WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 16 Episode 23

One Million Dollar Giveaway

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 09, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

Vince McMahon comes out for the first of the Million Dollar Giveaway and shows what the password is for the night.. He says after the first match he will give out $200,000.

Match #1: Mr. Kennedy vs Paul Burchill vs Katie Lea. Kennedy pins Burchill after hitting the Mic Check. After the match, Katie slaps Kennedy, and while Kennedy stares her down Burchill attacks him from behind.

Vince gives away the first $200,000 to some guy named Daniel in California.

Match #2: Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix. Mickie pins Beth after a top rope Lou Thesz Press. After the match, Melina attacks Beth.

Vince gives away $75,000.

John Cena & Triple H put themselves over in the locker room.

Charlie Haas is out to help Vince give away more money. Vince tries twice but the number doesn't work, (And he blames Charlie), when it does, the number is busy. So Vince tries another number. Vince gets a woman named Donna and gives her $50,000. Vince says that if Charlie kisses a Diva he'll give Donna $100,000. Out comes Maria and they kiss. Vince says that if Charlie kisses another Diva, Vince will add another $25,000. Charlie agrees, and out comes Mae Young. While Mae devours Charlie, Ron Simmons comes out: DAMN!

JBL says that no one deserves any money from Vince, but John Cena deserves everything he's going to get.

Match #3: John Cena vs JBL. Triple H comes down for commentary. Cena pins JBL with an inside cradle. After the match, Cena & H stare at each other on the announce table.

JR & the King shill for The Incredible Hulk.

Vince gives away $98,000.

Highlight Reel: Chris Jericho brings out Shawn Michaels and Jericho complains about the fans always booing him and then attacks Shawn.

Match #4: Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly vs Snitsky & Umaga Umaga pins Cody after hitting the Samoan Spike. After the match Ted DiBiase jr comes out and taunt Hardcore and Cody.

Vince has a sing off between Trevor Murdoch & Jillian Hall. Vince then gives away $2. Vince calls someone else and gives them $200,000.

Match #5: Cryme Tyme vs Santino Marella & Carlito. Shad pins Santino after hitting the High Impact.

Vince brings up Cryme Tyme to help give away $51,998.

Match #6: Jeff Hardy vs Triple H. John Cena was at ringside for commentary. Hardy wins via coutnout when Cena pulled H off the edge of the ring so he couldn't get back in. As Cena & H star at each other, Hardy leaps onto both of them.

Vince says that next week he will give away another $1,000,000 next week, then gives away $250,000 to end the show.