WWE Monday Night RAW

Season 17 Episode 25

Raw is Trump

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 22, 2009 on USA

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  • Great matches + commercial free= awesome episode of RAW

    Match 1 Jeff, Khali and Rey v. Jericho, Edge, and Ziggler 7/10

    Great opener with some fast paced action. Jeff getts Ziggy with the Swanton for the 1-2-3!

    Match 2 Primo v. Rhodes 5.5/10

    Not much to say...these guys are only good at tag team action.

    Match 3 Last Man Standing for the WWE Title HHH vs Orton 9/10

    Awesome match with a somewhat dissapointing ending. Some great hardcore action with a few weapons used (mainly a ladder; HHH accidently hits a crew member with it LOL). After HHH hit a pedigree on the entrance ramp with an injured knee, both coudn't get up at 10 (although, for the recrd HHH got up at about to get up....but ended up falling with the ladder he was using to get up LOL) Match 4 Mickie and Bella Twins v. Beth, Rosa, and Maryse 6.5/10

    For a Diva match, it wasn't all that bad. Mickie ends it with a superkick up to par with HK's sweet chin music. I like her tornado DDT special, but her superkick looks so much better.

    Match 5 Cena v. Big Show 6.5/10

    Solid main event with Cena hitting the Attitude Ajustment (PG version of the "FU"). Miz crept in and attacked Cena at the end of the show. Hopefully Miz wins...,but I doubt McMahon will allow that.

    Overall 9/10

    Great show. Obviously the WWE title match was the highlight in addition to it being commercial free.

    BTW I heard an audience member say "Hey HHH, you hit my hand [with the ladder]" LOL
  • Plotline is kind of ridiculous......BUT....... a commercial free RAW with a pay-per view caliber match? Superb.

    The whole McMahon vs Trump storyline was pretty weak if you ask me....it could of been something....it could of streched for a couple of months.... Vince could have won it back... stole it back.... or someone else could of snatched it from Trump, but instead Vince gets it back one week later??? Come on now WWE writers..... you had a good plotline there to develop, and you kind of took a dump on it. However, while I found commercial free awesome!, I can't believe they gave everyone in the arena a refund (actually a real-life refund, not just scripted) costing the WWE approx. 245,000$. Thats absolutely crazy!!! Anyways... the show was definitely highlighted by the last man standing match for the WWE championship which Randy Orton retained the WWE title, from a draw in which both competitors could not rise. Good job on the WWE allowing his title reign to last (hopefully he does not lose it at the bash). As much as I like HHH, the WWE should have more respectable title reigns for some of their heels, as I say way too many face wins, usually resulting in short title reigns or discrediting a certain star's ability. But the match was played out well, lasted long enough, and a believeable and not expected outcome. The rest of the card wasnt bad (divas are boring to watch). Overall a great show, highlighted by a stellar match.
  • Donald Trumps McMahon.

    All I can say is thank the lord that the Donald Trump saga is over. This was just unnecessary on so many levels. It caused a massive dropoff in WWE stock price and led to an awkward 20 minute segment with The Donald slapping Vince McMahon. Let the wrestlers wrestle.

    We did get some wrestling here, but not much more than expected, and not much more despite the fact that the show was commercial free (except for all the KFC plugs). I think we all saw the ending to Triple H vs. Randy Orton coming from a mile away, but what was the point of having Hunter attack Orton in the parking lot? That's what Orton would have done, not a good guy. Didn't make a lot of sense.
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