WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 19 Episode 50

Mon, December 12, 2011

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2011 on USA

Episode Recap

The most meaninless award show begins, The Slammy's!

Booker T & Hornswoggle present The I Did Not Just See That Award: Jim Ross wins for the dance off. The Michael Cole bitches about it and we get a rap battle.

Mick Foley & the Million Dollar man present the Holy Bleep Moment of the Year: Big show & Mark Henry win for collapsing the ring at Vengeance.

Match #1: The Big Show vs Wade Barrett. Show wins via DQ.

The Road Dogg arrives to present the Slammy for Pipe Bomb ofthe Year: Cm Punk wins.

Lita arrives to present the Divalicious Moment of the Year: Bimbo Bimbo wins.

Santino Marella & The Bella Twins present the Slammy for OMG Moment of the Year: Triple H wins.

David Otunga & Tony Atlas present the Slammy for #trending Star of the Year...whovere wins the next match.
Match #2: Zach Ryder vs Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler w/Fatso Guerrero. Ziggler pins Bryan, but Zach Ryder wins the Slammy.

Christian presents the Slammy for Game Changer of the Year: John Cena wins for next year's Wrestlemania.

Match #3: Alberto Del Rio & the Miz vs Randy Orton & CM Punk. Miz pins Punk.

Goldust and Fatso Guerrero presentt the Slammy for A-Lister of the Year: The thing known as Snooki wins.

Josh Matthews interviews Mark Henry.

Match #4: Sheamus vs Jinder Mahal....didn't really happen as Mahal jabbering in Hindi and as soon as he got in the ring Sheamus kicked him in the face and then left....so...Sheamus wins via running out of time.

Rey Mysterio presents Superstar of the Year: CM Punk wins but Johnny Backstab accepts the award for him.

Match #5: Mark Henry vs John Cena. Screw that crap, MASKED KANE returns!