WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 16 Episode 24

Plight of Champions

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 16, 2008 on USA

Episode Recap

John Cena comes to the ring. Cena talks about memorable moments and what's going to happen at Night of Champions. The Triple H comes down yells at Cena for interfering in his match. Then they yell at each other. The get ready to fight and Vince McMahon comes out and stops them. Vince asks if Cena's going to win his match tonight against Umaga and he makes it a Street Fight.

Match #1: Street Fight: John Cena vs Umaga. Cena pins Umaga.

Vince gives away $125,000.

Charlie Haas is out to host a bikini contest: Melina vs Maryse vs Lena Yada vs Layla vs Jillian (who tried to "sing" instead) vs Eve vs Maria. Maria wins.

Vince gives away $100,000.

JR & Lawler talk about Shawn Michaels being injured last week.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan, in a tux, with a tux on his 2x4, comes out to help Vince give away $50,000. The first guy called wasn't there and got voice mail. So Vince calls another number. This guy had a DX ringtone and he tried to say "suck it" but Vince had him give a Hacksaw impression instead.

Match #2: Jeff Hardy vs Carlito. Hardy pins Carlito

Vince gives away $175,000.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring. Chris says he's no longer here to say them, he's not going to save himself from the fans. Jericho runs down Shawn Michaels and dares him to come out. Shawn doesn't, but Ric Flair does! Flair says he retired from wrestling, but that won't stop him from fighting him in the parking lot. Flair heads out, followed by Jericho. Jericho starts to follow Flair out of the building but is stopped by Triple H. H says he's not fighting anyone's battles, he just wants to fight Jericho.

Flair & H are talking when Vince comes up and has security throw Ric out of the building.

Match #3: Cryme Tyme vs Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes. Ted DiBiase jr comes out to watch and while distracted by him Hardcore rolls up JTG for the quick pin.

Vince gives away $16. (Because the winner is from North Carolina and Ric Flair is a 16 time World Champion)

Match #4: Mickie James & Mr. Kennedy vs Katie Lea & Paul Burchill. Katie pins Mickie.

Vince gives away $174,984.

Vince gives away $75,000.

Rundown of the Night of Champions card.

Vince gives away $300,000.

Match #5: Triple H vs Chris Jericho. H wins by DQ when Lance Cade comes down and attacks H. Then Cena rushes the ring and goes after Jericho & Cade. Then H attacks Cena. Cade & Jericho then hit their finishers on Cena & H.

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