WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 28

RAW Goes Green

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 13, 2009 on USA

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  • After this weeks dull and pointless matches it actually makes me excited for ECW. And that's saying something.

    RAW opens with Triple H announcing this week's guest host. I was hoping it was something worth waiting a week for, someone involved in wrestling, maybe a legend. But no, Seth Green comes into the ring as the guest host of the week. Now I like Seth Green's Robot Chicken, but he has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling. Picking this guy to run a wrestling show is like telling the handicapped kid he can do the 5k just as fast as anyone else on the Track Team. Having this guy run RAW for the night just makes us wrestling fans look pathetic. And then the whole Robot Chicken promotion? Did the really have to whore it out? Every opportunity they got Robot Chicken was on the screen. And to make it worse, Seth Green main evented the match, which you all know, leads to another promo of his show. After this weeks dull and pointless matches it actually makes me excited for ECW. And that's saying something.
  • Robot Chicken!

    I am not a fan of Robot Chicken, but I do like Seth Green's comedy in general from his work on Family Guy to his guest spots on That 70's Show and Grey's Anatomy so it was definitely fun to see him host Raw (I am not so sure I can say the same about ZZ Top next week).

    The matches were less than stellar here, but for some reason the prospect of a Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show feud has me hooked and I cannot wait to see where they go from here. As long as they don't completely bury Kingston and Evan Bourne along the way I'll be happy.

    The main event was a mess, but I did laugh at Orton beating up Seth Green. That sort of describes this episode, not well-written or produced but a nice, enjoyable night of wrasslin'.
  • This episode was a lot like Seth Green.... not entertaining!!! This is easily the worst RAW of 2009.... or possibly ever!!!

    Segment 1 Triple H announces the guest host for the night... Seth Green 1/10

    Usually the beginning segment is at least average, but I never noticed how much of a bad actor Green was. Anyways, Green basically announces a 6 Diva Summer Swimsuit Match and shows a dull clip from Robot Chicken with Triple H in it.

    When he is about to anounce the Main Event, Orton interrupts. Seth then announces a 6 man tag for the main event.... with him in the match.

    Match #1 Divas Champion Maryse, Rosa Mendes & Alicia Fox v. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim in a Six-Diva Summer Swimsuit Spectacular Tag Team Match 3/10

    This was a lot like a Swimsuit contes, because you don't care what happens, except what they look like in bikinis....the match itself was just a cluster of Diva fighting which ended in Maryse getting the pin.

    Match #2 Primo v. The Miz 3.5/10

    I was hoping Primo would gain singles competitor status by at least looking more impressive in this match. Once Carlito made his way to the ring, it was enough of a distraction for Miz to hit a full nelson reverse facebuster for the win. Carlito then proceeds to spit in his bro's face after the match.

    Match #3 Hornswoggle v. Chavo Guerrero (Chavo had to have one arm tied behind his back) 0/10

    I couldn't believe that these 2 faced off together... again!!!!!! They pretty much ruined Superstars last... and didn't do much better to RAW this week. Swoggle gets the win. (*sarcastically*) Who would have thought?


    Match #4 Jack Swagger v. MVP 6/10

    This was the only match I had hopes for. It was clearly the match of the night..... which was sad considering this was bearly a descent match. I was hoping these 2 would build a fued until Summerslam to get a 4-5* match. Instead Vince decides that these 2 should fight right away in a 3* match. Whether this was a 5* match or not, it still wouldn't have saved this episode from atrocity.

    Jack gets the suprise win after a gutwrench powerbomb.

    Match #5 Evan Bourne v. Big Show 2/10

    Typical squash match... which is sad since Bourne is in it.

    Segment #2 Jericho addresses audience about Unified Tag Titles since Edge's injury. 7/10 Basically, this was the only part of the show that I was looking forward to and that was watchable. Jericho said that he will choose a partner tonight. My guess was either The Brian Kendricks or Ziggler.... likely Ziggler, but Kendricks still hasn't found "the" partner, so it might be him as well (LOL).

    The new face Henry comes on uot as if Jericho had implied that it was him....until Henry eventuall says that he would never want to be his partner... rather his opponent. According to Michael Cole, Green made the match official.
    _____________________________________________________ Match #6 Mark Henry v. Jericho 1/10

    Just like the Cody Rhodes match last week, Jericho just walks away after seconds of puinishment. I recently found out that Rhodes had an injury last week, so they just made the match as quick as possible, but there was no excuse for these two fighting one another in a 3-4* match.

    Segment #3 Seth, Triple H, and Cena backstage talk about match 7.5/10

    Only part of the show that was funny. Trips and Cena basically say that they got Green's back,... until eventually admitting to one another that Green is gonna get killed.

    Match #7 Six Man Tag Match- Legacy v. John Cena, Triple H, and Seth Green 5.75/10

    Probably would have been at least descent if Green wasn't in it. All Green does is:

    1)Punch Rhodes to his own delight.
    2) Break up a pin attempt after Orton hit the RKO.
    3) Get kicked in the gut (suprisingly he can sell moves).

    It was a confusing ending because Trips had a sledgehammer and Rhodes and DiBiase have chairs and the ref rings the bell before either of them get a hit (I checked on the website and it states that it was "no contest" (WTF! Isn't it only supposed to end in no contest if a competitor gets injured!?)). Trips hits everyone with the sledgehammer, and suppposably "barely missed Cena" (accidently). It actually looked like Cena got hit, but he got up seconds after (typical no sell Cena LOL; This was probably a both on Trip's side since he should have hit farther from Cena).

    Overall 2/10

    This is the part where I summarize everything, but this episode doesn't deserve one... it was that bad. Looks like Vince's idea with the guest host blew up in his face this week.

    Next week's host: ZZ Top (Not Dusty Rhodes to Cody's dismay)