE Raw last night, and while being mildly funny, these celebrity hosts are starting to get a little old. There were a few decent matches tonight, but even WWE Superstars has been putting on better wrestling than Raw as of late.

    WWE Raw is still a staple of my viewing schedule, but when TV comes back in the fall and House, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men are in new, original episodes, and Monday Night Football begins, I am not sure how often I will be able to watch wrestling.moreless

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    • Freddie Prinze, Jr: Look, Randy, Randy, I can see you not wanting to team with Cena. But, Orton, this is St Louis, this is your home town and you don't wanna work? What you think, you think I'm gonna disappoint all these people?
      Randy Orton: Freddie, you must be confusing me with someone who actually cares. I'm not here to please these people. I have nothing, nothing, in common with any of you. This is about me. It's all about me, I am the WWE Champion, and Freddie, I am not going to ask you again. Now, take me out of this match.
      Freddie Prinze, Jr: Randy, you know I respect you. But do I look like Seth Green to you, huh? Do I look like Jeremy Piven? Don't even try to bully me. Sargent Slaughter made a match last week and I am not going to change it. You will compete here tonight, you will team up with John Cena, yeah, and you will face Jericho and the Big Show. Sorry.

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