WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 15 Episode 47

Raw is Jericho Again

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on USA
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Raw is Jericho Again
Match #1: Shawn Michaels vs Mr. Kennedy
Match #2: Jerry Lawler vs Santino Marella
Match #3: Jeff Hardy vs Umaga
Match #4: Cody Rhodes vs Hardcore Holly
Match #5: Maria & Mickie James vs Melina & Jillian Hall
Match #6: Hornswoggle vs Carlito

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    after 2 months of waiting and wondering the code is finally broken............ Save.Us.222.........Save.Us.Y2J

    Yep I had my suspicions just like everyone else who had been watching and like many others my guess was Chris Jericho, We all knew it was coming especially after the previous weeks show with a message coming up reading "Break the Walls" so it was obvious who it was returning but when it came up on the screen Y2j FOR REAL, I went completely insane with Joy.

    Unfortunatly This was a few weeks ago and I can't remember much more of the show but I think it went well anyway.moreless
  • Wow! What a great episode!

    I must say that this episode of Raw is by far the best one this year. I can not believe how well it was booked. We all knew Jericho was returning and they played it out so well. Randy Orton is the best person for him to go up against because Jericho knows how to make someone in to a star. I will agree, that the internet ruined the surprise but if anything it also made me want to see how they would turn this. Jericho is awesome! Three months of waiting and the pay off was awesome! Thanks Vince for giving the fans something they wanted!moreless
  • The Code is the Answer ... finally the code was cracked and SaveUs_222 meant the second coming of Y2J, the Ayotollah of Rock n Rolla, Chris Jericho.

    The Code is the Answer ... finally the code was cracked and SaveUs_222 meant the second coming of Y2J, the Ayotollah of Rock n Rolla, Chris Jericho.

    Everyone was expecting him to be the Saviour, but when he made his return, I jumped on my seat. I haven't followed a wrestling show in ages but yesterday's return reminded me of the good old times. It was like the first coming when Y2J interrupted The Rock, which is still one of the most amazing promos to date.

    And yesterday's promo when Y2J made his return interrupted Randy Orton was amazing. The look on Orton's face was priceless!!!moreless
  • Great because of its final segment...

    This week's Raw opened with the incredibly strange image of a marathon runner, who we learn is running from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale all for Randy Orton. The reason he gave was rather silly, and funnily enough, I joked that maybe Y2J would run the runner over with his car or something...

    It was surprising that Santino lost to Jerry Lawler for a second week in a row, but his lines of "Knobberslocker" and "government dog" were hilarious - Santino is something of a gem on Raw as a heel, the best direction for his career no doubt.

    Jeff Hardy vs Umaga was a very good match, in that they just kept going and going, yet was unfortunately ruined by a DQ victory for Jeff.

    The rest of the card was largely disinteresting, and the highlight of the show was, of course, Chris Jericho's return. It's arguable that showing him clotheslining the runner was a mistake, and we should've just seen the runner unconscious, but it was still a great return. Y2J's mic work wasn't his best, but it was still entertaining, and I can't wait to see him wrestle.moreless

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    • Chris Jericho: Raw is Jericho!

    • Jillian: I can
      JR: Shut up.

    • Mr. Kennedy: All I did was go out to the ring to show Shawn Michaels some respect. But that's not what happened, is it? Because Shawn Michaels decided to superkick a chair into my face. Why would you do that Shawn? Why would you do that? I'll tell you why, because you see your career evaporating in front of your very eyes. You see talent in me that you haven't seen in years, that you wish you had yourself! And you want to everything in your power to hold me down. But that's not going to happen. That's not going to happen Shawn, because, you know what? Father Time catches up with everybody. Father Time catches up with you Shawn! And the next time our paths cross, you don't have to worry about Father Time, all you have to worry about is Mr. Kennedy.

    • Triple H: I think everybody knows what a good guy I am. I'm kind of like the good samaritan of the WWE, if there's a innocent person in need I'm always there to help….Not buying that for a second are you Todd? Yeah, I didn't think so. Kind of goes like this: If you've got two guys like Umaga and Snitsky walking around, telling people they're bad asses, well them I'm always going to be here to walk out there and tell them who the real bad ass of the WWE is.

    • Randy Orton: So tell us, oh savior, what's so important that you had to come back? What exactly are you saving us from?
      Chris Jericho: Well your boring personality for one. You want me to continue? How about saving us from that face of yours, it looks like it got flattened by a frying pan. Or you monotonous, robotic Randy Orton voice. How about I save us from your child bearing hips, your Super-Cuts hairstyle, your subscription to blueball magazine! But most importantly Randy Orton, I'm here to save us from you.

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